The Teacher’s Pet Ch. 07

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Author’s Note: This builds upon the events of the previous chapters. I would recommend reading them first, before diving into this chapter.


Tuesday, January 27

I sat amongst the soapy bubbles this morning, using a loofa to scrub the sweat and grime from every part of my body. There was, however, one exception: my feet. For the third consecutive morning, I allowed them to dangle outside of the bathtub. While it was an inconvenient way to bathe myself, it was more than worth it for Polly. She loved stinky feet, and that’s exactly what she would be getting from me.

After I dried myself off, I gave each of my toenails a quick trim and file. I had to breathe through my mouth while doing this because the stench was almost toxic. I fished through my hamper to find a pair of black stockings I had worn last week. Once I put them on, I finished dressing myself and chose a pair of crimson two-inch heels. I had taken a sniff of the shoes before sliding my feet into them, and was pleased to detect a rather strong aroma.

With a final check in the mirror to ensure I looked good, I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. As I ate, my mind reviewed the happenings of the prior afternoon. Had I actually achieved a simultaneous orgasm with Polly? Later on, did I really tell her to suck my sweaty stockings clean, and forbid her to touch herself? Then – strangest of all – did her mother seriously volunteer to smell one of my pumps?

The more I thought about all of it, the harder it was to believe these things occurred. However, they did. And my life was becoming as fantastically bizarre as any fetish story or video I had ever come across. I wondered how much of my behavior during the previous few days was influenced by foot-related femdom porn, versus how much was a suppressed dominant within me who was finally surfacing. I chuckled at the realization it was probably a combination of both.

My ride into work was quite smooth for a change, and I engaged in pleasant chatter with Rob and a few male teachers before the homeroom period began. I spent the next ninety minutes sitting in the faculty break room. For much of the time, I was reading a book.

However, it wasn’t just any book. It was a steamy romance novel containing a bondage scene. The interaction between the tormentor and the victim was so stimulating, I needed to close the book before I started moaning out loud. As it was, my cheeks felt flushed and my heart was racing. Thankfully, I could see the other three people in the room were absorbed in their own little worlds and weren’t paying attention to me.

One of them was the young, pretty geometry teacher. She appeared to be grading tests or quizzes and was quite focused on her work. The other two were staring at their phones, no doubt checking emails or social media. I let out a sigh of relief and decided to look at a few things on my own phone. Once I verified there was nothing requiring my immediate attention, I realized it was almost the end of first period. I dropped my book into my bag and stood up just as the bell rang.

Both of my morning classes featured a bit of fun – well, for me anyway. I quite enjoyed the expressions of shock and dismay on the faces of my students when I announced a pop quiz during each period. Even though a number of them grumbled, at least it reinforced the importance of paying attention to my lectures.

While eating my lunch, I sat with the usual guys. We talked about all sorts of frivolous topics, such as who had the worst students, who had the noisiest neighbor, and who had the craziest family. I was thankful for not winning any of these ‘competitions’, but I did giggle often at the stories I heard.

Immediately after all of them got up to leave, Linda approached my table. She plopped down next to me and began droning on about her latest sighting of rare birds. After ten minutes, I was bored out of my mind. However, I remained seated while acting as though her ramblings were interesting to me.

Although I maintained eye contact with her, my thoughts wandered to the adorable girl I would be meeting after school. I knew she would be getting a healthy dose of raunchy foot odor, as my feet were sweating up a storm. In fact, I felt a lot of dampness inside of my pumps as I scrunched my toes. At that moment, an idea struck me about how to make this dull woman and her endless blathering disappear – without having to say a word to her.

As she spoke of her upcoming plans to see more birds during a vacation to Mexico, I pried a shoe from one of my feet. I watched her face as I flexed my foot and spread my toes. When I detected the foul odor, she paused and gazed around the room with suspicion.

“What’s that awful smell?”

I took a few sniffs and shrugged. “I don’t smell anything.”

She shook her head and sighed. “I suppose it’s just me. Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right, I was telling you about the best places to spot rare birds near Tulum.”

Crap, it didn’t work! I tried smiling to hide my disappointment, istanbul escort but I was sure it appeared fake. She didn’t seem to notice, as she went on and on and on. I knew I needed to ratchet up the stink, so I slid the shoe off my other foot. I raised it from the floor and set it down on the seat opposite from where I was sitting – which was close to Linda.

