The Vengeful Tide Ch. 34

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The next morning, I sat at my desk, staring down at my rapier again. I tapped my finger on the table, my thoughts gnawing away at me. I’d wasted a lot of precious materials trying to blend the ice and fire together. I was starting to wonder if it could be done at all. There’d never been a record of trying to merge together two naturally opposing forces like this. All I had to go on was the Alchemist’s old works, and fuck if there wasn’t a lot of it. I wondered how many years he’d worked on this damn thing before he finally decided on calling it quits with this endeavor. I’d read so many of his notes, and unfortunately I wasn’t a fucking alchemist. All the knowledge I had was given to me by Liara. Whatever I thought of, the Alchemist had long thought of it and it failed like all the others.

That said, I found a bit of a thrill in this blade testing my patience. If I could somehow wield its great powers over fire and ice, it’d help in combating my foes. Hell, at least I’d have something reliable in case my powers left me for a third time. Hell, given this war of Alteria’s, I was wary that someone might be carrying an arrow, blade, spear, sword, or even armor forged from a moonstone.

My anger swelled at my ignorance back on Delverhold. I’d not be caught unaware again. Then there were my own plans. I had no doubts that Alteria’s empire wouldn’t be so keen as to accept help from a pirate, especially not one who’d laid waste to C’ula, a valued ally for them. In fact, I was more than aware that despite giving her word, Alteria couldn’t exactly promise the reward she’d claim to give me. I highly doubted her empire would give over its prized material to a pirate, much less one like me. Still, even without that, I desired to help her. Not because I cared whether the empire was left standing or not, but because of my own curiosity. I had to know why that bastard Zevmar survived despite how many times I tried to unknowingly kill him with my powers. If I couldn’t affect him, then who else couldn’t I affect? I had to look into this, especially if I was going to drive back and hunt down those bastards who bring about the end of D’orn.

Besides, even if Hæňgaram didn’t give the reward to me willingly, then I’d just take it. Above all, I wasn’t a bastard who worked for anyone for free.

I leaned back and continued to look at my rapier until I’d finally had enough. I cursed my fortune and pushed my chair away from my table. “And here I thought it was a lass that could infuriate a bastard the most,” I said to myself as I stood up and moved from my desk. A yawn escaped my lips, no doubt from me having woken up in the middle of the night yesterday.

I saw Nei in her barrel, smiling as she brushed her small fingers through her black hair. She quickly noticed me and smirked, giving me that same troubling look when she found something amusing. She quickly hopped on top of the barrel and jumped towards me. She landed on the upper pocket of my coat and climbed up until her soaked, wet body drenched my shoulder.

“You’re a stubborn lass, you know that? I told you not to climb on my shoulder when you’re wet!” I said with a glare while she slapped my shoulder with her fin.

“Mate drier. Mate warm!” she said within the corners of my mind. I rolled my eyes before she licked my cheek.

I sucked my teeth and decided to ignore the soaked part of my coat’s shoulder. Nei smiled and I found myself unwilling to argue with her petty retorts. Instead, I walked outside and felt the heat of the sun on my face. My eyes squinted as I stared at the might of Helios. Clearly the bastard was upset about something. His anger was great over the seas and we all felt his sting. Men and women were drenched in sweat while others dipped their heads in barrels of water.

Even Ellen seemed perturbed by the intense heat. Her usual coat was wrapped around her waist, leaving her in a sweaty undergarment shirt.

My mother was on another side of the ship, giving orders to some of the men and women. She wiped her forehead and her sweat stained the deck of the ship.

Hell, even Diane didn’t seem to be in the mood for combat. The heat had long since sapped away her desire to confront anyone on the ship. Like Ellen, she’d taken off her shirt as well. However, unlike Ellen, she had no undergarment underneath. Her breasts roamed free as she draped her shirt over her head, trying to provide herself with some measure of shade.

Of everyone, I sympathized with Maeloson and Aesteal the most. The two were higher up than anyone else, seating themselves in the crow’s nest. Given that they usually resided in northern lands which were notably colder, I worried how they might fare in the heat. Maeloson didn’t seem to be doing too well while Aesteal simply tried, and failed, to ignore it.

My eyes then drifted over to Naala. She was seated near one of the cannons, fanning herself with her hand.

