Three Men, Women, and Sex

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Three Men and Sex
She stood nervously on the pavement on Market Street, waiting for the arrival of a black Ford Focus to pull up there. As she waited her thoughts were full of the events that led up to this moment. Her husband had worked in the same building, but in a different office, as Martin. They knew each other well and, one day, the conversation came around to their favourite subject – sexual activities.
Martin was married with two children, both of which needed extra care and attention daily. His wife was at home looking after the children, but found it so exhausting. He had mentioned this to another man, David, and they arranged between them for Julie to spend some time with David for sexual pleasures. It had worked very well. Julie was a different woman after each encounter; her pleasure at being naked with another man, who was not her husband, and having sex with him with her husband’s consent was, at least, exhilarating.
At that moment a car drew up beside her. Was this David? She had not met him before. Her heart was racing. The thought of having sex with a perfect stranger, and that her husband had arranged this, was over-whelming. Her juices began to flow and her knickers became wet. The man was looking at her directly so she assumed that this was the right car and the right man. It could be some other man picking her up who was curb-crawling. Did it matter? At this moment – no! She opened the door and got in. Courtesies were exchanged.
He said that he liked what he saw and she reciprocated.
The journey to his home took about half hour. The conversation was steamy to say the least. They talked about stripping each other naked and what they would do to each other afterwards. No holds barred: breasts being handled and sucked. A prick getting the same treatment: legs being put into positions they had never been in to reveal the important, and exciting, part between them.
Alice’s curiosity got the better of her. She slipped her hand over to the bulge that had now appeared in David’s trousers and stroked it gently. He didn’t object even though he was still driving. He gasped with pleasure and increased the speed to the maximum required in that area. She was going to enjoy this. The closer they got to his home, the more excited she became and the more her inhibitions disappeared.
They had arrived! They both got out of the car as casually as they could. David covered up his extension with the coat he was now wearing. He gave a glance to a house across the road. Alice assumed that he had a friend there who was in the know about this event. That added to her excitement. By this time she would have been perfectly happy for him to join them to make a threesome. She could manage that. Maybe another time; she would suggest it.
In the house tea was mentioned. Well, ok; that would give them time to acclimatise. Acclimatise? No! Forget the tea. Seize the moment.
Alice walked toward David deliberately looking at the bulge that was now straining at his trouser zip. It needed release, room to come to full fruition. She knelt before him; took the zip in her fingers and slowly pulled it down until his flies parted to reveal white underpants. She fumbled around until she had this wonderful, large prick in her hand. She had often longed for something this size to penetrate her, and now, here it was, right in front of her. She took it in her mouth and began to suck very gently. David put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself. Her excitement was growing now; she couldn’t wait to feel this hard lump of flesh inside her, feeling its penetration, but the build-up was important, so wait she must. Besides, the wait would add to the emotions between them. It sounded good.
All inhibitions gone now, David removed her shrug revealing a sundress that had no fastenings. He lifted the straps from her shoulders and let the dress fall to the ground. The only other item she was wearing was a small, black thong. Hardly noticeable but quickly removed. He stood back in admiration of her slim, naked body, glistening with the discreetly applied, expensive, slightly perfumed body oil. From an early age she had always had full, rounded breasts and had made the most of them at every opportunity. They were firm now with the excitement she was feeling and her nipples hard and extended. She allowed him the time to survey her from every angle, watching the changes coming over his face with every new glance. He sighed with pleasure and was breathing heavily, drawing in great gulps of breath.
It was time for her to take charge now. She undid the buttons on his shirt slowly. He kept his eyes firmly glued to her, allowing her to reveal his strong, muscular chest and bulging biceps. She undid his trousers which fell to the floor immediately. For what seemed like an eternity, they fought to remove David’s clothes. It seemed natural now to just give in to anything that would come. She was all his.
