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Elize is a registered hellion. Extrovert. Gets up at five a.m. and hits the gym. She works at an intense job, 8-12 hours a day. She’s very good at what she does. Takes crap from no one. Five foot five, just 120 pounds, most of it muscle but also her mother’s firm bosom. She also has her mother’s ferociously curly blonde hair, her thick pouty lips, and fiery brown eyes. Then there’s that million dollar smile. Melts them, every time.

I’ve watched her shop. Except her work clothes, all are purchased with subtle to unabashed tease in mind. Luscious white dresses, slit up the side until… there. She knows how to bend over and flash perfectly, if flashing is what she wants to do. Mostly, she’s in control. You’re not.

She’s very driven. Burns energy at furious rates. She used to go through boyfriends as fast as her notorious G-strings. She chewed them up, and spit them out. Often, they didn’t know what hit them, blinded by their lust fogs. She has her standards. You get one chance to screw it up. The second time: you’re toast. Or, the instant karma exit: you were boring. Eliza needs a lot of stimulation.

I watched it time and again: They thought they’d scored, big time, and she’d take them on the ride of their lives. Then she’d get tired of them, and off they went. She didn’t care that her hot naked bod was on the phones of fifty or more guys. In turn, the number of dick pics on her phone became so huge that she had to buy a bigger memory card for it.

Mine’s not there.

How do I know all of this? I knew her in college a dozen or so years ago. She was a determined virgin back then. She would wear baggy clothes to hide her figure, and cut her hair so short that a lot of guys thought she was looking for girls, not boys. Well, she does girls, but she likes rubbing her clit on a guy’s pubic bone until she screams a few times better and she has one real weakness. We’ll get to that weakness later. She always gets hers. Usually, she’ll let them get theirs. She’s not entirely greedy.

One soggy night long ago, we were alone at my place. Finals were over. She declared, after two entire bottles of Bordeaux, that it was time to lose her virginity. We were just classmates at that point, working on a project together. She stood up, stripped right there by the coffee table in my shared house (roommates gone), and revealed her staggeringly, no achingly beautiful, ripped bod and said, with no preliminaries. “Do me.”

Fucking nerds.

Like she was going to get a manicure. Would you take my virginity please? I’ll be surfing on my phone.

Like fuck you are, wench.

Nine hours later, I let her leave because she had an actual dentist appointment. During those nine hours I took her from thinking sex was about a manicure to a quivering mass of mush. Elize was quiet for about the first half hour, and as each of my roommates arrived home, she got noisier and noisier. Later, my roommates almost kicked me out as they yelled at me, bleary-eyed (and also hungover).

“So this is sex,” she said to me. “What have I been missing!?” Eventually she fucked all of my roommates, and then, every guy on her bucket list. I had enabled a cyclone. But we remained friends, deep friends. She went through kinks. But she vowed to me that I would be the only guy to ever stick my long fat cock in her asshole. Ever. She has been good to her word. I own her asshole. And I visit it frequently.

She became a butterfly, and a busy one, until graduation demands and a very well-paying gig came along. She continued to fuck whomever, wherever, and extract their best fuck ever. Sometimes that takes a while. Then she’ll surf a guy’s best sex ever for a while, until she gets bored. Then she’s done. That’s it. You might get repeat performances if you’re clever and a spectacular fuck. Don’t risk falling in love with a butterfly. She’ll break Sivas Escort your heart.

Then it’s back to work. She makes more money than you and I put together times a serious factor. She’s good at what she does. And she knows it. And in the process, all of that estrogen power makes her attract alpha males and wanna-be alpha males, like flies to bold and brash honey.

When she’s finished with them, there’s a guilty lull period. It doesn’t last long. That’s where I come in.

It usually goes like this: She’ll show up at my door at close to midnight. She has a key. If I already have a nice random woman snuggling with me, she just sleeps in the guest bedroom, and the lie we tell whomever that Elize is that she’s my part-time roommate. When my guest leaves, I get to hear all about Elize’s latest conquest. She maps them out, like strategic battles. If you think that only guys objectify, you’ve never met Elize.

Her first rule is: No small dicks. She’ll be polite, but it’s a show stopper for her. Nope. Here’s a nice blow job, now go away. She finesses it. This means big ones. Not monsters, although it depends on her mood. She likes to be on top, stuffed, and do some grinding. She screams a lot. Once, a neighbor knocked and asked if everybody was OK. One orgasm is never enough. My current neighbors aren’t within earshot for this very reason.

The second one is you have to be at least a little bit polite and squeaky clean. Cologne makes her sneeze. Sneezing distracts her. You’re off the island. How did you get here, anyway?

