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Big Tits


Janet had promised him a surprise and a treat for Valentines Day. He’d arrived home from work to find the house plunged into pseudo-darkness, with just candles dotted around the place, lighting the rooms in a new way, soft, glowing and mysterious. There was a light meal prepared on the table for him, she insisted she had already eaten, kissing away his workday worries with her sweet moist lips, the lipstick tasting new to him. Easing his coat from him, she sat him down at the table, stroking his shoulders and upper arms, coaxing him into the chair. They drank wine together, though it was not their usual thing, and the sweet bite and aroma lightened his mind, easing away the worries of the world outside.

She had rubbed his shoulders while he had eaten, then slipped away upstairs to run a bath for him. He pondered the change in her, her mood, and her manner. Maybe this was the new Janet, the one he had often dreamed of. They were on their own in the house, no interruptions, nothing. He finished his meal, and slipped the pots into the dishwasher, almost turning the light on in the kitchen to do so. But he held back, wondering if the harshness of the light would kill the moment. He heard her calling him softly from the stairs, so he padded his way through the hall, mounting the stairs two at a time, wondering all the time if this were a dream.

In the bathroom, the soft glow of scented candles flickered, their shadows around the room, and he saw her kneeling in the bath, ready for him. She rose, the water sliding down her thighs, running across her knees to ripple in the water at her feet. She turned the hot tap on again, lifting the shower attachment from the cradle, and began to spray her sex. He gasped as he noticed it was bare. She had shaved herself there, just for him. As she parted her legs, a moan escaped her lips as the water played on her opening, swelling and massaging her there. His mouth echoed the moan, as he was transfixed, watching her turn to the tiled wall, leaning with one hand against it as she sprayed herself across the tops of her thighs. She was totally hairless, naked and open, sweet and clean, and just for him.

The shower jet stopped, and grinning mischievously she stepped towards him, out of the bath, her feet leaving small imprints on the tiled floor. She began to undress him, as she rubbed her wet self up and down his trousers. His hands explored every inch of her back, her arse, and her head as she popped the buttons open on his shirt to nibble on his nipples. He held her head in his hands and kissed her, hungrily, wantonly, on the lips, their tongues dancing in the darkness of their need.

She stepped back as she slid his trousers and pants to the floor, bending down, gently taking his hard length into her mouth, and just gently sucking him as she stepped him from his clothes. He steadied himself with his hands on her shoulders, not wanting to break this spell.

As he stepped into the water, the warmth caressing his feet and legs, he turned to pull her to him, but she was gone. The tap still ran its’ hot water into the bath, and as he turned to cease the noisy flow, he saw her coming back through the door with two glasses of the wine. She wouldn’t get into the bath with him, instead, as he sipped and drank the wine, she soaped his back and his chest, occasionally allowing her nipples to drag over him as her bosom swung, and he kissed each one in turn when she seemed to present them to him to do so. She dried him and hugged him to her leaving the water in the bath for “later” as she said.

The bedroom was similarly lit, though when he saw the straps and belts tied to each corner of the bed, his pulse raced. He knew she loved being tied up, and he enjoyed the freedom her body showed under restraint. He didn’t protest when she pushed him onto the bed and then climbed on top of him, rubbing her sex along his cleaned body edging towards his face. He loved the taste of her; the sweet honey-like juices she gave up were a drug to him.

He struggled at first when she began to tie his hands, but playfully gave in to her; he would have his own way later after all. She began a long slow snaking movement back down his body, lowering herself to him, kissing him all the way, licking the length of his prick, which was by now rock hard and itching for some attention. He let her tie his legs, then protested as she pulled the ties tight on him, spreading his legs. And when he was so tied, she stepped from the bed, to adjust the ties on his wrists, pulling them tight so he was well and truly spread-eagled.

“Now for your surprise”.

The blindfold certainly was a surprise, the darkness it afforded him disorientated him, he could hear her moving around the room, pacing around the bed, occasionally touching him, stroking him, but avoiding all contact with his prick, which jerked and twitched at each feel of her hand on his skin. The velvety cloth blacked everything out, he felt suspended in nowhere, blind to güvenilir bahis all.

