Triple Date Wife Sharing

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Big Dicks

“So what are you wearing tonight?”

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe just a nice dress. What do you think I should wear?”

“It’s warm, you probably won’t want to be too covered up.”

Holly and I were getting ready to head out for the evening. We were going to go out and see a movie, and then head to a bar for a while, then back to the hotel we were staying at. We were also planning on meeting a friend at the bar though, and taking him with us back to the hotel.

We were going to meet Justin, a peer of Holly’s from high school. They hadn’t been too close, but we had looked online for somebody in the area to meet up with, and ran into his profile. We corresponded for a while about various things, and decided to meet.

“Are you excited for tonight?” I asked my wife.

“Yeah, I think so. It’s been so long since we’ve talked in person though. He seems the same through his texts and calls, but a little more grown up.”

“Did you ever think you’d be getting ready for something like this?” I asked her, laughing a little.

“Oh heck no! Hah!”

She was around the corner, in the bedroom getting dressed while we chatted, when she came around the corner to say something.

“What do you think about this? Do you like this, or do you think HE will like this?” She hadn’t yet changed into her dress yet, but was wearing only a robins egg blue strapless bra, with matching panties.

As she turned on her matching strappy heel, I noticed her panties were very small in the back, really showing off her nice big booty. I walked over to her in the room and put my arms around her, “Dang baby, you look sexy as hell.” I started to kiss her neck and moved down to the top of her breasts, sucking on their flesh gently. Then she pulled me up and gave me a kiss.

“Ah ah ah! Don’t get too excited. Remember, Justin gets to have fun first tonight,” she giggled. “Also, here, take my phone and take a pic of me on the bed.”

She positioned herself into a couple positions, before flipping onto her back with her head in my direction. She struck a few poses, playing with her breasts, her hand between her legs, and then just laying back looking sexy. I handed her phone back to her and she ushered me back out, telling me she’d be out soon.

I headed out to get into the car and made sure I had the plans straight in my head. I had already checked-in to our hotel rooms. That was ready. I already had the movie tickets. Seemed like everything was ready.

My phone chimed with a text message. Holly had written a group text to myself and Justin…

“Just about ready to head out for the night. What do you think of the color?” Her text contained a collage of the pictures I had just taken with her phone. One of her from above, stretched out on our bed, and two photos on the side. They were close ups of her rubbing her panties and pushing her boobs together within her bra.

It was so hot. I felt myself getting turned. Then another chime.

“Justin: Damn, can’t wait to get my dick in that 😉 “

Dirty thoughts started to flood my head with those two texts. I was rock hard and didn’t know when I would get a release.

Holly came out of the house looking fantastic. She had her new clutch bag and was wearing a light blue dress that matched her bra and panties. It had very thin straps holding it up and a lot of design around the bust. Below there, it was very flowy, but short. It seemed like a strong breeze in the right place would show of her thick, pantied ass to anybody behind her. When she got into the car, I noticed the time she had spent on her makeup and the flashy jewelry she was wearing around her neck and her wrist.

“Wow, look at you! And I thought you looked good nearly naked, this is a whole new level of sexy.”

She blushed and said thank you, and we set off for the movie.


At the movie, we got numerous looks. Mostly people watching Holly, and mostly guys. I saw a couple watch her and bend their neck around as she passed by. It got me excited to have others watching her like this. I pulled out our tickets and we settled down for the show. It was a romance, but kind of dull. I felt Holly leaning against me, and from time to time, I glanced down at her. Her breasts were sexy as ever, separated neatly by the bra, pushed up and over the very low neckline of her dress. They jiggled a little whenever she would move around in her seat. She must have sensed that I was looking at her and not the movie. In the dark theater, her hand rubbed on my leg, then my inner thigh, and then to the crotch of my pants.

“Get this out,” she demanded.

I used my hand that wasn’t around her to open my pants and pull my underwear down behind my balls. I was rock hard, sticking right out of my pants. The tip was wet from pre-cum already.

“That’s a good boy,” she turned toward me and took me in her hand, squeezing, and another drop emerged. “Oh look,” and she wiped it up with her finger and brought it to her lips, giggling quietly.

She started rubbing on my cock with her hand, so gently, barely adıyaman escort at all. My hand, resting on her shoulder, pulled her closer and I lower my hand to her chest, feeling the softness of her breasts, caressing them.

