The Turkish Harem

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I am 18 years old. I have lived in the women’s harem of the Ottoman sultan’s palace for 6 months now in the year 1688. My name is Leila. I was captured when our town was conquered by the sultan’s army. The rest of the town was slaughtered, sold into slavery, or like me, carried off to be offerings in the sultan’s harem.

There are many women here from many lands. They have all gone through the same adjustment of being taken from their homelands. Some have adjusted better than others, given the clean beds, the opulent food, the care that is given being much better than they would have had in their villages.

During the day we learn the language of our captors, how to sing, play instruments, how to paint our faces and decorate ourselves with jewels, and how to please a man in the arts of love.

Being so new, I have never been summoned to the sultan’s bed, and am very happy to keep it that way as long as possible. But there are some who actively campaign to catch the eye of the head eunuch, who is the sultan’s eyes and ears in the harem. To be a favorite is to guarantee a life of favor and, if a son is produced, even wealth.

Having lost their families, the women here form bonds with one another, filling the roles of sisters, cousins, aunts and mothers. I’d heard gossip that some of the women have even closer relationships, formed in the baths, or while grooming each other.

The Turkish ideal of beauty is that women only have hair on their heads, eyebrows and eyelashes. All other is removed by a sticky paste of cooled cooked honey and water.

What a shock the first time this was done to me! The women who did this informed me of what was to be done, and then went to work! They applied the paste firmly on my arms, legs and private parts. Ripping it off quickly, they then patted the skin and applied cool cloths. I’m not sure what hurt more, the actual pain of the hair being pulled out by the roots, or having strangers see my private parts!

Eventually we got used to it, and we learned how to do this for ourselves, and for the trickier nether parts, for those we felt close to. I noticed there were those who spent a little longer than others checking out that area, running their fingers to check for hairs that had escaped the paste. The warm, tickly feelings that arose from this touch and the knowing smiles between some of the women hinted at something I was unaware of.

We slept in individual beds, with privacy curtains around them, in a long hall. There were a few lanterns lit so that the women could find their way to the privies, and for the eunuchs that patrolled every so often.

One night I was in fitful sleep, when I heard sounds of sighing and low soft moans. I sat up in bed and tried to discern where they had come from. Quiet as a cat, I got out of bed, pulled aside a curtain, and looked down the dimly lit hall. The lanterns showed no one up and about, and I could hear the soft snores of those sleeping soundly.

I heard another sound and crept along until I found myself near one of the beds a few down from mine. There were the unmistakable sounds of pleasure, and I wanted to know what could possibly be causing it. I crept around to the corner near the foot of the bed, and pulled a curtain aside ever so slightly so I could see in.

A small candle on the bedside stand illuminated two women, one pale and fair, the other a darker-skinned beauty. I recognized them as Eva and Priya. Eva was from the far north, with light-blond hair. Priya was from the east, her homeland was called India, she told us. She had shiny black hair and eyes, and light-brown skin. It was rumored that she would soon be called upon to show her favors to the sultan.

The two were lying on the bed, Eva on the left and Priya on the right. The gossip was true! Priya was over Eva, kissing her warmly, while the womens’ hands fondled each others’ breasts. I felt an unfamiliar warmth spread from my smooth pussy’, as I’d heard it referred to by the other women using the unfamiliar Turkish word for that.

Priya’s dark hand cupped and rubbed Eva’s white breast with the pale pink nipple, while Eva’s white hand tickled and played with Priya’s, the dusky brown nipple erect.

Priya leaned over further, putting a breast over Eva’s mouth. Hungrily, Eva kissed it all over, while rubbing her finger lightly over the nipple of the other breast. Priya sighed with contentment,then bent down and did the same to Eva’s lovely breasts. Priya knelt by Eva’s side, and let her hands run lightly over Eva’s body, her face, neck, arms, breasts, stomach and legs. This must have felt wonderful, as Eva was softly moaning and her back arched several times.