“I won’t be long”. He heard the bedroom door open and her leave the room, the cool draught of air across his belly making him nervous. “Hey, don’t leave me Jan” he cried, wondering what she had gone to fetch. He thought he heard her laugh downstairs, and then some rustling, before his keen ears picked out the sound of footfalls on the stairs. The door closed again. Did he hear the light-switch go on? He couldn’t be sure. He heard something being turned on. What was it? “So what now love” he asked, then almost screamed as he felt a leather-gloved hand fondling his balls. Jesus, she had dressed up for him, and he couldn’t see her. Or had she? His mind raced as he wondered whether she was naked apart from gloves, or dressed, dressed in what? Soft music filled the air as he heard her click the tape on at the bedside. So that had been the switch. And then he felt the gloved hand rubbing his chest, provoking his nipples into a hardness he had never known, while the other hand, gloveless, stroked his inner thigh, rubbing across that patch of skin behind his balls, before crossing to the other leg.

Hair dangled over his belly, as he felt hot tight lips enclose his manhood, the tongue darting and teasing across his glans, sucking, pulling him into her. He jerked awake; Janet had short hair, shoulder length, not that long, not long enough to cover his groin. “Oh my god, what on earth…” he cried out.

The sucking stopped, the hands left him, then he felt Janet’s familiar lips on his, “Hush sweetheart, enjoy the surprise, don’t struggle” She kissed him deeply, and he felt himself relax and pander to her whims. If she wanted to make love to him with someone else, who was he to complain? Would she take part, or just watch? The music played on as he felt the hair again, and the lips engulf him, a low throaty moan and sigh (from whom?), and then the gloved hand returning to caress his balls.

He began to sweat, he could feel the excitement mount as the tongue and teeth teased him, he would come soon, and all the while the gloved hand stroked and caressed him. Janet had never done this to him; he knew how she hated the taste of it, the one time he had come in her mouth. Oh God, he felt it there, his back arched, he was slipping past the point of no return…

He gasped, his mind racing, the feeling overwhelming him, as the mouth and hand disappeared. He twitched, he jerked, he almost spasmed, but didn’t come. Sweat poured from him, the little tease. How could she do this! He felt the fever subsiding, then moaned out loud as he felt her weight on the bottom of the bed, but whose? Stockinged legs rubbed against his, and he felt the trail of hair snaking up his body as that sweet mouth kissed and licked its’ way to his chest. His prick was hard, and he felt it nestle then rub across the cleavage of a well filled bra, before bouncing into ribs then belly, then the sharp contrast of a suspender belt.

He felt hands either side of him on the bed, then the most unimaginable pleasure as the open lips of a sex slid along his shaft, leaving a slick trail of juice along him. The moist open vaginal lips rubbed along his length, hardening him to almost painful pleasure. Then the weight shifted, and he sensed it a fraction before it happened, the squatting figure swallowed him inside, the tight hole squeezing his shaft, and a girlish giggle reached him.

Again he felt the gloved hand on his balls, and the rhythm of the ride increased. His veins bulged in his neck, and once more, just as he was about to come, it stopped. But he wasn’t withdrawn from the heavenly hole he was buried in. It merely stopped, holding him till his pulse settled again. Muscles began to contract around him, as the owner of this pussy began to pleasure herself, but all the time ringing him to the point of no return before it relaxed.

The weight shifted again, and the owner of the torture palace slipped from him to leave the bed, and again he felt a mouth hold him, the un-gloved hand pulling his shaft down hard, exposing his glans as a tongue flicked and darted across him. Janet’s voice came to him from the side of his head, whispering “Do you like that then John?” and just before he answered, he realised that all the while the mouth hadn’t left his cock. He groaned, and jerked, almost coming again, oh my god; there were two of them. But who was the other one?

He tried to picture all her friends who had long hair, but he couldn’t. His mouth formed the words he longed to speak, but he couldn’t say anything at all. He heard the tape being changed, and the sounds of the radio filled his ears. Two hands (one pair?) rubbed oil into his chest and belly, around his groin, then stopped. He heard Jan say “Scarves!” and before he could react he felt the smoothness of silk being coiled around the base of his shaft and then tightened, his fully engorged cock was standing at 90 degrees now, held fast by the scarf.

