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My Toys, My Lovers

As I lay there beginning to drip in expectant arousal, I asked Steve to get my bullet and a finger vibe. He went over and began looking through the things in my closet and he was lost to know what they were. I asked him to come and untie me and I took him over.

I stood there with Steve looking through my closet of sex toys and began showing him all the different types and explained what they were for. It was hard holding back laughter at some of the faces he made when I explained how the toys worked.

“Steve, do you know much about toys? I’m only asking because you seem to be surprised by everything I show you.”

Steve went redder in embarrassment and I wondered why. His explanation made all the sense why, to me.

“I don’t know anything about toys, Shae, I’ll admit that. I went to a toy store, because so many of the ads from women on the dating site mentioned enjoying them. I was thinking I had better understand what these toys were all about and how they enjoyed them. Honestly Shae, I haven’t got a clue what all of this is about. I was kind of hoping you weren’t one of those women, actually.”

“Yeah, I can understand that, but hey, at least you want to learn. Most guys don’t want to, or hate the idea of toys altogether. As for me, Baby, toys are my best friends and I won’t give them up for anyone. In my book, I take you for you and everything you come with and you take me and everything I come with. I come with all of these and I need a lover and a partner who understands them and doesn’t feel threatened by them. God, Steve, I love cock and honestly, I really like the package you brought for me. I loved playing with you and getting to know your cock. Trust me, you have nothing to fear about your cock not being enough to satisfy me.”

“Well, that was kind of what I was thinking. I mean, come on, look at some of these things. How do you even get them inside you? They’re huge!”

I had to start laughing at that point, it was such a typical way for a man to think. I took his hands and held them and tried to do it with a straight face.

“Steve, think about it. Where did you come from? I’m pretty sure your mother had a natural birth, didn’t she? You came out of her and trust me, you weren’t that small. I’ve had two kids and I just fucked you a couple of hours ago. Did I feel all sloppy inside, like you were throwing a bowling ball down a hallway? I think that’s the term most guys use to describe it.”

Steve blushed and I knew he’d heard the expression. He looked in my eyes and he wanted to appear sincere to me.

“ShaeLee, you felt amazing inside. I could feel you doing all kinds of things with your muscles on me.”

“There you go. See these little balls, I use these and tighten up. I just slip a pair in and I have to work my muscles to keep them in and that makes them tighter and stronger. I’m getting pretty good at it too. I can shift in my seat and do some cheek clenching and work the balls around. It’s really fun exercising, let me tell you. I’ll tell you right now, those dayliners you see in my bathroom, they aren’t for a weak bladder, trust me. I get so wet playing with them, I made the mistake of wearing them out one day and I got so wet, it showed right through my pants. I was so fucking embarrassed, but I had the greatest orgasms that day, I remember that.”

Steve was in awe and shock at what I divulged. I thought to myself, that if this got his attention piquing, I wondered if he’d grab his clothes and run by the time I got to the more fun toys.

“You wear those at work and everything?”

“Of course. Best time to do exercises. I can work so many muscles while sitting and so many by walking and moving about normally. I have one position I might share with you that really gets me going, at least in my mind, but we’ll save that for much later. Let’s stick with toys and get you up to speed with everything and get you into playing. Honestly, the best way to get used to playing with toys during sex, is to just enjoy pleasuring me with them and not think about your cock being involved.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, don’t worry about having a hard on and fucking me, just enjoy making me aroused and get me wet. I love when I’m full of my cum and then you slide inside me and it coats you. At that point, that’s just what I need is a nice, big cock like yours to fuck the hell out of me and fill me with your cum. I love feeling that. If I need even more fun, hey, just rest up and relax, Baby, I got some fun things to keep me happy while you’re getting ready for round two. Here, this one is my favorite.”

I pulled out the wire drawer and folded the towel back. Steve was impressed with the care I took in my toys and I liked that. I took out my glass dildo with studded beads along the shaft. I let him hold it and get a feel for it.

“This will keep me very happy while I wait for you. I’d like it even more if you used it on me and licked my clit.”

“But don’t these things hurt being inside you?”

“What? casino şirketleri The little glass beads on them?”


