Tight Confines

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*This story is a work of fiction. All resemblances to any person are purely coincidental. All rights reserved by author.*

In the couple of weeks following having sex on her living room floor, Jerry and Jenna discussed what the future held for both of them. They knew they were supposed to be feeling guilty. After all, they had started an affair. Instead they both felt great. Jenna was delighted to have found a sexual partner that matched her own wild libido and desires. Jerry felt young and alive and, for once, excited about the future. They knew that their opportunities for sex were going to be rather rare. After all, hotel rooms weren’t cheap, especially with a spouse looking over your finances. But they knew they’d have opportunities to fool around…

Jerry rode down to Jenna’s house for their weekly yoga class. They met Matt for dinner at a local Italian restaurant as soon as he got off of work. Jenna had a great time during dinner, with the two men paying full attention to her. Matt was oblivious to the “footsies” going on under the table. Dinner went by quickly before it was time to rush to the gym and get to class.

Jerry and Jenna spent about half the class absorbed in their own poses, and the other half absorbed in each other. After class, they gathered their things and made their way out into the parking lot. Without thinking about it, Jenna reached out and held Jerry’s hand. They were best friends and slowly becoming lovers. All seemed right with the world.

Jenna had purposefully parked in an out of the way spot in the parking lot. There was a small grass knoll that ran in front of the car and a concrete wall to the right, so no one could see in from those directions. The gym didn’t have any windows along this side, and, by fate, no one had parked in the adjoining spots to the left or behind her car.

Jenna popped the trunk and threw her mat in. Jerry did the same. She closed the trunk and set her keys and towel on top of it. Jerry looked at her, questioningly.

“Thanks for coming down for class,” she said, and gently kissed him.

“Where else would I be tonight?” he replied, and kissed her back. After a couple chaste kisses, Jerry parted his lips and slowly licked along Jenna’s. He moved his free hand along her side, gently lifting her shirt a few inches. He wanted to feel her soft, smooth skin as he kissed her.

She broke off the kiss. Jerry lowered her shirt, thinking it was time to go home.

“Jerry, do you have to go home right away? I was thinking that the car’s in a pretty secluded spot and…”

“You want to make out?” Jerry felt like a dorky teenager for stating something so forward, but it seemed like the right thing to say. He was feeling like a teenager a lot these days. Jenna seemed to have that effect on him. Of course, the situation didn’t help. It has been a long time since he had to sneak around; necking in cars was a lot different than the routine foreplay that occurred in his bedroom with his wife. He realized Jenna might have planned ahead for this.

Jenna unlocked the car and got into the driver’s side. Jerry opened the passenger door and got into the car. They both closed the doors and looked at each other in anticipation.

“Do you think we should move into the backseat?” she asked.

Jerry looked into the backseat and shook his head. Her little economy car didn’t have much of a backseat. Jerry, at 5’10” and around 195 pounds, wasn’t even sure the two of them would fit. “We’re going to need to find a bigger playground,” he joked. Jerry shifted the passenger seat back a bit and reclined the seat. He scooted himself around a bit and looked at her.

“I think this will work. What do you think?”

Jenna responded by setting the keys into the cup holder and leaning towards him. He pulled her head towards his and began kissing her. She shifted in her seat a bit, trying to get comfortable. “I’m coming to you,” she stated, putting her hands on Jerry’s shoulders, twisting her body towards his, moving her left leg over the middle console, and then placing it between his. Jerry had no complaints, as Jenna was in a comfortable position on top of him.

Jerry continued kissing her, moving from her lips up towards her ear. He sucked along the top ridge of her ear. He took his tongue and traced along its lines, before bringing his tongue to a point, as if it was a tiny penis, and thrusting against the inner reaches of her ear. Jenna relished the sensation and moaned. “Delicious,” he replied, moving his tongue from her ear to lick görükle escort along her neck.

Jenna reached along the side of Jerry’s head and did the same thing to his ear. As soon as she started along the top ridge, he began panting. “Oh, that just drives me wild,” he said. By the time she got to the inside of his ear, she could tell that he was getting really, really turned him on.

Jerry loved the fact that Jenna was now on top of him, her body pushing against his, her torso easily accessible to his hands. He reached down to her waist and slowly pulled her shirt up and off of her head. Jerry then removed her bra and pushed her back against the dashboard. He lifted her left breast to his mouth and sucked on her nipple for all he was worth. Jenna laid her head back, enjoying the sensation.

“Harder, Jerry,” and he began sucking even harder on her left nipple. “I need you to play with the other one, too. Hard. Please, hard.” Jerry’s nipple play was bringing Jenna to the edge of orgasm. She pressed her body against his and began humping his leg in frustration.

Jerry was hard as a rock and began humping himself against her. The car began rocking. He let go of her nipples and held on to her ass, trying to push himself even harder against her. They both had their eyes closed, concentrating in sexual frustration, and dripping sweat in the hot confines of the car.

Jenna was the first to open her eyes and slow down. She realized that this wasn’t going to work. She sat back in her seat, needing a moment to cool off and try to recompose. Jerry tossed her shirt over to her so she could cover her chest, and then opened his door wide, allowing some cool air into the car. The windows began to unfog a bit.

