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Note from Slickman: This will be a slow moving story so if you want instant sex go elsewhere. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

Tom’s life was thrown into frenzy when he found out he would have to move to another town during the middle of his senior year in high school. His father had lost his job and the family couldn’t afford for him to stay behind. Not only did he have to move and leave his girlfriend Tracy but they were moving to a big city away from the small town of Clarkton. He had a rough time just before the Christmas break when he had to say goodbye to his basketball teammates and his friends. He promised Tracy he would call every night as she cried on the sidewalk in front of the moving van. He told her it would only be six months and they could get back together again at a college near Clarkton where he had hoped to get a basketball scholarship. .

The family had to stay at his grandparent’s home until his father found a new job. The house was a lot older and the only room available for him was in the finished basement. He was happy down there because he had some privacy, his own bathroom and his own TV. He figured he would just spend the next six months in seclusion.

“Why don’t you go down to the park at the end of the street?” His grandmother said on a Saturday morning before the New Year rang in. “I see kids your age playing basketball and I hear you are pretty good.”

“Na, I’ll just watch TV.” He said feeling sorry for himself.

But she would not have it. “Out, get out of my house.” She picked up a towel and waved it at him.

Tom laughed as he ran from the house. He moved slowly down the urban street noticing the neighborhood was clean and the folks seemed friendly enough. He had over a week before he had to start at the local high school. Maybe if he made a few friends it would be easier on him he thought.

When he turned the corner he heard the sound of someone dribbling a basketball and saw a guy shooting by himself. Not being that shy Tom opened the swinging gate to the fenced in court and stood watching the guy shoot. After draining about six long shots in a row the kid turned and tossed him the ball. “Let’s see what you got.”

Tom looked at the guy and noticed he was wearing long basketball shorts and a baggy sweatshirt. He was around 5 foot 10 inches and seemed to be pretty slim under the loose clothing. Tom hadn’t practiced in almost three weeks and was a little rusty as the first shot was an air ball. The kid laughed and tossed it back to him. Tom took a few dribbled to get the feel of the ball and faded back when he shot his next one. This time the ball swished through the chains that substituted as a net. The kid didn’t say anything as Tom swished his next four shots.

“My name is Billie,” the kid said as he dribbled out to the corner and turned to make another long shot.


“You ah…visiting?”

“No I just moved in with my Grandparents.” Tom grabbed the ball and dribbled a few times between his legs and whipped the ball back to Billie.

“Which school you going to?”

“Central Catholic.”

“The team could use you.” Billie laughed. “Our team sucks.”

“I’m a senior so they might not take me since the season started already,” he said as he did a cross over dribble and scooped up the ball into the basket with his left hand.

“Nice,” the other kid said.

“Yo, Billie what’s up?” A voice rang out from behind them. Tom turned and saw two more kids walking up.

“This is Tom.” Billie said. “He just moved in.”

Tom held out his hand to shake.

“John,” the tall kid announced. Tom reached to shake the other kid’s hand but he turned and grabbed the ball.

“That’s Joe,” Billie said. “Must be a bad day.”

After the four shot around for about ten minutes Billie asked if they wanted to play some two on two. They all agreed and Billie and Tom played John and Joe. Billie matched up with John that therefore left Tom and Joe playing each other.

Before the other team knew what hit them Tom popped in two long shots over Joe’s out-reached arm. “2 zip.” Billie laughed. Since it was winners out Tom once again had the ball with Joe playing him closer. He faked a jump shot and flew around him to easily lay it in. “3 zip.” Billie said rubbing it in.

Tom turned to see Joe totally pissed. Tom tossed him the ball to check and was surprised when the kid flung it back at him. Tom passed to Billie this time to allow Joe to cool down somewhat but Billie was trapped in the corner and had to toss it back to Tom. Again he faked a jump shot and dribbled around Joe. He left his feet to lay it in again and felt Joe’s hand smack him across the arm and head. Luckily he was able to grab the post holding up the goal before he crashed to the ground. He turned angrily and stopped. He didn’t need to mix it up with someone on the first day at the park. “Foul,” he announced escort şişli as he held out his hands for Joe to throw him the ball to take out.

Joe laughed. “The little pussy was fouled. I guess he doesn’t know the playground rules.”