The final one is: it’s just sex. No more. But certainly no less. And she feigns: no anal. Bad experience, she tells them. Most guys nod their head and silently swear to themselves because her ass is totally gorgeous. They’ll watch her tiny rosebud as they slide their cock into her, wishing, ever wishing. This one is actually a big fib.

That’s because it’s my job to take my big dick and plow her mercilessly in her tiny pink asshole while she talks about her latest conquest as she takes a major appliance vibrator and grinds it on her pussy lips and clit.

Doing it this way, my cock deep inside her hot rectum, coupled to the intense sensations of the vibrator, will make her cum insanely. Sometimes, rarely, I’ll work two fingers along the inside of her pussy, and press against her G-spot. Then she squirts, going pretty much berserk. It’s also the end of the scene because it’s so intense for her that often, she just collapses and the lights go out. She’s done. I’ll fuck her sweet ass until I blow. Then I’m done.

Once in a while, she’ll ditch a date and just knock on my door. Like our first fuck, she’ll let me fuck her pussy, but what she really wants, is for me to last as long as I possibly can stretching her ass so that she can have countless orgasms, each one a clench of her hot ass on my cock. When I can’t hold out any longer, she wants me to squirt it deep. She wants to feel the luxurious sensation of her ass getting wet with my seed, until it drips. If she doesn’t pass out from the intensity of her orgasm, she just glows and wants more until she drops.

Occasionally, she’ll deep throat me to see if she can get me up again, and sometimes she’s lucky. If not, she cuddles up, falling asleep pretty much on top of me, dripping juices everywhere, a smile on her face. At 4 a.m., she’s gone to her condo in the city.

And sometimes it’s much different.

Example: Take a recent large social gathering, a charity event that we went to. She took her latest boytoy, Louis, the CTO of a hot new tech startup. Louis dresses in black, so Elize brought her favorite floor length little black dress. They looked pretty hot together. He’s at least a foot taller. Her hair was barely contained, pulled back into knots that only she knows how to work. There’s a lot of hair on her Sivas Escort Bayan head. By contrast, he’s got a shaved head and a long black goatee.

My squeeze for the evening was Niki. She’s tall and built like a warrior princess. No one probably knew that her cleavage is totally unaided by lingerie- her boobs are that large, and defy gravity. And yes, she fucks like a warrior princess, too. But we both know we’re not relationship material. We fuck several times a month anyway. She’s really noisy. I like noisy.

There was an orchestra trying to sound modern. They weren’t bad, but the bigwigs are all in their seventies, and so they’re the Beach Boy generation, not Nirvana and NiN that I was brought up with. So we dance. I finally see Elize on the floor and she smiles at me, sizing up Niki. Elize doesn’t know Niki and vice versa. Elize could care less. I think the same is probably true of Niki, but Niki doesn’t seem to care so long as I prong her long and hard and whisper stuff in her ear. She can almost cum just from the whispering.

At ten pm, the bigwigs are thinning rapidly. The band picks tunes you can actually dance to, so we do, and work up a sweat. As we get a quick drink, Niki’s cellphone goes off. She has to leave. Family issues. She takes an Uber after pecking me on the cheek and squeezing my cock. Oh well. I get another drink.

Elize races up to the bar. “Everything OK?” she asks. I nod.

“Yeah,” I tell her. “Family crisis.”

“Oh,” she says. “Wanna fuck?” she asks in her next breath, making the bartender’s eyebrows arch up in surprise.

“Sure,” I tell her. “What about Mister CTO?” I ask.

“He’s ok, but I think his long trips to the restroom might be something else,” she says. She makes a motion with her finger poking her inside her left cheek. Oh. She’ll fuck bi guys with a condom if they’re fun. I’m guessing he’s fun.

“Where?” I ask.

“Follow me,” she winks and grabs my arm.

We work our way around the huge converted mansion where the ballroom dominates. Down a hall. Elize tries a door and it’s open, a 12×12 storage room. I lock the door.

Unzip me, she demands. Her long black dress drops unceremoniously to the floor, revealing her half bra and matching G-string. They’re gone in an instant. She reaches into her purse. There’s a small bottle of syrupy lube now in my hand. My jacket, cummerbund, slacks, shoes are all in a pile next to me. Somehow, I get my shirt and bow tie off and drop them on the heap.

She braces herself on some boxes, and bends over presenting herself to me, wordlessly. I’m not sure I’ve seen her that wet recently, but she’s winking her pale pink asshole at me in invitation. I kneel down and drip my red wine between her cheeks and taste her ass. Delicious. I hear her moan a little. I remember to check the door lock.

