Together Ssn 08 Ch. 03 – Swear

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***All sexually active characters are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities are consensual. Enjoy!***

Aniya Milosevic is visiting her ex-husband, Tibor Milosevic, in prison today, sitting across a table from him to catch up, “…should have her granddad around. I know she’ll love it, and she’s young enough it won’t be weird introducing you to her.”

Tibor asks, “What about Mia? I can’t imagine she wants me anywhere near her or Kisha after what I’ve done.”

Aniya answers candidly, “That is something for her to decide. Mia is happy with work, and with a girlfriend, and she loves Kisha, and she’s living back at home in her old room. We keep each other good company.”

Tibor tells his ex-wife, “All I want is to say how sorry I am to her. I’ve had so long to think about it… Feels like forever…”

Aniya says, “I miss you. I still love you. We can make it work. Let’s see if we can get you early release, and we can be a family again.”

Tibor thinks things through for a moment before saying, “I want to talk with Mia first. If she says no, I understand.” He then asks, “He’s not around anymore?”

Aniya answers, “Owen? No, he vanished without a trace or so much as a goodbye. At least with you, I know where you are.”

Tibor jokes, “It’s not like I have a choice in things,” sharing a brief, quiet laugh with his ex-wife, “Is that why you want me back? Because you’re lonely?”

Aniya sighs, “Look, Tibor, darling, I know I did you wrong by leaving you for another man just because the sex was better, and I’m not going to sit here making excuses…”

Tibor astutely asks, “But?… Sounds like there’s a, ‘but,’ coming…”

Aniya responds calmly, “I was a bitch. I am a bitch, but I still love you. I really regret what I did to you, and how that affected you and little Ludmila… Mia has forgiven me, and we are so close, I love it, and I love her. We are a happy family, and, I have my needs taken care of, so, I want you to come home because I miss the romance, and I miss you, how you were… before I hurt you…”

Tibor pouts, mulling over his ex-wife’s words, “We both have regrets, and, we both should forgive. We were so sweet together back then, weren’t we?”

Aniya recalls, “Yes, it felt so good, especially with little baby Ludmila… Watching her first steps, and hearing her say, ‘I loves you,’ as her first words… How we used to dance in the living room, and have candlelit dinner dates… Times we went out for picnics on the heath…”

Tibor smiles, flushing in his face as tears fill his eyes, “I do miss you.”

Aniya wipes her own tears from her cheeks, laughing a little as she says, “Yeah, I was fucking stupid to leave all of that… If I could go back, I would’ve told him to fuck off… I can’t go back though, but I can promise to be better… We did promise each other, remember, for better or worse… We’ve been through a lot of worse… We deserve better…”

Tibor nods in agreement, “If Mia wants it, then we can make a case for parole. Otherwise… I just don’t want to ruin her life any more…”

Aniya reaches for Tibor’s hand, rubbing her thumb on his knuckles, looking into his eyes, saying, “We’ll see what she says.” She takes a moment to decide how to say what she wants, “You know how I said my needs are taken care of? And, how you call me a whore?”

Tibor urges her, “Go on?”

Aniya explains, “Just, I’ve been making money showing my naked body to the internet, and pleasuring myself while I do it.”

Tibor swallows, taking a chunk out of his pride as he almost chokes, “I don’t mind… I don’t care, really… Maybe a little, but, being in here talking with everyone else, I realise that promiscuity isn’t taboo anymore. I’ve been rather old-fashioned.”

Aniya smiles, “I love old-fashioned. It’s romantic.” She decides again how to confess her deepest secret to her ex-husband, “Mia and I… have been… close… like,” miming her hands pressing together, and making kissy faces.

Tibor looks confused and hurt as he asks, “She likes that? Well, she has a girlfriend, which is something I’m adjusting to, but at least she has given us a grandchild… heh, there I am with those old-fashioned values… I’m trying here, to be better… I accept everything you two are, because I’m lucky to have two great, beautiful women in my life…”

Aniya smirks playfully, “Yes, you do. I’m going to make sure you get what you’ve been missing out on. I’ll talk with Mia. I love you,” getting up to love as her allotted visiting time expires.

At home, Aniya awaits her daughter, watching over her granddaughter whilst the toddler’s mother earns a living. Mia Milosevic, 21, arrives home, greeting her daughter, “Hi, Kisha!”

Kisha cutely says, “Hi, Mommy!”

Aniya informs her daughter, “She’s been a delight as always… We need to talk alone,” saying to Kisha, “You be a good girl in here while I talk with Mommy in the other room, yeah?”