I didn’t see Goron anywhere, but I imagined he didn’t have this issue olgun gaziantep escort what with him tending to The Root and some of the clients from the more… supernatural side of the world. He’d only bring lists for me to sign off on, which were quite a few sometimes. I just didn’t have the time nor desire to dedicate myself solely to Liara’s business and I knew my temperament would most likely not go appreciated by a number of powerful bastards whom I couldn’t tend with just yet.

Of everyone on the ship, the only ones who seemed to not mind the heat were Nz’ia and the fairmaids. The former was seated in the middle of the deck, his eyes closed and his large body unmoving. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised since the bastard came from a clan of warriors deep in the desert. No doubt they were used to the harsh ways of the sun and sand. I bet the fucker felt right at home on that spot of the ship.

As for the fairmaids, well they were enjoying the sun in their barrel of water made for the outside. In fact, I dare say I saw Lei and the others sunbathing their tails and wings in the heat of the sun. Nei had just gotten out of the barrel in my room so she must have enjoyed the sun as well. I saw her stretching her body, jutting out her breasts from the hair covering them.

I stared at the poor state of my crew and bit my lip. I might have to take over for the voyage and I desired not for my crew to pass out from heatstroke. I still didn’t have a proper ship’s doctor aboard. While adept in healing arts, Liara was hardly what one could consider a doctor. Additionally, she was gone.

Of course, I could do some, but not with what I had at the moment. I sucked my teeth, tired of looking at my crew in such a miserable state. I clapped my hands, bringing everyone’s attention to me. When they looked at me, I saw the harsh sweat falling off the side of their faces.

“You all look deader than a butcher’s pig. Utterly pitiful. Cease your work for the day. I’ll take over for the ship before the lot of you pass out and fall overboard. Also, whichever of you has pissed Helios, then I suggest you raise a middle finger to the fucker. Now, hurry yourselves below deck and cool off in the shade before you stain my deck even more.”

My words seemed to be the light in the darkness for all those of my crew. “May the seas favor you, Captain!” someone said before they ran off to the rooms below the deck. It didn’t take long for others to follow. In less than five minutes, the deck was clear of my crew save for the ladies that I usually shared my bed with.

“A seas’ day off? Didn’t know you cared,” Naala said as she fanned herself with her top, walking over to me.

The others walked over to us, Diane covering her eyes and looking up at the sun. “Maybe you’re the fucker who pissed off that piece of shit up there. Dammit, I haven’t felt heat like this Lady Liara sent us to Giim,” she said, causing Aesteal to turn to her.

“The realm where the fire spirit, Ung, lives? I thought it impossible to venture there. Myths claim fire burns so strong there that even one’s spirit can become consumed,” she answered back in surprise which made Diane laugh.

“You’d think the bastard wouldn’t care so much about getting his shit face stoned with bilim juice, but he sure loves the fucking stuff.”

“It’s already hot outside! Do the both of you need to make it hotter?” Naala fired back before I touched her shoulder. She looked at me and I soothed her with a grin. She then grumbled while I turned back to the others.

“Head below and enjoy your time to yourselves. I’ll make sure we stay on course.”

They all looked at each other and, one by one, disappeared from the deck. Ellen looked back at me with a small glare. “If I come back up here and your fucking ass is passed out on the deck, then I’ll throw you overboard myself,” she said before she walked away.

…I thought that a poor choice of words considering my past, but I felt not too much anger. In fact, I dare say I felt honored that my Quartermaster would dirty her hands with throwing me off my own ship. That she wouldn’t threaten to plug my head with a bullet must have meant that I was in her good graces.

I scanned the empty desk, rolling my eyes as most of my crew literally dropped the things they were doing or working on. Two mops, three brooms, a beaten pot, and three broken barrels were left on the deck. “I oughta hang those bastards and bitches up by the ratlines,” I thought to myself before I began the effort of cleaning up the deck.

Thankfully, that endeavor didn’t take too long. Once the deck was clean I leaned against the portside railing. With only the fairmaids to keep me company, I sailed us toward our destination. However, I felt the churn of the waves. It sounded like they were a day or two away from my own. My lips curved upwards as I pushed my ship slowly.

