Three Steps to Heaven

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The house seemed to shake to it’s very foundations as Lisa slammed the door shut behind her. She had wanted her departure to be a quiet, un-dramatic exit. In the three years she had been with David there had been many rows, some of them even violent. His surprise return home just as she was about to leave, for the very last time had ruined her well prepared plan. There was to be no about turn though. All his angry remonstrations were to no avail. Not this time. He’d had one affair too many and she was determined to get out.

She’d drive up to her Mothers house in Lake Tahoe for some R & R. A long drive from New Mexico but that didn’t faze her at all. David had provided well for her these past few years. She mused how she might miss his money as she sank into the leather upholstery of the Mustang, it’s roof already down. Gunning the engine into life, the gearbox into drive and hitting the accelerator with venom sent the wheels spinning and tyre’s screeching as the black convertible sped away. She neither glanced in the mirror nor looked back.

Free of the confines of the City where in truth she had never been happy, a sense of liberation overcame her. As urban sprawl gave way to open country, the long straight highway yielded mile after mile of impoverished scrubland, interspersed with trailer settlements and the odd run down gas station. She thought about herself and what life would hold in store for her.

At 32, Lisa was confident enough in her own mind to know there would be no shortage of men interested in her. Men were her Achilles heel, the thought of life without one for very long had never entered her head. She glanced down at her long, tanned legs and admired her brown arms. The tone of her skin contrasting vividly with the yellow of her skimpy mini-dress. She altered the angle of the rear view mirror to contemplate her face. A face she never tired of looking at. Framed by shoulder length auburn hair and graced with bewitching brown eyes. To say she was happy in her skin would have been gross understatement.

The Mustang made light work of the distance. As she sped northward the mid-day sun blazed hot and she was tempted to flick the switch which would re-institute the roof, shading her. But no, she was enjoying the ultra-violet….life had been dark for too long these past few months.

She had also realised that she was causing something of an attraction for the truck drivers as she sped by them. A latent exhibitionist streak in Lisa had been dormant for some time. As the monotony of the miles took it’s toll on her concentration though, , she found herself revelling in the obvious attention from these leering journeymen. She even found herself slowing slightly as she approached each of these leviathans of the road. Giving their drivers a few short seconds more of ogling time.

It had dawned upon her that some of the guys she was passing seemed to have prior knowledge of her presence, turning over their shoulder as she approached. Of course! c.b. radio, she mused to herself….they’re talking about me on the c.b. radio.

This realisation sent an extra thrill through her loins and she sensed a moistness between those lithe legs as her sexual juices, stimulated by this blatant exhibitionism began, ever so slightly, to flow.

The next few miles were uneventful though as traffic thinned out. Her mind wandered into fantasy to ease the boredom. Thought of past torrid sexual encounters, and the promise of new ones flitted in and out of her sun scorched head. Her right hand had found it’s way down to her moist patch and her middle digit was deftly probing that most private of places. She’d settled further back into the driving seat, legs easing ever wider apart and was now sinking into a self-induced sea of lust and the most basic of pleasure.

Then, xslot away in the distance, she spotted the back end of a semi-truck. Smoke billowing black as coal from the twin exhaust stacks. The slight, but very long upgrade a challenge for man and machine as the huge diesel engine powered eighteen wheels steadily, but slowly up the long, long hill.

A wicked thought entered Lisa’s head. She’d really give this one a show. There was nothing behind her as she gained on the struggling truck. She wriggled out of her panties dropping them to her ankles and over her feet, leaving them abandoned in the car’s footwell. As she came alongside her prey she eased off the gas and opening her legs still wider she adjusted the convertible’s speed so she was only just keeping pace with the big rig, a Scarlet red Kenworth. Her eyes fixed on the road ahead she didn’t even glance up to her right. She just kept one hand on the wheel as the other one unashamedly worked two fingers into her now well lubricated pussy.

Shock waves of pleasure squirmed through her as she occasionally worked her clitoris. Dress now riding high she fucked away at herself for all of thirty second as she was alongside the Kenworth’s cab, all the time her gaze transfixed to the road ahead. A complete separation of mind and body, the latter winning out temporarily as the lust flowed inside her. A sudden stab of reality though, in the form of a Highway Patrol car approaching from the opposite direction brought her instantly to her senses. She floored the gas pedal, the big 3.8 turbo engine lifted the bonnet, pushed her backward into her seat and thrust her away from the eighteen wheeler. This reality jolt changed her mood almost instantly. “What in hell am I doing?’ she asked herself rhetorically. A mile or two down the road. More mundane thought turned to food as her tummy rumbled…..I need to eat, she decided.

