The Toy

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Gently, he closed the door to the room behind him. They both stood there, unsure as to go about what they had agreed. He offered her the use of the bed, as he reached into his bag and bought out the package, the item that he had bought her.

Slowly, he unwrapped the package, and soon out came the vibrator, he had just purchased in the local Anne Summers shop.

She was a petite lady, slim and small breasted, but had a lovely pretty smile. She wore a summer dress, and now, as she stood in front of the window in the hotel, the dress was translucent, showing of her shapely legs, and a slight mound at the front.

I passed her new toy, her first, and she smiled, nervously.

“If you don’t want to go through with it, then I shall leave now if you like”

She placed the object onto the bed, and slowly turned around, a full circle, before standing in front of me again. Slowly, sensuously, she slid a strap of her shoulder, and then the other one, and in a very erotic nature, she allowed her dress to slide onto the floor, revealing her small breasts, her nipples pert and upward looking.

“You look lovely,” I stated, bursa escort as she stood there, just in a plain thong.

She climbed onto the bed, her hands caressing her small breasts, soft and pert. I sat down, into the chair, and watched her, allowing herself to work her self up, her hands playing with her body, touching, stroking. Occasionally she stroked her thong, but very briefly.

Slowly, I undressed my self, whilst watching the preliminary show, hearing her starting to sigh, to moan, as she aroused her self. She stopped, and opened her eyes, looking more relaxed, more turned on at the prospect of the mutual show. She moved the pillows, beefing them up and making her self a little stage, before she laid back, legs parted, looking at me.

“You first” she ordered.

Slowly, I started to stroke my self, slowly, moving my foreskin on m y hard ness all the way back, and then all the way forward. Slowly I continued, taking my time, feeling her stare as I wanked my self.

Soon, I saw her pick up the toy, and started to rub it against her breasts, and her mouth, leaving it switched off, bursa ucuz eskort but she used it well, and provocatively. Several minutes passed, and I could here her moan, above my gentle sighs, as her toy was allowed to go further a field, rubbing it against her thighs, her thong, and her breasts.

My eyes had closed as I was stroking my self, imagining, when I heard the buzz from the other side of the room.

She had switched on the vibrator, but was still using it against her outside, her thighs, her breasts, and against along her thong. She was teasing me, and she knew it, the little sexy devil. I continued to wank myself, with slow but power full strokes. She stopped, and for several minutes watched me closely, but I was oblivious as my mind was focused on her, imagining it was her nimble fingers peeling back my foreskin.
Soon, the sound of the buzz could be heard, making be open my eyes. She smiled at me, before she pulled her thong to one side, and slowly started to slide it up side her, losing her vibrator virginity, after all these years.

She moved it slowly, cautiously bursa anal yapan escort as she allowed it to enter her, to penetrate her, as she slowly allowed it to go deeper, her pussy muffling the sound. She stopped, just holding onto it by the base, as her face showed a multitude of expressions, of uncertainty, of pleasure, of arousal, of joy. Finally, she pulled it out, and then slowly pushed it back in, this time gasping loudly as she slid it home, quicker than before.

She continued, pushing it in and out, her eyes were closed, her face full of concentration, as she used the vibrator for her pleasure, sliding it in and out. I automatically started to increase the pace of my strokes, stroking my foreskin up and down, hard and fast, as the sight before me was a dream.

Her breathing became shallower, deeper, her moaning, her sighing intensified as she speeded up the movement of the vibrator, picking up speed. She cried out, long and hard, has an intense orgasm hit her body, her entire body quivering and shaking, cries of joy filling the room, as tears ran down her cheeks.

With a final grunt, I came, sending shots of fresh cum into the air, feeling it land on my naked body, and on the chair. AS we both cam, there was another awkward silence. Slowly we both dressed, embarrassed. Finally we spoke, and before I opened the door, I lent forward, and kissed her deeply passionately, before saying my farewell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32