“Oh Baby, those are heavenly to feel. I love different textures inside me. Just use lots of lube and everything is wonderful. Just remember, lube is your best friend and makes everything easier to do and much more fun. I guess I better ask the all important question then.”

“What’s that?”

“How much do you know about pussy and how it all works?”

Steve blushed and I knew he knew very little about me down there.

“I know nothing really, Shae. I just know you can get wet and have sex and do all kinds of things, but what, I haven’t got a clue.”

“Okay, like most guys then. I think we need to pick a part and a toy to go with it and get to know each part well, then we’ll try putting it all together later. How does that sound?”

I could see Steve warming up to the idea and knew he was happy to be getting an education finally.

“Alright. I can’t think of a better way to learn actually. I really like you, ShaeLee, I really do.”

“I know you do, Steve and I really like you, so please, just call me Shae, okay?”

“Okay, Shae.”

The little humorous play brought a little sigh of relief from Steve and a welcoming sigh from me. I was goin to have a night of toy play and enjoy so many all in one sitting. If her was going to like it or not, he might as well see every thing I had to enjoy. I put the glass dildo back with the others and laid the towel over them and closed the drawer.

“Wow Shae, you really take good care of those things.”

“Of course I do. Look at where they’re going and imagine me using dirty and broken ones on myself. I don’t think so. I love my pussy and everything it can do to bring me pleasure, so the last thing I want is a toy that can stop that.”

“Yeah, I can definitely see how that would be a bad thing. Guess it doesn’t take much to damage inside, seeing how tender you are inside.”

“I am, but I’m also pretty tough too. As delicate as I am to some things, I can stretch and have no pain or damage at all.”

“Okay, I can see that, the childbirth and all.”

“Yeah, so getting big isn’t a big deal. I mean, yeah, I can’t be playing with one of my big toys and then expecting you to find any pleasure being inside me. We’d have our fun first and then play, or just watch me play and join in doing things to me.”

“Okay, I’m getting it now. So, where do we start with all this?”

“I think the very first toy we need to use and let you get to know me better, is lube. Best friend remember?”

“Right, okay. Which one, you have a few to choose from?”

“Let’s just use the water-based one and I’ll put a towel or two under me so you can put lots on. I love the feel of hands and oil on me and I’ll show you how to touch me.”

“Sounds good.”

I took the lube and some towels and went back to the bed and laid down. We didn’t bother doing any restraints at this point, as I may need to show him physically how to do something. I lay down and got comfortable and put my feet up in the stirrups, exposing myself to him. I thought he might like a bit more and had him adjust them so I was spread as wide as I could go in them.

“Steve, get one of those pillows and fold it in half and wrap a towel over it for me, please. I want to tuck it under my hips and make things easier to get to and see.”

“Oh, okay.”

Steve did as I asked and slid it under me ad saw what I was talking about and smiled.

“Okay, make yourself comfortable on the stool and come in close and we’ll get started.”

Steve sat on the stool and rolled over on the casters, stopping inches from me. I almost hoped he landed face first in me and start with some of that instead. He sat up and looked at me and knew he was ready to enjoy himself. He was in a playful mood and that was the perfect way to be to enjoy this.

“Okay, let’s have some fun, shall we? Here, take the lube and squirt and bunch over me and make sure I well covered in it and then we’ll get your fingers walking.”

Steve popped open the nozzle and began liberally squirting the oil over my pussy and it felt delicious as it ran through my lips and over my ass. I don’t think he saw it, but my liquid oil was happening too and was leaking out to join it. He closed the top and placed his hand on me and I saw the expression that he’d found something wonderful to feel.

“Now work that all over me and get it everywhere. Don’t be shy about getting it inside me and all around it. I want you to know all the areas I like to be touched and how to touch them.”

He gently worked his fingers over me, spreading the oil and savoring the feeling of smooth skin to the touch. He was getting to know why me shaving him was such a big deal and why I liked the feel of it, instead of hair. His thumbs worked my labia and lips, parting them and smearing the oil over them. I wanted to see what he saw that made him so happy to see and it hit me to casino firmaları get a mirror mounted so I could see what was happening to my pussy.

