Time in the Park

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She let him have it any way any time any place.

They met in a local shopping center for the second time in a week. After a long drawn out dinner, the next hour was spent walking through all the courtyards. Finally coming to rest on an oversized park bench, leg against leg, they flirted more than ever.

This is where she realized her teasing was going too far and she would not be able to withdraw it. He could withdraw, but not her. It was confusing to her whether to be happy that her feelings were in the open or scared about what she’d gotten herself into. He was falling fast for her sensuality. Passion was at the height of each and every conversation. Flirtiness came through loudly with each stretch.

Movements as they strolled the area involved her arms swinging playfully a bounce in her step and a gleam in his eye. The smile he initially forced out became genuine. Watching as she bounced and played like a teen in and out of the trees and park benches was all he needed to forget his current troubles. She knew she was making him happy. She played with him, teased him and flirted over and over again.

When he sat on the somewhat secluded bench, he reached out for her hand to pull her beside him. Pretending to slip off balance, she was certain to land almost in his lap when her knees buckled. He made as if he was trying to catch her and lined his hand up with her ass. She sat slowly once she felt his hand in place.

They both seemed to help her sit in his lap. It was a comfortable place to be. Strong legs, a strong embrace with is arm behind her and the feel of a warm chest pressing against hers kept her feeling safe. And feeling safe was making her horny in this fresh summer night air. She pretended to scratch the side of her leg just to be able to touch on his bulge. She wanted to the last time they met but did not have it in her that moment. Tonight, she went all out and wanted to go forward on all mobil porno she hesitated on last time.

He liked the feel of her touch, as basic and innocent as it appeared. His arm tightened in acceptance of her advance. She looked deep in his eyes and put her arm around his shoulders. Pulling tighter into a bit of a hug landed his cheek flush against her tit. A spin of her torso to look more his direction lined up his face with her chest and they began a nice long hug. It lasted until he tilted his head up to her for a breath of air. Wanting the feel of his sexy lips on hers, she tilted her head to meet his face and stole one. While his head was up, she reached beneath his chin and unbuttoned a couple on her blouse.

Returning to his comfortable spot on her chest, he kissed and caressed her skin from lip to nip. A bit of nibbling on her earlobe, behind her ear, small dry licks across her collar bone and almost to her shoulders, he tasted all of her. When he finally plunged into her cleavage, she was in ecstasy! He pulled one tit out of her bra and sucked the soft silky flesh, feeling it heat up with the passion flowing through her body. When he finally made way to the hard red nipple and took it in his mouth, she gave all muscle power to him. She was helpless, not that she wanted to fight it, but she was helpless. After minutes of his talented mouth taking charge, she tipped her head forward and grabbed her tit from below. Nipple in mouth, he looked up at her and smiled as he bit on it to keep hold. She smiled and dropped her face forward to meet his. She licked his tongue as his tongue licked her.

He moaned the most sensual moan of a grunt. She reached down to feel the new form of his bulge. Big, hard and needing to be set free, she got off his lap to better touch him. Feeling his cock engorged as it was flattering. She enjoyed turning him on. He liked to resist it and pretend he was not able to engage in alman porno such activity. Other forces from another part of his life kept him from such happiness. She was making it all acceptable again. They left the bench, hand in hand.

A small grassy corner of a nearby park was perfect for bedding down. They decided together about the most appealing spot. First of them to get to her knees, she remained before him, holding his hand. He clasped her fingers and brought her hand to his cock. She liked the way he “made” her touch him. She could be coached for his pleasure. And for hers. He may be about to show her a new trick.

She followed his lead towards pleasing his cock. Pleasing him. She liked it most to please the man, then the cock…but since his cock was so close to her face and panting breath, the cock got the attention this time~

Once his pants were open, a massage through the small amount of visible hair began the moment all over again. She took her time playing around and letting him again tell/show her what to do with it. It was a bit of a game waiting to see what he wanted her to do before she would do it on her own. This thrill she was experiencing with him was so amazing because he was taking part in his own excitement. She grabbed the front of his boxers with her teeth then wrapped her hands around his sides to his sexy firm ass. A few grabs and a firm pull towards her brought his cock right into her face. His scent was stimulating. She had to shift her hips side to side to distribute the wetness more evenly in her panties. He liked her little dance and didn’t quite know what it was about until later when he reached for her pussy to reciprocate…

She was the means to getting him aroused beyond words. The feel of his hands on the back of hers – on the back of her head when she was taking a few seconds too long to take it into her steamy mouth was a turn on for her. alexis texas porno He was a determined man – a man who knew what he wanted and knew just how to get it. She already knew what to do but with his coaching, she was hoping to learn something new. She was hoping equally for him to get a little rough with her. That would have to remain her own secret desire…

Until that time, she would let him guide her to squeeze harder on his shaft. Once her fingers were strapped around it, he grabbed her wrist and made her stroke him. Up and back, up and back – stopping when her pinky was at the rim of his head. She would have stopped it sooner…wow- a new concept. He wanted more to cum than to be stimulated and teased. She tightened her grip harder to take the lead and let him know she knew how to handle something as special as his beautiful cock. Wrist free to move as she needed, she kept the rhythm he began for her. Trying to push her head onto it, she resisted until he began that roughness.

She got the idea and began with harder, steadier sucks of that fat head. His hand made its way down the back of her panties. One finger between her cheeks, he continued until he could feel the first drips of her juices as they poured out earlier. She clenched her muscles on his finger as soon as the first finger dipped into her hole. She was so wet they could hear it.

What he found in her panties was a slick and hot and wet pussy craving his strong hand. The oral sucking rhythm changed again, as she was unable to concentrate on anything but the fluttering, pinching sensations he imparted while inserting and withdrawing multiple fingers. A pinch of her clit followed by a snapping of her pussy lips and a pinch of her clit again before he fingered her deep. She moaned with a mouthful of his cock. He liked it. He kept her moaning so she’d continue vibrations on the thickness of his hard throbbing member.

Neither wanted the moment to end – he adjusted positions to be able to please her. He kept his erection as he lay beside her guiding her to touch herself. Again, she was excited at his coaching ability but even more that he was teaching her how to touch herself for a grand feel.

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