I sat there transfixed. I had not yet begun the “arts of love” portion of my education, but it appeared that I was starting it tonight.

Then Priya ran her fingers over that smooth V at the top of Eva’s legs. She tickled in a circle on that round flesh, and then pushed her finger into the cleft. Eva began to moan louder, and Priya quickly covered Eva’s mouth with her hand, indicating that she must keep her pleasure quiet. She pushed the finger down and up repeatedly until Eva’s legs opened wide. I could see clearly how the pale pink parts were glistening. I reached down to myself, and found I was wet with a slick fluid too. What was this?

Priya’s fingers were now freer to roam, and I saw her tickle all over Eva’s wet pussy, paying particular attention at times to the top, which would cause Eva to make muffled sounds behind her hand. I felt this region on me – there was a hard little button there, above some petal-like wings, all very wet, and yes! It did bring pleasure to touch it. But I had to keep quiet or I’d be discovered, as would they!

Priya played with Eva in this fashion for a while, then she took her finger, removed Eva’s hand and put the finger to Eva’s mouth. Eva licked, and nuzzled and sucked her own juices from Priya’s hand. I put my finger to my mouth. What a curious smell! Not unpleasant but like nothing I’d ever smelled before!. I cautiously tasted it. Again, most curious but also pleasant. What discoveries this evening was bringing!

Priya laid down next to Eva, who did much the same as Priya had done to her. When Priya’s legs fell limply open, I could see that she had dusky brown parts where Eva’s had been the lightest pink.

It was so exciting to me to see Eva’s fingers playing in the Indian girl’s pussy, and seeing her get so moved by this. As Priya came to a conclusion I would learn had it’s own name, my fingers were moving rapidly over my own petals, bringing me a pleasure I had never experienced before.

Priya grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it, as I heard a strangled muffled sound emanate from her. And to my horror, a sound came from me as well!

Both heads jerked around to my direction. In a flash, Eva was out of the bed and had me by the wrist. She hauled me behind the curtain in a flash. “Did anyone see you girl!!!??” she demanded. I shook my head ‘no’, too terrified to speak. Priya was sitting up – “so, the little Circassian one was spying on us!”

I found my voice. “No, um, I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t sleep and I heard noises, and saw what you were doing, and uh, it was so exciting, please forgive me ladies. I’ve not learned anything yet about this, and I….”

Eva cut me off, still holding my wrist “and you ended up exploring yourself, I see.” indicating the wetness on my fingers.

“Yes, um, sort of, yes.” I stammered.

Priya spoke next – “So have you learned everything then?”

“Well, no….” Eva said sarcastically. “I think she needs a little tutoring to complete her education.” Priya nodded, and they indicated for me to move between them.

They ran their hands over me, like an inspection of sorts. “She’s pretty enough. Red hair is exotic to these Turks, and though she’s young, she could be a favorite.” Priya commented, as if I weren’t there.

Eva moved her hands down to my wet cleft. “I take it that there was red hair here too, before they removed it?”

My teeth chattering, feeling her fingers there, I stammered out “y-yesss!”

They both laughed. Without a word they did to me what they had been doing to each other, playing with my small breasts, tickling and tonguing the nipples. They ran their hands over my body, and while Priya kissed me with her soft wet lips, Eva’s fingers moved into my pussy. She tickled and touched the lips, she explored the opening there gently, and gently rubbed that hard little knob, which made me moan and gasp with pleasure, silenced, under Priya’s mouth.

WHen Eva removed her hand,I asked breathily “what is it that they call this little hard thing which brings so much pleasure?”

Priya smiled. “Every language has its own name for it. You probably don’t even know the words for these things in your native language, do you?” I shook my head. “We refer to it as the ‘pink pearl’, and everyone here knows what that means. Now, there are even more ways of pleasuring. Just watch.”