I knew he could see how wet I was and how juicy and rich I looked inside. I played in front of a mirror and watched myself from start to finish before, so I knew what he what he was seeing. His fingertips ran around the entrance, feeling the difference in skin textures from outside to inside. I lay there contentedly letting him touch me, not telling him to do anything, just getting used to my pussy and how it felt.

It was incredible to feel him explore me and touch things he’d always wondered about, looking at me for a reaction. No matter what he did, he always got a positive response to know it was okay to do what he was doing. A few minutes of tentative touching turned a bit bolder and he began rubbing his finger around my clit. He was enjoying the feel and knew he wasn’t really sure on how to work the hood or ring.

“Mmmmm, I love having my clit rubbed like that. I like having my ring pulled back and my clit exposed and very lightly rubbed.”

“What? I thought I was rubbing your clit. What am I rubbing then?”

“Oh, my clit is under the skin you’re rubbing. That’s the hood. I got the ring so I can hold it and pull it back to expose my clit. When it gets slippery, it’s hard to hold it back, so the ring makes it great for playing.”

“I see. Should I do it to you?”

“Sure, just go easy and be gentle. You’ll see how easy it is to move and hold. Here, let me show you quickly, so you’ll see what I mean.”

I took hold of the ring and pulled it back against my body and held it with my fingertip. My clit was already aroused and popped out nicely engorged to him. He stared at it and it was a lustful stare he gave, making me bolder to play. I took my thumb and forefinger and began striking it, pulling it to draw it out, the twitching spasms getting Steve amazed and enthused to see more.

“This feels amazing doing this, want to try?”

Steve took my clit in his fingers and tried to do it just like I had.

“That’s it Baby, just a little harder. Oh. yes, perfect.”

I kept closing my eyes, falling off into bliss and struggled to stay focused on Steve touching me. It was arousing to watch him touch me and it cut the time in half to have an orgasm.

“Steve, oh Baby, just do that, just like that. I’m going to cum for you. You’re going to make me cum Baby.”

I watched him for as long as I could and my eyes couldn’t stay open if I tried. Faster and harder the pulses of orgasmic shock hit me and drove me towards my goal.

“Oh fuck, Steve, yes, I’m cumming. Pull me Baby, pull me harder.”

Steve’s fingers gripped a bit tighter on each stroke and I was losing it. I started shuddering into it and my body stiffened tightly. I gripped the sides of the table and bore down, as I expelled my cum.

“Oh God.”

“I know Baby, I’m cumming, just keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Those were my last coherent words I said, as I felt myself get washed over with bliss and only my orgasm mattered. I knew Steve was seeing something he had only felt before and hoped her liked it from another perspective of sense. I was hoping he’d be into another sense and asked.

“Taste me, Baby. Taste the sweet honey my pussy is making for you.”

My hips were rising to him, beckoning him to them. He looked at what he had created and he took his fingers away and placed his mouth over me. It was clumsy in his approach, but it was just what I needed to feel and technique was something we could work on. I felt the broad, flat strokes lapping me up and writhed in delectable bliss. His moans let me know he was enjoying the taste of me and that was my biggest hope and worry. Oral sex was a make or break thing on how a person took to tasting another person. Steve was enjoying me and that made me cum a little harder for him.

I finally pushed him away gently and said that was enough. I could feel how juicy I was and it was bullet time. I wanted a little something to go along with it and thought about the balls and the glass dildo. Neither looked threatening in size or shape, but to my pussy, they were devastating. I asked him to get the ones I showed him earlier and he brought them back.

“Now, put some lube on the bullet and slide it inside me. I’ll let you know how far to put it in.”

He did as I said and looked at my pussy and the bullet, like he was putting the two together for the first time. He pushed it into me and it disappeared. I could feel where it was and told him to use his finger to push it in deeper. I felt it way up inside and it was about as far as his finger would go.

“Okay, slip both those balls inside, one at a time though.”

He chuckled and lubed each ball, then slowly pushed them inside. He sat back and looked at me like I was magically going to start cumming and I had to laugh a bit and almost spat a ball out doing it. I pushed it back in and chuckled.

“Come güvenilir casino here Baby, I want to show you how the controls work and what I like at certain times. Obviously I don’t want full tilt boogie right off the start, so I start off on the low hum. Just press this button and then this one and…..oh God, that feels so good. Okay, when I tell you to, press the first button the number of times I tell you to. That’s the one that increases the strength.”

