The Wicked Queen

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The Wicked Queen

By Aleq de Satyr

Part 1


The wicked Queen, also known as the evil Queen is a main character in the brothers Grimm fairy tale, Snow White. She is the new wife of a King and the step mother of princess Snow White. She is very beautiful, but she is a vain and wicked woman who practices witchcraft. The Queen possesses a magic mirror, which told her every day that she is the most beautiful woman in the realm. Until one day the mirror said that Snow White is the most beautiful.

This gives the Queen a great shock. She becomes envious, and from that moment on, her heart turns against Snow White, whom the Queen grows to hate increasingly with time. Eventually, the angry Queen orders a hunter to take Snow White into the forest to be killed; for fear that Snow White’s beauty will surpass her own. But fate has other plans. In an act of unprecedented kindness, the pitiful hunter spares the maiden’s life, and as Snow White finds refuge in the cozy cottage of seven friendly dwarfs, for once in her life, she feels what it is like to be safe.

The Queen finds out that Snow White is still alive. She decides to go on a mission to find Snow White and kill her herself. This story is about the wicked Queen’s encounters in her quest, and is contained in a secret journal that she kept, and which was found by a close confidante of the her’s after her death.

A Quest begins

Before setting out on my quest, I consulted the well-known Witch/Sorceress of the principality Hecate, for protection, directions and for some poison. It was my first time of meeting her and I was impressed. She was named after the ancient Goddess of witchcraft, sorcery, magic and promiscuity. She was a rather good looking middle-aged woman, with admirable qualities; her long smoky hair, firm ageless body and spiritedness…After performing some rituals, we both undressed and drank a spicy potion, which gave me a feeling of euphoria.

Hecate and I lay on her feathered mattress. I was excited by her very hairy body, the dense black hairs covering her cunt, her huge erect clitoris. She instructed me to eat her cunt.

“But I have never done this before” I said nervously.

“Now is a good time to start my dear” she said and proceeded to show me how it is done. After finger-fucking me for a few minutes, she slipped her hands under my arse, raised my cunt to her mouth like a pitcher and drank in great gulps, sucking on my clitoris and it stiffened, filling her mouth…She sucked and sucked and I moaned and writhed and heaved until I was claimed by a powerful orgasm. Then it was my turn to eat Hecate. I buried my face in her very wet vulva, her clitoris throbbing furiously and began to lap and suck. Her cunt had a distinct aroma. I ate her like an expert to my surprise, bringing her to two powerful orgasms.

“Your cunt is very tight, I assume you are not being fucked enough” said Hecate later.

“I am not being fucked at all; It has been a very long time since I was last fucked by the king, if you can call it a fuck” I replied.

“You poor thing, come over any time you need to fuck, I have some well-endowed young men available who can open you up a bit” she said; “There are some huge cocks out there and you may encounter them at some point trust me” she added.

I left Hecate’s cottage in good spirits and with her directions to the forest where Snow White was hiding, as well as a pouch of poison to kill her with. Upon her advice I started a journal of my quest for posterity. Her parting words to me were:

“Deep down you’re a slut like me. You should be out there fucking like a harlot, getting your cunt some action, instead of chasing after some stupid vanity”.

Two days later, on a hot summer’s day the day I turned 40 years old, I set out in my horse drawn carriage, in search of that spoiled little bitch. Following Hecate’s directions I took a detour off the main road, but got lost and ended up at a house on the fringe of farmlands…It was empty but very clean and orderly. There were assorted drinks and lots of food. I decided to rest awhile, feeling lethargic from the wine and food. I undressed down to my chemise and took nap in the bedroom…I was awakened by voices in the parlor. There were two young men who looked pleasantly surprised, as they lustily appraised my body in the chemise, their big cocks getting harder in their breeches.

One was a Greek called Hektor, the other an Afrikan called Baba, and they lived in the house. They worked on a nearby farm. I told them who I was but they refused to believe me, albeit conceded that my beauty and bearing were those of a nobility. We became acquainted rather quickly, and soon they made their intentions known to me which was to fuck me and I was willing and eager to be fucked. They let down their breeches, displaying their huge erect cocks; indeed, Baba’s was massive bulging with thick veins. Baba was more enthusiastic with his caresses, getting me all turned on, making me very wet and dripping slimy juice. Fascinated with his cock I grabbed it and squeezed. It was like iron! He spread escort gaziantep bayan me naked on the mattress, gazed at my cunt and gasped.

“What a lovely cunt you have madam” he said, as he stroked my drenched vulva and clitoris with his cockhead for long moments.