This time, her reaction was more pronounced. She stopped mid-sentence and put a hand over her nose.

“Oh my God! That stench is revolting! Where is it coming from?”

She began swiveling her head, and I pulled my foot from the chair. I had to stifle laughter as she kept searching in vain for the source of the stink. I crossed a foot over my knee and rubbed the sole with my hand. I held up my palms and gave her a puzzled expression.

“Seriously, Linda, are you okay? I mean, I don’t smell any strange odor at all.”

“How can you not smell that? It’s atrocious!” She stood up from her chair, with her hand still covering her nose. “I’m sorry, but I have to get some fresh air.” She started jogging toward the exit. “Bye, Amber!” In a flash, she was out of the room.

I smiled and waved, even though she was already gone. As I slipped my shoes back on, I let out a chuckle. It was hilarious to know the aroma of my feet had become so nauseating, it could literally make people flee. If only I hadn’t waited so long into her useless drivel before taking off my pumps!

Since there was still a half hour until my next lecture, I went to my office to make a final review of the quiz I would be springing on my students. As I walked toward the classroom, I giggled while recalling the expression on Linda’s face when she breathed in my foot sweat. I made a mental note to keep my shoes on while teaching. Otherwise I might clear everyone out, leaving me with one person to instruct.

Speaking of my adorable foot lover, she was sitting at her desk as I entered the room. She gave me a warm smile and then turned toward her friend to resume chatting. I dropped my bag on the teacher’s desk and took a good look at my favorite pupil.

She was quite the vision in her pink blouse, black skirt, white patterned stockings, and pink heels. As my gaze shifted throughout the room, I could see I wasn’t the only one who took notice. Several of the boys and even one of the girls was staring at her with keen interest. Meanwhile, she was oblivious to all of it while she continued gabbing away with Tanya.

The bell sounded a moment later, and soon afterward I heard numerous groans when I announced the pop quiz. While my students struggled to answer the questions, I leaned my butt on the front of my desk and watched them with a smug grin. I almost laughed at the notion I was deriving twisted pleasure from the angst of these boys and girls. Exactly how sadistic was I?

A few minutes later, I noticed Polly had finished. She placed her folded hands on top of her paper, and sat back with a satisfied expression. Rather than collect it from her, I gave her a smirk as our eyes met. We held each other’s gaze for a minute, and I could see her passion rising. There was no anxiety to be found in her demeanor, only desire. It became clear to me she had been an obedient girl – one who was very eager for her reward.

Once some other students had completed the quiz, I began strolling through the aisles to pick them up. During this time, I considered what treat I would give to Polly. After I gathered up the last one, I devised the perfect plan. It was going to be a slice of heaven she would not soon forget!

The rest of the period consisted of enhancing their vocabulary and assigning them homework. While the room emptied, I approached the girl and her best friend.

Tanya stood up and nudged me. “Did you see those guys drooling over Polly?”

“I sure did,” I said with a chuckle.

Polly lowered her brows. “What are you talking about?”

Her friend rolled her eyes. “Oh, come on! You mean you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?”

I put a hand on her shoulder. “You’re definitely the center of attention… in a good way.”

She cocked her head. “Really?”

“Yes really!”

“Wow, I… I thought it was just that one day when everyone was staring at me.”

“Well, yeah but there’s still some kids who can’t stop gawking at you.” Tanya stepped back and looked her friend up and down. “And I don’t blame them. You’re gorgeous!”

Polly let out a nervous giggle and began to blush.

“She’s right, you know.” I gave her shoulder a squeeze. “You would certainly be quite the catch for, well, anyone!”

She slunk down as her face went bright red. “Um, well, if you… if you say so.”

Tanya smacked her friend’s arm. “Don’t be so shy! You look amazing. Heck, you should walk through school like you own the place!”

“Okay,” she said with a shrug. “I’ll do that.”

Those words in conjunction with her timid tone made us burst out laughing. Even Polly joined in, which was great to see. Several moments later, escort bayan we had regained our composure.

I peeked at the time on my phone. “I’d better let you two get going.”

“Yeah,” Tanya said, “we have to get to our Physics class.” She scooped up her belongings and tapped Polly’s shoulder. “Let’s go, slow poke. You were almost late yesterday!”