Barely another mile had gone by when it happened. The constant, never changing beat of the engine had been replaced by an alarmingly erratic whine, plumes of white smoke trailed behind her and she knew she was in trouble. The consequences of her earlier actions began to dawn upon her to as she knew the big Kenworth would soon be approaching. She began to panic.

As surely as night follows days the eighteen wheeler hauled itself eventually to the spot where Lisa had pulled the Mustang off the road. A wide pull in, rough ground edged by a steep, unprotected drop of about three hundred feet. The car was quite close to the edge. The wheels of the Kenworth crunched onto the refuge sending clouds of dust billowing into the air.

It pulled to a stop alongside the car, masking the smaller vehicle entirely from the road. The handbrake applied with an accompanying hiss of pressurised air, locking the wheels. Lisa sat still hands, gripping the wheel, going nowhere but her own private hell.

What she saw next, took her breath away.

Calf length leather boots began to descend the steps of the cabin, a pair of shapely female legs within, topped of by roughly cut-down jeans. As Lisa’s eyes travelled up wards she saw a tee-shirted torso and the smiling face of a woman of similar age to herself. An oil stained baseball cap atop her head. The face was alluring , if rather boyish. She doffed the cap, revealing a shock of short, spikey black hair. “Hi, my names Steph, thanks for stopping, I enjoyed the show back there, my own internal combustion engine came damn close to overheating honey”

Lisa, realising it looked as though she had stopped deliberately, was temporarily lost for words. She was so relieved the driver was female. Thoughts of a rampant and aroused male trucker had filled her head with thoughts of angry abuse, or even rape. How next to play this thing out though she xslot Giriş wondered, this person was obviously bi-sexual at best or even lesbian. How had she gotten herself.into this, and more importantly how was she going to get out of it!

Thoughts of her own, single excursion into lesbian territory flashed into he mind. She’d been at college in the early nineties and had a brief, torrid affair with Linda, her roommate. It was as brief as it was beautiful. Old feelings came flowing back, she felt herself excited at the prospect of a one off encounter with this stranger, who had a winning smile and a way about her.

“’m sorry” she stammered..nervously I don’t know what came over me, I was just rather bored with the journey.

“Hell I get that every day of my working life honey” replied Steph, “C’mon into my boudoir, lets have a drink of something cool” She climbed into the sleeping pod of the Kenworth, leaving the door open, invitingly, behind her. Lisa, almost without hesitation, followed her. Climbing the three steps into the surprisingly large and comfortable living zone of the truck. Stephanie reached into the tiny fridge and produced a beer. Lisa cracked it open and swigged at the ice cold liquid , which slaked her dry throat. The injection of alcohol having an almost immediate effect on her brain, she began to relax as Steph opened herself a can and began to guzzle the contents.

The two talked for a while, sat on the edge of Steph’s capacious bunk, almost four feet wide and temptingly comfortable. The conversation centred wholly around Lisa, Steph listened as she disclosed details of her latest break up. The two laughed as they recalled past loves and the shortcomings of men. Lisa hardly noticed as Stephanie draped an arm around her, a few short seconds later, some intense eye-contact led to the inevitable first kiss. Lisa felt herself melting. This seemed to feel so, so right.
Steph’s touch was smooth and soft, contrasting to David’s almost permanent three day stubble. Her lips were prised open by the deft and silky smooth tongue probing it’s way into her mouth. Steph relieved her of her second beer can , placing it on the floor of the cabin. The kisses grew ever more passionate, their heads locked together as they rapaciously fed on each others tongues, greedily, hurriedly.

Steph broke away to slip Lisa’s dress over her shoulders, the excited Lisa, about to surrender herself to this total stranger wriggled out of it. She was naked, and glorious. Standing five feet five, a dragon tattooed on her left buttock there was barely an ounce of fat on her.