Kisha promises, “Okay!,” continuing to play with her toys while the grown-ups go into seks hikayeleri the kitchen away from the little girl’s ears.

Mia enquires, “What is it?”

Aniya admits, “I’ve visited your dad today.”

Mia feels betrayed, “How could you? After what he’s done.”

Aniya tells her daughter, “I know what he did to you, but I still love him, and I miss him, and he wants a second chance with you. He says he’s sorry, and I believe him.”

Mia grinds her teeth as her mom’s words seep in, “I suppose I understand that… Doesn’t excuse what he did to me…”

Aniya adds to her daughter’s sentiment, “Nor what I did to him… I feel responsible for what happened with you two. I… know how you feel, but, I want him back in our lives. Not just for me, or you, but for Kisha also, so she can know her granddad. I want to push for early release, but I want you to talk with him first. He wants you to decide this, and, he’s prepared to stay if that’s your wish.”

Mia mulls over the idea, shrugging, “He can rot in there for all I care… but, I should give him the courtesy of condemning him face-to-face…”

Aniya asks, “Are you mad at me for seeing him?”

Mia nods, swallowing down an urge to cry out, mumbling, “I’m not mad. I get it… I don’t have a good memory of him, even going all the way back to when you left, which I don’t even remember that far… He’s always been a disappointment, but, I suppose he did support us for all those years; even with the minimum of effort… Still can’t have been easy… He never earned my money, so I don’t know how he did it when I think about it, and afford his drinking,” laughing at the memories of her drunken father slumped around the house.

Aniya says, “He made it work because he loves you. He worked hard, in a hard job, making shit money. He used to come home so sore and aching, with blisters and calluses on his hands, and he did it for you. He always did it for you, before you were even here, when I was pregnant. He worked harder, and longer, to give you what you needed. It was a sacrifice he was willing to make.”

Mia whimpers, holding her breath to keep from crying as she says, “I never knew him like that. He only showed me how bitter he was, and rageful, and, when he forced himself on me that first time, I had a thought that I was shocked it hadn’t happened sooner. Whatever good he did for me, I will always know the bad he did to me more.”

Aniya strokes her daughter’s hair, comforting her as she hugs her, “There, there… You don’t have to come… I’m sure he’ll understand…”

Mia sighs, “I want to go… I want to see him…”

Aniya asks, “Are you sure?”

Mia nods, “I’m doing it for you, because I love you, Mom,” kissing her passionately on the lips, allowing her love to be felt through the firmness of the flesh, tender and sensitive.

Mia and Aniya return to Kisha in the living room, and Mia sits down on the floor with her daughter, telling her, “I’m going to see my Dad tomorrow.”

Kisha sweetly intuits, “You have a daddy? I don’t have a daddy, do I, Mommy?”

Mia smiles broadly at her daughter, replying to her, “No, you don’t have a daddy. You are a miracle.”

Kisha asks, “Like Madonna, and baby Jesus?”

Mia looks at her mom, asking her, “What are you teaching her?”

Aniya tells her granddaughter, “Yes, like the Lady Madonna.”

Mia corrects her mom for her daughter, “No, she knew who the father of her baby was. I don’t,” making direct eye-contact with Kisha as she says, “That’s why you are a miracle.”

Kisha innocently asks, “Is God my daddy?”

Mia and Aniya can’t contain their laughter, as Mia composes herself enough to answer her daughter, “I just don’t know, but it’s not likely. I’m sorry.”

Kisha states, “We are all God’s children.”

Mia smiles, conceding to her child’s argument, “That’s true.”

Kisha then asks, “Where is your daddy?”

Mia explains in response, “He was bad to me, so he had to go away for a while.”

Kisha wonders, “If your daddy is gone because he’s bad, is my daddy gone because he was bad?”

Mia doesn’t know how to respond, saying, “I don’t know, Kisha.”

Kisha says, “Mommy, I’m going to be a good girl for you so I don’t get taken away to some place bad.”

Mia hugs her daughter proudly, telling her, “You are the best girl for mommy.”

That night, Mia is restless in her bed, slipping in and out of sleep, feeling disturbed by thoughts of her father. She succumbs to slumber, feeling herself becoming numb and heavy all over, unable to budge her bodacious mass as her dad slides into view on top of her. She whimpers, wanting to call out in protest, but she doesn’t want to be hurt by him, fearing his temper flaring.

Mia’s father grunts as he rocks his fat body out of his daughter’s view, making her want to look down, gingerly straining her head to see him rubbing himself into her crotch. He growls, holding her neck, pushing up on her chin, forcing her to look away. She can hear sex hikayeleri him grunting, “This is unbecoming of a girl with her father.”

