The Ticket IX

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The Ticket IX

I put in a call to my legal staff to meet me in the office. They arrived promptly Both were concerned about my health. Both had been gone fulfilling tasks that I had given them while still in my hospital bed. Once we cleared the air I asked for a report.

Celeste had been to numerous courts and had obtained an injunction which prevented the Law firm of Fox Fox and Shari to receive the DNA Results before I received the results. The testing agency had been served. The results would be coming to me one day before it will be sent to Fox Fox and Shari.

Connie had been visiting with her judge friends and told me she was ready and that was all she would say…for now.


Fox Fox and Shari

Raymond Sr comments to his son, “ I think The results of the DNA test are ready and they are positive as we knew they would be. But I have contacted a lab recommended by M they are going to give us results that says Sam Night Walker is not Lone Moon Walkers grand son. We will substitute their form for the original. And we will win.”

“Dad who is M? “

“I don’t know but he seems to be on our side.”

Charles was looking over the crew he had assembled to work on the guest house the three disabled vets he had hired were excellent workers an fine craftsmen. He had been watching them and was beginning to think that they knew each other. He also noticed that when Night was at the guest house one of them always seemed to close and they greeted him by calling him ‘ Hondo ‘

Charles called me over to talk about a change he felt was important. As it turns out what he really wished to talk to me about was his crew. He said all of them were military trained and could be counted on if I needed their support. He said they all had been hired by him except for four Three are Dav’”s you seem to trust and the fourth comes highly recommended.. My question are we planning a war,. I just nodded and said I hope not.
Josie was looking at the local Newspaper and grumbling. I asked her what was wrong. “The Highway through Amarillo this is the third time completion has been delayed . It seems like they tear up the new and start over instead of finishing.”

I took the paper from her and read the article the Construction company’s Bomonti Escort name seemed to ring a bell. I headed for the Bunker office and my Bag phone. I opened the safe room and pulled out the list. I dialed the number next to the construction owners name. It rang at least a dozen times. Thphone was picked up and a hesitant voice said, “ H ello who is this.”

I said gruffly, “This is a message from Lone Moon. You are not living up to your agreement. I expect to hear that You are meeting your completion date with no further charge to the city… Or else a Federal Judge will receive a large package. Soon.” Then I hung up.

Two days later there was a large Headline. The Owner of the Construction Had unearthed a plan to embezzle funds from the Highway project. The funds have been added back and Completion is back on schedule.


The seven were meeting, an emergency meeting, M was speaking to a stunned group, The List has surfaced Mulligan received a call about the Highway Project forcing normal completion. That means no more kickbacks. People this means we take a hit in our pocketbook.

The Lawyers are making a move, They are substituting doctored DNA reports which states that Sam Night Walker is not the grand son of Lone Moon Walker. And if he is not that means he couldn’t be the son of Tawny Buffalo Walker and he would have to vacate the other residence as well.

Fernando Reyes if of the Mexican Mafia spoke up, “Does this mean we can kill him now”

“Not Yet but we are close.” After that they discussed what The planned to do for the Counties and towns.

When they departed they didn’t pay any attention to the homeless man in a wheel chair that was moving past the warehouse. As they left he checked them off on a stack of pictures he had under his lap cover. A few minutes a limo polled out the other end of the ware house The windows were so darkly tinted he could not even tell if anyone was in it.


The Messenger is on the way with the DNA report. Soon they will be able to to put their plan in action. Raymond Jr was anticipating being able to use all those women at the manse. He was sure they would choose him as their Lord and Master.

He leaned to the intercom and told the receptionist Escort Bayan to let him know when the Messenger arrived with a package.

Laura Ives was listening when he spoke. She made a call and only said soon.

The messenger arrived at 1:30 by 2: 00 pm the original document and the results of the test had been locked in their safe and the Fake document were in the envelope. And re sealed the envelope. Then Raymond Sr Made a call to the little house. Barbara answered the phone and handed it to me.

While I was talking on the phone I, without thinking reached over and began running my hand all over Barbara;s ass She begin backing to ward me and my fingers flowed right to her pussy. I heard her in drawn breath and inserted a finger. “Very well I will be their at ten am.” I handed the phone to her and she hung it up.

“ The results are back and they are ready to tell the tale, HAHAHA. I think our Lawyer Shari is going to be surprised.” Earlier Celeste Rainwater had brought the copy she had subpoenaed. I continued to stroke in and out with my fingers and now that I was not holding the phone I began stroking her breast and tweaking her nipple.

I had been setting around all day in my robe which was not unusual since my Hospital stay. I was nude under the robe. I was beginning to have a rise in and out of my robe. I guided my pecker to her love glove and pulled out my fingers and sat her on to my cock. Her ass began gyrating and moving up and down as well. She leaned back and twisted her head I leaned forward and we kissed . My tongue danced inside her mouth and moved back and forth around hers. I was using both hands on her tits. Her nipples were as hard as bullets. She began to huff and puff in my mouth and I could feel the tingles up and down my spine as she pressed downward and ground her pussy on my pubic bone. I felt her pussy juice flooding my lap. She raised up and slammed down on me I reached and placed my hands on her hips and held her down as I erupted in a long awaited release of sperm I filled Barbara to overflowing. I lay my head back on the chair.

I heard cheering and looked around and six of my girls were around us. Barbara stood up and each of the girls took me in their mouths. By the time they were through I was clean. istanbul Escort They all smiled and said welcome back.

I didn’t tell them I still had to go slow. They knew they had all been briefed about my condition. The key was slow.

Celeste and I were in the back of the Caddy with Bell driving It had been a few days since I had seen Connie Saunders each time I asked about her Celeste had put me off with she is busy.
We arrived at Fox Fox And Shari 5 minutes early by the time we climbed the stairs and reached the Office door I was exactly 10 am.

Laura Ives escorted us to the conference room where hand shakes were shared.. Jr pulled the document folder pointing out it was still sealed and opened it and pulled out the test results. He spread them out on the table where we all could see. And began reading off the results.

The gist of it was that there was a 99% positive that I was not the grand son of Lone Moon Walker nor was I the son of Tawny Buffalo Walker.. Shari SR stood up pursuant to these results you have 24 hours to vacate the premises. If you are not gone in 24 hours criminal trespass charges will be filed.

Celeste stood up and looked at them they were expecting her to say she was going to appeal. Instead she looked at them and said you stand by these results. They both nodded there heads. She asked them a gain and they both said yes.

The Conference Room door flew open and two Federal Marshals stepped in followed by Connie Saunders They told the Father and Son lawyers they were under arrest for conspiracy as well as accomplices in the act of forgery and other charges. The Lab that submitted this false document is closed and under investigation. One of the Jr Partners was called in and informed the law offices were closed he was given the responsibility of notifying all clients of on going litigation and their cases would be investigated for criminal practices.

As we started out Laura was standing at the door and I told her she was now employed at Rainwater and Saunders Law firm. I also told she was expected at the Manse at 6 for the evening meal. She smiled and lifted her skirt, I ran my finger into her hot box and sniffed an sucked that finger. I looked around and noticed all the staff staring with there mouths open.

Laura smiled and said, “Is it ok if I ride with you now,” She looked around “I am done here.” I crooked my arm and she slipped her hand through and I escorted her to the car. It was a pleasant ride back home.

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