“Stop Dawdling!” she demands. I grab my erection, pour the syrupy liquid onto it and stroke it, and poise it directly on her pink little asshole and push. It takes but a second and her ass opens up to accept me. I sink in slowly, and I hear her gasp with each inch. The excess lube runs down my balls as I sink in until I’m very deep up her very hot rectum. She gulps some air, then I proceed to fuck her in long deep strokes, almost all the way out.

Call me visually insatiable but I wanted to see the delightful jiggle that Elize’s ass does when I really pound her hole. So I did. And I was rewarded as I watched my seriously erect cock dive inside her gorgeous butthole. Then I heard it.

Elize was grinding an egg-shaped vibrator against her clit. I felt it just before she yelled out: FUCK! Her legs started quivering and she yelled it again as I felt her ass clench my erection as I went deep. The quivering and quaking was getting pretty strong, and the obscenities were flowing when I felt her losing Escort Sivas it, muscles straining, boobs swinging as she built up to The Big One.

It was a glorious build-up. Her thighs would shake uncontrollably and she’d lift the vibrator away from her clit as I plowed her. The shaking grew heavier and heavier as did the deepening of her breaths.

Then came her explosion as she slammed her body against me, driving my erection so deep I’m sure she could taste it. She banged her ass cheeks against me, almost brutally, and then came a second gulp of air and uh oh.

A huge gush of juices shot out of her, spraying my balls and legs. So much juice that I became concerned just as she wailed and screamed her lungs out, legs jittering wildly. Would the band’s loud playing cover her screams? I guess we’d find out. I expected to hear door knocks shortly.

Juice is now running down my legs, everywhere. She froze my action with her hands, bending down further and groaning loudly as she tried to pull my cock off from its root with her clenching pink and stretched butthole. I tried to pull back. It was a tremendous squeeze. She rarely gushes like that. I could feel it building again as I sawed back into her ass.

Her breathing was deep and erratic. Some more juices sprayed from her and hit the floor with a splat. Wearily, she looked over her shoulder at me.

“OMG,” she said, panting, looking worried. “THAT never happened before!” she said. There was lust and concern in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she moved her perfect bod forward, releasing my erection, now nearly purple with lust. She turned around and looked at the mess.

“Geez,” she said. I watched as she bent her knees in front of me, grasping my erection, and drove it into her throat. Long deep sucks, lots of tongue.

She pulled off, grasping my cock and jacking the shaft. “I want that big squirt, she said. I want that cum, baby. Gimme.”

I don’t think I’d ever seen such a wanton look on her face. Her long curly blonde locks were now askew, half falling into her face. She looked ever so determined, staring at my cock.

Then she stared up at my eyes. “I want it,” she said. “Gimme.” I lifted her up and spun her around, bending her over. I drove my shaft into her ass again, deeply, clutching her by her hips. I drove it deep until my balls smacked wetly against her shaved lips, trying to stick to them.

“That’s where you want it?” she asked. “My asshole? Fuck it! I need your ball juice!! Now, baby, now!!”

She grunted against me, jamming my shaft far, far up her rectum. Then a fucking motion, pulling half my cock out, then jamming it back in.

Oh, Oh geez…I felt it in my toes. My muscles went taut. I pulled her so her cheeks smashed against my hipbone and I started squirting. I summoned huge clenches as my juices shot up her ass as my cock expanded to its max. The first clench truly shocked me. Then it seemed like endless squirts passed through me until that was it; I was done. I think my entire body shuddered. My cock shrank immediately. It fell slowly out of her over-juicy hole as I watched. Two more audible splats hit the floor immediately. I felt genuinely sorry for the janitor.

Shaking, she slowly straightened up. Tried to look dignified even as her ass gaped open, dripping my cum. There was a lot of it, surprising even me. “C’mon,” she said. “Gotta clean up”.

It’s always sad to see her put her clothes on again. She grabbed me and kissed me, driving her tongue deeply. Luckily, there was a huge wastebasket and a roll of paper towels nearby. I dropped a $20 bill on the floor as we left. Geez.

Ten minutes later she sat next to me at her table with a fresh glass of wine. Her CTO friend was dancing with a very tall worked-out guy. Elize looked over at me.

“Told ya,” she said. She was smirking. “I’m going to do him anyway,” she said, “and the guy he’s dancing with.” Then she bent over to whisper in my ear.

“I can barely sit, you bastard. And I think my ass is leaking.”

Then she kissed me hard and left for the restroom. I almost followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32