Mia blushes hard, and sweat pours from her head, smelling herself getting more and more musty. She feels so desperate, and needy, thinking of her girlfriend, “Carrie, where are you? I could use you right now… You could use me…”

Mia’s father growls, “She’s not here; I am, you ungrateful bitch.”

Mia’s mouth is smothered, making it harder to breath, struggling to fill her lungs as she flops around where she lays, like a fish out of water. She tries to give voice to her desperation in this tense moment, “Dad… Please, Dad… I beg… Please… Stop… Oh, fuck…”

Finding herself suddenly awake, Mia throws off the blanket covering her face, realising that it was choking her, coming as a small comfort that she was dreaming, but incredibly horny as she clings to thoughts of her dad. She reasons with herself, “You’re not getting back to sleep until you get yourself off… You ungrateful bitch… Wanting your Dad while you sleep… Why would you even go there?”

Playing with herself, Mia feels so stressed, with her muscles strained and stretched so much. Her fingers slip into the shallow crevices of her stretchmarks where her full-bodied figure bulges. She can feel her thighs soaked with her juices flowing from her hairy pussy, and her heart beats like a loud drum, seeming as if it comes from beyond the wall behind her rather than inside her heaving chest.

Sinking her fingers into her pussy, she shudders and whimpers, “Oh, fuck… hmmph, Dad,” trying as hard as she can to manifest his form in front of her with the power of her sheer concentration. She conjures the look of disdain he would have on his face at seeing her doing this, especially disgusted to know it would be for him.

Mia feels strange to be thinking about this, with her remembering the trauma she experienced because of him. She had her confidence shattered by him, and her virginity robbed by him, and feared for her life by him. Why, then, would she want him now? Does she miss him? Do I?

Digging deeper into her delicate flesh, Mia urges herself to orgasm. It feels so good to have all the hormones and adrenaline fizzling just beneath the surface of the skin, making her shudder. The uneven rhythm of her heart drums a complicated beat in her chest, coupling with her head lost in confusion of what compels her to dream of this. She feels her pussy dribbling a thick cream, mixing with sweat as she squeezes her thighs together, breathing, “Dad?,” before slumping back onto the bed, sinking into sumptuous rest.

In her mind, Mia’s father still appears strongly, his image burned into the dark of her closed eyelids. The mix of emotions make her feel hot and heavy as she sinks back into sleep.

The next day, Mia visits her dad with her mom, greeting him shortly, “Hi.”

Tibor tears up, telling her, “I’m so sorry for everything, Mia. I’m so sorry. I’ve missed you so much, and I’ve been praying for a chance to make things right with you; even if I just say I’m sorry, and even if I never see you again. I love you, Mia, and what I did I regret so much. No father should do those things; shouldn’t think those things, let alone do them. I don’t deserve you, and every breath I take is in penance to you. I’m truly sorry.”

Mia can hardly look at her tearful father, quietly saying in reply, “You raped me… You were going to kill me… You kidnapped me… I’m so done with you… I wasn’t even going to come today… I told Mom, ‘He can rot in there for all I care.’ I really mean that.

“I came to tell you that I haven’t forgotten what you did. It hurts me deep in my heart every single day. Not even holding my daughter to my breast helps with that pain. No matter how close I am with my girlfriend, and she makes me feel so good, doesn’t make things any easier. Hearing you say sorry does nothing for me, Dad.”

Tibor wipes his face with his fat hands, feeling defeated, “I will stay here for the rest of my days.”

Mia casually offers, “How are you going to show me you’re sorry if you stay in here?”

Aniya asks, “You want to see if we can get your dad released?”

Tibor is stunned, tears ready to spill down his face again as he awaits his daughter’s response as she answers, “I’m willing. You’d better be on your best behaviour, Dad. I’m not taking any shit anymore.”

Aniya delightedly expresses, “We’re finally going to be a family again, after all these years!”

Tibor sincerely tells his daughter, “I don’t deserve this second chance. I expected to rot in hell here, and I am happy to do that for you. I didn’t expect your mercy.”

Mia supposes, “You can still rot in hell, but you can live a little first,” casting her eyes over her dad’s body, seeing how his greasy, unkempt hair clings to his head, and she thinks to herself, ‘Why do I feel like this?’ That feeling she dwells on swells with a soft tingle in her breast, nurturing into something sexual and something raw.

Aniya grabs her daughter’s hand, holding it tight as she says, “Thank you, Mia. I know this must be difficult for you, but you are so brave, and I love you.”

Mia laughs a little, almost insincerely saying in response as she continues to look at her dad, “Brave? He’s already hurt me so much… He can’t hurt me much more?”