I used my coat for shade until gaziantep olgun escort the sun finally went down. Even with it gone, the sea air still seemed hot and nigh unbearable. I looked down at the map, using the flame from a fire spell to give me light. The seas, saved for my ship’s disturbance, seemed mostly quiet along my journey. Of course, I wasn’t going fast either. I wanted to know what ship this was that would tail me so ruthlessly. Of course, I could go back and find out, but there was some odd childishness within me that wanted the fun of guessing.

I yawned, my coat still over my head. I used my rapier to release a sheet of ice over the ship. That seemed to cool it down if only for a moment. It usually didn’t take long for the ice to melt from the heat. The deck would become soaked and I’d weave the water off the ship. It got to a point where I felt I was just wasting the mana.

I picked up a cup filled with water and a few sprinkles of ice from my rapier. Its coolness refreshed my sun-bathed throat. The ship continued to move slowly as I read a book from the Alchemist’s vast library. I wondered if I might experience an ascension like Liara did when I’d get to her level.

I was broken from my thoughts when a plate of food was brought to me, consisting of shredded fish, some dried fruits, cheese, and flavored spices. I looked up from my book and saw my mother standing in front of me. There was a wide smile on her face while she had one of her hands on her hips.

“I was told you hadn’t eaten. You worry me enough as it is, so I brought your fucking food. No need to thank me,” she said, holding it out in front of me.

“Aye, you also brought me a meal on a plate to go along with my food,” I replied rather cheekily.

My mother blushed for a moment before she sat down on the railing with me. “Shut the fuck up and eat,” she said, shoving the plate into my chest. I smiled as I took it. My mother stole my map from me and held it close to her bosom while I shoved a piece of fish in my mouth.

Somehow, I found my gaze drawn to my mother. Once again, as with many other times, I was left stunned by her beauty. She smiled as she looked out over the sea, her auburn hair coming to contrast with the light of the moon. One long, beautiful leg over the other. She smiled as she looked out into the sea and I thought about what I’d do when I finished my revenge, on my crew and those bastards who plotted my demise. Aye, the gold, the treasure, even the world itself mattered not too much to me so long as I might have this beautiful woman aboard my ship.

Unable to resist myself, I place my plate behind me for a moment. I then reached out my hand and touched my mother’s cheek. When she looked at me, she stilled when I kissed her. It took her a moment, but she quickly kissed me back, her arms grabbing my shoulders. Her fingers rubbed up and down my arms as I kissed her over and over. My thumb pushed a piece of her hair away before we separated, breathless from the exchange.

“And what was that for?” she asked.

I didn’t answer her question. Instead, I grabbed my plate. “Tell me, mother. Are you happy?” I asked as I continued to eat the food off my wooden plate.

It didn’t take my mother long to scoff. She then looked out into the endless sea. “Never thought I’d be able to answer that question in my life again. The sea air on my skin, the wind messing up my hair, the violent sounds of guns and swords, I never thought I’d experience them all again. Even when we were in the midst of some fucked up shit back on Delverhold, still I smiled. I remembered my damn heart beating like a drum inside my chest. I never thought I might experience voyages like these again. No, I’d not even experienced these back when I first started out. This damn smile on my face almost seems stuck like fucking glue,” she said before she paused.

I watched her for a time before she turned to me and chuckled. “When I sleep, I think back to those times. A nightmare here and there. Yet, consistently I wake up to my piece of shit son. Yeah, I think I’m pretty fucking happy with my life. Why?” she asked.

I tried to keep the grin off my face, but it proved impossible. “Because you be the greatest treasure when you’re happy, and I shall endeavor to keep you that way,” I answered back as I stuffed a piece of apple past my lips.

My mother then slapped my arm. “I don’t think the flattery’s needed when you continue to plow your cock into me on a daily basis,” she returned before I looked at her. Her eyes widened when I cupped her chin with my thumb and forefinger.

“Indeed, it might be flattery, mother. However, there is a pirate’s truth in my words to you. I dare not count how many insults you’ve endured as you raised me. Therefore, I shall make you forget each of them with a tantalizing word of how beautiful a treasure you are for me. Aye, I love you,” I boldly stated, unashamed gaziantep olgun escort bayan of myself.

My mother looked at me in surprise before she bit her lip. “No. I love you, Eric, my son. Should you let me, I’ll stay upon this ship and any other you sail on. Though don’t expect me to say that sappy shit all the time. I… I ain’t the best at it,” she said.