I continued to squirm with anticipation, spreading my legs wider as Baba cock-stroked my clitoris with a heavy, sliding rhythm…Our gazes locked, taking a measure of each other. I had become very slick, my odor strong. Slowly, most deliciously Baba pushed all the way into my elastic cunt, feeling my cunt relax against the hard massive cock like a coiled spring, then clenching in rhythm with his thrusts. A film of sweat covered us both like mist. I moaned and writhed, rising and falling beneath him as he fucked me deeply and slowly for a very long time, my body moving rhythmically, enjoying what he was doing to me. I was filled with thick creamy juice down to my arsehole, my hot cunt opened like a turgid flower of undulating juice.

“O woman, you feel so good” Baba whispered, his cock hugely swollen and very hard. I was ready to come, my body trembling, struggling to regain control, urging him to fuck me harder…I felt the turmoil building inside me while Baba surrendered to his tremors, clasping me tightly, the hard swollen cock pounding me until I began to dissolve and cried out loudly, as he pumped a torrent of hot spunk into me, my body wracked with after-shocks.

Later the two men fucked me in a fashion I was not familiar with; one in my cunt the other in my arsehole, but I enjoyed it very much. I was learning new things very fast… I stayed with them for two days while they fucked me round the clock. I bade them farewell after they told me where I could get information about Snow White in a nearby town. I felt very good from the wonderful fucking, my cunt sang arias all the way to the town!

At the general store in town, I met a farmer named Hans who offered to take me where I could find Snow White. But we stopped at his farm house for refreshment. Hans was a swarthy young man with rugged good looks. He could not resist my beauty and subtle curves, not to mention my royalty. He was determined to fuck me. His orchestrated advances got me in heat and very wet fast; I could not help myself.

Spread wide on the bed I stroked my excited clitoris, to further entice Hans. My cunt had swollen to twice it’s normal size. Meanwhile I watched Hans’ cock grow larger and larger, becoming very hard. I pulled him into position between my legs, stroking the hard cock. The man was endowed like a mule! And I was a woman with a need for sexual excess. He began thrusting into me in soul-satisfying rhythm, masterfully, with the consummate skill of a sex expert.

My thighs surrendered, opening to lust, my hungry cunt wanting to be royally fucked, spilling juice profusely. I wanted Hans to be vicious, to maul my cunt; I raked my fingernails along his body, moaning repeatedly, tossing wildly beneath him in a fierce rut. I sighed deeply each time he thrust forcefully into me.

“O God, I can fuck like this forever, it feels so good” I sighed, smacking my lips…Our bodies were bucking and hunching, welding together in an unbreakable fusion of lust. My cunt rippled and clutched around the hard cock, drawing Hans deeper and deeper into my incredible wetness.

Then my body began to jerk and quiver as the shattering impact of my orgasm barreled me into a swoon of ecstasy and the hot spurts of semen gushed from Hans and were swallowed by my inner depths. We lay locked together for endless moments of time, our genitals glued together by the blinding wetness of the fucking, our minds swimming in translucent waves of unearthly pleasure…Hans kept me for three days, treated me like the Queen I was, and fucked me to my heart’s content. Alas, I had to continue with my quest. Hans directed me to the estate of a nobleman called Kurt, where he said I would find Snow White.

Part 2

The Den of Iniquity

Kurt was a handsome younger man about my age, from a prominent and wealthy family. His passion was the Arts; literary, musical, the theater. He had traveled extensively and had a reputation for licentiousness. It was common knowledge that he kept a harem of young, beautiful maidens in their early twenties, from various parts of the world. I was convinced that I would find Snow White there…To my surprise Kurt knew who I was, having been to some events at the castle. He was genuinely excited to have me there. I told him about my quest for my step daughter and wanted to see the maidens.

Before presenting the maidens to me, he insisted on entertaining me lavishly with good food, expensive wines after which he took me to his chambers for some dalliance. An expert in seduction, Kurt had me salivating for a fuck in no time at all. Smoldering with desire, Kurt embrace walked me into the bedroom; my juices flowing, running down my legs.

“Don’t stop fucking me no matter what” I said as he laid me on the bed. He slapped my cunt, with escort gaziantep bayan ilanları his huge hard cock scattering drops of my juices, before pushing his cock all the way into me. It felt so fucking good! Kurt began to fuck me in earnest. We were like animals, ferocious, hungry tigers, a matched pair perfect partners. He was amazed at my energy. The slap of sweating flesh, the wet slurpy sounds of my juice-drenched cunt. I tossed my head from side to side, rushing toward orgasm as if hypnotized. Kurt’s gasps echoed my moans as we began to come and come together, convulsively and I muttered, “O, mother, O mother”, my cunt awash in semen and my own abundant flow, my body writhing in its release. We continued fucking leisurely that warm, hazy afternoon. Later I scooped out our mingled juices from my cunt and rubbed it all over his face.