Tibor sinks back into his seat, hanging his head to the floor, thinking aloud, “Is that what you think of me? That I’m going to hurt you? I don’t want to come out if that’s what you think.”

Mia shrugs, “Come on… I can take it… I can take everything you have…”

Aniya urges her ex-husband, “The girl needs her dad.”

Tibor glances a look at his ex-wife, and his daughter, deciding, “We will do it.”

Mia takes her dad’s words as a promise, feeling a sexual hunger simmering in her core, giving a smile to him as she promises him, “We will.” She leans forward, catching the captive’s eye across from her, staring deep into each other’s souls as she says to him, “Be grateful, Dad.”

Tibor feels humbled by his daughter, shrinking in her presence, sensing how self-assured she is. He couldn’t be prouder to see her so strong-willed, feeling unfamiliar faced with his family, not recognising the characters in the forms he knows. It’s almost as if he’s meeting his daughter for the first time. Gone is the reclusive, shy girl, replaced now by a capable and confident woman.

Mia gulps, hesitating for a moment as she considers how she wants to say what she wants, “Dad, I… want this to work out between us. I’m not going to be bullied by you anymore, and you were a bully. You made me feel like shit. You made me think I was worthless. You treated me like a slave to do your chores. My daughter is not going to know any of that, so if you be like that: with her, with me, with anyone, I will make sure you are back here.”

Tibor tells his intentions to his daughter in response, “My parents were hard with me, so that’s all I knew, but I promise to be kinder, and pull my weight.”

Aniya remarks, “You have enough of it.” Tibor feels embarrassed, blushing as he retreats into himself, and his ex-wife adds, “But, I do love it,” biting her lip playfully.

Tibor shakes, wrestling with his urges to chastise and punish such unbecoming behaviour, but unwilling to let those feelings out, keeping them locked within, as he says to Mia, “I’ve made friends in here who have shown me how to be more… modern?… They’ve told me stories about their loved ones, and their kids, and I can do better. I need to do better. I want to be better.”

Mia affirms, “I believe you.”

Tibor looks surprised as he asks, “Really?”

Mia shrugs, staring into her dad’s eyes, replying, “Yeah. Don’t you want me to?,” watching how her dad looks back into her eyes steadily, and she confirms, “I believe you.”

Back at home, the mother and daughter catch Mia’s girlfriend, Carrie Harper, 20, up on everything, with Carrie wanting to be sure, “So, like, it takes about 6 months for him to be released?”

Aniya seems hopeful as she says, “Yeah, looks that way. I hope it helps that the victim, Mia here, being accepting of him swings the decision in favour of release. His life is in her hands.”

Carrie asks her girlfriend, “What’s it like having that much power over your dad?”

Mia shrugs, “Not really given it any thought… Just know it means a lot to Mom, and… yeah…”

Carrie astutely discerns, “Seems like there’s more to it than that?”

Mia laughs a little, folding her arms to reply, “No… That’s pretty much it…”

Carrie teases, “You liar,” chuckling, “I can tell when you’re lying, and I think you miss him.”

Mia sighs, conceding, “Maybe… I see how close you are with your dad, and, it seems nice.”

Aniya remarks, “Seems like you have, ‘Dad envy.'”

Mia admits, “Stephen is a good dad. Maybe Dad can learn a thing or two from him?”

Carrie pokes her cheek with her tongue, saying, “Uh-huh… Like, you want him to be better in the bedroom?”

Mia huffs, “I didn’t say that.”

Carrie nudges her girlfriend’s arm, chuckling, “Didn’t have to,” seeing how her girlfriend is looking away shyly. She says seriously, “I know what he did to you, and, like, I know you were done with him, but, it’s okay to want your dad. I’m going to be with you through all of it this time, so, it’s going to be okay. Yeah?”

Mia nods, and Aniya comments on Carrie, “You’re such a sweet young girl. I’m glad you have each other.”

Carrie cheekily says to Aniya, “Yeah, I love this, like, everyone is so supportive. It’s nice, like, fuck, life is treating us well.”

Mia speaks up, “Just want to keep it that way.”

Carrie confidently tells her girlfriend, “We are going to. Whatever we need to do it, like, love you.”

Mia cranes her head to her girlfriend’s, ready to kiss her, expressing, “Love you, Carrie,” mushing their lips together with the vigour of their youth as Aniya becomes invigorated herself watching the young couple make out.

Aniya remarks, “Good thing we put Kisha to bed.”

Mia immediately becomes self-conscious, pulling away from her kiss, glancing a look at the doorway, panting, “What if she gets out of bed and sees us?”

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