She was fascinated with the size of this prick that would eventually penetrate her body, all 12 inches of it. He pulled her down to the floor and proceeded to fondle her breasts, sucking at the nipples, but didn’t spend too much time with that. His attention turned to spreading her legs. He pulled her bottom up onto his folded leg and spread her legs around him. His fingers delved inside her cunt and he worked them in and out, finding great pleasure in the sight before him: watching her reactions. Suddenly, she felt his prick at the entrance to her cunt. Her mouth went dry and she drew in her breath in sheer anticipation. Stretching herself to give room for the penetration.
He pushed his weapon home and lay on her letting it rest for a moment. Then he was using it; rhythmically, in and out; pressing it home fully into her body filling and stretching the hole, her legs up around his body now. Ecstasy! She didn’t want it to end so was glad to feel him relax a little. Somehow he was turning her over without removing himself from her. She was on her knees with his prick still inside her. There was so much juice there that it had slid around effortlessly. He proceeded to fuck her with more intent now; his hands on her thighs, then on her breasts, holding her in place fucking harder and harder; the sweat coming off them both. She could feel her sex coming to a full climax. And what a climax!! The last thrust came with such force that she almost fell over, but they were both spent.
Later at home, Alice’s husband, Tom, questioned her about it. She obliged him with every detail. He was so rampant that they ended up in bed, Tom fucking her as hard as he could and remembering all the details of her encounter with his friend. This was great. Two men in as many hours; it had been fantastic and she wanted more.
More would come!!!

A few days later, Tom came home with a request from David, for another meeting and this time he wanted to introduce his friend who lived across the road. Now there was a surprise. She hadn’t needed to suggest anything, David had already thought about it. Well! He is a man. Wow!! Was this going too fast? Alice admitted to herself that she was a little apprehensive but her lust for more got the better of her. What the heck! It wasn’t as if it was going to be advertised. If you take a spoonful of water out of a full bucket who would know? İkitelli Escort
Her answer was a resounding – Yes.
A date and time were fixed; Alice was at David’s door. She was let in by an already flushed David with an already large bulge in his trousers. Mark was there and, as David introduced her to him, she noticed that he had the now familiar bulge in his trousers equally as large as David. Alice could only imagine what had been going on behind that door before she arrived.
The eyes of both men fell on Alice, at her breasts, her legs, her bottom, every inch was scrutinized. They didn’t speak, they didn’t need too.
Her body stirred with sheer pleasure; she could feel the juices flowing, her flesh tingling, her mouth was dry, her head was spinning: her whole body was making ready for the reception of these two large weapons. Oh boy! – was she looking forward to this.
Mark looked on as David came toward her and slipped off her long jacket to reveal a very short, lacy black dress that was strapless and so scanty that there was no room for fastenings. He took hold of her waist and peeled the dress downwards until it fell off. They both drew in their breath in admiration of this lovely, naked body, glistening from a discrete layer of fine, expensive oil. A black suspender belt around her waist holding up a pair of black stockings, a pair of black high heel shoes, and a black thong to complete the picture.
Alice stood there, drawn to her full height, enjoying the attention of two pairs of eyes taking in, lustfully, every inch of her body. A few sentences were exchanged between the two men. She couldn’t hear what was being said but she could guess. And, what she guessed enhanced her pleasure. She smiled at them both. Suddenly, they were stripping off their clothes and the floor was littered with them.
They came toward her; hands outstretched, and slid them over every part of her, pulling off the thong at the same time. She allowed herself a glance at the two extended members and she took one in each hand. She was on her knees. The two members were at eye level. She caressed them both before putting one in each side of the mouth. Well – at least a little way into her mouth: they were both too large to make much of an impression. Her breasts were being fondled while they enjoyed the tongue licking around the end of each prick, both of them experiencing weakened legs and holding on to each other for support. After a time, she concentrated fully on each prick in turn, working her hand on the other. She felt alive and emotional. There could have been a full audience watching and she would have relished it. Her whole body was prickling with excitement.
