Truth or Dare

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First thing you should know is that this is a true story. It happened during my third year of university, but the names of characters and places have been changed to protect the people involved.

This is my first story so please leave feedback and comments.


“What time we leaving?” Bella asked him, a little before 9.

“In about an hour” replied Gary. “Bar 85 is only a 5 minute walk, so we got plenty of time. Make yourself another drink”.

Bella was finally going on a university night out with her friend. Even though she had been a student for 2 years already, she had never actually gone out with her friend from class, Gary. Bella wasn’t against going out or having a fun, but her boyfriend hadn’t liked it.

Being from Manchester, she hadn’t seen the point of moving into student accommodation or shared housing just to be 8 miles closer in the morning for her classes. Living at home did have it’s perks of course, mainly money, but it was another reason why she hadn’t ever gone to the union bar.

Gary had been going to the student bar for the past two years, ever since fresher’s week. He had always tried to get her to come along but she had always refused, saying her boyfriend didn’t like the idea of it. But now things were different.

“He was such a DICK!! Exclaimed Bella as she poured another rum and coke.

Only 3 days ago she had found out that her unlike her, her boyfriend had been going out all over the city hooking up with as many girls as possible. She had found out when a friend of hers had sent her a photo of her boyfriend kissing another girl.

“Im sorry but yeah he was. You know that’s probably the main reason her never wanted you going out in the first place? He didn’t want you speaking to the wrong people. He didn’t want to get caught..”

Gary was being as supportive as possible, trying not to say ‘I told you so’, he knew her well enough to know that wouldn’t help.

Gary and Bella had been friends since their first class at university, they were both studying accounting and had both felt lost in that first class. They naturally became friends supporting each other with their growing workload. Bella often went to Gary’s house to do assignments, or study for exams. They had always been completely normal, with no attraction, it was good to have that kind of female friend.

Gary and Bella were often confused for a couple. At university, people commented on it frequently and were always told they were wrong. Bella is an attractive girl. 5ft 1, with dark red hair, a slim build, but with a massive chest. She often complained about her tits being too big, Gary didn’t see a problem with them. Gary himself was a little over 5ft 8, toned but not ripped, and very intelligent. He had been single for the past 2 years after breaking up with his old school girlfriend. They had tried to make the long distance thing work but in the end they gave it up as a bad job. He had been with other women since her, but nothing really stuck for longer than a few weeks.

Gary was still surprised that Bella had asked to come out tonight, he thought she would be home wallowing, not wanting to go out and dance all night.

“So what has called for tonight? Why were you so adamant about going out?”

“I just want to have fun with my best friend, I have spent the last 2 years never being able to go out, so yeah I think it’s my turn to have some fun.” Bella replied.

“Good, it’s what you need. I will only say it once and then I will be done but I always said he wasn’t good enough for you. I only met him twice but even then I knew he wasn’t good enough for you.

Bella didn’t reply to this at all but she gave him a small weak smile showing that she appreciated it. She had always felt so comfortable around him.

“I’m gonna go get a shower and get ready, grab yourself whatever you want to drink and make yourself comfortable.”

Gary went straight up to the bathroom and jumped into the steaming shower. He had never seen Bella in a sexual way before, but it seemed different now. They were only going to the uni bar, so he had told her to dress casual. She was in just a top and skirt, but really pulling it off well. He was really getting curious about her tits… they looked great.

Gary finished getting ready, just putting on a decent polo shirt and jeans, probably best to wear shoes in case they went into town after… asshole bouncers would never let you in wearing trainers.

When he got back downstairs he got a teasing wolf whistle from Bella, she was pouring her third rum and coke and my second whiskey and coke. “Oi I’m not a piece of meat” casually replied Gary. Bella laughed saying “try having tits this big, you get whistled at constantly out of cars, going past building sites… you know, the cliche places”.

“Well they are huge” he replied, “I’m not surprised you get attention because of them, how big are they anyway?”

“That’s my business” she whispered. She wasn’t necessarily flirting, well Gary didn’t think so but he was useless at spotting signs that girls liked him.

“As this Porno is your first uni night out we will make it awesome, do all the things you have missed out on the last couple of years, drinking games, dancing with random girls, flashing your tits at the bar tender to get free shots”.

Bella just laughed at this, she knew Gary liked to go out to the uni bar, it was easy for him to get there and back, the girls were hot, drinks were cheap and the kebab shop was on the way home. He always said that was important to him because it reminded him of home.

“I’m fine with the first two, but I’m not flashing the barman. Besides when they are too big like this it’s hard to flash quickly. What drinking game were you thinking of though?”

“Easy, as it’s the two of us we go high card. We take a pack of cards and draw a card each. Who ever has the lowest card drinks a shot, but we will do beer shots so we can still walk. Think you can handle it?”. Bella showed that she agreed by pouring 8 shots of beer. “Fine, but we go through the 6 pack and then we head out, I want to go have fun at the bar.”