Tom looked at Billie and John who were trying not to laugh. He bit his tongue and decided to go with the flow. If hard fouls are acceptable then he could do his share as well. Joe moved to take the ball out of bounds and Tom moved to guard him. John was a pretty good player and faked Billie to the left as he drove to the right. He laid the ball in. Thirty-one.” Joe said smiling. Tom knew he meant 3 to 1.

Joe now had the ball and dribbled right with Tom guarding him closely. The boy flew to the right and suddenly pushed Tom away as he faded back for a jump shot. They all turned to see the ball swish through the chains. “Thirty-two,” the boy grinned.

Tom realized quickly that urban street basketball was different than the park in Clarkton. If they could be physical then so could he. Joe again took the ball at the top of the key and moved to the left this time. He tossed John the ball as he cut across the middle and laid it up over Billie. “Thirty-three.” Joe laughed.

Joe checked the ball with Tom again. “Welcome to the city country boy,” he said as he backed Tom up with his hips. As Tom lunged to steal the ball Joe turned the other way and banked the ball off the backboard. “Forty-three. Five wins it.”

Steam was coming from Tom’s ears now as Joe once again took the ball at the top of the key and faked to his left. Tom pretended to go left but quickly moved back to the right. Joe wasn’t expecting his hand to tap the ball away. Tom picked it up and smiled at the startled kid. Before Joe could react Tom’s feet left the asphalt and his jump shot banked in the hoop. “I believe it is now Forty-four.” Tom laughed.

Billie was open for a shot as Tom dribbled to his right so he tossed a bounce pass in his direction. Billie grabbed the ball and started for the basket and almost made it until Joe double teamed him and stole the ball. Tom quickly jumped in front of Joe and held his arms outward to prevent him from driving around him. Billie moved left and right trying to find an opening but didn’t see any.

Tom was ready this time for Joe’s hand to push him away. As Joe reached out to push off with his hand Tom did the same. His hand pushed against Joe’s chest first and he suddenly froze. It was enough for Joe to move around him and make the lay up. “WE WIN!” Joe yelled as he moved over to high five John.

“What the fuck happened?” Billie asked Tom as they watched Joe and John celebrate.

“He…he………has….breasts.” Tom stuttered.

Billie broke down laughing. “Oh fuck I thought you knew Jo is a girl.”

“I better be going.” Tom said still shocked that a girl had beaten his ass in basketball. He waved to John and Jo and headed off the court. As he opened the gate he heard footsteps and turned around to see Jo smiling at him.

“If you ever grab my tit again I’ll kick you in the nuts,” she grinned.

“I…didn’t know,” he said still shocked. “I’m sorry.”

Jo winked at him. “Will we see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’ll be back,” he said as he moved away. He turned and saw her blue eyes looking at his ass. As he turned the corner he glanced back and saw the three of them laughing as they headed down the street the other way.


“So how was it?” Tom’s grandmother asked when he came through the kitchen door.

“Different,” he replied. “Very different.” Tom moved down to the basement and picked up the phone to call Tracy. He was not going to tell her he had touched another girl’s breast. His fingers tingled as they remembered the soft feel.

“I know I miss you too,” he said. Their relationship had reached a point where they had touched and kissed each other but had not gone all the way. They were both virgins.

“A dance? This Saturday night?” Tom repeated. “I’m sorry Tracy I can’t make it back this soon.” It was a three hour drive to Clarkton. “Yes you go but don’t be messing around with anyone.” Tom hung up the phone later and sighed. Life sucked.


Jo waved goodbye to Billie and John as she entered her two-story home.

“Josephine is that you?” Her mother yelled from the kitchen.

“Mom, I told you to call me Jo,” the girl said as she moved into the kitchen and sat next to her twin sister Karen.

“Out with the boys?” Karen smirked as she painted her fingernails.

Jo glanced at the perfect hair and makeup on her twin. They might be identical sisters in appearance but definitely not in life. As rough and tough Jo was Karen was equally feminine in her ways.

“Yeah so what?” Jo snapped back. “A new boy moved in the hood.”

“Is he cute?” Karen asked sitting up straight.

“How would I know?” Jo laughed.

“Oh yes, you don’t like boys do you?” Karen quipped. “Maybe the rumors are true about you liking girls.” merter escort

“Fuck you.” Jo said.

“Stop it right now,” their mother said. “Can’t you two get alone at least one day a year?”