“That türkçe bahis should stop you from coming to soon” Janet said, before her mouth swallowed him. He knew this was her, he had felt the breath as she spoke, and his mind raced as he felt himself being sucked greedily, he pictured the mystery guest caressing his wife. But was she? Janet was definitely not lesbian, was she? He groaned out loud, pleading with her to stop this as her mouth left his cock, and the gloved hand ran up and down the vein on the length of his prick. What was happening to him here? He felt one of them mount the bed, and again a tight hot little cunt wrapping the outer lips around him, and then diving down, to squash those lips and hairless mound down onto him. He felt the tightness in his balls, felt the desire to unload, but knew that the scarf prevented him.

Short, sharp ragged breaths came from Janet, he knew that sound, knew it was her riding him, and he felt the convulsions as she spasmed into orgasm, her quaking body collapsing down onto him, as the walls of her cunt pulsed solidly on him. She kissed his chest, kissed his mouth, then began to rhythmically grind against him, pushing herself further and further towards another release. He could do nothing, nothing at all to push his own release. And then she slid from him, so smoothly, expertly, and he lay there sweating. He felt the scarf being knotted, and then the luxuriant hair being laid around his groin as the mouth descended again to his waiting cock.

The torture went on and on, the licking, the kissing, the little nibbles, and then the darting tongue stabbing into the opening of his glans. He moaned, he groaned, he pulled against the bonds that were now digging into him. Two hands held his shaft, as the tongue and lips concentrated on the head of his cock, the sensations driving him wild with lust.

He felt the scarf being un-knotted, the tightness around the base of his shaft relaxing, blood circulating freely again, he felt the familiar rise of heat in him, the first drops of his come would be coating his glans, and then soon he would surely burst his seed.

The greedy tongue licked and lapped at this trickle, which merely served to edge him further on and on. He felt an un-gloved hand on his face, reaching for the blindfold. And just as his balls tensed, and the cum began to flow up his shaft to the tip, the blindfold slid away. The electric tightness of his prick shook, and he came, the spunk pouring from him like never before.

Wave after wave of pure lust and pleasure flowed through him, his stomach knotting, his legs shaking, and the sweat pouring from him in torrents. His eyes had been screwed up tight, as he came, with pure pleasure and tenseness. He blinked; the light was on in the room.


He raised his head to look down, and stared in disbelief. As the head sucking at his prick, and drinking all of his juices turned towards him, the hair slid to one side. It was Janet, with a wig of dark silky hair. He gasped in disbelief, as she looked him in the eye, and sucking at his cock, slurping with her tongue, cleaning it of all traces of his juice. She winked at him. He looked around the room; there was no one else there. In the corner though, he spied the video camera. He shook his head again.

She still held his shaft with one hand, rubbing the skin up and down, just slowly, as he remained hard, and with her free hand tugged the wig from her head. Her breasts heaved in the bra as she rolled from him, laughing softly. He still couldn’t speak. He just gazed at her, dumbfounded as the whole erotic pictures in his mind travelling time and time again, whizzing across his consciousness. He glanced back at the video camera, disbelievingly.

She stepped onto the bed, standing above him. “Enjoy that did you then?” He was speechless, his mind still reeling. “Who did you think it was then?” He just shook his head, too numb to speak, then looked at her in amazement as she pointed to the tape player and laughingly said “That was a good idea, just recording my voice don’t you think?”

He still couldn’t accept it, but as she pointed out, the video player would put paid to any queries he might have. She stepped over him, so that now she faced away from him, and lowered the cheeks of her arse to his face, crouching down to lick at his shaft again. The sweet smell of her sex filled his nostrils, he forced his tongue up and into her, delving into her moistness, pushing past the fattened lips, now so filled with blood and lust as to almost burn the cool skin of his face. She began to rub herself up and down on his probing tongue, the smooth hairless slit gliding so sweetly, no friction at all, nothing to stop her from getting what she wanted.

Driving down hard onto him, she rubbed her clit onto his chin, the soft stubble sending shockwaves through her at the touch of every bristle. Her juices coated his lips; his mouth, his nose and she rubbed her arse down onto him. He protested güvenilir bahis siteleri at first, but the muffled sounds had no heed to her.

