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The last two periods at school were PE and I was damned if I was going to attend them. It’s not that I’m allergic to exercise; it’s just the boring inanity of having to do physical jerks each week just because the teacher likes doing them. I was so out of there. Donna and I slipped out of school and went home. By home, I mean that we both went to my place, mainly because there would be no-one there. Truancy? I suppose it is but did I care? Not so you’d notice.

I live out of town a little way and I have my own little car. It’s not much of a car but it goes and that’s what counts. We were in and long gone by the time anyone noticed that we were missing. Hopefully, the only ones who’d notice we were no longer at school were classmates and they wouldn’t say anything. After all, it might be them next time.

Once we were at my place we decided to use the pool. It was a hot day and a dip wouldn’t hurt. We can always claim that it counted as our PE for the day. Naturally enough, Donna didn’t have her bathing costume with her and, equally naturally, she nearly had a heart attack when I suggested skinny dipping. She was horrified at the idea in case someone caught us. So I dug out one of my older bikinis for her and we changed.

There was only one little problem with that bikini. I’m, shall we say, more developed in certain areas than Donna. The bikini top simply swam on her. I suggested that the best solution was to just go topless. I’d do the same and if anyone came it would be easier to fold our arms over our breasts, but it wasn’t as though I was expecting visitors. The whole family were supposed to be away for hours yet. So we went in topless, feeling deliciously naughty.

We were lazing on the lawn beside the pool when I thought I heard the front doorbell. I listened hard for a moment and yes, the bell rang again. Donna also heard it.

“Um, someone’s at the door,” she observed.

“Well, my parents are at work. My brothers are at work and school respectively. I’m at school and so are you. There’s no-one home to answer the door. Whoever it is will have to come back when someone’s home.”

My logic seemed acceptable to Donna and we both just relaxed and ignored the unwanted visitors. Too bad they didn’t ignore us.

“Hullo, young ladies,” said an affable voice and we looked up to see a couple of cops strolling around from the side of the house.

We both squealed and jumped to our feet, red of face and hands flashing to cover our breasts.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” I demanded.

“Ah, police, Miss,” said the taller of the two officers.

No kidding. I’d already worked that out for myself.

“Oh, gee, so you are,” I observed. “I thought you might be. The uniforms are a bit of a clue, you know. What are you doing here?”

“Answering a call, Miss,” came the reply. “We were notified that somebody seemed to be at this property when all the residents were supposed to be absent and we just dropped by to make sure there wasn’t a break-in.”

“Well, there’s not. Feel free to leave,” I told them.

“Certainly, Miss,” he said, sounding oh, so agreeable. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“I live here,” I said with some asperity, “and this is my friend Donna. As to what we’re doing here I’d have thought it obvious that we were swimming.”

“Yes, Miss. Ah, I was given to understand that the young lady who lives here would be at school right now. Rochelle, is it?”

I flushed slightly and nodded.

“Um, yes, well normally we would be at school but we got the last two periods off today.”

“I see. Does the school know you have the last two periods off?”

That’s the sort of suspicious mind that comes with being a cop. Why couldn’t he just accept that we were legitimately at home and go away. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for an answer.

“Ah, not exactly,” I admitted. “The last two periods were PE and we figured it would be more interesting to get our exercise at home in the pool. I can’t stand the way we have to do PE at school.”

“I see. I guess that means that you’re truants. What’s wrong with the PE at your school?”

“I don’t think it’s called truancy when the students are eighteen – our age,” I pointed out. “I think it’s called using adult discretion to avoid an unpleasant experience. As to what’s wrong with the PE, our teacher makes us do physical jerks like jumping jacks and knee bends and other stupid things. By a strange coincidence various male students always seem to find an excuse to wander past while we’re doing the exercises. They like to see our boobs bounce.”

I think the officer was struggling to keep a straight face, but his off-sider sniggered at that comment. He also seemed to be spending a lot of time eyeing Donna.

“Well, Miss, we do have to report this, but I’ll just state that the daughter was unexpectedly home.”

“Um, illegal bahis hold on. By report, you mean at the local Police Station?”