She felt herself being lifted effortlessly and carried upstairs to the bedroom. The covers were thrown back to reveal a black, silk sheet. Alice lay there and naturally parted her legs just enough for them to get a glimpse of the delights of her cunt but not too much; they needed to be able to explore more for themselves. She was so excited now she couldn’t contain it. How many men were there? Two? Four? She envisaged a football team lined up and grew in excitement. Mark laid his prick across Alice’s mouth; she took it tightly in her hand and sucked hard. He twisted her nipples with his fingers and caressed her breasts with his hand. He parted her legs fully, now. He put his hands under her bottom just as David had done a few days earlier, and lifted her up onto his leg in order to be able to examine her more closely. He felt around every part of her paying attention to her clitoris, his fingers playing in and out of her cunt. Then she felt his fingers penetrate her anus. Alice let out a cry, but not of disapproval. Nobody had ever paid attention to her in that way before, this was a new experience and she liked it; her body liked it, too; she felt it respond by stretching out fully; her muscles demanding more of this pleasure. Her heart was racing now, her breathing full and strong.
While this was going on, David was kneeling at Alice’s head, with his prick dangling between his legs over her. He was paying strong attention to her tits while, at the same time watching what Mark was doing. His obvious excitement at what he saw. He had put a pillow under her head in order for her to reach his prick and take it in her mouth. All three of them were in a state of ecstasy, oblivious to anything outside of this threesome; working each other’s bodies to their full extent. Was this what an orgy felt like? She didn’t know but just maybe, she would find out in due cause.
After a while, Mark slid off the bed to the bottom. The two men moved Alice to the waiting Mark where he buried his face into her cunt, pushing his fingers into her anus. Her juices were flowing like a stream now and she stretched herself again, involuntarily. Each stretch extended her anus and her cunt to give easier access when the time came. The moaning and gasping coming from each of them was incessant and only enhanced the pleasure for them.
Her body gave in to this attention.
A few words were exchanged between the two men. Alice wasn’t listening; she was enjoying herself, and was ready for the next move. They turned her onto her side. Mark lay beside her, pulling her leg up under his body at waist level and her other leg onto his waist at the other side. He was holding her very firmly now and wasn’t about to let go. She felt his prick being pushed into her cunt now and let out a cry of sheer pleasure.
Then she felt David behind her; his prick at the entrance to her anus. He was pushing gently into the waiting crevice. The two men were giving instructions to each other to make this as pleasurable as possible. They settled down into a rhythmic, comfortable motion of thrusting into and out of her body. She could feel her breasts getting attention; her nipples being encouraged to their full extent. She felt her pleasure rising. Suddenly, she didn’t know what planet she was on and didn’t care anyway. Her whole attention was concentrated on this unique experience. She didn’t want it to end, but end it did. All three of them completely satisfied with the event. They lay there for a moment or two; Alice sandwiched between them; the two men holding on to her firmly. Each of them not wanting to move; wanting to hold on to the moment. It wouldn’t be the last!!
Alice felt absolutely drained with pleasure. She couldn’t believe what had just happened but she knew it had. Her body didn’t feel like it belonged to her. This was happening to someone else, surely – but, no, this was her body and her experience. It lifted her to new heights. She would never be the same again. At this moment, she felt that these two men were going to play a very important part in her future life.
As at the previous occasion, Tom questioned Alice about the evening’s events: and again she obliged him. Again, they ended up in bed: this time Tom penetrated her anus: something he had not done before. They both took great pleasure from it and wondered why they had not thought of it before. Three men!! Where would it end – if it must.
A little cooling off was needed now to enhance the excitement. Although, you can’t have too much of a good thing – and this was certainly a good thing.

Before Alice married Tom her work in the field of Escort Bayan fashion took her away from home on occasions. She remembered a time when she was called to a fashion house in London along with a colleague named Jo herself being a connoisseur on fashion. When the day was over, they went together to a local restaurant where they could discuss the business of the day.