“I’m coming!” She grabbed her bag and turned her head toward her friend. “I’ll be right behind you.”

Tanya rolled her eyes. “Suit yourself.” She then looked in my direction. “Bye, Miss Nolan. See ya tomorrow!” She began heading for the door.

“Take care, Tanya!” I waved as she left the room.

I felt my hand being grasped and I peered down at Polly. “So, were you a good girl for me?”

She spoke in a soft voice. “Yes Miss, I really was.”

“Mmmm, that’s wonderful.”

A smile formed on my lips, and I was sure she could detect the wickedness in my expression. She took a deep breath and began to tremble as she waited for me to continue.

I bent to whisper in her ear. “Meet me in this room after school, and bring my stockings. If I can’t smell any of my foot sweat on them, you’ll get an amazing treat.”

“Oh God,” she said as a noticeable shiver ran through her body. “I, I can’t wait.”

“Aw,” I said with a chuckle, “well, you only have to make it through one more period. You can do that for me, right?”

She gave me a wistful grin and nodded.

“Good, now hurry up and get to your Physics class.”

“Oh, um, yeah.” She turned and started jogging away. “See you later, Miss Nolan!”

“Bye, Polly!”

After she was gone, I sat in the desk chair and shook my head in disbelief. My lewd exchanges with Polly were becoming a regular occurrence, and I loved it. She was fully enamored with my feet – which until recently, were nothing but stinky appendages at the end of my legs. However, I now considered them to be the sexiest and most erogenous parts of my body. I had even used them to scare off an annoying colleague earlier in the afternoon. They were more amazing than I had thought. They were my new superpower!

Of course, there were drawbacks to my situation. While I was having an incredible time with my little foot girl, there were a number of hazards to consider. Did Polly’s parents suspect anything beyond friendship between us? Did Tanya know more than she was letting on? Were other students privy to our little games? What about other teachers? Was my paranoid mind going to keep tormenting me with this shit?

Rather than spend the next forty-five minutes driving myself insane, I decided to grade quizzes. I had brought everything I needed from my office, so I took the folder containing those papers out of my bag and got started. I managed to finish all the ones from my morning classes a moment before the bell sounded. After putting my stuff away, I pushed my chair back from the desk and placed my hands behind my head. It felt good to accomplish something.

When the door opened, I leaned back and swung my legs up onto the desk. I crossed one ankle over the other, and saw Polly staring at me. Clearly, she liked what she saw and I began to move the top foot from side to side. She closed the door and made a slow walk toward me – keeping her eyes on my shoes the entire time. When she stopped in front of them, she smiled and ran a finger along the soles.

I couldn’t help but giggle. “Do they feel nice?”

“They do. But I really want to feel what’s under them, Miss.”

Damn, this girl knew how to press my buttons. I narrowed my gaze and gave her a mischievous grin.

“Well, I did promise to reward you.” I removed my legs and feet from the desk and stood up. “Come with me and you’ll get your prize.”

I picked up my bag and my purse, and led her to my car. Once inside, I clicked my seatbelt on. I peered in her direction, and noticed a look of confusion.

“Is something wrong, Polly?”

“Um, no, but… are you taking me home now?”

“No,” I said with a chuckle, “we’re going back to my place.”

Her entire face lit up and she swiftly buckled herself in. “Okay, I’m ready!”

I laughed as I shook my head. “I see that. But first, let me inspect those stockings I lent to you yesterday.”

“Yes, Miss.”

She took a deep breath and pulled a resealable bag out of her purse. I waited for her to open it and then held my hand out. She dumped the stockings onto my palm.

“They’re still damp,” I said while fingering the silky material. “Were they in your mouth the whole night?”

“Uh huh,” she said in a husky whisper.

“And did you enjoy the flavor?”

“I, I did, Miss.”

I smirked and looked into her eyes. “Tell me you didn’t play with that pussy of yours.”

“No, Miss… I, I didn’t. I promise.”

I leaned closer to her. “So you’re saying that you sucked on my delicious stockings for seven or eight hours, and didn’t touch yourself once?”

She shuddered, and took several ragged breaths. “I wanted to, Miss… s-so Ataşehir escort badly. But I, I didn’t want to disobey you.”

“Very well, I believe you.” I brought the foot part of the stockings up to my face. “Now for the sniff test.”

