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3 – Teacher Too!

As always, this is a work of fiction and the characters are imaginary, existing only within the confines of the story and my imagination. It is intended for the enjoyment of my audience and should not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the author’s permission. A special thank you to my proofreader for his patient work.


My girlfriend Jackie and I had just spent our morning in her bed once more, this time overcoming Jackie’s anal virginity. Her response was what I had now come to expect from her, as she was extremely passionate and open to any sexual exploration we might make together. Now, as we cleaned up from our coupling in the bathroom, I felt it was time to tell Jackie about her mother.

Her mother Margaret was my high school drama teacher, and my favorite teacher, in the years before I joined the Navy and went off to war. When I returned, I met with Margaret, got involved in her latest production, and Jackie and I “happened.” What Jackie did not seem to know was that every time we made love in her room recently, her mother had been watching us through the door or the window. Jackie’s room was a former three-season porch on the back of the house and there was a normally curtained window from the kitchen that overlooked her bed.

As we shared the bathroom to clean up, I looked at her. “About your mother,” I started.

“What about my mother?” she said as she wiped the remainder of our sexual juices from her nether regions with a wash cloth.

“She’s been watching us…including just now,” I told her. That stopped her cleaning. She moved closer.

“How do you know?” she whispered to me. I explained how I suspected she had been watching the first few times we had coupled in her room and how I rearranged the stuff on her shelves to reflect the window so I could confirm my suspicions. I told her especially about how I suspected she was playing with herself as I was pounding her ass this morning. Jackie’s response did not seem angry or scared, but just interested, or maybe even excited.

“Why do you think she was watching us?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said thoughtfully. “Maybe she is just watching out for you…or maybe she finds it exciting to watch us.” I smiled at that.

“I feel sorry for her,” she meditated, looking in the direction of her mother’s room. “She has only dated once or twice since Dad’s accident. It’s been long enough. And she’s a good looking, sexy woman who I’m sure has needs.”

“You think she’s sexy?” I asked, baiting her a bit.

“Why not? You do!” I tried to deny it but she had me on that one. “I remember how you used to look at my mom when you were her student. You had a mad crush on her. And even now I’ve seen you checking her out.”

“Does it make you jealous?” I posed cautiously. She shook her head at me.

“No…because I think she’s sexy too.” Jackie was looking towards me now but her eyes were unfocused, as if seeing her mother in front of her. “I mean, she has a good figure and everything, but I think it’s really the way she moves. That sensuous way she glides across the room…her strong legs and tiny feet. She’s special.” I stared at her in amazement. Was Jackie turned on by her own mother?

“I went to a Catholic, all-girls high school and am now at a Catholic women’s college. Don’t you think I know a sexy woman when I see one?” I was about to ask if she sampled any of those sexy females but she beat me to it. “Yes,” was all she said but the smile told me everything. I wanted to ask more but she moved closed and reached down to grab my cock. “Some other time I’ll tell you about it,” she whispered with a smile. Then she squeezed my penis, kissed me, and left the bathroom.

Later, we sat in the kitchen as Margaret finished making breakfast for all of us. It was interesting how Jackie and I both watched her move around now, looking for hints of her body shape as she moved in her loose fitting clothes, enjoying how gracefully she moved, and wondering what she was thinking about. She seemed so proper and in control all the time, but now we knew there was more to her. Jackie did not seem to want to discuss it yet and, even though it was Saturday, I had a four hour session with the Sheriff’s dive team after lunch so I was not going to be able to push her on that until much later.


I had come home from working with the dive team and taken a brief nap as it had been quite hot on the water today. Jackie and I made dinner tonight and gave Margaret the joy of being taken care of for this meal. It was a bit strange how easily I had just slipped into the routine of the household, but I still maintained my separate apartment for now, trying to figure out what that next step really was.

After dinner and clean up, we all watched television for a while but Jackie decided it was time to go to the bedroom rather early and I was certainly not going to argue. Taking my hand, she led pendik escort me into her bedroom and over to the bed. Facing her, I held her by the shoulders and kissed her deeply, feeling her lips against mine, tasting her with my tongue as it probed deeply into her mouth. Our tongues were entwined in a deep, passionate kiss. With our lips still locked, I pulled her blouse out from her pants, then unbuttoned it, letting it hang open. My hands reached up and unfastened her bra. Her full breasts popped out as she lowered her arms and let the blouse and bra fall to our feet. My hands moved to those wonderfully large tits, hefting the weight in my hands and squeezing the fleshy sacs.

