Transforming My Religious Mom

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


***This story is a work of fiction. All characters are at least 18 years old. No one should do anything that is depicted in this story, except maybe hug your mom. That is probably okay.***

“Sweetie, I’m home from church! I wish you would come with me. Ever since your father passed, it has really helped me, and I am worried about your immortal soul. There is sin everywhere! It feels like I see it constantly!” She was clearly thinking about something else. “I can’t stop thinking about the, um….sin.”

I was laying on the couch waiting for her. Now was my chance to put into place the last step of the plan that I had been preparing for weeks.


After my dad died, my mom became very religious. She is not terribly bright, and unfortunately, she was tricked into replacing her husband with religion. It was clear my dad married her as a trophy wife with big tits, not for her brains.

She used to be a gorgeous, happy, flirty, ditsy, blonde bimbo, who didn’t seem to worry about anything. Now, she was still a head-turner, but lately she dressed conservatively, and constantly worried about sins and “corrupting influences” on me. She was so repressed.

My mom was always in a terrible mood, and she was generally angry about some “sinful” act she had heard about. She got mad at “these whores” doing whatever they wanted: “just makes me sick how they act…” She would say.

I could tell she was just repeating things she thought she should say to be a “good Christian woman”. I would challenge her beliefs sometimes to watch the wheels turn in her head, to see if she might break out of her religious zealotry, but the Church was good at making her not question things.

One day, I came across my Mom’s browsing history from before my dad passed, and was shocked to see that she watched some really hardcore stuff. Since I knew exactly what she was into, I would sometimes switch my mom’s favorite websites to auto-play compilation porn of submissive women being dominated, fucked hard, and swallowing huge loads of cum.

I convinced her that these porn websites sometimes just change your favorites, since they run the internet, and they even make it take a long time for you to close their websites. “These porn websites, ya know, they have all of your search history, and if you watched their videos, even a long time ago, they will still try to tempt you. They know exactly what you really want. It’s, uhhh, really sick…” I said half-heartedly.

“Oh my yes…that’s awful!” She looked nervous, clearly thinking about what porn she used to watch before she was “born again.” “But I never would have watched something like that, I’m not a sinner!” She said, trying to convince me, and I think, trying to forget who she was.

“Well, is it really hurting anyone if these whores like to be treated, ya know, like whores? If God made us all, and he doesn’t make mistakes, then these women are just being who God made them to be, right?” I asked.

“Yes, but… ummm.” She tried to develop a counter-argument, but reasoning wasn’t her strong suit. She just repeated what she had been told every Sunday: “women who act like whores and sluts are sinners and…they won’t get into heaven!”

I clearly wasn’t going to get anywhere debating with her. “Hmm, so you saw this on your computer, Mom? Why don’t you show me what you’re talking about…” I asked, knowing exactly which video she just saw.

“Oh honey, no. You can’t watch that filth, I regret that I even saw it. These awful porno companies, I can’t believe they allow that in a Christian country like this!” She said.

“Well Mom, I think it might be important to see what type of sin these whores are getting into. Maybe we can figure out what led them away from God, and uh, we can pray about it tonight.” I said.

“Oh, okay, I guess. As long as it is just for a holy purpose it might be okay.” I had her sit down at the computer desk, while I stood upright next to her, my dick inches from her face.

“Okay, so…this video is called, and sorry for my language, Mom: “Cumslut whores getting FUCKED and drinking CUM, cumpilation. And here is the description: these sluts will do anything to get a taste of cum, they get fucked in every hole, and beg to eat cum…” My mom winced at the language I used, her jaw dropped and her tongue stuck out while I spoke. She was dumbfounded.

“Honey! Don’t say such things!” I clicked the video to start playing, and my Mom’s eyes were immediately transfixed on the screen. “Sorry, Mom, but we need to understand what we’re looking at here, if we want to get to the bottom of this awful sinful behavior.”

A milf with enormous tits was sitting in an empty room with men surrounding her, jerking their huge cocks into her mouth. The woman gargled the huge load of cum in her mouth, and when a man ordered, she swallowed all of the loads. After swallowing, she was vigorously masturbating and screaming “I’m such a fucking whore! Unnnggggghhh oh fuck!!”

My Mom was Avrupa Yakası Escort completely glued to the screen. “So Mom, I’ve never seen anything like this before, what exactly is a cumslut?”