Steph surveyed this vision. An experienced lover, she had seldom seen such a beautiful body. She whipped her tee shirt over her head to reveal her whiter, slightly more ample form. Her arms were almost muscular around the biceps, after so many years wrestling with the big rigs steering. Lisa gazed at her breasts, much larger than her own, with beautiful dark brown nipples. One of which had been pierced, a silver ring adorning the teat. Wriggling out of her cut off jeans and black panties the renewed eye contact with Lisa brought a welcome smile, she knew it was going to be OK She locked the cabin door, and flicked on the air conditioning

Both standing now, they embraced. Being similar in height the restricted headroom of the cabin was not a problem and the two women kissed feverishly. Again, serpent like tongues dancing around each other, a wonderful portent of things to come, when even more erogenous zones might be explored. The two women, both naked now, sank to the bed. Steph was the more dominant and proceeded to explore Lisa’s ears with her slinky, silky tongue, this produced gasps of pleasure and when Steph breathed hot into her aural orifice she wilted as xslot Güncel Giriş words, sex words began to flow from her new lovers magnificent mouth. “Oh yes Baby, I want you, I’m gonna fuck you, you’re all mine now”

It seemed the most natural thing in the world when Steph eased down Lisa’s body. Licking hungrily as she went. Small beads of perspiration appearing on both of them, their faces flushed with anticipation and revelling in a woman’s touch. The Venus touch.

Pausing to please Lisa’s sensitive nipples, her tongue licked at these exquisitely erect little pinnacles. Lisa, shuddering with every flick of the tongue upon her responded with small gasps and hot, almost stifled breaths of pure pleasure.

A brief pause because Steph had one thing and one thing only on her mind. Pussy. She also had a fixation on anal sex and as she licked her way down to Lisa’s nether regions she knew exactly the path she was about follow.

She sank to the floor with almost reptilian litheness, sliding Lisa’s vulnerable, open legged form to the edge of the bunk, her legs akimbo, offering an irresistible invitation to feast, which the greedy, sex hungry trucker was only to willing to exploit.

Fastening her mouth to Lisa’s pussy she tasted the tangy moistness that lingered there from half a days hard driving. The maiden musk merely excited Stephanie more as she licked wantonly at Lisa’s cunt. She spread her labia wide, the trimmed pubic hair allowing a clear view of the folds of femininity so long unexplored by her own ilk. Steph’s expert tongue began to probe deeply into Lisa’s love hole. The wench’s gasps had now become moans, moans of lust and the most basic of human instincts. Sheer fucking pleasure.

Steph, her calculating mind in top gear now, looking at the undulating form of Lisa, completely lost and abandoned to her touch, decided to move to her ultimate goal. Dipping first one, then two fingers deep into Lisa’s love hole she turned the girl over . With her knees on the edge of the bunk, supporting her weight with her arms, this classic ‘all fours position’ afforded Steph access to all areas of the bitch who was now almost whimpering with pre-orgasmic pleasure. Steph paused for a second to feast her eyes on the already stretched cunt before her. Discounting mere visual pleasure, she wanted to taste ass. Unwashed ass. With fingertips stretching Lisa’s rounded buttocks she began to roll her tongue around the pink, and puckered anal bud. This produced Lisa’s first words for a while “Oh fuckin’ jeezus, yes,yess……mmmmm fuck me, fuck me”

Never one to disappoint, Steph introduced a finger to Steph’s tight, hitherto unexplored asshole. Coldly fucking the tight sheath with a clinical rapidity that brought tears to the eye of her new lover. A second finger stretched the lovely Lisa even more, and when Steph, re-introduced her tongue to her prominent clit the response was all consuming. Lisa groaned the groan of the lost as she bucked onto the fingers invading her anus. Steph’ s hands, one furiously frigging herself to quickfire orgasm, the other now brutally squeezing Lisa’s left nipple were her solace, her pay-off., in this initial sexual joust. She hadn’t felt so good, so in control in a long, long time. A chance encounter which, unbeknown to them at the time, changed both their lives.

The clock was ticking and there was no time for Lisa to return all of Stephanie’s favours, a freight driver’s schedule is often tight and there would be many more opportunities to satisfy the most ardent of her demands.

The car drivers and the truckers heading towards Lake Tahoe were mildly curious when they saw the Black Mustang attached by rope to the back of the eighteen wheeler. The big rig paused at a remote bend in the road, Steph untied the rope and with a little effort set the beautiful but disabled car freewheeling towards the water. The sight of her Mustang disappearing under the cold, deep waters of the lake didn’t bother Lisa at all.

She had a new steed, one to ride and to be ridden. A new friend, a new lover, a new life.

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