“Yes, Miss,” he said, sounding puzzled.

“Do you have to?”

“Ah, why shouldn’t I?”

“If you report it at the station, Sergeant MacEnvoy will see the report. He’ll stir up my dad about it and I’ll get into trouble. That’s why you shouldn’t. Can’t you just say it was a false alarm and not mention me being home?”

He looked at me thoughtfully and then glanced over at his mate, who was still eyeing off Donna. Didn’t that man have any tact? Not that she was much better. She was giving him back look for look and I’ll swear that her hands had moved to show more of her breasts.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll make a deal with you. The pair of you show us one of those exercises that makes your, ah, boobs bounce, and I’ll report it as a false alarm.”

“That’s blackmail,” I said indignantly.

“Mm, possibly,” he admitted. “Is that a yes or no?”

I felt slightly squirmy inside at the thought of deliberately showing a man my boobs bouncing. Blushing slightly, I turned to look at Donna. She was just giggling and already had her hands down by her side, showing off her attributes, nodding her agreement. I glared at her, but nodded.

“Two jumping jacks and that’s it,” I said.

Talk about total embarrassment. It was fine for Donna. Her breasts weren’t as large as mine. Now I quite enjoy having largish breasts, and I’m young enough and fit enough that they don’t sag. That does not mean I enjoyed doing a couple of jumping jacks for the amusement of a couple of chauvinistic pigs in uniform. Donna thought it a real giggle but her breasts stopped bouncing when she did. Mine had some momentum going and I had to slap my hands over them to make them stay still. Totally not fair.

“Very interesting,” drawled my tormentor. “Now I’d appreciate it if you’d take off the rest of your bikini.”

“What?” I demanded. “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

“True, and a deal is a deal. I’ll report this as a false alarm, which it is in a way. I still want you to take your bikini bottoms off.”

“I see,” I said, glaring at him. “You’re going to hang around here until we do, aren’t you.”

“Not exactly. I’m just waiting for you to do it and then I’m going to stretch you out on the lawn, right there, and give you the physical exercise you’re missing at school, although I don’t think it will be the same as the PE you would get at school.”

Oh, boy. I suddenly felt all hot and excited and somewhat flustered. I looked at Donna to see how she was taking this request and she was looking elsewhere and ignoring me. By elsewhere, she was giving the second cop the eye, her breasts uncovered, the little tart, and her thumbs hooked in the waist of her bikini. If I gave the nod I was willing to swear she’d have them off in nothing flat.

That second cop, by the way, was standing a bit too close to Donna in my opinion, and I would swear he was rubbing her back. On second thoughts, I suspected he was rubbing her backside. On third thoughts, from the flush on her face, maybe he had his hand inside her bikini and was fondling a bare bottom. And she wasn’t trying to stop him.

I glared at my cop.

“I’m not going to do it,” I snapped. “You can get fucked.”

“Ah, not if you don’t take off your bikini,” he retorted. “In those circumstances I’d be departing unfucked.”

“You mean you’re not going to make us?” I asked, relieved. Yes I was relieved. No, I wasn’t disappointed. Not even a little bit. Although, to be fair, maybe Donna was, but only a little, I’m sure.

“Make you? Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, sounding as though he was shocked. “We’re the law, we are. We can’t run around forcing ourselves on sweet young things, even if they do have nicely bouncing boobs. We stalwart guardians of the law uphold the law. Having you take off your bikini will be construed as consent, and then you’ll see what they mean by the long arm of the law.”

Comments like that were not helping me cool down. It took a determined effort on my part not to look down to see how long he was referring to. I was not interested, I told myself firmly. A glance at Donna didn’t help me at all. Her nipples were standing out so far her beau would be lucky not to be stabbed to death by them. And I was positive her bikini had eased down a little. I could swear I could see the top of her slit. When had she become this tartish, I wondered.

“Um, we’re flattered by your attentions, of course, but we really don’t know you. You can’t really expect us to whip off our panties and lie down for you.”

I tried to keep it light, hoping I sounded slightly amused. It didn’t appear that I succeeded too well.