“I am so happy” I whispered.

“And you are truly wonderful, your royal cunt is simply a delight” he responded as he resumed fucking me. He was tireless. I quivered continuously as he moved faster, harder in my creamy depths, breaching my womb. I trembled violently as I came, superhuman, in another wrenching orgasm. Kurt howled like a wolf, plunging headlong into the abyss with me, his semen gushing in thick spurts into my thirsty womb…It was truly a wonderful fuck! I slept soundly for hours.

When Kurt presented the four maidens to me the next day, Snow White was not among them. But he said a friend was bringing more maidens in a day or two. I decided to wait. Later in the day, two of his rascally rakish close friends came calling. They were captivated by my beauty and bearing and wanted to see me naked. They had given me some liqueur that made me feel elated, euphoric uninhibited…I danced for them naked while they played with their big hard cocks, eager to fuck me.

I looked very good naked and elegant; the two rascals played with my tits, my ass my cunt on a duvet covering the rug in the parlor. Following Kurt’s instructions I mounted one of the men’s rigid cock and impaled myself on it until it disappeared all the way inside me. It was simply amazing…I rode the huge cock with expertise, my slimy grool running down the shaft until I came and came crying out, wailing, screaming.

Then the other man entered my arsehole and began to fuck me with gusto. They fucked me and fucked me for a long time and I continued to come and come until they flooded me with truckloads of spunk. We fucked for a long time while Kurt and the maidens watched; and I came and came until I could come no more. My cunt my arse my throat were filled with thick hot semen. I was fully satiated. What an experience that was!. I have never ever been fucked that way before. Indeed, I passed out for a few minutes…When I came to, Kurt made one of the maidens lap my cunt while he fucked her from behind. Meanwhile the rascals were fucking the other maidens in a an orgy of sorts…It was a wild, depraved, afternoon of debauchery and strangely enough I enjoyed it very much! Hecate was right, I am a fucking slut.

Kurt’s friend Abu arrived two days later with three young maidens; two of them Nubians and one Arab. They were very beautiful but alas, no sign of Snow White. Abu Himself was a Nilotic Chieftain from the land of the river Nile. He was a tall, muscular, imposing man and extremely handsome! He was exceedingly glad to meet me, a Queen.

“I have always wanted to fuck a Queen; may I fuck her”? he said to Kurt.

“If she wants you to” said Kurt beaming.

“Oh, I’m sure she would like me to” said Abu stroking my breasts thru my dress, smiling sweetly

“Indeed, I’m looking forward to it” I said with sly grin, fanning myself.

It was late afternoon, very warm. After a delicious lunch Abu took me to the guest quarters. I was a little tipsy from the liquor he had brought, something I’d never had before. He gave me a glimpse of a man who desired me as I desired him. A confident, sensual, man of power, able to rule his own life.

“There’s a whole new world out here that you can explore; full of new things and adventures, full of mystery, lust and sensuality” he said tracing lines around my eyes with his fingers. I felt mesmerized. Abu seemed to promise sexual pleasures that mortal women only dream of; wizardry, wickedness, wetness, nirvana, oblivion; I was excited.

My cunt was soaking wet, swollen; my clitoris elongated and pebble-hard, as I listened to the sensations of my body. I shivered as his hand slid between my thighs, feeling my lush bush. I wanted to fuck so badly my body ached. Abu undressed slowly finally exposing his massive, monstrous, gigantic thick erect cock, curved like a scimitar, anchored by a huge scrotum. Hecate was right about huge cocks and a lot of other things for fuck sake!

“Holy Angels, what in the world is that”! I cried in disbelief as the cock continued to swell and elongate, like an anaconda. This cannot be an ordinary cock I thought. I trembled uncontrollably with apprehension, but relished how it would feel gaziantep bayan escort reklamları inside me.

I pulled Abu down on to the bed and we started to caress, to explore, fondling, touching, kissing, nibbling, stroking; what strong hands he had. He pushed my legs apart and started to eat my cunt like the swan, his tongue rampaging between my legs between layers of pulsating labia and turgid, clitoris. His face was wet with my thick juices…”O God” I groaned. I was so fucking, soaking wet, I could drown someone. I was wild and whinnying, my rich nectar flowing down his chin. His large hands were filled with the curves of my arse, kneading the smooth firm flesh while my body undulated slowly, and the soft folds of my belly quivered involuntarily. My cunt was on fire.