“Oh what? Hmmm?” She said, trying to swallow all the spit that had built up in her mouth. “Gosh, honey, you shouldn’t ask things like that to your mother. You’re my son, and I’m a devout Christian woman who wouldn’t dare to know those types of things…cumslut?, hmpphh” She nervously shifted in her seat, trying not to make eye contact.

“Mom, if you know what it is, it would be a very serious sin to lie about not knowing…” I cautioned her.

“Oh well, um, I may have overheard someone once call um, someone that…I think a umm, c-cumslut loves semen. She is obsessed with it, and she um, wants to drink uhhh, lots of semen, constantly.” She said nervously. “Some of the worst filthy sinning whores, sweetheart. Disgusting…” She said more assertively, trying to regain her composure. She continued watching the video, licking her lips occasionally.

The video changed to a woman (who I chose to be a lookalike of my mother) being ravaged from behind, her hair was pulled back taught in the man’s grip, and another man was cumming on her face. My mother was starting to sweat and become visibly uncomfortable.

“Oh honey we definitely shouldn’t watch this, this is just the naughtiest sinning.”

“Hold on, Mom. Now, what is going on in this video?” I asked.

“Uhmmm, well this is um, this slut is committing adultery, and she is being uh, very promiscuous with multiple men…”

“Hmmm, well Mom, why would a woman do such a thing? I mean… she seems to be really enjoying it…” (“Oh fuck yes, I’m your fucking slut, I love your fucking huge cock, please keep fucking me, I fucking need it, I’m gonna, I’m gonna, imgonnacummmmm!!!unnnnfffffff”).

“Oh, um, well… yes it does appear that would feel um, very good…” My mom was rocking her hips back and forth in time with the video until she caught herself.

“Those men are being really rough with her, huh? They are really treating her like a dirty whore… Do women like being treated like that?” I asked.

“Oh, mmmmmm, yes, uhhh they reallllly do honey.” She spoke through her teeth like she was trying to suppress her words from coming out. “I mean, I would assume… some women might have impure fantasies about being, ummm, being fu- err, having rough intercourse with large penises, and uhhh, being used like uh, well like that. (“Ughhhhhh, mmmmmffff”) The blonde lookalike pornstar’s orgasm continued while the other man filled her throat with his cock. My mother rubbed her neck involuntarily.

“Mom, do you ever have fantasies like that?” I asked.

“No!! Of course not! I’m a born again Christian woman! Only a filthy, dirty, sinning slut would fantasize about something like that!” She said unconvincingly.

“Hmmm, well mom, I think tonight we should pray about the sins we witnessed here. You know, ‘thou shalt not judge lest ye be judged’, maybe you should pray about those sinning women you saw in the video. Really put yourself in their shoes, and think about what they were feeling.” I suggested.

“Good idea, honey. That might help me to avoid temptation, not that I would ever, um, be tempted, um…”

“I’m glad you think so, Mom. Why don’t you get ready for bed, and I can help you pray.” “Sounds great!” My mother was clearly excited since I seemed to be interested in praying for a change.

My mom put on her white nightgown. At one point, it was an unflattering garment that left everything to the imagination. A few months earlier, I switched it for a much smaller size nightgown with thinner material, that barely covered her huge titties. She never seemed to catch on that it was different, or that I could see her nipples through the material, and all of her perfect ass since the nightgown barely covered it at all.

“Okay Mom, now you need to get into a praying position. I’ll sit right here on the edge of the bed so I don’t, umm…. miss anything.” She obediently got on her knees, and clasped her hands together in front of her.

“Yes, right here mom.” I pulled her to where I was sitting, so her elbows were on either side of my legs, and her huge tits rubbed against my legs.

“Oh honey, um I am not sure that this is appropriate…” I said staring down at her cleavage, my dick getting firm in my pajamas. “Well you’re…my son, and I’m you’re mother, and…” “Mom, we’re just praying, that’s it. I just want to make sure I get a good seat to be sure I hear what you’re saying. What could be wrong about that?”

“I guess you’re right, honey. I’m sorry, I’m being silly.” She said.

“Okay, now Mom, there is this special type of prayer I was reading about that you do when you witness a really naughty sin. Apparently, you have to repeat exactly what the sinner says, exactly how they say it, and while you do that, you think about exactly what the sinner was feeling. That way, you get to stand in their shoes, understand Bahçelievler Escort the sinner’s mindset, and you can avoid falling prey to that sin in the future. I think we should try that.”