“Yes if you tell her to shut up,” Jo said as she stood and left the room.

Jo was lying on her bed tossing the basketball up in the air when Karen knocked. “Come in,” she said.

“I’m sorry about the lesbian remark,” her sister said as she came in to sit next to Jo on the bed. “I was just kidding.”

“Whatever.” Jo said showing no interest.

“So tell me about this new boy.”

“God I don’t know. He shoots a great jump shot and has good hands.”

“Good hands huh?” Karen giggled.

“Is sex all you think about?” Jo asked.

“Well I’m tired of being the only virgin in…….,” she stopped. “I mean except for you the only virgin in our class.”

“I’m sure I can talk John or Billie to fuck you if you want.” Jo laughed.

“God, you are so gross sometimes,” her sister said. “Is he coming back to play tomorrow?”

“Who knows,” Jo said lying.

Karen stood and walked from Jo’s room.

It was later than evening when Jo walked from the shower that Karen came bursting into the bathroom that they shared. “Don’t you ever knock?” Jo said as she quickly wrapped the large towel around her naked body.

“You know you have a nicer body than me. You should show it sometime.” Karen said as she looked at her sister’s full breasts pushing out the towel and the cute ass cheeks exposed under the terrycloth.

“I’m not a slut like you,” Jo said as she grabbed Karen and led her out the door. Jo smiled as she looked at her body in the full length mirror behind the door. She pulled the towel away and saw the hard nipples pushing upward. She had tried to forget the new boy’s face and his ass but couldn’t. Her heart felt funny and the tingling between her legs had not gone away. For the first time in her life Jo felt real sexual desire. That night was the first time she had ever gone to bed in the nude and the first time in a long time that she had masturbated. The important thing was that it was the first time she had really climaxed.


“See you later Gram!” Tom yelled as he ran out the front door. It was about the same time that he had played basketball the previous day and he wanted to get there early to practice some. He heard the basketball being dribbled and the metal backboard sound when the ball bounced off. He turned the corner and saw one of the guys shooting. When he got closer he realized it was the girl Jo.

“Hi,” Tom said as he walked cautiously onto the court. He didn’t want her to smack him with the ball or kick him in the nuts like she had warned.

“Hi,” Jo said with a smile. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I guess I was a little rough on ya.”

“Na that’s OK,” he said as he caught the basketball she tossed him, “I guess I was a pussy when we played.”

Jo laughed. “John and Billie can’t make it so I guess we can just shot around some.”

“That’s cool.” Tom said smiling. The tough girl wasn’t so tough after all.

“You know you are pretty good,” he said as she swished two consecutive shots from the corner. “You must be on the team.”

“Yeah I play,” Jo replied. She didn’t want to be the one to tell him she was first team all state last year as a junior and had the top schools recruiting her. “You’re a shoe in to make the boy’s team.”

“I hope I’m eligible.”

“You are.” Someone said from behind the fence. Tom turned and saw a priest standing there.

“Hi Father Tim.” Jo said as she ran over to open the gate to the court.

Tom dribbled the ball over to him. “So this is the one I’ve been hearing about?” The priest said looking at him.

“Hearing about?” Tom asked.

“First I get this call from a coach in Clarkton about this kid who can shoot the eyes out and then I get phone calls from others who told me to come to the park today.” Father Tim said. “I haven’t seen you miss yet.”

“Lucky I guess,” Tom said blushing.

“Well I’m also the basketball coach at the school and yes you are eligible if you want to come out for the team.”

“That would be great.” Tom said smiling.

“The first practice after the holidays is next Monday after school. Bring your stuff in early and I’ll give you a locker in the team locker room.” Father Tim said before he turned and left.

“I guess you are on the team,” Jo said as she smacked him in his ass as she ran to pick up the basketball.

“Hey watch it!” Tom laughed.

For the next five minutes they took turns trying to make the most foul shots before they missed. Jo had hit fifteen in a row and Tom had twelve and was still shooting. As Tom was shooting his thirteenth shot he glanced over at Jo who was pulling the baggy sweatshirt over her short blonde hair. He froze when her tee shirt underneath pulled out of her shorts showing him her muscular abs.

Jo realized he was istanbul escort starring at her upper body and quickly pulled down her shirt which now showed her ample breasts. “Don’t get any ideas,” she giggled. She was glad John and Billie had not showed up today because she didn’t like showing them her feminine attributes.

