Traders Assistant Ch. 2

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The continuing saga of the trader’s assistant.

He asked if everything was okay?

I replied everything was fine and carried on with my filing. Jonathan and I got chatting about the trading side of the firm. He told me how his department was always at the top of the company income due to the extra support his traders got.

As I got on my knees to reach a low box, I felt Jonathans hands on my shoulders. Gently, but firmly he swivelled me round to face him. There before my face, only a few inches away was a definite bulge being held by a straining zip.

Even now I wonder why I did it, but I lifted my hands and slowly unzipped his trousers. It then became obvious to me that he was large, very large. So I had to undo his belt and slip his trousers down, followed by his boxers.

My eyes suddenly became transfixed, mouth slightly open and breathing in short gasps as the ten-inch manhood stood to attention before me. I looked up to see Jonathan, viewing me as a servant through his imperious eyes.

Nervously I reached up and took his penis in my hands. It wasn’t warm, it was red hot, throbbing with veins protruding. My hands did what they could to hold and rub it, but the size was just too much at about three inches across.

I was going to the far off place again as my mouth opened to try and take this masterful Escort Çankaya weapon. As it touched my lips a shock of heat cut deep into me. Taking it in, my jaw was as wide as it could be, my tongue feeling the mass of life and heat sliding into me.

A low groan from Jonathan signalled the start of his gentle thrusts deep into my mouth and throat. My tongue felt the pure strength of Jonathans pulsing and slightly rippled cock.

Each of his inward drives pushed his tip further into my throat. I tried hard to suppress my gagging reflex, but due to the extreme pleasure, I forgot about it and found his lunges going even deeper.

My tongue was working double time trying to enjoy its sheer heat and size in the confines of my mouth.

Jonathan pulled out and directed me over to a pile of boxes. Soon I was lying on the boxes, facing the ceiling. My head was then caressed backwards until my eyes came across Jonathan’s penis again. Once my head was fully back, I felt Jonathan slip the crown into my mouth and slowly work deeper and deeper. At times breathing was difficult as his piece was forcing its way deep into my throat. I only knew how far he was in by his tight ball sacks tickling my nose.

As his thrust became more purposeful, I felt my jacket opening and his hands started to play with my breasts, pinching Ankara Escort my hard nipples roughly and pulling them about.

At the end of each backward stroke of his penis, a combination of sexual groans and taking short breaths was the only noise I could hear.

Suddenly two new hands touched my legs gently. As the new hands worked their way towards my body, my feet were being lifted and parted. My legs now pointed to the ceiling while in the distance I heard the noise of a long slow zipper.

The back of my legs were now kept upright by strong shoulders working there way closer and closer to me.

A penis softly probed for my soaking hole. Soon its tip inexorably worked into me. It wasn’t as large as Matts but was satisfying none the less.

These two men now started working as a team thrusting together, trying to meet in the middle of my body.

Without warning the man between my legs pulled out and I felt a couple of fingers working around my arsehole, lubricated by my vagina. Soon he had four fingers working their magic around and inside my sphincter. Once removed they were replaced by his slick penis. Firstly he carefully slipped the tip in, but soon was more forceful as his manhood worked its way deeper and deeper into me.

The thrusting from both ends was now more urgent than ever. Sincan Escort The joint pain and pleasure made my back arch, making Jonathans entries even deeper.

I could tell Jonathan was getting close as his lunges got longer and more forceful. My dreamlike state was shattered by a massive stab from Jonathans penis followed by a jet of boiling sperm shooting down my throat. Each of his lunges brought more gushes, filling every part of my mouth and dribbling out of the side. I just couldn’t swallow fast enough as more and more slipped out past my lips.

Once I had finished swallowing I noticed Jonathan being replaced by another man. As I was upside down, it was difficult to tell who it was. All I knew was his hot and hard manhood was slipping into my mouth.

Time didn’t seem to matter any more as each exhausted and satisfied man was replaced by another.

As five pm neared, the last two men shot their loads deep into my mouth and vagina. After some serious thinking, it must have been ten or eleven guys who had used me.

I found my legs were very unsteady, so I rested on the boxes for a while to compose myself.

Amazingly my jacket and skirt were free of spunk so I straightened myself and headed for the door. Outside everyone had gone home except Jonathan who was just turning the light off in his office.

As he said goodnight, he advised that what I was wearing suited the required dress code.

He didn’t say it, but I knew he meant short skirt and no underwear.

After cleaning up in the ladies I headed home after a decidedly interesting first day.

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