My breathing started to increase, even the mere grazing of her hand was going to make a mess in the middle of the theater.

But she pulled her hand back, and brushed my hand from her chest. “We’ll have to finish later,” she said in a cute, playful way.

“Such a tease,” I whispered into her ear as I put myself back in my pants.

“But you love it,” she whispered back, pushing against my pants where my cock strained to release from her touch.

“You’re right, I do,” I admitted.


In the car after the movie, we made our way to the bar where we would be meeting. We got there early, quite a bit early, but she said it would be OK. We could have a few drinks first.

I had never been to this particular bar. I wasn’t much for bars actually, but it looked nice. There was seating outside, but Holly told me she would be meeting her friend Justin at the bar. When we got inside, she found a small table near a window, about 30 feet from the bar. We sat down and ordered a drink. We had time to finish them and chat about other stuff before she talked about going up to the bar to wait. I started to get up with her.

“Wait, you get to stay her. I want you to stay here and watch. I’ll call you over when we’re ready.”

She had the time to order another drink and make it halfway through by the time he showed up.

When he finally arrived, it was from a different door than I had been watching. He came up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders and gave her a short massage while bending down to talk into her ear. She got up to greet him and they hugged a little while. When they released from their embrace, his hands were still just below her arms, around her ribs, so close to the front he could probably feel the wire of her bra with the palms of his hands. They kissed each other on the cheek and sat down to chat.

I had another couple drinks and felt myself drifting off over the next hour. Their chairs crept closer together, and his hand found itself caressing her thigh increasingly often, moving higher each time it seemed. “She should be calling me over soon,” I thought.

I saw her fiddling with her phone every so often, showing him pictures of something. It also seemed like she was reading some things. She sat her phone down on the bar again, picked it up, fiddled with it again, and put it into her purse. Moments later I had a new text.

“You should go back to the hotel. We’ll be there soon. Just leave our key at the front desk <3 " She didn’t look at me, but I knew that she wouldn’t get any reply text that I sent her. I could tell she was pretty drunk and I had seen her put her phone away. _________________________________________________ We had a hotel just down the block. We actually had two rooms. They were connected by a double door between them. “I’ve never actually used these doors,” I thought, “funny this should be the occasion.” On the way, I told the front desk that some friends would be along shortly for room 183 and that I wanted to leave a key for them. I then proceeded up to the joined rooms. I walked into their room first and turned on the lights. We had replaced them with red and purple bulbs, and the room had a nice dim feel to it, sensual. I opened their door of the joined rooms a little bit, and then went around to my room to open that side a little. I had discussed this beforehand with Holly, that I wanted to be able to hear, while still giving them privacy. I stripped off my clothes and lay in my own bed, my cock had been stiff as can be since he showed up at the bar and got his hands all over her, or at least I thought his hands were all over her. Having no clue how long it had been since I left, I thought, “what if they didn’t come back to the hotel. What if they went somewhere else. What if they stopped someplace else for a quickie alone before coming to our hotel?” No, it was shortly after these thoughts occurred to me that I heard talking, and the lock next door clicked. _____________________________________________________________ A guys voice came from next door, “Ohh, I like what you’ve done with the place.” “Yeah? You like it?” Holly said back to him, her speech a little slurred and a little too loud. “I LOVE it,” he admitted. The room next door grew quiet. I knew they were doing something together. I heard a couple smacks of lips, unsure if they were kissing each other or if he was using his lips alone. Again my cock sprung even more to life, begging to be rubbed. I listened more closely. There was whispering, and shuffling of feet. Moving closer to my door, I could hear. I thought I could make out a, “through there?” but I wasn’t sure. I do know that I heard Holly say, “Yeah, adıyaman escort bayan but don’t worry about him now,” and it was quiet again…more rustling though. What were they doing?

The quiet lasted another minute or so, and then I heard more kissing, and a grunt from Holly, followed by what sounded like a belt.

“Ohh yeah, I’m gonna like this…” He trailed off.

“Oh my gosh, look at you!” Holly exclaimed, and there was a kiss sound. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to get my mouth around it.”

“Just do what you can Holly, I’m sure it’ll be great.”