I wondered why she was acting like I wasn’t aware of her attitudes. I knew my mother wasn’t one to have such an emotional spiel as this day after day. It just wasn’t in her when she reached this age. Besides, I imagine Delverhold had beaten that part out of her if she ever had it.

“Rest assured, I’d treasure it when we’re alone. Just like the first time we were intimately alone,” I replied before she growled and smacked my hand off her chin.

“Shut up and kiss me again before I throw myself off the side of the ship in disgust of myself.”

I laughed and so did she. We kissed again. Unfortunately, it was too hot to take anything further, but we enjoyed this feeling. Yet, I had to think that somewhere in the depths of my scourge heart, I might have enjoyed this more. Perhaps it was not me who saved my mother, but the other way around.

My mother stayed up with me until very late, regaling me with her tales of her pirate life before she had me. I remembered when I was a young bastard, I’d ask her from time to time about her adventures, but she’d always shoot me down or dismiss me. In fact, I thought sometimes she downright hated to talk about them as if they were a stain on her tongue. Yet, she spoke of them now as if they were fond memories.

Soon, we retired to our chambers. I wished I could say I did something about this erection wedged into the crevice of her ass, but… I’d be lying. Nevermind that she seemed to enjoy it, constantly rubbing against me silently before we fell asleep, her in my arms.

The next few days passed by slowly for the ship. It was still hot, so I decided to create a magic barrier to help regulate the heat. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but at least no one would be passing out from the intense heat. I was then allowed to focus on my work, or perhaps I should say my failures as I continued to waste materials away in a vain attempt to work on my rapier. Most of the nights I went to bed irritated at my failures, wondering if it might actually take a trip to Glim. At least there I could cultivate a powerful enough fire spirit that it wouldn’t fan out from the powers of the ice.

That said, it wouldn’t be long before I had something to vent my frustrations out on. Our days of slow sailing by my hand would finally come to a halt when one of the women in the crow’s nest hollered. “Cap’n! Ship spotted in the distance! Toward the stern! She sails her flag toward us!”

My lips curved upwards as those around us slowly stopped working. Ellen eyed me for a second and rolled her eye at me. “So you were going slow on purpose. I shit have you gotten us into now? Don’t tell me this is about some cunt you fucked and left in the morning,” she said before I leaned up.

“Only cunts I’ve fucked be aboard this ship. Well, aside from one that seems to have mysteriously vanished on me. The motions of the waves were disturbed by their ship behind us for a few days. Should this be a simple matter of our ship sharing the sea with another, then we need only go about our day,” I said.

Ellen grunted in response. “Yeah, and something tells me you sure as hell don’t want it to just be that,” She answered as she rubbed her head tiredly.

The news of a ship brought most of the crew out of hiding in the lower decks. Everyone was aboard my ship, staring at the vessel that sailed behind us. Unfortunately, I was proven both right and wrong at the same time. Or so I believed anyway. The woman in the crow’s nest shouted. “They raise their flag, Captain! They desire a parley!” she said.

Ellen’s eyes narrowed as did mine. Even my mother frowned when she came up next to me. Naala came up to me as did Maeloson, Aesteal, and Diane. “A parley, sir. Whoever they are, they’re serious,” Aesteal said to me while Naala twirled her gun around her finger.

“Aye, everyone’s got their own code of conduct, don’t they? Thieves have theirs, kings and emperors got their own, and pirates have ours. So what do we do, Captain?” she asked, most likely summing up the question in everyone’s question.

I imagined no one around me needed to be enlightened on the gravity of a parley. Aye, yes there were only two ships here and who would tell if one of them drowned beneath the seas. However, rumors such as these tend to spread no matter how hard one tried to keep them quiet. It’d be fucking hard to make a deal with anyone should they learn that anyone violated a parley. Besides, crewmates tended to talk when drunk.

“Raise the flag. We shall agree to it. Let’s see what these scurvy dogs got for us that the seas might judge us fairly,” I said.

“Aye, Cap’n!” someone shouted as they passed by Diane and Goron. Another moved past Nz’ia. He continued to glare out at the ship.

As the ship got closer, I noticed the ensign of the ship. It sailed proudly in the wind. It was the City of Ninshil’s flag, two swords crossed in front of a large bear head. “There are a lot of them,” Aesteal warned as the ship continued to sail toward us.

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