When they came to pay for what they had eaten neither of them had any money or cards to pay with. Alice had left her purse with cards and money in a locked drawer in the office and Jo hadn’t brought her handbag thinking the Alice was paying the bill. The office was now closed.
This was embarrassing! How would they tell the waiter that they couldn’t pay? They must have looked uncomfortable because a man came over to their table who, it turned out later, owned the restaurant. A tall man with black, curly hair, well dressed, handsome; probably Italian.
“Good afternoon, ladies. I trust you have enjoyed your meal?”
“Oh. Yes, thank you.” A slight hesitation followed, and then, “We are a little embarrassed. In our haste, we have left the office without any means of paying for the meal. One of us can go back while the other stays here if that is acceptable to you?” This was rather futile as she didn’t know if there would be a night guard there.
Without any hesitation, the man, whose name they discovered, was Carl, said,
“Oh! No need for that, ladies. If you would like to come with me: there are other ways to pay, you know, if YOU are willing.”
Alice and Jo followed Carl wondering just what other way there could be. Was he taking them to the kitchen to wash dishes, they thought? Instead, he took them through a door and up the stairs into an apartment above the restaurant. He sat them down in a very plush lounge looking intently at them. The door opened and in walked another man; similar in appearance to Carl.
“This is Don my associate.”
Alice and Jo looked at each other with incredulity. The penny had dropped. Payment was about to be taken from their bodies. A surge of excitement flowed through each of them. The two men realised that their message had gone out and had been received. Oh my goodness! Was this really happening?
“May we have a moment or two to talk this through?”
“Of course. We will be back in five minutes for your answer. We hope it will be favourable as we like what we see.” They left the room.
Alice and Jo sat staring at each other for a moment in disbelief. They finally collected themselves and, after a brief conversation, and heightened ecstasy, agreed to indulge in this new venture.
On returning, the men ushered the ladies into another room that contained a large bed, lots of mirrors, including one on the ceiling, and a rack with what looked like whips. The rest of the room was sheer luxury. Drinks were poured and handed to the ladies.
“Thank you but we have had a drink with our meal.”
“Then have another.”
It was a large glass of something that they didn’t recognise but tasted wonderful. Certainly not an illegal substance, thank goodness.
Suddenly, they were being undressed by two complete strangers who, obviously meant business and had done this before. Well ok! They were just paying off a bill. But, they couldn’t help feeling the passion that was welling up in them both. Naked, they abandoned all sense of propriety and got on with the business of enjoying every moment. They even helped the two men out of their clothing, revealing a 12 inch prick on each of them which only enhanced their lurid expectation of what was to come.
They were quite strongly handled and thrown onto the bed. A moment later, the two men approached the bed each with a small whip in their hand. Alice and Jo hadn’t expected this. The whipping was gentle at first but then grew stronger, the tail of the whip being trailed over every part of the two bodies. This experience heighted their sexuality and made each of them gasp with anticipation. Whips put away, the two men climbed onto the bed and proceeded to grope and feel every crevice of both bodies, fingers delving into cunt and anus; breasts being handled and sucked strongly, pricked getting the same attention. Alice felt Carl’s prick in her mouth and proceeded to give it all the attention she could muster, her excitement growing with each pull and push, he manipulated a breast on Jo’s body and a breast on Alice’s. Jo was lying on her side with Don’s prick in her mouth and his head between her legs sucking at her cunt while his hand was between Alice’s legs, his fingers in her cunt. Then it all changed. There seemed to be a sense of complete abandonment. Four bodies writhing on the bed taking advantage of each other to the full. Eyes closed; legs apart revealing sexual juices flowing; being ready to be fucked; nipples, hard from the pronged attention. All this had gone on for around an hour. Only then did the penetration begin. Carl turned Alice onto her front and raised her bottom into the air. He kneeled behind her and she felt his 12 inch prick push into her anus. She let out a cry; but proceeded to push back as hard as she could. Even though the penetration was painful in a sensual kind of way it enhanced her sexuality and she was enjoying every thrust.
