The Three Ladies at the Vineyard

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Abella Danger

The three ladies at the vineyard

After a ten-year-break he was back at Stanford University. A three-day international congress and he — Professor Dr. Michael Schulz — had one of the main presentations, receiving a lot of applause and initiating a lot of discussions. It was almost his home ground, having been here as exchange student from Germany for a year during his undergraduate studies and again during his PhD research. And he felt it almost as a personal triumph to see so many former colleagues in the auditorium and in the lobby during and after his presentation. Michael had decided months ago to extend his stay in Northern California for two days and nights and to drive into Yosemite National Park on Thursday, an area where he loved to walk and climb during his earlier stays. He loved the spring in the mountains, where you could experience all four seasons in a day. After a fantastic day in the park, he drove back to San Francisco to stay overnight and to go to the airport to catch his Friday lunchtime flight to New York and the connecting night flight to Germany.

“Oh, you are very early Professor Schulz”, smiled the United ground stewardess at the check-in after he presented his ticket and placed his luggage on the scale.

He checked the time on his watch. “Twoandahalf hours. Am I too early?”

The stewardess smiled and handed the ticket back to him. “Indeed, Professor. You are a full day early. You are booked on tomorrow’s flight.”

Michael was really shocked. “What?” Not believing he took his ticket and read it. Indeed, he was one day early. Confused he turned to the stewardess again. “And what can I do now? Can I take an earlier flight?”

As there wasn’t any queue at the check-in the stewardess looked into her computer but started to roll her lips and tongue. “I’m sorry, Professor. It would be very expensive.” He looked into her eyes like a helpless boy, but suddenly she smiled at him. “Do yourself a favour. Stay one day longer and enjoy California. Do you know San Francisco?”

“Yes.” Michael’s mood wasn’t so positive. “I lived here for a while.”

“Great.” The stewardess tried to make the best of the situation. “Then go to your most beloved place and enjoy the next 24 hours as a special gift.”

Michael shrugged with his shoulders, took his luggage from the scale and stood for a while in the departure hall, thinking about his plans. Then he moved very quickly back to the Hertz rental car station and was lucky enough to get the same car, which he delivered back half an hour earlier. A simple extension of the rental contract for another day made it easy.

Michael Schulz chooses to head north to the vineyard area north and south of the Russian River. He still remembered his first visit at Fort Ross at the Russian River’s firth, where he couldn’t believe to see a former Russian fort in California. It had been indeed the most southern colony of the Czar’s American properties, an entirely different historic world to all other places in California. Similar he remembered extremely well that as a student he had driven through Sebastopol loud laughing and singing with his friends at the height of the cold war, but this Sebastopol and the nearby Russian river had been in California. As the stewardess had recommended this was his favourite place and he wanted to use his special gift day to look at the fresh green of the vineyards and perhaps to taste some early vines from the year before.

The sun was already sinking in the west when he had passed Sebastopol and drove through Sonoma County. He was looking for some accommodation with dinner, bed and breakfast, perhaps on a vineyard. But it was still early in the tourist season and many B something which he had never done before.

After Susan had served a wonderful creme brulee as desert Michael felt the wonderful relaxing influence of the vineyard’s own Pinot Noir. He became curious about the three ladies and animated by Martha’s indiscreet questions and his sex adventure confessions he started to turn around the questioning. Suddenly Martha stopped chatting, moved her body forward to him and pushed her breasts with her long hands so hard upwards gaziantep lezbiyen escort that they almost jumped out of her blouse. “Do you want to play with my nipples?” She looked deep into his eyes and with her unbelievable promosing bright blue eyes she cracked all reservations in Michael. It took him only a few moments to say “Yes!” and to move his hands forwards. In the moment he reached Martha’s breasts and nipples Michael felt Susan’s hands over his shoulder, moving down his upper body and giving him a big hug and a warm kiss on his cheek. “Be our guest”, she whispered into his ear, biting into his earlobe and sucking it into her mouth, playing with it with her tongue.

Few minutes later Michael found himself on his back in a huge four poster bed together with an old, a mature and a still young naked woman, slowly and carefully stripped from his own clothes and treated by three mouths and six hands. “I have three wishes”, commanded Martha suddenly, heavily breathing and, as Michael could clearly feel, see and smell, already excited. “Number one, give me three licked climaxes in a row!” Her face came very close to his. She looked him into his eyes and kissed him very long and intensive. “Can you do this for me?”

Michael smiled. “I will do my very best.” Oral sex was his most loved one and he knew that he had enough strength in his tongue and his neck muscles to go the long distance.