“Hmmm, I don’t know honey, that seems a little strange… you’re my son, I don’t want you to hear me say such things…”

“Well, Mom, who would be better than your son to help you with this? You’re my mother, so obviously nothing sexual will be happening, it’s just a different form of family prayer…” I replied. “I guess that makes sense…” She said, reluctantly.

“Now Mom, I want you to repeat exactly what you heard on the video. Again, put yourself in the exact position and mindset as the whore you saw in the video. It is really about focusing on feeling like she felt.”

“Um….okay… well I don’t remember exactly what she said.”

“That’s okay Mom, I’ll try to help, you know the scene we saw where the blonde woman with big breasts was on her knees, staring up at the camera, and she was begging the man?” My mom looked up, thinking about the scene and biting her lip.

“Um, I think so…”

“Well, in that one, the guy kind of prompted the woman, and she responded, so maybe that would be a good one to try…” I said.

“Yeah, okay, so… what do I do?” My Mom responded.

“Well, close your eyes and focus on feeling what that woman, erm whore felt. She was on her knees on that floor, being absolutely degraded by that man. I’ll start the prayer and I’ll pretend I was that man. He seemed like an awful sinner…”

“I think he said: You are a dirty little cumslut aren’t you? And then the whore responded…”

“Oh, sweetheart I don’t think I can say it… it’s too sinful…”

“Mom, you have to put yourself in the mindset of that filthy whore in the video. Just think about what she was feeling at that moment. She probably felt really naughty, and like she deserved to be coated in cum, right?”

“Oh yes, she really wanted that cum… Uhm!” My Mom said, startling herself when she realized what she was saying.

For the purpose of this prayer, you have to be fully committed to embracing the sinner, and not just going through the motions. I want you to imagine that it is really YOU on the floor in that video.”

My Mom nodded attentively with her eyes still closed.

“You’re completely naked except for a choker necklace on that cold floor. Your knees are red. Your makeup has been smeared all over your face from your tears and saliva after your face and body has been roughly used by that man. You are looking up at that man towering over you with uncontrolled lust in your eyes. Right now, you ARE that filthy cumslut begging for a mouthful of cum like it is the only thing you want in the world. Now… why don’t you continue the next part of the prayer…” I said, trying not to chuckle to myself. “Did my Mom really just let me call her a ‘filthy cumslut?'” I thought.

“Ummmm, so I think she said… YES, I’m your dirty little cumslut, Daddy… please give me a big load. I’ve been such a good fucking slut for you. I want to drink every fucking drop of your cum!…Oooo, honey, uhhh, that is too much!” She shook her head and opened her eyes.

“I don’t think she said that last part Mom…” I said, pretending I didn’t understand her. “Remember, she definitely didn’t think that load was too much.” I said smiling.

“No, Honey, this is really, ummm really uhhh… sinful I think. I don’t know about this…” She seemed to be having trouble gathering her thoughts. “Um..wuh, err, I mean, that felt soooo mmmmmmmmm, um I mean, I really felt like I was that cumslut in the video, it um… Wow…I really wanted that big load of c-, errr, sorry…” She muttered something to herself like “your son is right there, stop…” I don’t think she knew I could hear her. Then my Mom stared off into space rubbing her lips.

“Mom, why don’t we try to keep going, close your eyes and pray. Focus… really feel what that whore was feeling. Now, for that whore, the only thing that would make her truly happy and fulfilled, is to be a depraved cumslut for some guy with a huge cock. Try to imagine what that is like, for that to be your primary purpose and goal in life: your obsession…”

“Oh, um… okay. I’ll, uh…I’ll try to imagine….what that must be like…for her.” My Mom said, still dazed but compliant. I was hoping this “prayer” would get my Mom to accept herself for what she really is.

“Now, whore, I want you to tell me how big of a slut you really are, and maybe I will give you my load.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m such a big fucking slut. All I think about all day is deepthroating big, rock hard cocks, being used like a fucktoy, and drinking so much cum. I can’t help myself. I’m a cum addict, and I neeeeed every drop of your cum, Daddy. I need your sticky, yummy cum right now, please! Please, Daddy! I FUCKING NEED ITTTT PLEASE! Okay, uhh wait, hold on…” My Mom opened her eyes again, shaking her head like she was trying to sober up.