Ohh, he was going to feel her mouth on his cock. She hadn’t done that much to me, but I know that she was great at it, especially when she was drunk.

The room went quiet again, except for his groans of pleasure coming through the slit between the two doors. Every so often he would whisper something I couldn’t hear, and he would moan even more.

“Damn Holly, you’re mouth feels so good. You’re gonna make me cum soon.”

“Do you wanna cum?” My wife asked him.

“I don’t know. I wanna, bad, but then there’ll be some time before we can start going again. What do you think?” I heard him ask her.

Nothing else audible came from the room next door for a couple seconds.

“I guess that’s my answer then, shit you’re good…ohhh Holly…” and the moaning trailed off.

Holly said nothing besides gasping for breath every few seconds, but I could tell she was giving him a great time. Not more than a minute later his grunts got louder, I could tell her lips and tongue, and probably her hand, were working his cock good.

“Oh Holly…oh baby…so close,” the pitch of his voice rose a little each time, “that’s it, that’s it right there…oh don’t stop…”

I heard Holly gasping on his cock, followed by a few quick coughs. I knew her mouth was being filled by his fresh sperm.

“Oh shit baby, yes. Suck it all out. Just like that,” he encouraged her, “it looks so hot running down your mouth.”

The precum was flowing from my own cockhead now. I tried desperately to keep my hand away from my own manhood. I knew too much play would make my lose my load before I even had a chance to join. I had moved from the bed, into a chair that I had pulled close to the doorway. I still couldn’t see anything, but I could definitely hear better.

“Let’s take this off now, I wanna see those titties,” I heard him say, “yesss, that’s beautiful.” The sound of sucking came from the room, and I knew he was sucking on my wifes breasts, a place I had explored only a few hours earlier.

More whispering. What was going on. They were moving around, but was he still suckling her breasts?

I heard somebody fall over onto the bed and some more whispering.

“Yeah, open up for me. Open up,” he requested.

Was this it? He couldn’t be ready yet, could he?

The sound of more sucking, and Holly moaning shortly after. I pictured the sight in my mind. She was laying back on the bed with her legs spread. His head was buried between her legs, tasting her soaking pussy, and her legs were draped over his shoulders. Her hand was on the back of his head, pushing his lips and tongue into her wetness.

It was quiet for the next few minutes, broken only by an occasional release, as if he was sucking on her pussy, pulling back, and then releasing. I knew Holly had a certain moan when her clit was being licked and sucked directly, it was only a matter of time.

She started giggling, I knew she was getting pleasured by him now. It was definitely genuine. A little bit of nervous giggling, with quick pants every time he paid extra attention to her clit. I knew my wife, and I knew exactly how he was pleasuring her. Her moans grew louder though, with only the occasional giggle. He was taking her past where I normally got her. What was he doing?

“Stop…stop…wait…” I heard her call to him.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” He questioned.

“I can’t take it,” she said giggling, as he apparently continued on her, then there was just a little more whispering.

“You want it now?” He asked.

“Yeah, I want it.” She told him, “I’m ready for you,” she said, in more of a groan. He must have grown hard again while he was working her pussy with his tongue.

I heard rustling a little bit, back closer to the door, and then footsteps coming back. “Here we go,” he stated, “scoot back further.” I could hear more movement on the bed.

More whispering came from the room. I couldn’t make it out. I just barely caught a, “Yes,” from my wife.

“Oh Holly, you’re so wet. Here we go,” he warned her. I knew he was rock solid, getting ready to penetrate her.

Holly gasped audibly, much louder this time than at any other point that night, “Ouch! Wow!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, keep going, just…slow.”

More whispering for the next few minutes, the sound of kissing, and then re-positioning on the bed.

“Ohh yeah. That’s it,” I heard Holly beginning to enjoy his escort adıyaman size. I heard their heavy breathing together. She actually whined a little bit with each thrust.

I pictured them both on the bed, her legs spread, accepting him inside her, accepting his pleasure and giving him a little of her own with her tightness. I pictured the view that he would see beneath him, Holly’s big beautiful breasts bouncing with each thrust. Her eyes looking up at him, I could hear her moans, sharp and pointed with each thrust.


“What?” He asked.

“Is my phone over there?”

“Uhh, yeah, you want it?”