She indicated for me to move to the head of the bed, as she moved near the foot. Eva knowingly smiled and spread her legs. Priya kissed and licked from Eva’s right foot to her thigh, then went down the left leg. Eva fingered herself there, so I did the same to myself. Priya continued this in smaller and smaller arcs, until her mouth was right over Eva’s pink parts.

Eva was arching with anticipation and gasped to me “now watch closely, girl!”

Priya extended her tongue and licked right there! Eva clapped her arm over her mouth to stifle the cries of delight. I was startled, but returned my gaze to Priya. She lapped from top to bottom with a flat tongue; she wiggled her tongue from side to side on the pink petals; she sucked gently on the pink pearl,as Eva appeared to be losing her mind.

I was startled, but my pussy was so wet and warm and begging for attention, I drank in all that I saw. Eva’s body arched and Priya kept her mouth right there until Eva laid spent.

My eyes were wide, and I asked, “what is that, that arching?”

Priya said knowingly ” it’s called by some a ‘climax’, as it is the highest point of pleasure. Others call it ‘coming’ because the rush of pleasure is like the galloping arrival of a horse, or the explosion of fireworks. Either way, it is the culmination of the body’s pleasure.”

She continued “So! Did you observe what I did?” I nodded. “For a man, the movements are different because his lingam, using the Indian word for a man’s member, is different. Have you ever seen one?” I nodded again, as my brothers and I bathed in the river when we were very small. “Have you seen one hard?” she asked. She saw the perplexed look on my face and laughed softly.

“Of course not. But you are familiar with vegetables like carrots and cucumbers and such?” I nodded. “Well, they look something like that when a man gets excited. And they put them inside you here.” she pushed her finger against her own entrance, and finger into mine.

“It can be pleasurable if there is much touching beforehand, like you saw here. In fact, we don’t even get those kinds of vegetables here except in cut-up form, do we Eva?”

Eva laughed and shook her head. “No, the eunuchs are afraid the ladies of the harem would use them as a man substitute!”

“All right, now young woman, it is time to use what you have learned.” She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. “Come, you’ll find it pleasureable.” and she pulled me to her, to kiss me with Eva’s juices on her lips. A little like my own, but different.

I made my way down to Priya’s feet. I kissed and nuzzled and licked my way up and down her thighs as she had done to Eva, skipping over the dusky brown middle. What a delightful musky aroma she exuded!

Closer and closer I got until I put my tongue right on her pearl and circled around it. She gasped with pleasure. I continued moving my tongue up and down her wet, delicious pussy, licking, flicking, tickling and lapping.

I even explored her entrance with my tongue, which caused her to raise her torso right off the bed. “Ohhhhh!! This one is a quick student!” she whispered to Eva. I stayed right there, since it caused her so much pleasure. She stifled her moans with her hands, and I felt her shudder, and jerk and then she laid still, in utter contentment.

I sat up, hoping I’d pleased my instructresses. Eva smiled at me and as she laid me down said “I think you deserve to see what this is like.” She took no time to pleasure my thighs, but plunged her tongue into my pink pussy, and I almost fell apart with the shock of delight.

Quick-thinking Priya clapped her hand over my mouth as I let out a high moan of pleasure. “Careful, we don’t want to bring the wrath of the eunuchs down on us!!!” I nodded quickly under her hand. I did not want this to stop for any reason!

She continued with her practiced mouth, darting her tongue over all my pink parts, softly sucking on the pink pearl, and yes, flicking her tongue into my entrance too. As the pleasure mounted and mounted until I thought I would die, I felt that rolling explosion wash over me as my bottom tensed and jerked a few times and then spent, I laid still, not believing what had happened to me.

The other two gently stroked my body, kissing me, until I recovered. Priya looked outside of the curtains, then indicated with her head that it was safe to return to our own beds. I think I must have floated back to mine.

The next day both women were cordial, but never let on that a more intimate bond had formed between us. However, when the nights were dark and silent, we met to pleasure one another once again.

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