Toyboy and His Women Pt. 01

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‘Chatting for profit,’ that is what Toyboy wanted to call what he did. Being in college, Toyboy, as he called himself online, was making use of friends to fill his pocket.

His modus operandi was this: talk to horny middle-aged women and sell them dildos and tell them how to use them in an innovative manner. He was surprised that women were naive when it came to thinking out of the box, but they were cautious when it came to spending money and this was evident from the fact that he had not sold many toys – two to be exact. With a little bit of creative thinking and being handy with the tool box, he had some toys that could take women to pleasure paradise.

So here he was prowling on a site that allowed people to chat and post stories, too. He had around 60 women friends so far in the age group of 30-40; they were the ones who preferred the toys, at least that had been his experience. The younger ones always wanted to meet up for hot action. Where was money in that? he asked himself.

Right now his recently acquired friend Softpetals was online and he sent her a message and waited. She lived in the same city and he preferred such women because selling dildos to local women was easy as travelling involved spending money. He had tagged Softpetals and been messaging her for sometime with a casual comment or joke and had never pestered her but had written properly spelled and carefully chosen messages.

Within a minute she replied acknowledging his ‘hi’ with a ‘hi there’.

‘What are you doing now,? he began with the boring, but customary and neutral query.

‘Hot and wet in bed, and you,? she replied.

Well that was sort of bold, he thought as he tapped out, ‘Am stroking an erection.’

‘Many men say that when actually they may be in office; and they lie about their size,’

‘How do you know they are lying? he asked, curiously.

‘Men with 9 and 10 inches won’t be here doing sex chat, when they could be out parading their huge monsters.’

‘They might come here looking for partners.’

‘Forget that, what do you like?’

‘I like giving women ideas about using dildos and I sell them too.’

‘Ha! You mean women don’t know how to use them?’

‘Tell me how you use it.’

‘I lie on bed, spread my legs and pleasure myself.’

‘Boring. I can suggest ways to use it in ways which will take you to the dizzy heights of orgasm.’

‘Go on, what are you waiting for?’

‘Well, I have designed dildos specially, with a spring at the base, so that you can bounce on them like live cocks. I can suggest ways in which you can use them, too.’

‘Interesting,’ she said.

‘I can give a demo, if you want,’ he dangled the bait. This is where many signed off usually with a ‘thank you’, ‘so nice of you’ and once even a ‘screw you.’

Her ‘Yeah, sure,’ took him by surprise. Here was some extra money, he thought and agreed to meet her next day evening. That was fast, he thought.

As he took a bus to her locality, he wondered whether this would work out. Most of the women just snubbed him saying that there was nothing new in what he had to offer and that there were many innovative toys in the market.

He arrived at the escort şişli door of her apartment on the second floor and rang the bell. A not very attractive woman in her late 30s with medium sized boobs and with a suggestion of a belly opened the door.

‘Hi, I am toyboy,’ he smiled.

‘Of course you are, and I am softpetals,’ she shook his hands.

Holding his hand, she led him to the couch in the living room and they sat side by side. She must have money, looking at the interior of the house, he observed.

‘So, what can you show me?’ she asked.

He took out a dildo which was fitted to a plastic board and had a spring at the base.

‘You can put it between cushions in the couch and sit on it and pleasure yourself, while watching TV. Want to try it?’ he offered.

He could see she was aroused as she fidgeted and closed and opened her thighs, massaging her pussy. He knelt before the couch and placed the board between the cushions with the dildo jutting out.

‘I can wait outside, while you try it,’ he smiled not knowing what to do in such a situation.

‘I thought you would help me,’ she said with a straight face.

‘Errr.. ya sure,’ he fumbled.

‘Help me undress, will you?’ she asked.

That was not necessary, she just had to sit on it with her skirt on, he thought. She wanted to seduce him, that was for sure, and maybe she would not buy his dildos. She would just orgasm and then say goodbye to him. Well, if there was a pot of money hidden at the end of her orgasmic rainbow,it was fine with him.

He went behind her and unzipped her skirt and she turned around showing her tight boobs; a bushy pussy revealed itself when she pulled down her white panties. He took out a lube and applied it on the dildo as she watched with her arousal reaching various levels. She took his hand as she prepared to straddle the dildo. With her hands on the couch she lowered herself on the protuberance, all the while guided by him. The slippery dildo disappeared into her bush slowly as she bit her lips and moaned a sexy ‘yes’.

‘Strip,’ she muttered as she manipulated herself on the toy.

He let out his eager 7 inches rod out, making her gasp at its sight. Holding it, she rocked back and forth and sideways on the dildo. She drew him nearer and started sucking his manhood, the knob first, then the base and finally his balls. She moaned, grunted, sighed and muttered incoherent words as she double-pleasured herself.

He stood with his hands on his hips and watched her mouth him with relish as she rode the artificial penis.

He controlled his urge to shoot his cum all over her face and let her suck him for some more time and felt her touching a peak as she gripped his balls tighter and moaned an elongated throaty ‘fuck’. He let her enjoy the convulsions and then asked her: ‘Do you want to try another position?

She nodded and he withdrew himself from her mouth.

‘I see you have a rocking chair, we can use that,’ he said and proceeded to remove the dildo from between the cushion. He took a strap and attached it to the base of the dildo and tied it on the chair.