“Okay, so don’t touch the other one, leave that on the setting its on.”

“Right. Now, put some more lube on my clit and pussy and I want you to pull the hood back and rub my clit for a bit. I’m going to use my muscles inside and work the balls around while you do that and that should get me flowing really good. I should warn you, I’m in the mood to have lots of orgasms and cum a lot. I sort of get a bit out of hand sometimes, so I’ll try not to get crazy on you the first time out.”

Steve actually looked worried that I’d turn into some raving sex maniac. I was almost ready to play a joke on him and attack him madly when I got stimulated enough, but jokes were later when he was more comfortable with things and knew what was going to happen.

“Okay, push the button twice and pull on the wire gently.”

I saw him tap the pad and the results were instantly felt inside, as the bullet buzzed into me. He pulled the wire and I felt it hitting the balls and bringing them into the picture more. I could feel the right amount of tension on the wire and the balls inside me and told him to hold it there and just lightly pull in a rhythm.

“Now, lightly rub my clit with your fingertip in circles and get to know how it feels. This is all foreplay, that stuff we all talk about doing to get aroused before you fuck us. Do this well and fucking is a whole lot better for both of us.”

Steve nodded and continued pulling on the wire and then his finger made contact with my clit and it was almost electrifying. I jumped the instant he touched me and it never stopped getting more exciting as he did it.

“That’s it, Baby, just like that, perfect. You have a wonderful touch.”

I let a throaty growl go and voiced my pleasure for him. I knew at this point he needed all the encouragement and support to become a good lover, so I knew to let him know constantly he was doing well, building his confidence. I was soaring along the way to another nice orgasm soon, I could feel it building inside, as the balls kept pushing against the nerve-rich flesh just inside my pussy.

My moans became more pronounced and louder, as I climbed the ecstasy ladder to the top. Steve was on focus with my pussy and I glanced quickly to see his reactions. He was a kid opening a Christmas present, he looked so expectant of my impending orgasm. I think he was feeling a bit of pride accomplishing his first toy initiated orgasm.

I wanted him to know he did well and voiced my pleasure in a long, drawn out moan of ecstasy, as the first wave of bliss hit me. I knew the visual must be great to see for him, as I worked the balls against myself and drove myself crazy with pleasure. I put my hand on his and had him stop pulling and told him to turn the strength down to where it was before. I felt the instant relief of orgasmic agony start and my pussy relaxed into a blissful state of post-orgasmic dilation.

“Get ready to play catch.”

Steve put his hand under my pussy and waited for me to push the first ball out. I bore down and felt the first one sliding towards the entrance and then popped out to him. He had to juggle to catch it, not expecting me to shoot it out so hard. I worked the second one and he was ready for it and caught the cum-soaked ball and held them. I pulled the wire and felt the bullet gently massaging me inside, dragging out the cum with it. I felt it come out and knew there was a lot of cum that came out, as I felt it slide over my ass to the towel under me.

“What did you think of that?”

“Wow, Shae, that was incredible. How did that happen inside you? Like what was I doing pulling the wire doing to you?”

“Good question, Steve. It’s good to know what it is you’re doing and what it does to me.”

He looked so pleased with himself and I was too. He wanted to be a good lover and I was eager to make him the best he could be. I reached down and pulled my lips apart and exposed myself inside to him.

“Okay, you know my clit and hood now. These two lips I’m holding are my inner labia and the two mounds on the outside of them are my outer labia. Now just inside me, you can see my opening and then I get bigger inside, can you see that?”

“Yes, I see that. Wow, are you ever wet inside.”

“I hope so Baby, you’re doing a good job in getting me that way. Now, the most sensitive parts are just here in the opening area, they’re loaded with yummy nerve endings to stimulate me. The way I like best, is that pretty glass toy you brought over. I want you to lube that up now and then I’ll show you how to fuck me with it.”

Steve picked up the rainbow colored dildo and squirted lube on it, then rubbed it all over the head and shaft thoroughly. He seemed to be studying the feel of the nubs in his fingers and imagining what I was going to feel and how that would be stimulating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32