This would be the moment of truth. I took a number of huge whiffs, and there was almost no detectable odor. I smiled and gave them back to Polly.

“Good girl. You’ve not only earned a treat, but also the privilege of hand-washing my stockings.” I patted her arm. “And this time, use soap and water on them instead of saliva.”

“Yes, Miss, of course.”

We exchanged a grin and she placed my stockings back in the resealable bag. She then shoved them into her purse. I gave her an approving nod before turning the key in the ignition.

Since it was a beautiful afternoon, I put the top down on my convertible. I let Polly choose a radio station, and I began driving to my apartment. I cranked up the volume as we shouted out the lyrics to a song we both knew. This continued for the rest of our journey, while we sang along to several upbeat tunes. By the time we arrived, we were laughing hysterically at each other’s windblown manes.

After we each did a bit of hair brushing, we exited my car and walked toward my building. I stopped in front of the unit marked with the number 12. I unlocked the door and glanced at Polly.

“It’s not as impressive as your house, but it’s home for me.” I shrugged and pushed the door open.

“Wow,” she said as she followed me inside, “it’s really nice, Amber.”

“Thanks! I try to keep it tidy.”

For the next minute, I gave her a brief tour of the downstairs floor. It hardly took that long to show her my small kitchen, living room, and powder room. I offered her a drink, but she declined. I plopped down in the center of my couch and patted the spot next to me. She smiled and sat where I had indicated.

I slid toward the armrest on the opposite side of her. “Stay right there.”

She had a puzzled expression on her face, but she didn’t move. I turned so my back was against the armrest and brought my feet up from the floor. A moment later, they were resting on the surprised girl’s lap.

I used a heel to lightly tap her thigh. “You know, my feet hurt from being trapped in these shoes all day.”

She let a huge breath. “D-do they, Miss?”

“Oh yes. But you know what would make them feel a whole lot better?”

“Um, a, massage?”

“That’s right,” I said as I folded my arms. “Would you do the honors?”

A lascivious grin appeared on her face and she bit her lip. “Yes, Miss. It, it would be my pleasure.”

“Good girl. Now take off my pumps.”

“Of, of course, Miss.”

She placed each hand carefully on a heel and delicately tugged on them. Slowly, she pulled the shoes from my feet. Within seconds, a piercing stench filled the room. It was worse than when I had aired them out near Linda in the break room. While I was having trouble dealing with the smell, Polly closed her eyes and took strong sniffs of the air. Instead of making her nauseous, my intense foot odor seemed to be igniting her passions. She went one step further and brought one of my pumps up to her face.

A moment later she pulled it away from her nose and coughed. I giggled, realizing I had finally produced a level of foot stink which was too strong for her to deal with.

“Was that stench a bit much for you?”

She glanced at me and then at the pumps she was holding. “Um, maybe just a little.”

“Well, you better get used to it. You don’t get to touch my feet until you smell each of my shoes for one whole minute.”

Her eyes went wide as she continued staring at my footwear. “Oh, then I’ll… I’ll try, Miss.”

I picked up my phone and went into the stopwatch feature. I gave her a wicked smirk as I showed her the screen.

“Are you ready?”

She took a deep breath. “Yes, Miss.”

“All right. On the count of three, I want you to put a shoe over your nose. One… two… three!”

She brought a high heel to her face and I started the timer. I carefully observed as she held it in place and began sniffing. She squeezed her eyes shut and shivered after the first few, no doubt in an attempt to deal with the overwhelming stink. I even heard a muffled cough. As the seconds ticked by, however, it seemed she was becoming accustomed to the aroma. In fact, she let out moans after the last couple of inhales – ones that sounded rather pleasurable.

I tapped her leg with my foot. “Okay, now switch shoes.”

Before I could blink, her nose was imbedded in the opening of my other pump. I clicked the timer back to zero as she started huffing away again. She was certainly going to town with this shoe. Each sniff was long and loud, followed by a protracted moan or purring sound. She had become so absorbed in the scent, I needed to kick her to let her know the minute was up.

She dropped the shoe, shook herself out of her reverie, and turned her head in my direction. “Oh, um, sorry Miss.”

Her disheveled appearance, which included labored breathing and bright red cheeks, caused me to laugh. The effect my foot odor had on her was hilarious, but at the same time, simply adorable. Now I really wanted the cute girl’s soft hands on my tired feet.

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