“You’re not flattered at all,” he said quietly. “You’re excited and nervous but not exactly flattered. illegal bahis siteleri Your friend on the other hand is just plain excited and horny. If you give her the nod she’ll be naked and in mid-fuck before you could stop her.”

“She would not,” I hissed, “and I am not excited.”

“Then you ought to sue your nipples for lying,” he murmured.

I glanced down and saw that my nipples were erect. I hadn’t even realised that I’d uncovered my breasts. It’s what comes of waving your hands about when you get excited. I glared at him and he smiled at me, and it wasn’t a very nice smile. He turned his head and called to Donna.

“Ah, Donna,” he called, “Rochelle says to drop them. She’ll catch up in a minute.”

Donna giggled and pushed down. Her thumbs were already in her waist-band and when she pushed the bikini just shot down, leaving her naked. The cop she’d been flirting with wasn’t slow to take advantage, either. He was easing her down onto the lawn before the bikini even hit the ground.

Face blazing I looked away.

“How could you do that?” I gasped.

“Quite easily,” he said, and he was smiling at me again, but it was a much nicer smile. “You think it would be wrong to just whip off your bikini, don’t you.”

I nodded, blushing. I mean, I just couldn’t do it and he couldn’t make me do it.

“So I’ll give you a break,” he said. “I’m going to take off your bikini for you. Then I’ll lie you down on the grass and just pet you a little. All you have to do is keep quiet. That way you’ll be able to tell yourself that I’m making you do this.”

I blinked at that. Was he kidding? Did he really think I was just going to stand there and let him pull my bikini down? I mean, really, how gullible did he think I was? He was talking again.

“There you are,” he said softly. “That wasn’t too bad, now was it?”

What was he on about? A hand running lightly over me from bare breast to bare bottom answered the question. I couldn’t believe it. While I was wondering how to tell him to take his suggestion and shove it he had been removing my bikini. He didn’t have to pull them down. Just undo the bows at the side and that was that.

I was going to protest but he was already easing me down onto the grass. I watched him nervously, but really, a little bit of petting wouldn’t hurt me, now would it?

That’s how it started, really. A little light petting. He stroked my breasts, and played with my nipples. He told me his name was Ron, which I already knew from his badge. He kissed me lightly and played with my breasts some more. It seemed perfectly reasonable when he kissed my nipples and his hand caressed across my mound at the same time. It wasn’t as though he was doing anything really, just holding me in his cupped hand.

He kissed me some more and I couldn’t really object when he started to rub me down there. It would have seemed a bit prissy and petty. So he kissed me some more and lightly massaged me and I was feeling a little hot and flustered but I have to admit that I liked it. When his hand came back up to play with my breasts again I actually felt a sense of loss.

I wasn’t too surprised when his hand started drifting down towards my pussy again, and I wasn’t going to object. However I was a little surprised when he stopped half way down and sought my hand, his hand closing over mine. Ulterior motives, of course. He drew his hand over to his groin and at some stage he’d unzipped and I found that the long arm of the law was now requesting a hand. My hand.

I didn’t just grab onto him. (Not like some people I could mention. I could see Donna out of the corner of my eye and I was slightly scandalized at her forwardness.) I did let my hand rest against him, feeling his heat and hardness, the heat within me responding and my own temperature going up a notch. Or maybe two or three. I was breathing harder as well.

Errand completed, his hand continued its journey down, closing over my pussy and squeezing slightly. Then there was more kissing, first my mouth and then drifting down along my neck and finishing up on my breasts. Things became a little confused at that point. He lightly bit my breast while at the same time a couple of fingers slipped between my lips and started exploring internally. I jumped slightly, not knowing which of these I should react to, possibly complain about, and then got distracted realising that when I jumped my hand had automatically closed. I assume you remember where it had been left.

It seemed to me that it would be rather silly to complain about his fingers trespassing between my lips when my hot little hand was clutching his hot, not so little, erection.

He kept on stroking me, mouth and hands wandering over my body, arousing me. It was all a little much at times. Times such as when he brushed against the area immediately around my clitoris. I bucked canlı bahis siteleri slightly at that and had to stifle a scream. And he did it again.