“What’s wrong, Mom? You were doing Bahçeşehir Escort so well. For a second, I really believed that my pure, born again Christian mother was a depraved cum addict. Now you know what those types of sinful feelings are like, because…. obviously you never had any thoughts like that before. Right, Mom?” I asked.

My mother stood up, trying to compose herself. Her demeanor had changed. She was reverting back to her uptight, angry, repressed self, while trying to clean up the drool from around her lips.

She was clearly deep in thought about my question. “N-no, no I have never had any thoughts like that. I would NEVER fantasize about such things. It would be a sin to be so lustful!” She seemed to be talking not to me, but to a higher power.

“I have never, and would never obsess about drinking big loads of cum, I mean, semen, or being used like a filthy whore. So, actually, this prayer is not necessary. I am a pure, Christian woman… who wouldn’t be tempted by anything that whore was. So, um, I think we should just get some sleep now.”

“Okay, Mom. I’m sure you wouldn’t be tempted by the same things as that cumslut. But that prayer may be helpful to you for, some, um, other thoughts you might have. Just ya know, if temptation is ever knocking, you have this to help you.” I said.

“Thanks, Sweetheart, but I am fine. I wouldn’t be tempted by any, ummm sinful pleasures.”

“Just remember, you’re my Mom. If you ever had any impure thoughts or feelings, I wouldn’t judge you, and I’m sure God wouldn’t either. You never have to hide anything.” My Mom paused for a moment, conflicted, she looked like she was about to speak, but her eyes just sank, and she went back to the side of the bed to pray normally.

I left the room feeling dejected. Trying logic didn’t work earlier. Unfortunately, you cannot use logic to convince someone to change their ways, when they didn’t use logic to get there in the first place. And even role-playing didn’t get my mom to admit what she really is. In order to break her indoctrination, I would need to take drastic measures.

My mom clearly desperately wanted to be that cumslut in the video – perhaps she was that cumslut already – but her religion prevented her from self-actualizing and accepting her slutty nature. I could tell her body was still incredible, and just begging to be fucked.

My plan was to trick my mom into becoming what she was born to be: a cumslut nympho sex-slave. Specifically, she was going to beg to be MY cumslut nympho sex slave.

Since she was “born again”, my mom had been satisfied with being unhappy. In order to fix that, things were going to get worse before they got much much better. I was going to show my mom that the path of least resistance was to accept herself for the depraved whore she is.

Step 1 of my plan was to replace her daily vitamins with a black market pill that would put my mom’s sex drive into overdrive. After just a few days I could see my mom changing. At the breakfast table she would absentmindedly rub her crotch, and only stop herself when she realized what she was doing.

She also started moaning in her sleep. She was getting so horny that, except during the briefest interruptions of everyday activities, her every thought revolved around sex.

She was begging to be fucked in her dreams: “Please fuck me, I need it so bad!” She got even more angry and frustrated, and despite her protests, she was “praying” like I taught her every night. She was spewing the filthiest language I have ever heard, “imagining” she was a complete slut like the whores on her computer.

Step 2. I set up a hidden camera in her bedroom and in her shower, to see if she had been masturbating. I never saw her with men, and she had not been on a date in the 5 years since dad died. What I discovered was that she used her vibrator almost every night. This was clearly a nightly ritual even before I started giving her the pills. She apparently used the dildo as well when she felt the urge.

The video camera also confirmed that my mom’s body was still incredible. She was only in her 30s, and while playing with herself, she looked like a pornstar with her 32DD tits, long slender legs, tight round ass, and shaved pussy. She constantly preached that masturbation was a sin and about the evils of pornography, and yet, she owned a vibrator and a very large dildo.

After saving a few videos of my mom for my own “research” purposes, I hid her vibrator and dildo from her to try to stop her from masturbating. She couldn’t ask me about where her toys went without admitting her “sin.” So she just dealt with it. I also started “accidentally” interrupting her when she was about to start fingering herself.

I generally made a point to drop some religious sentiment before leaving, to remind her of what was keeping her from her pleasure. She would usually just try to fall asleep afterward, clearly sexually frustrated.

Step 3 of the plan was to add subliminal messaging, that I would use later to make her a slave to my cock. I set up a recording to play while she slept. It repeated over and over in a breathless slutty voice: “You are a submissive size queen. Nothing would make you happier than a man with a monster cock. You want nothing more in life than to be a fucktoy for a massive cock. You are an eager cumslut, and your self-worth comes from how much cum you can swallow, and how deep down your throat you can fit a cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32