I heaved and moaned and he sucked and ate me until I fell back in spasms, like a string puppet, my long black hair sticking to my face. I spasmned and shuddered for long moments, my body seized by a powerful orgasm…I was wide open like a cavern of juice; my scent tantalizing, my gaping cunt enticing him into extreme hardness, into lusty exuberance as Abu slowly sank his monster phallus all the way inside me feeding the urgent vibrations of my engorged clitoris. His curved cock explored areas of my vagina I never knew existed, smoothly but firmly inside, unhurriedly like a gourmet; I rippled and throbbed around him, fully contained by his pleasure responding to mine. I was filled to my tonsils with a whole lot of cock!

Abu fucked my soaking swollen cunt, dancing inside me with an easy rocking rhythm, my nipples hard as stones in his mouth. My mind was filled with images of pounding waves, cascading water and groans of pleasure and delight as he stroked inside me strongly yet delicately.

“O yes, yes, yes” I mumbled sweetly, my eyes shut, tears running down my face. My gut heaved, the cock inside me was alive, had grown super huge and very hard, pounding into my depths skillfully, relentlessly until I screamed and screamed and buckled with gut-wrenching orgasms, my fingers clutching his hard arse…Oh God, it was overwhelming! And he continued to pump into me relentlessly. I was speechless, lost in another world.

I shuddered and bleated, and came as he fucked me smoothly, luxuriantly, leisurely. I held him in a tight grip with my legs, tears running down the sides of my face. Abu fucked me and fucked me with no respite, muttering obscenities making me go wild.

The fucking was hard, dangerous, almost inhuman, exciting, exhilarating and poignant…We were elegantly wild and ravenous, hungry cunt and tireless cock on fire. Heat, lust and pleasure spilled and bubbled until we both plunged into a deafening climax, an abyss. I started to gush fluid from my cunt, responding to Abu’s equally enormous forceful ejaculation; He poured and poured an avalanche of spunk into the overflowing wreckage of my cunt, as I entered into another dimension…

“Oh Abu there is so much spunk pouring into me”! I cried.

“Yes my Queen, it is the river Nile that is flowing into you” he grunted.

Then we dissolved into a long, throbbing moments of liberation, silence and oblivion, with lots of semen rushing out of me in torrents, because there was no more room for it.

Abu kept me at the guest house for two days, fucking me round the clock with undiminished vigor, stamina and prowess. His cock remained hard all the time! It was simply superhuman! He fucked my cunt, my mouth my arse, over and over…”You are a Queen, you deserve to be royally fucked” he said as I became limp, almost comatose.

I woke up from a very deep post-coital sleep the third day to find Abu gone. Beneath me a very large puddle of very thick semen soaking the sheets. I knew then that the episode was not a dream. I was indeed in a depraved den of iniquity; I had to get back home.

On my way back

While Kurt and some mew friends were busy fucking the new maidens, I quietly slipped out of the manor and headed back to the castle, feeling completely exhausted, my quest a failure. I looked a lot uglier than before; it could be due to all the heavy fucking I’ve done in the past ten days…I decided to stop by Hecate’s for a brief rest. She was enthralled by my explicit narrative of my encounters; she kept stroking her rigid clitoris, massaging her wet cunt, looking very much aroused. She would love to have Abu for a day or two she said.

Later we engaged in a sweet, soft woman to woman sex. Hecate’s clitoris looked bigger, harder than the last time I sucked it. Her cunt was full of semen; She had been fucked earlier by two of her young male acolytes she said. Hecate declared my cunt well used and fully opened up, but not as much as hers of course! We had become fond of each other to my complete surprise. I decided to stay with her awhile longer.

Late morning the next day Gamal, one of Hecate’s acolytes, with a foreign accent comes calling, and very eager to fuck her. He looks strong, his fat cock huge. She looks sexually excited fondling his huge cock…Hecate sings a lovely lilting song with unfamiliar words as she lay back on the bed, sybaritic legs wide open, invitingly. Gamal slides between her thighs, his hard cock rubbing against her vulva. Her dark intense eyes softening, hazing. Hard to believe she was fucked only the day before, and by two men for heaven’s sake! The belief that Witches are succubi, nymphomaniacs, promiscuous rings true with Hecate. How I wish I were a real Witch so I can fuck every day!.

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