Jenna gave Jerry a strong hug and sat back into her seat again. She was about to suggest that they call it a night when he reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, exposing his right nipple to her. He coyly looked at her and smiled. Jerry didn’t have to say a word; his intentions were pretty obvious.

Jenna smiled back. She loved sucking on nipples, but rarely had the chance. She immediately slid her body across his thigh and moved her head towards his chest. She swirled her tongue around his nipple, while moving her hand under his shirt to find the other one. He happily obliged, pulling his shirt the rest of the way up and off. She gently brushed her finger tips around his small, pink aereola, and then used her fingernail to lightly move over his nipple. She looked up, briefly, and saw his eyes closed in pure bliss. She took her fingers and gently pulled and twisted on his right nipple while continuing to suck on the left one, gently pulling it with her lips. When he moaned, she used her teeth to nip him. He groaned, obviously turned on, and pushed her head against his chest. She sucked hard on his nipple, and then moved across his chest to the other one, giving it equal time and attention. Although both of his nipples had been hard before, now they were fully erect, wet, and dark red from the attention.

That wasn’t all that was erect. Jerry moved his hands down and said, “There’s something great about wearing running shorts. They’re easy to push out of the way” and instead of undoing the drawstring and pushing them down, as Jenna expected, Jerry instead reached down and pulled his penis out of the right leg hole of his shorts. He adjusted a bit, and then reached in again to pull his balls out as well. His penis was close to its full six and a half inches. His balls were already pulling against his body, as if he was ready to cum just by exposing himself to her.

“Jerry, close your door!” Jenna was a bit shocked that he’d expose himself with the door wide open, not that anyone was around. He closed the door and then looked over at her, hoping she might be willing to “service” him before they drove back to her house.

Jenna thought about Jerry’s ease at flashing her with the door open. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

“Well, sometimes you’re driving along and need a little relief. I can’t pull my shorts off with one hand, and I don’t want to be naked if a cop pulls along or something.”

“Fair enough,” and with that, Jenna bent across to the passenger seat. She placed her right hand along his thigh, pushing his shorts farther out of the way. She reached out her tongue and gently licked the head of his penis, tasting him for the first time. He must have sweat the day’s dirt and musk away during yoga class, as the only thing she could taste bursa escort bayan was the sweet, slightly salty taste of his skin. Having finished tasting his head, she broadened her tongue and slowly ran it down to the base of his penis and back.

He moaned, “Oh, Jenna, I was hoping you would do that,” and shifted slightly lower in the seat, giving her better access to his balls. She used her left hand to caress and rub his testicles before moving her mouth lower, kissing each in turn. She gently grabbed part of his ball sac in her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Jerry hissed slightly, but the hand on the back of her head urged her to continue. She let go and then continued gently rubbing his sac as she licked and drooled her way upward, making sure to thoroughly coat his shaft.

She stopped at the head of his penis and looked it over. By now he was fully erect, his shaft close to the light brown color of his tanned arms, topped by a darker pink head. In one swift movement, she engulfed his dick with her mouth. He moaned again, saying simply “Oh, thank you.” Jerry was so appreciative that this girl, his best friend, would be willing to give him a blow job. He thought that, by his fifties, his days of attracting new girls were long over. Jenna continued to amaze and surprise him by showing him that their large age difference was no issue.

Jenna swirled her tongue around the shaft of Jerry’s penis. She licked along the bottom seam of his head, and then slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her mouth down towards the base of his shaft. He started to buck up his hips to enter her more quickly, but she used her hand against his thigh to push him back down. Jenna got as far down as she was able to without gagging, then moved her way slowly back up, using both her lips and tongue to stimulate him. She began slowly moving faster, bobbing up and down along his penis, swirling her tongue in lazy figure eights beneath her lips. To Jerry, it was just heavenly.

Jenna began to moan and hum along his penis. Although entranced, Jerry realized he was doing nothing for her benefit. “If you could move your legs up here, I could do the same to you,” he offered.

Jenna’s mouth slid off his penis with an audible “pop” and she started nonchalantly stroking him with her hand. She looked at the angle of passenger seat. Although he’d laid the seat back down quite a bit when they first started, she didn’t think it would be easy to get her body up there. Also, there was nowhere to easily balance her legs.

“I don’t think I can get up there for you to eat me out,” she finally replied, “but I’d like it if you were willing to lend a hand.”

Jerry looked at her, taking a moment to soak in what she had asked for. Then he quickly perked up. “I’d be more than happy to do that.”

“These pants are stretchy, you can just move them down,” Jenna replied, and used her free hand to start moving the waistband down. She shifted herself slightly, moving her bottom away from the driver’s side door and towards Jerry’s head.

“I’ve got it,” he replied, pushing her hand out of the way and reaching over her with his left hand. He easily pulled both her pants and underwear out of the way. He then felt along the smooth skin of her ass and thigh, before encountering the damp, short mat of her pubic hair.