My fingers traveled down to the waistband of her jeans, something that frequently stymied me when I tried to unbutton them. Knowing the battle these pants sometimes caused me, Jackie stopped me and pulled back to get her hands between us. She deftly released the button unzipped the pants, allowing me to slide them down her body, where I held them as she stepped out of the bunched up clothes at her feet. While I was down there, I nuzzled my face into her auburn bush and made an exploratory lick at her pussy. Jackie gasped and grabbed my head, thrusting her hips against my face. I pushed forward and licked what I could get at, savoring that now familiar nectar and inhaling her feminine aroma.

After just a few moments she pulled back, stopping me. Grabbing my face she pulled my head up to hers. Her mouth attacked mine, hungry for a taste of her own arousal. She kissed me deep, moaning in passion and pressing her skin against my still-clothed body. When she finally released me, she stepped around me and crawled up onto her bed where she lay on her left side, one leg bent to present her ass and pussy to me. I quickly threw my clothes off and climbed onto the bed behind her. As I crawled up to straddle her lower leg, I registered that Jackie had shifted some of the items on her shelves again. This coupling was not just for us, but also for Margaret to watch and Jackie wanted to see her mother watching. The position Jackie had taken allowed Margaret a good view of our joining and allowed an excellent view for Jackie to watch her mom…watching us.

Jackie looked over her shoulder with those deep set blue eyes and said, “I’m ready. I just need you inside me.” I shifted my hips forward as she pulled her lower knee up even further. The head of my cock pushed against her pussy lips, letting her know it was eager to penetrate. She moved one hand down to squeeze my shaft and steer it tenderly into her tight pussy.

There was a chorus as we both groaned from the contact as my manhood sank into the warmth of her vagina. As always, the initial connection between us was nearly fulfilling on its own. For some time we lay still to enjoy that moment. I caressed her hip and back lightly as I felt her vaginal muscles working around my cock as it adjusted to the large invader again.

I saw Jackie shift her head and look at one of her trophies, so I bent forward to kiss her and sneaked a look myself. I could see the reflection of Margaret in a small mirror on the shelf, watching us through the kitchen window, although details were hard to pick out without looking intently, something I did not want to do. I raised my self back up and pulled my cock slowly back out, establishing a sensual pattern of slow, deep strokes.

“Oh, yes,” she breathed “Yes. Fuck me.”

She began to push back, her rhythm matched to that of my strokes, taking our time to build a long slow fire that we both knew would rage out of control at the end. I could gauge her response by her moans and the intensity of her thrusting towards me. I began to notice that every time she looked at her mother’s image reflected in the trophy, her passion increased just a bit.

“Yes…oh, yes,” she moaned, then a demand. “Deeper…more…more.” I moved one hand to her buttocks and lifted it up, spreading her ass apart and allowing a bit more penetration. This gave her what she wanted and we began rocking faster.

I would guess that we went on like this for about 15 minutes. At that point I was pounding my cock in and out of her rapidly and we were both close to climax. Jackie’s vocalizations were reduced to moans and groans as her head rolled from side to side, her blond hair covering the pillow. Her breasts jiggled with each plunge of my cock and her skin glistened with perspiration. I saw her hold her breath and felt her muscles clamp down on my prick at the start of her orgasm, which was enough to set me off.

“I’m cumming,” I grunted as I felt the rush of that first explosion of semen from my testacies. I pulled her to me to bury my shooting cock as deep into her as possible.

“Yesyesyes!” she screamed, then “Me tooooo!!” She grabbed the pillow in her white knuckled fists as she started to shake beneath me. Spasms washed through our bodies as I released burst after burst of sperm deep maltepe escort into her womb, thrusting forward with each shot. Jackie stopped screaming and just moaned in ecstasy as she rolled her head back and forth. My legs were shaking and my knees hurt so with one last spasm and a deep breath, I pulled out and collapsed onto the bed behind her.