“Don’t worry I don’t want to be kicked in the nuts,” he laughed as he stroked the thirteenth foul shot through the hoop.

“I think I’m going to beat you,” Tom announced when his fourteenth shot swished through. As he aimed for the shot to tie her he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. It almost made him miss the shot which bounced around on the rim before it fell through. He turned and saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen before.

“Hi,” Karen said smiling at him. He was even cuter than she had imagined or even hoped for. “I’m Jo’s sister Karen.”

Jo saw it in his eyes the moment he looked at her sister. She had seen it before in the boy’s eyes when Karen made her grand entrance. Today she had pulled out all stops and was wearing a halter blouse and a very short denim skirt. Her raised heels made her legs look even longer and sexier.

“Hi I’m Tom,” he said smiling. He looked at Jo. “Are you two….twins?”

“It’s hard to believe isn’t it?” Karen said smiling.

“Yeah she’s a stuck up bitch,” Jo said as she hooked the ball fifteen feet into the hoop.

“Now-now sis be nice,” Karen added. “I hope to see you in school.”

“Yeah me too,” he said realizing the smile had not left his face.

“If you are not doing anything later would you like to stop by my house? We can listen to some music or something?” Karen asked.

“Listen to some music or something…La de da.” Jo laughed as she repeated the words in her sister’s voice.

Tom laughed. “Sure I would like that.”

“Come over at seven. It’s the next street over number 82.” Karen said smiling. “You are going out with the gang tonight right?” She directed to Jo.

Jo realized her sister had moved right in and had made claim to the new boy. Tonight the guys liked to meet at Billie’s house to play video games. “Maybe.” She answered.

Karen and Jo gave each other hard stares until Karen broke eye contact and backed off. “I’ll see you at seven Tom.” She turned and made sure she gave her best ass wiggle as she strolled down the street.

“I’ll see you at seven Tom.” Jo repeated as she copied Karen’s wiggle. Tom broke down laughing and admiring Jo’s nice butt shaking in the basketball shorts.

“I would have never guessed that she was your sister,” he said as they sat on the bottom seat of a wooden bleacher near the sideline.

“I guess you have a girl friend back in Podunk right?” Jo said as she dribbled the ball while she sat.

“Yes and no,” he said. “We said we would try to wait until the summer but being this far away is tough.” Tom wanted to make sure Karen knew he was available in case Jo said something later.

“So you are like most guys. If something better comes along then take it right?”

“That’s not what I said,” he laughed as he jabbed her on the shoulder. Jo suddenly pushed him back.

“I didn’t say it was wrong did I?” Jo laughed as she tossed the ball against his chest and caught it as it bounced back into her hands. Tom lunged to get the ball but she curled her arms and body around it. He tried to pull it away but couldn’t. As his fingers moved around the ball he once again came in contact with one of her breasts. He froze waiting for her to kick him but she didn’t. She acted like it was not happening so he keep grabbing for the ball and feeling her soft mound.

Jo gasped when his fingers touched her breast again. She pulled the ball tighter against her which then trapped his fingers between the ball and her boob. After a few seconds she relaxed her gripped and let him take the ball. As soon as he got it she jumped on top of him until he was lying on his back on the bleacher seat. Jo’s body moved over his as he held the ball above his head beyond her reach. Her whole body was now lying directly on his and that’s when she felt it. His hard penis pushed against her stomach.

Before Tom could respond he felt Jo jump off of him and saw her run from the court. “Jo I’m sorry!” He yelled as she ran down the street. He picked up her sweatshirt and took a deep breath. He had to get laid quickly because it didn’t take much for him to get hard.


“God he is so cute,” Karen said as Jo smashed through the front door.

Jo looked at her sister and gritted her teeth in anger. “Leave me alone.”

“What did I do?” Karen asked as her tomboy sister ran up the stairs.

Jo tried to forget about Tom as she got ready to go out to meet with the guys. She tossed on her Knicks shirt and long sweatpants and headed by her sister’s room. She peeked in to see Karen standing in the sexiest set of black panties and bra she had ever seen.

“I guess those are for Tom.” Jo said after pushing the door open.

“Yes, do you think he will like them?” Karen giggled as she turned her body to show Jo the black thong strap down between her buttocks.

“You are such a slut.” Jo said. “I don’t think he will fall for your shit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32