Jenna opened her legs a bit wider to make room for Jerry’s hand, then bent her head back down to continue her blow job. She licked his penis up and down again before sucking it back into her mouth.

Jerry spent a moment relishing the feel of Jenna’s warm mouth against his penis before deciding to concentrate on pleasuring her. He gently felt her from back to front. He rubbed along the outside of her tight, hot hole, causing Jenna to wiggle and eliciting some quiet moans. He continued forward, rubbing and pulling along the fold of skin that separated it from her vagina. This elicited stronger moans from Jenna. He made his way up along her folds until he found the top. He rubbed around a bit with his thumb until he found her small, hard clitoris. This immediately produced a jerk and a small cry from Jenna, which reverberated along his penis. Smiling, he continued to rub her clit in small, slow circles, gradually building up speed. He began to slowly buck his hips towards her, fucking her mouth in time to the circles along her clit. He enjoyed feeling her engulf his penis with each circle he made.

After a few minutes, she came up for breath and looked up at him, with a slightly pained expression. “Jerry, bursa escort I need your fingers in me to get me off. I really need to cum.”

Jerry kept his thumb on her clit, almost as a placeholder, while slowly pressing one finger into her tight pussy. She was soaked. Her juices ran into his hand and onto his wrist. He desperately wanted to taste her, but was determined to hold off until she came. He inserted another digit and began fingering her.

She moaned against his penis, “Harder, Jerry, harder!” Surprisingly, he was able to understand her. He inserted a third finger, encountering a bit of resistance, but more moans from Jenna. He began thrusting his fingers deeper into her. He found the circle of her cervix and began pushing around it in fast, hard circles.

He’d found the sweet spot. She immediately began to orgasm, his penis still in her mouth, but her movements slow and erratic as she lost all concentration. She screamed and bucked against his hand, gripping his fingers tightly inside of her. He kept circling, adding circles with his thumb against her clit. She began shaking, she was cumming so hard.

He wanted to put her truly over the top. He thought about her reaction when he first touched her butt and, when he felt that her orgasm was starting to slow, he pushed his pinky along her anus, just barely penetrating her back door. He was rewarded as her screams and moans began anew. “JERRY! Oh FUCK that feels good! Ohhh” her words became garbled in between moans of delight. She wasn’t even trying to blow him now. Her head was laying in his lap as she gasped for breath, her hands were wrapped about his thighs holding on for dear life as she continued to cum. Jerry was enthralled – he’d never had a girl cum this hard on his hand. He relentlessly fingered her, slowing his thrusts for a little bit, then starting harder again. Jenna lost track of the number of orgasms she had while stretched over Jerry’s lap.

Finally, Jerry’s penis forced him to stop. It was rock hard and starting to turn purple. Jenna’s head and hair had been rubbing against the head of it, stimulating him like crazy. He slowed his fingers and, with her other hand, gently moved Jenna’s head a bit further down his lap, towards his knees. He began to stroke his penis in time to his slow strokes along Jenna’s pussy. He removed his pinky from her anus and the third finger from her vagina, giving her some room to recover and enjoy the sensations while he masturbated.

Jenna’s breath finally slowed and she opened her eyes. He was glad to see she hadn’t passed out, she had been breathing so hard. She smiled up at him and then watched his hand stroking along his shaft. She shifted her hands down and removed his hand from her pussy. “I think I’m good now,” she joked, pulling her panties and workout pants back over her hips.

Jerry licked his fingers and then switched hands, using the remaining juices to lubricate his penis. He began working furiously along the shaft. “Do you want me to cum?” he asked Jenna.

“Well, yeah,” she replied, rather puzzled by his question. She then realized that he could probably use a little help. She opened her mouth, sucking on the head of his penis while he continued rubbing hard and fast along the shaft. Using one hand for balance, she reached up with the other and began tweaking his nipples. He groaned.

“Oh, Jenna, I’m almost there. I can feel it building up.” Jerry began panting and moaning. He was so close and really, really needed to cum. Jenna moved up his chest, now using both hands on his nipples, and pushed her tongue into his ear.

That was all Jerry needed. He practically cried as his orgasm burst forth. He gasped and moaned as Jenna continued to play with his nipples and ear. Spasm after spasm racked his penis. Finally, he felt relief. He slowed his hand and then opened it, letting his member fall against his leg. Jenna felt the movement of his hand and lifted her body off of his. She looked up at Jerry. He appeared slightly ashen. “Honey, are you okay?”

He had to take a few deep breaths before being able to answer her. “Oh, yeah. I’m good now.” They both laughed. It had been a hard release for both of them.

Jerry pulled his workout towel out from the backseat to clean both of them off. They dressed and then opened all the windows of the car, hoping to air out the obvious smell of sex by the time they got back to Jenna’s house.

Jenna unlocked her front door. The house was silent; Matt had gone to sleep. Jerry gathered his gear quickly and headed home. Jenna snuck into the shower as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake Matt until after she has removed all traces of her orgasm from her body. She softly climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep, exhausted, a slight smile on her face as she dreamt about the adventures to come.

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