At this point I remembered our audience and glanced at the small mirror of the shelf but was in the wrong position. I shifted a little and saw that the curtains were open a bit but there was no one there.

“She’s gone,” I whispered into Jackie’s ear. I’m sure that I should have cuddled with Jackie at this point but the heat of the day on the lake had wiped me out and I relaxed into a comfortable doze. I dimly was aware that Jackie got said something about cleaning up and she climbed out of the bed, I assumed to go to the bathroom and wash out my heavy load of sperm. Jackie told me about what happened next.

The Discovery

Jackie grabbed my t shirt and used it to cover her dripping pussy as she made her way to the bathroom to douche out my load of cum. The only reason she does this is to prevent a soaked bed every night. As she opened the door between her bedroom and the rest of the house, she paused to make sure no one was there (since she was naked). With the lights out and no one in sight, she opened the door the rest of the way and moved towards the bathroom. Then she heard something and froze in place.

She thought she could hear voices coming from the living room but it was hard to tell. Moving forward, she crept silently up the hall until she could see into the living room. As she moved closer it was not voices but low moaning sounds she was hearing. ‘Is mom okay?’ she thought to herself. As she moved around the corner she got a clear view of the couch, illuminated by the amber glow from the halogen street lights outside. She could see her mother on her back with her legs spread so that one was on the floor and the other up on the back of the sofa. Her right hand was stuffing a long tan vibrator between her legs.

Jackie’s eyes grew wide and she was afraid to even breathe. Her own mom was laying there naked with her left hand pinching her right nipple while fucking herself with the plastic vibrator. She stood there transfixed as she watched, aroused by the sight of her mom as she pleasured herself. Margaret’s breathing started to come in great gasps between the moans, the vibrator moving faster in and out. Then she tensed up, toes curled for a moment before a great gasp and some small shaking. But what Jackie noticed most was the beauty of her mother’s face as she came in that glorious expression of torturous rapture.

Jackie realized she had been holding her breath and took a deep breath, which her mother heard. Margaret’s eyes shot open and she quickly brought her legs closed. Desperately trying to cover herself with her robe she whispered, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Mom,” Jackie said, moving more into the light. Margaret was obviously very embarrassed and buried her head in her hands.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “You should not have seen that.” Jackie moved to the sofa and sat on the edge, caressing her mother’s hair.

“Mom,” she said gently, “it’s okay. Don’t cry.”

“Oh baby,” Margaret sobbed into her hands. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have watched. I should have gone to my room.”

“Don’t be sorry, Mom,” Jackie soothed. “It’s okay. I understand.” The sobs moderated a little, and Margaret raised her head to look at her daughter.

“You do?” she said, sounding perplexed. “How can you be so understanding?”

“Because I am your daughter,” she assured her mother. “You are still young enough to have desires, and I know how long it has been since you’ve had a man. Having Doug and I around here fucking each other’s brains out can’t be easy for you. You taught me that the sex drive is a very powerful thing. It’s why you insisted I start on the pill when I got seriously into dating.”

“Then you’re not mad?” Margaret asked.

“Of course not, Mom,” Jackie said gently. “In fact, watching you cum was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.” That brought another pause as Margaret digested that thought. Margaret let her robe open some as she looked at her daughter sitting next to her on the couch, naked. Margaret was now aware of the musky smell of sex on her and became aware of the t shirt she held between her legs. The fact that her daughter had just had sex and was still filled with cum excited her for some reason. She stared at her daughters large breasts.

“You know, Jackie, I think you have wonderful breasts.”

“Mom!” Jackie hissed, a bit embarrassed.

“No, you really do,” Margaret insisted. “‘I love the fullness of your breasts, they are so ripe and full, yet so soft. I wish I had breasts that were so large and sensuous.”

“But you don’t know the other side of it,” Jackie told her. “The kartal escort other girls are jealous, the guys are always trying to look at them, or worse, grab them. Sometimes I’d rather have breasts like yours.”

“I’ve heard that girls with larger breasts have less sensitive nipples, though. Is this true in your case?”

“I’m not like that,” Jackie said shaking her head. “When Doug plays with them just right, I can get a tiny orgasm. The areola swells up, the nipple gets hard and little goose bumps happen.”