He found himself licking at the tight entrance to her arse, the puckered ring soft and scented sweet, clean and wanting. He had often asked her to try this, but she had shied away and yet here she was now, like a woman possessed, forcing him to do it. He felt thrilled and scared, he had no control. He knew that whatever he did, that tonight he must do whatever took her fancy, for this could be but one night alone. He hoped not. The tight entrance yielded slightly to his licking and kissing, and he ventured a probing dart inside. She gasped, but didn’t resist. She stopped moving she seemed focused on this point. Her lips still held his cock, but her breath was becoming shorter and shorter. He forced in a little further, and then the impossible happened. He was inside her arse, the hot tight walls wrapping his tongue in pure animal instinct, as she gently began to rock backwards and forwards in rhythm with him, all the time with his cock in her mouth. She cried out, tiny little whimpers darting across the still night air to him, and all the while the video camera rolled silently in the corner.

He replaced his tongue gently with a finger. It came from nowhere, the power and the fury of her orgasm blinding him as she crushed herself to his face, he could hardly breathe, his digit forced from her passage by the sheer crescendo of the pulsing muscles there. She wailed, she cried out, and then she drove her cunt against his lips, his nose, almost suffocating him, as she seemed to come once more, this time inside her sex haven.

His prick had slipped from her mouth as she came from his attentions to her arse, and she collapsed herself forwards, onto his legs, his prick now bent painfully flat under her breasts, cupped inside the bra. She licked the base of his cock, and the perinea skin there, causing him to painfully harden, the fleshiness of her breasts providing scant relief from his predicament.

As she regained control of her breathing, and her composure, she lifted herself from him, and squatted over him as she removed her bra. She moved to turn and face him. She was sat on his thighs, and one hand wandered down to hold him and begin wanking him, as she threw the bra to the floor of the bedroom. She giggled at him, the look on his face must have been a picture, he felt stunned, here was Janet, acting as if in his wildest fantasy, totally against her normal character.

She continued to wank him, looking him in the eye, and then licking the fingers of her free hand, she began to rub first one nipple, and then the other. The hand trailed down across her belly, tracing the warm womanly contours of her flesh, and he thought she was going to give him a good, hard, two-handed seeing to. But the hand carried on down, as first one finger, then two, then three were pushed deep inside herself. He couldn’t believe his eyes, as she began to thrust her hips against her hand, and the fingers slipping deeply inside her. She continued her hold on him, the grip tightening as he sensed her begin to lose control of herself and her inhibitions. He saw her tremble, and then when she lifted her hand to her face to lick the coating of juices from her hand he could stand no more, and came himself, as hard as before, his cum pouring onto the hand that held him, trickling around her fingers.

She looked at her hand, then at him, and laughing quietly to herself. And she shocked him by the wanton way in which she plunged the semen coated fingers into her pussy, deep inside her, rocking again in a rhythm as she forced herself to come on his juices. She leant forwards, forcing the sticky fingers into his mouth, making him eat them and lick them clean. He groaned as she sat back up, only to lift herself down his legs, to lick his now limp prick clean. He ached, his balls ached, and the pain in his groin was torture, but pleasure as she cleansed him completely. He begged her to free him, but she only laughed, saying that the best was yet to come. She stepped lightly from the bed, the stockings on her legs sending whispers as she stepped across to where the video camera was whirring away to itself. He watched as she stopped it, thankfully thinking that he would now be free, but stared at her as she changed the cassette for a fresh one, turning back towards him only to check through the viewfinder that everything was still in shot.

“That’s enough now babe, set me free, let me make love to you” he said, but she shook her head, saying that tonight was his special treat, and that she had even more in store for him. If he could take it, she added, almost as an impish afterthought. What else could there be though, and he reluctantly agreed to let her carry on, after all, he would plot a revenge for her one day.

But for now, the only thought that filled his mind was to grab her, hold her, take her sweet little body, and fuck her till she could take no more. But she walked past him, to the door and through it. He remembered the bath, and relaxed when he heard the sound of a tap turning on, she was going to bathe him, oh how lovely that would be now. III

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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