“Yeah, get it for me?” Holly asked him, “Now take a picture of me like this.”

Oh, a picture, I couldn’t wait to see this. Would she share it with me?

I heard the sound of her phone taking a picture and some clicking over the keyboard. Then just the sound of sex again.

My phone buzzed. There was a notification. Was it from one of them?

Indeed, it had a picture. I could see her breasts on full display, her nipples rock hard, she looked up at the camera, and even though it was dark, I could see his thick cock spreading her pussy. There was a text with it too.

“You can come watch in 5 minutes,” the text message said. I could feel my cock straining, begging for release even more.

I heard the sounds stop and some more rustling on the bed, then a sharp smack.

“Mmmmm,” Holly moaned.

“Oh yea? Do you like that?” He asked.

“Mmmmyeah,” She groaned.

Then another louder smack, followed by a longer moan, “such a nice booty. Ohh such a tease too, shaking that ass at me.”

“Give it to me Justin,” she taunted him, “fuck me haaard,” she whined.

Ohhh it must have been 5 minutes by now… I timidly poked my head around the corner slowly, and the door creaked as it opened and I crept in on them.

There was no reaction from the lovers.

They were both naked on the bed. Holly was pointed away on her hands and knees, her gorgeous ass pointed straight at him, and her head buried in the bed, though her head was turned back in my rough direction. Justin was kneeling on the bed behind her, his hands slowly taking in every curve of her body. They ran over her round ass, down her thighs, over the small of her back, and then to her shoulders; the whole time, his stiff rod hovered between her thighs, glistening with her wetness, dripping.

“Quit teeeasing me Justin,” she begged.

His hands slowly moved from her shoulders, down the side of her torso, and landed on her hips. He squared himself up behind her, and with one thrust, he was deep. Deeper than I’d ever been, I was sure.

At that, I noticed a chair, and sat down. Not sitting tall, but sinking low. My own stiff penis pointing straight up, begging for stimulation. I dared not oblige for fear of exploding all over myself there in the chair.

He was pounding her. Taking her pussy and making it his own. She didn’t even have to do anything, his powerful arms grasped her wide hips, pulling her deeper onto him, matching his thrusts.

“Oh! Ohhh,, ohhhh ohhhh!” Holly moaned, grunting with each thrust, her heavy breasts swaying, shaking every time their bodies met.

“Ha ha ha, yeah…you love it,” he proclaimed smugly, “you NEEDED a good fuck, right?”

Holly’s only reply was her fevered grunting with each thrust, she was becoming tired now, her pussy was eager for him, though she was almost falling over if it weren’t for his grasp.

“I think it’s time now, you think?” Justin suggested to her.

I didn’t know what was going to happen. Was he getting ready to cum? Was he going to cum in her?

Holly flopped over on the bed, sideways, facing towards me. For the first time since Justin showed up, she was looking at me. “Commere hubby,” she said smiling.

I felt heavy as I got up from the chair. I was only a few steps from the bed, but it seemed to take forever.

“Lay down behind her and let her lean back on you like a pillow,” Justin instructed me.

Holly leaned back against my stiff penis, pushing it down and to the side like it was a twig on a forest floor, and she nuzzled back in as I straddled her. My arms instinctively wrapped around her, cupping her breasts. She said nothing about this, but spread her legs to welcome her lover once more.

He fucked her like that, hard and fast, missionary style, with me behind and under her. He pleasured her pussy while my hands rubbed all over her breasts, occasionally pinching and twisting her nipples.

In rhythm to his hard pounding, she begged, “Giiive iit toooo meeee Jussss-tinnn!”

I pressed her tits together in front of him, as if to encourage his performance. Did I want him to give it to her?

“Ohh yes…that’s it…that’sss it…” he moaned slowly “I’m sooo close…”

“Cummmm Jussstin, cum aaaall ooooover meeee,” she begged further.

He would comply. I knew he would comply with her requests. I know he would have complied with whatever she wanted…but…

He pulled out quickly, grasping himself, pointing his swollen, orgasmic cuckold maker directly at her face. He groaned and tipped his head back as his first string erupted from the tip. White and thick, it nailed her bottom lip, followed by her nose, then her neck. Her breasts were splattered as I held them, and finally all over her belly, where he milked out the product of their passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32