At the same time Don was giving Jo the same treatment. She was exhausted now but couldn’t contain her sexual feelings; her abandonment to this thrilling endeavour.
Now, they were on their backs; still with legs wide apart, anticipating the fuck of a lifetime; and so it was. The penetration was wonderful, alluring, exciting. Their knees came up in an attempt to gain greater penetration; working together for full satisfaction. Their bodies writhing, senses unbound, enjoying the thrill of these two obviously experienced men. They didn’t have time to ask themselves just how many other women had gone into the restaurant without money.
They were all exhausted now and fell asleep together. The next morning they were very polite to each other. The ladies, showered, dressed and left the building, going to a different restaurant for breakfast. It seemed the best thing to do under the circumstances. Bill paid – in full!!!
Several weeks had passed since the encounter with David and Mark. Alice had thought about it almost on a daily basis. Patience!!
Alice and Tom had been invited to a celebration in a large country house. It was quite formal so Alice needed a new outfit. She enjoyed choosing it with great care; trying on a dozen dressed in order to get it right. She was very satisfied with her final choice. She chose a green dress; the neck-line plunging almost to her waist at the back and below her breasts at the front; very thin straps over her shoulders. The fabric hugged her beautiful body; the skirt was full and trailing slightly on the floor.
On arrival, they were ushered into a large hall and given a cocktail. Tom was obviously taking in the lovely women there and admiring the curves of them all. Turning to Alice he remarked that she looked stunning. She turned heads. Two of those heads she realised were David and Mark. What were they doing here? Tom was aware of them, too.
Alice began to experience the same stirrings that she had felt a few weeks earlier and Tom felt them, too. He was hoping that there would be an opportunity during the evening istanbul Escort for a get-together – but not with him. His turn would come later.
Dinner was served! The wine and spirits flowed! Afterwards there was dancing. By about 11 o’clock everything was in full swing. David and Mark caught Alice’s eye – and it was on. Tom encouraged her to go with them. They met in the large entrance hall where they had come in. It was a warm evening and so they went out into the grounds. Some distance away from the main house there was a summer house. They opened the door and went in. After a moment or two of polite conversation there was silence. Expectation filled the summer house: each making themselves ready for what came next. This was the moment!! The two men, watching her every move, drew closer to her. They were breathing heavily. Hands outstretched towards her. Two zips being strained to the full by the extension inside trying to get out. They fondled her breasts, and stroked her body, to her infinite pleasure. She found herself being a little nervous this time. Could this be happening again? In any case, she was ready! Turning slightly to Mark she took the zip in her fingers and slowly pulled it down not wanting to damage his prick. She took this wonderful piece of flesh and eased it out; gently pulling at it to enhance his pleasure. It looked almost ready to fire but she knew he would control it. She bent over to put her mouth on it and, as she did so, her breasts fell out of her dress. Mark drew in his breath at the sight. His hands were on them immediately. Caressing them and rubbing the nipples between his fingers.
David was watching this which heightened his pleasure. He was finding it very difficult to keep his hands off her; so he didn’t. He moved behind her and picked up the hem of her dress and laid it across her back to reveal the familiar stockings and high heal shoes. No thong! She wasn’t wearing one. His action caused her to naturally part her legs to expose what would normally be her private parts, but very public now. David took great pleasure in stoking her bottom with both his hands, pushing his finger into her anus, and inserting both thumbs into her cunt. Alice felt elated, excited, alluring. She was ready for anything once again. Mark’s trousers were now on the floor and he was pushing he prick towards Alice’s mouth for greater emphasis. David quickly let his trousers fall, pulled out his prick and inserted it into her cunt with some force, holding onto her bottom he pushed hard into her. He slapped her bottom hard several times enhancing her pleasure. She was pushing her bottom towards him now, urging him to fuck harder and more intensely. These two men were swaying and pushing themselves into her with some urgency. She felt like her head was about to explode with the sheer pleasure and excitement of it all. David was quickly spent. Mark moved around the back of Alice and inserted his prick into her anus, slapping her bottom as David had done. Again, it heightened her intensity and she was pushing toward him. At the same time, he was rubbing her clitoris to bring her to full fruition. David, although spent, kneaded her breasts helping to enhance the moment. They were like animals tonight, she really knew she had been fucked: and what a pleasure it had all been. After their first encounter Alice didn’t think this could get any better. Would this pleasure continue to increase with each meeting? She surely hoped so. They dressed; each checking the other for signs of activity.