“Okay. Let’s go”. Michael had expected that Martha would roll on her back to get treated. But instead, the old lady swung her clean shaved pussy over his head and came down straight over his mouth. “Cowgirls ride best”, was her comment, interrupted by a strong cough and a very deep laughter. Then Michael went to work, licking her pussy the entire length and as she moved forward, he licked her arsehole too. His arms and hands around her thighs controlled her more and more hectic movements and spread her pussy lips to both sides to open a free treatment of her clit. She started to breath heavily, massaging her breasts and nipples and with an extremely deep laughter she flooded Michael with her juices over his entire face. Having concentrated himself on his action with Martha Michael almost didn’t recognize that Susan and Caroline had started to work on his dick, licking him from both sides up and down, then taking his dick into their mouths one by one and sucking him intensively.

Just before Martha started to reach her first climax one of them jumped on his dick and started to ride too, holding Marthas tits from the back and supporting her to ride her orgasm. Michael expected a short break after Martha’s climax, but the old lady ordered him to continue immediately. All four were already sweating heavily and their body fluids of all kinds got mixed more and more. Michael felt challenged by her. “You will get all three in a row.” He blew his breath over her pussy and treated especially her clit hard, licking, sucking and biting it and felt very soon that Martha was on the straight way to her second one. It almost disturbed him that — as he had recognized now — Caroline was riding on his dick like a rodeo rider and took him as deep as possible. And then all three bodies exploded in exstacy at the same time. It was very loud, but as the four had been alone in the farmhouse, nobody was disturbed.

Martha rolled from Michael’s head but stayed close to him and started to kiss him like an insane woman. “I love my own squirt”, she whispered in his ears as she licked all juices from his very wet face. “And yours too.” She wrapped her arms around him. “Come down and give me the third one. In the meantime, the girls know what to do.” Michael didn’t understand her, but Susan and Caroline left the bedroom after he had started to place himself between Marthas legs, bound her knees towards her head and to lick her entire bottom front or back again and again and again. Especially when his tongue treated her arsehole Martha pressed his head against her and demanded more penetration. And she became especially sensible when he used his nose both against her clit and rubbing in her pussy. The third escort gaziantep lezbiyen climax came with power, Martha pressed herself up into a kind of body bridge and her body as well as her thighs shook dramatically. Then she squirted several times and showered Michael all over his face and hair.

They had just finished and caught their breath when Susan and Caroline came back with four large tea mugs. “This will help you for another hour, perhaps two”, Susan smiled as she handed Michael his mug. “Drink it hot. It’s an old indian recipe. And it works, I can promise you.” Michael tasted the tea, quite a difference to Marthas juices. He loved the exotic taste, a little bit of herbal tea with very strong red wine taste. It was a welcomed break, he recognized that the encounter with Martha had been a real athletic workout.

Martha was still coughing and strongly breathing as she stated that “this guy is really good.”

It would have been a faszinating view for somebody outside to see these four lovers, holding their tea mugs and inhaling the smell of their hot tea. It looked like that only Susan knew what they were drinking, but after ten minutes of quiet pause everybody was refreshed and ready for new action. Martha took over the command again. “I need a real tough arse fuck. Are you able to provide one?” Again she looked Michael deep into his eyes.

He smiled like a small boy again. “Let’s try.”

Susan internvened. “This time I demand to be part of the fun. Okay?” Not waiting for an answer she stretched herself diagonal over the bed and pushed with both hands on the matrass beside her. “Come on, Martha. Knee above me in 69.” The old lady followed her commend immediately, placing her pussy above Susans mouth and shook her arse. “Come on, boy. Show me what Susan’s tea has done to you.”

Michael was indeed refreshed and felt fit again. Caroline had already started to give him an awakening blowjob. And indeed, his little friend became a huge friend again in an instant. Caroline used Marthas still existing juices, mixed with her spunk and some baby oil, which she had found somewhere, and creamed and massaged Martha’s rosette. “Downstairs” Susan had already started her work on Martha’s clit and pussy and waited for the action just above her when Caroline guided Michael’s dick to the prepared backward entrance. “Do it”, came Martha’s command, “now! I have waited so long to get this great feeling again.”

Michael hadn’t to do anything. He pushed a little bit forward, directed by Caroline’s hands, who kneeled just behind him and had the root of his dick in both hands. Martha came faster to him then he was able to move forward. In an instant he had widened the well-prepared back entrance and glided entirely into Martha. Both stopped for a few seconds, the old lady had still a very narrow arsehole. Then they found their rhythm, slowly increasing the speed. Michael became excited by the picture in front of his body and clapped Martha’s arse with his hands until they got a little bit pink. His anal fucking sex partner answered again with laughter, not with groaming. Suddenly he heard “I will feel you too”, and his dick was immediately moved from Martha’s arse into Susan’s mouth.