‘You sit on it and rock yourself to glory,’ he winked. She did so and spread escort etiler her thighs, gesturing him to pleasure her exposed clitoris. He knelt and licked her bud hidden in the bush. With her eyes closed, she rocked on the chair and he watched the dildo disappear and emerge from her ripe and swollen cunt. The spring was working well, thank god for that. She moaned at the twin action of his tongue and the toy. Riding the rocking tool for 5 minutes, punctuated by grunts and groans and ‘fucks’, she reached another climax with a shriek. He sucked her clitoris harder and she let her body limp as the aftershocks continued. She got up from the dildo, her sex juice running down her thighs, and went to the fridge and took out beers. As they sat on the table sipping beer, he wondered whether she would buy the toys or just pay him for his assistance in sexual experimentation.

‘I loved that. I came the first time on the couch when the dildo was inside me and as I sucked you. It had never happened before. My husband doesn’t make me cum, if at all we have sex and hence I go online for sex chat and masturbation. Tell me about yourself,’ she said.

‘I am in college and I need some extra money and so devised these toys and came up with ideas to use them. I make money out of these.’

‘Oh yeah, I will buy your contraption and pay you for your company too,’ she winked.

He felt relived, she was nice after all.

‘How many have you sold?’ she asked.

He felt like opening up and said: ‘My first was a 45-year-old woman who was as embarrassed as I was. I gave her some drawings of positions in which she could use the dildos. Next was a 40-year-old woman. When I showed her the toys she stripped me and took me to bed and sucked me making me cum four times. She paid for my time with her but did not buy my toys. Then there was another woman who was maybe 37 or so. She wanted to switch off the lights when my toys pleasured her and she didn’t strip,’ he finished narrating his career so far.

‘Well, I am in dire need of some live sex and masturbation toys, no doubt,’ she sighed.

‘I have some more methods in my mind,’ he said getting up and taking a vibrator from his bag. This also was fitted to a plastic base which had suction pads.

‘You can press it to the floor and squat on it. I assure you it gives maximum pleasure.’

‘How do you know, have you used them?’ she winked naughtily.

He blushed and smiled: ‘Yes, I had to test them. So I sat on it, taking it in my rear. Wanna try this?’ he asked.

She nodded.

‘You can use this in the bathroom or anywhere you prefer. The suction pads will hold it tight on the floor. But don’t get too wild. As this is a vibrator and you can sit on it and relax.’

He pressed the board on the floor, and as before coated it with lube and invited her to pleasure herself. As the dildo slid in her smoothly, he bent down and switched on the button which activated the vibrator. She sat with her eyes closed and the vibrator did its job. He offered his cock to her and she swallowed him to the hilt. She bit his balls and fingered his asshole and licked his long meat, losing herself in devouring him as she reached a crescendo. A guttural cry bayan escort taksim announced that she had reached another of her happy culmination of pleasure but she continued milking his cock and sucking as he tried hard to hold out till he had displayed his last dildo.

‘I have another one which can protrude from the wall, so that you can get it doggy. Shall we try that?’ he asked.

She was too lost in the orgasmic aftermath to answer verbally and nodded her assent.

‘Where can I fix it, in the bathroom or bedroom?’ It can be removed when your husband comes back,’

‘You think of everything, don’t you? One in the bathroom and one in the bedroom would be fine.’

She was horny as well as generous.

‘I will fix a holder into which you can screw the toy and remove it after use. I hope your husband won’t notice the holder.’

‘He won’t notice even if I grow a third boob, don’t worry,’ she smirked.

Laughing at her sense of humor, he took out his tools and fitted a holder in the bathroom and one in the bedroom.

In the bathroom, he screwed on to the holder a dildo with a spring at the base and asked her to bend herself before it and back herself so that the dildo would enter her. He could see she was speechless and wet and did as he asked her to. As the dildo entered her, she grabbed his ever ready cock and sucked it. He was sure to cum, he thought, every time she came forward and took him deeper in her mouth. He grunted and grabbed her hair and told her he wanted to fill her mouth with his hot cream and she took his tool out and told him he had to flood her pussy. Then she turned around offering her raised ass and began sucking the dildo. This aroused him even more and he grabbed her ass and opened it and inserted his throbbing boner into her dripping and open cunt, slamming himself in with all his might. She moaned repeatedly as he kept hitting all the erogenous spots inside her and pumped her till he shot his impatient, waiting load into her. She moaned her satisfaction and he felt relieved having emptied himself after a long arousal. He watched as his cum flowed all round his twitching penis and out of her open cunt and dripped down her thighs. He rocked himself into her gently till he slipped out.

Later, sipping a drink she said: ‘This is the best experience I have ever had. I love your toys and your cock. But their combined effect is something else and I am not sure if I will get the same pleasure with just the toys.’

‘Ya, I loved the way you took me in while sucking the dildo.’

‘Will you come if I need you?’ she asked touching his hand.

‘Sure, I need money from time to time,’ he said and took leave of her.

The next day they chatted as soon as they met online.

‘I tried the dildos and guess which ones I liked the most? The one in the rocking chair and the one in the bathroom. When I went to take a bath, I took the dildo inside me doggy style and aimed the hand shower at my clit and sucked another dildo. I multi-tasked myself and I came twice. I must thank you again, boy.’

‘You are welcome. When I get fresh ideas, I will send them across to you.’

‘Hey, more important is this. I have a friend to whom I spoke about my experience with you. She is not satisfied with her sex life and would love to experiment. Can you help her out?’

‘Yes, sure I will,’ he said and began mentally preparing for what was in store for him.

(To be continued)

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