“Really?” her mom answered. “Only my nipples get hard, but they don’t stick out that far.”

“That’s all?” Jackie said, sounding disappointed.

Margaret paused to consider what she was doing, but then reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands and began massaging them. In just a few moments, her areolae darkened in color a bit and her nipples got hard.

“See?” her Mom said, a little breathily.

“I think they’re beautiful,” Jackie whispered.

“And yours?” Margaret said, “Can we see how yours get?” Jackie nodded but before she could reach up to self stimulate them, her mother’s hand reached up to touch Jackie’s breast. At first it was just a light caress, feeling the skin texture, but then the hand moved lower and lifted the weighty mound, gauging its mass and touching the sensitive underside. The room was heavy in its silence, and Jackie could hear her own breathing and even her heart beating.

“Oh, Mom” Jackie moaned as Margaret’s other hand came up to touch the other breast. Jackie leaned forward, pressing her chest towards her mother’s wonderful hands. Without conscious thought, Margaret rose up as her daughter lowered herself until they were face to face and their lips met. Jackie later told me that the first contact with her mother’s lips seemed to escalate the desire in her in a way that she had never experienced.

Jackie’s hands explored her mother’s soft body as they kissed passionately, tracing her way through Margaret’s hair, over her neck and shoulders, and down her back before returning to her head. Margaret broke the kiss and began moving her mouth down Jackie’s neck as she squirmed beneath her, her hands urging her to move upwards. Jackie’s breasts were aching for mama’s tongue and she shifted upwards, pushing the large mounds of soft flesh towards her mother, offering them to her taste and suck.

“Oh baby, you have such luscious breasts,” Margaret moaned between licks. “I’ve loved watching them grow since you started puberty. Sometimes it made me both jealous and horny to see you in your swimsuit. You’re the only woman since college I wanted to be with, to pleasure you and show you that you’re special.” She pressed her face between Jackie’s big tits and kissed the tender skin there. Her daughter groaned louder and pulled her mother’s head to her bosom, thrilled that her mother was now suckling at her heavy breasts.

“Yes…suck my breasts,” she hissed. “Don’t stop, please….” Jackie’s mother found the right nipple and focused on sucking on the hard teat. The daughter gently brushed her mother’s hair to the side so she could see her mouth latched to her own breast flesh. Margaret raised a knee between her daughter’s legs, her thigh pressing on her dripping pussy.

“Oh…yeah…so good,” Jackie panted. “Don’t stop…I’m going…to cum! Yeeeesss!! Ahhh!” Jackie shivered above her mother as the orgasm went off in her cunt and she urgently rubbed her pussy against mom’s thigh as the sensations washed through her body for the second time that evening. She went limp, collapsing onto her mother’s body as she caught her breath.

“Wow,” Margaret said as she gently caressed her daughter. “You do cum from just playing with your breasts. That is so wild.” Jackie lay in her arms for a few moments collecting herself. Then she raised herself up and bit and kissed her mom.

“Thanks, mom,” she whispered. Then she shifted herself down and started to kiss and caress Margaret’s neck and chest. Her Mom just lay back and enjoyed what her daughter was doing to her, her eyes closed as she was gently stroking Jackie’s long blond hair. Gradually, Jackie moved her head down Margaret’s torso, caressing the skin with her lips and tongue. She ran her nose through Margaret’s thick bush, then moved to Mom’s pussy, where Jackie put her talented tongue to work.

Margaret splayed her legs wider, completely opening her throbbing pussy for Jackie’s lips and tongue. She slid her hand down, using her fingers to peel open her labia and present her wet hole to her daughter’s mouth. When she felt the tongue enter her, she humped her ass lightly forward, thrusting her wet, horny pussy against her daughter’s mouth.

Margaret, like her daughter, had sampled sex with other women, both in college and in her early theater experiences. That is one reason why she had set her daughter on a similar educational path. Jackie had not been enamored of it in her previous experiences, although it did provide sexual relief. But the taste of her mother’s wet cunt was extremely exciting to her. She felt her own pussy still throbbing as she thrust her tongue deep into her mother, lapping the fragrant cunt oils from the depths of Margaret’s wet cunt.

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