Back in the ballroom, Mark and David gave the thumbs up to Tom. He was so looking forward to his turn, now. Could they conceivably escape earlier than intended? They slipped out with the intention of returning home but ended up in the summer house. Tom couldn’t wait that long. In his excitement to get at Alice he stripped her naked very quickly. She helped him to remove his clothing. They lay on the floor and Tom was into her cunt so quick she was astounded at his speed. She did so love the fucking. She felt that she could make a career out of it but then, that would be called something else – and she didn’t want that. The three men in her life were what she wanted. The feeling of wanton abandonment overwhelmed her.
She anticipated how many more resourceful events she would give her body too. Would she ever again come down from the clouds? This was her life now. Three men! Excitement! Sex!
She could write a book. Yes!! That was a good idea. She would write down the events as they happened and write a book later. It would be a best seller she was sure of that.
Some weeks later Alice and Tom had been out for dinner together. It was around 11 p.m. Tom was already in bed watching Alice as she made herself ready. She was wearing her dressing gown. They hadn’t worn night attire since the day they were married, they hadn’t felt the need for it.
Alice became aware that Tom was watching her rather intently. She turned to look at him and could see the lust on his face. She was feeling quite disposed to sexual activity herself. She stood by the bed facing Tom. She pulled her dressing gown apart to reveal her nakedness. She proceeded to fondly her breasts rubbing the nipples between her fingers. Tom was watching her and feeling the tension rising in his prick. He took it in his hand and threw back the bedcovers to reveal his actions. Alice opened her dressing gown all the way down and, with one hand fondling her breast, the other slid down her body to her clit between her parted legs stroking it and encouraging the tingle with anticipation. Tom was growing more excited now, his prick extended to its full 12 inches. He knew how to use his 12 inches for their mutual satisfaction.
Alice dropped her dressing gown to the floor, turned her back on Tom, bend over and spread her legs so that he could see her cunt and her anus and watch as her hands moved around this area of her body. At a given moment she was on the bed. Tom threw himself immediately onto her and tucked her underneath him. His prick was inside her in a second. He pushed it home hard and held it there giving it a moment to penetrate as far as possible into Alice. She responded by pushing back to him. The fucking began!! Hard, with ultimate urgency. They were gasping together now, enjoying every moment, unable to stop even if they wanted to: urging each other to come to a climax; holding each other tightly, strongly: unable to let go until they were both spent.
Exhausted now, they fell onto the bed ready to sleep. Tom went off first. As Alice was drifting toward sleep her thoughts wandered. She enjoyed her times with David and Mark and was sure that would continue for some time to come. And she was right. On the other hand: two people, husband and wife, indulging in bedroom activities and then falling asleep, cuddled up together. What could possibly be more satisfying and fulfilling than that? She fell asleep. Tomorrow is another day!!!

picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. He looked at her lustfully, breathing hard, and sweating profusely. He removed her short blouse to reveal a sundress that no buttons or fastenings of any kind. He took hold of the straps across the shoulders and dropped it to the floor, revealing her full naked breasts, the nipples hard. The only other item of clothing was her scanty knickers. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. He very quickly tore off his clothing letting them drop to the floor. He was on the bed,
More would come!!

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