“Unbelievable”, was Michael’s last clear thought, then he gave himself into a wild fucking of Susan’s mouth and Martha’s arse, switching several times. The tea had worked wonders, he didn’t become overexcited, but he tired neither. Then Martha took the command. “He shall creampie my arsehole. Now! I’m ready.” And she was ready. Michael fucked her like he had never fucked a female hole before. Pushed by Caroline from behind and assisted by Susan’s fingers almost everywhere he exploded the heaviest cream load he had ever produced. And Martha had her wanted anal orgasm, now shaking with her entire body for at least two minutes. Then she sank forward on her daughter-in-laws body, kissing her feet. Her three sex partners in action couldn’t identify, whether she was laughing, crying or giggeling. But she relived and enjoyed every second.

It became quiet in the room. All four were still breathing gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar strongly, like at the end of a half-marathon. Michael felt he had reached the limit of his capabilities. But he was aware that Martha had spoken of three wishes. What would be the third one? Was he even able to perform anything?

Martha turned on her back, placed three pillows behind her neck and looked to Michael. “Finshed? Or can you fulfill my final wish?”

Michael shrugged with his shoulders. “What do you ask for?”

“My last full fisting encounter was with my husband. Decades ago. He had very flexible hands. I’ve never tried it since then. But I’m so hot and so well worked, I think I want to try it again. The girls will help — will you try this for me?”

Michael was surprised. He had tried it a few times, but neither his wife nor any other woman had been able to take his fist entirely into their pussy. But this unbelievable encounter asked for a special high at the end. “Let’s give it a try.”

Susan and Caroline placed each other on either side of Martha, took one leg each and spreaded her wide open. Her pussy was indeed still very juicy and the bottle of baby oil worked very well. Michael had all four fingers in her in a few seconds and started to move his hand slowly forward and backward. His thumb joined easily too, but he knew from the failed attempts that the next step was the most difficult one. Martha had already started to sweat heavily again; all three partners could see that she wanted this fisted climax as a final reward. Suddenly she pressed her back up and opened her legs as far as possible. “Now!” was her command and Michael took her pressure on his fist and countered it. With an unique sogging sound his fist passed the hurdle and entered Martha’s pussy entirely. The following minutes were like a wrestling match. Martha pushed herself on Michael’s fist and he countered her rhythm. Then she exploded in a way Michael had never experienced with a woman. Screaming, laughing, crying — it looked like Martha became insane. Her eyes had rolled back so that they had become almost pure white. And her body shook in orgasm waves heavily, her thighs and legs vibrated. “This is a human earthquake”, was Michael’s silent thought, looking to the result of his treatment of this old lady.

Then she collapsed almost, forced his fist and hand out of her pussy and rolled herself together like a small baby. She grabbed his hand, which had been in her and had caused her so unbelievable excitement. “Thank you, my boy”, was her last quite comment. “Take Caroline to bed and let me sleep. It was most wonderful.”

Susan gave him a sign, to take her nice into his own room. “Enjoy each other if you have something left. Otherwise, good night and sleep tight. We see each other at breakfast.”

Michael and Caroline had nothing left. So they slept together, arms wrapped around each other, very deep and almost dreamless. The next morning they took a shower together, then Caroline prepared their breakfast. Michael had to take care to catch his flight. “I must pick up some gas. Where do I find a garage?” was his last question to the youngest lady when they left the front door.

“Three miles to the left is Walter’s garage. And then turn around and pass our yard into the other direction. It is the fastest way to SF.”

Michael kissed her, placed his luggage in the boot and left the vineyard into the recommended direction. He filled his car up, bought a coke and some bisquittes and turned his car back. As he reached the entrance to the vineyard, where he had experienced the wildest sex night of his life, he saw the big van of the local funeral director in front of the main house. He stopped his car heavily with screaming brakes, pushed back and turned into the vineyard again. Jumping out of his car he saw Susan in the entrance door. He took both her hands. “What happened?”

He could see that Susan had cried. But like a sunbeam breaking through a thunderbolt cloud she smiled to him. “You came from heaven, Michael. Really! Today is Martha’s 69th birthday. She was fighting cancer for the last five years, but she wanted to reach this day, because 69 was her lucky number and her favourite position, all through her life. And when you came here last night, she decided she wanted to enjoy her 69th birthday in the best possible way. And she had done it. With your help.” Susan hugged him and gave him a kiss straight on his lips. “You’ve been her last lover — and the best. This had been her last words this morning.”

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