Call me naïve if you like but I simply didn’t realise what he intended when he extracted his cock from my greedy little paw and positioned himself between my legs, looming over me. I was just looking at him in fascination, waiting for him to go on touching me when he leaned towards me a little and, oh my god, he was certainly touching me again.

His cock was pressed lightly against my lips and my lips were swollen and damp and seemed happy to press back against him. I wasn’t quite so happy.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, feeling a trifle panicky along with being hot and bothered. “You said you were just going to pet me a little.”

“To start with,” he said softly. “Just relax and see how things go.”

How things were going was his cock thing was trying to push its way into my vagina thing. That’s how things were going. I was going, “Um, ah, um,” while my mind raced trying to find a polite way to say no. I flicked a glance over at Donna, wondering if I could appeal to her. I couldn’t believe it. She was on all fours with her cop kneeling behind her, boffing her like crazy, his arms wrapped around her while he clutched hold of her breasts. A fat lot of good it would be appealing to her.

Ron apparently though he’d given me ample time to protest if I was going to and he gave a slightly harder push. This resulted in his cock just slipping past my lips and starting on its journey. Damn it, I was going to say no. He just didn’t give me long enough to work out how to say it.

“Um, look,” I managed to get out. “What I mean is, um,. . .”

What did I mean? Damned if I knew. I was sort of getting distracted by what was happening. I could feel his cock steadily moving deeper into me as he pushed against me and I could feel myself flexing my hips and pushing to meet him. How the hell do you say, “No, I don’t want to,” when you’re pushing yourself up onto him? You don’t. That’s how.

He was smooth, I’ll give him that. His cock was all the way home, pinning me firmly to the ground, and I’d managed to put up precisely zero resistance. His hands slipped up and over my breasts and he held still for a moment, letting me feel him, in me, on me, holding me. Then he started moving.

He didn’t start banging away, which was what I was half expecting. He just started moving easily within me, pulling gently back and then sliding back into me. It just seemed natural to match his movements, pushing up to meet him as he came, relaxing a little as he pulled back. It was exciting, arousing, and the best part was the anticipation, knowing that it would only get better as things progressed.

And it did get better. His hands were rubbing my breasts, my nipples, exciting them, while his hips were busy driving him steadily forward and into me. The tempo was slowly increasing, his thrusts gathering speed, his withdrawal pulling back further to give him time and room to really run his cock home.

I was lost in a blissful dream that just went on and on. I was vaguely aware that I was clinging to Ron, my legs wrapped around him, holding him to me as he surged relentlessly into me. I could hear myself, pleading with him, wanting more and more, and he seemed quite happy to give it to me, driving in hard and showing no signs of stopping.

I was gasping, feeling desperate, my excitement overwhelming. I couldn’t handle what was happening. I needed it to end, but was afraid that it might. When Ron settled down to business and decided to finish me off I could do nothing but let it happen. He drove in harder than ever, tearing the life right out of me as I just died, my climax just shattering me and leaving me to slowly sink back down in little pieces.

Oh, my. I could feel all those little pieces merging again, leaving me lying there in a daze, not knowing what had happened. Well, I did know. I’d just been screwed rotten, and by a cop of all people. It didn’t seem to make any difference to me. I just lay there.

Ron and his mate were both standing up, there clothes nice and tidy. A sidewards glance at Donna showed me she was sprawled on her tummy, naked, bum in the air.

“Right,” said Ron. “So it was a false alarm at this call out with no-one home and no intruders. We’ll call again. Just to let you know we’re keeping an eye on the place.”

They departed, leaving us lying there. When I looked at Donna again she was looking at me.

“You’re a tart,” I told her. “You were all over that man. Talk about encouraging him.”

“Me?” she said indignantly. “What about you? You seemed to be putting on a sterling performance.”

“That was not my fault,” I replied with dignity. “He forced himself upon me, undoubtedly encouraged by your performance with his partner. I just couldn’t think of the right way to get him to back off.”

Donna didn’t seem to believe me. I’m not a fool. I know what a sniggering laugh means. But it’s true. I’d definitely have said no if I’d had the chance. I’d have to make that clear next time.

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