They drank shots for the next hour, both feeling slightly drunk when they had finished. True to his word when they had drank the 6 pack they headed out. It was a good night. The DJ played a good mix of music, because of their pre drinks they only had a couple of drinks each, spending most of the night dancing and laughing together. Gary saw a few girls he had lived with the previous year, they had dropped out so Gary was now living in a new house with his housemate James. Bella seemed to get annoyed around the girls, not jealous as such but she never liked Paige or Clair, always interrupting and butting in when she was round Gary’s house last year. They didn’t hang around for long, saying they were heading into town. Gary and Bella decided to head back to his place stopping for a bag of chips on the way.

When they got home Bella was happy to kick off her shoes and pour them both another drink, she wanted to continue the nights fun.

Sitting on the sofa listening to music she turned to Gary asking “so what after party games do you play? What did you used to play last year when you lived with those girls”

Gary knew she didn’t like them. “Why don’t you like them? I know they aren’t the most casual pair but they have always been a good laugh on a night out, and they do like you you know.”

“No they don’t” she laughed tossing her long red hair back. “I really don’t care about them Gary, but go on what did you play? You never answered the question”.

“We all used to play a few games, Mike who I used to live with always wanted to play truth or dare”.

“Ohh yes let’s play that, I’m drunk enough to without getting too embarrassed “.

“Are you sure? It used to get out of hand with at least on one of us stripping and running around outside on the street?”

“Come on, don’t be a spoilt sport… first uni night out remember, you promised an awesome night” she cooed softly.

“Ok fine, lets get another drink then” pouring themselves another drink he started to get some wicked thoughts. “And maybe we should go upstairs, less chance of a James walking in”

“Let’s take the bottles upstairs then,” she replied. “Saves coming back if we want another.”

After turning off the music, making the drinks and grabbing the bottles they headed to Gary’s room. As soon as they got through the door Bella started without evening sitting down. “Right I’m asking first, truth or dare?”

“Truth” replied Gary.

“I will start off with an easy one. How many girls have you slept with?” She was giggling while asking this.

He took a big gulp of his drink before he answered. “6. My ex you knew about and since then I’ve been with 5 others.”

“Oh you stud. To be honest I thought it would have been more” she replied.

“Nope I’m generally quite good. Ok your turn, truth or dare?”

“Truth” she answered quickly.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” She looked slightly shocked by that.

“Yes I have. I was 18. I was pretty drunk in OBar and a friend of mine dared me to kiss her friend. I don’t say no to dares so I did. It was nice actually. Same as kissing a guy really except no stubble or beard or anything.”

Gary liked the sound of that, especially what she had said about not saying no to dares. “I wish I could have seen that.”

“I bet your not the only guy who would enjoy 2 girls kissing. Back to me. Truth or dare.”

“Truth” he said taking another drink.

“Have you ever slept with either Clair or Paige?”

Gary was prepared for this. “I knew you were going to ask that. No I haven’t, we used to have fun as a house but that’s it. Truth or dare?”


“You didn’t answer my question earlier, how big are your tits”.

“I’m not surprised at that one. They are 36EE. Guys are so predictable. Right my go again, truth or dare?”

“Truth” replied Gary.

“Did you ever come close to getting with one of those girls?”

“Yes” replied Gary. “Paige and me were getting close one Altyazılı Porno night but nothing happened”

“Aww what happened did Mike keeping getting in the way?” Bella didn’t like Paige especially. She always had such a superior attitude to everyone around her. She wasn’t anything special.

“No it was James actually, always acting so lonely. Ok. Let’s a draw a line under them 2. I’m sure there are other things you would want to find out.” He said, hopefully ending the topics for the night.

“Truth or dare?”


“I know about your ex, but how many guys have you slept with?”

“Why do guys always want to know that? Do I look like a slut or something? Is it the big tits? I have slept with 3 guys. My ex and 2 guys in high school”. Bella sounded harsh but she was smiling throughout her reply.

“Truth or dare” she asked. She was getting impatient, she wanted him to choose dare.

“Truth” replied Gary.

“Ok. How many times a day do you jack off?”. There was a wicked smile on Bella’s face, thinking that he would be embarrassed.

“I can’t believe you just asked that. But fine, fair is fair. Only once or twice a day, three times if it’s been a stressful day”. Gary looked slightly red but he was only slightly embarrassed, it was natural.

“So now you, truth or dare?”

“Truth” said Bella.

“Are you shaved?”

Bella did looked shocked on this one. She wasn’t prepared for this question but after having a large mouthful of her drink and swallowing she blurted out the truth quickly to get it over with. “Yes I am. I like the feeling of being completely bald down there, it feels nice”, she added this last bit with a wink.

Gary was taken aback by that. He always thought of her as sweet, cute and innocent, not talking about how having a shaved pussy felt nice.

“Truth or dare Gary?”

“Truth” he replied.

“Ok, but we need to start picking dares soon. I have heard that you are good are using your tongue… is that true?

“Where did you hear that from?” he asked her back.

“You know that girl Sam you took home a few weeks ago? She isn’t able to keep anything secret. So go on is it true are good at using your tongue?”

“Well it would be a little arrogant if I said yes. But I will say that I’ve never had a complaint, I would say I was a good kisser.”

“That’s not what I meant.” She just grinned at him when she said that.

“Well what do you m…”. He suddenly looked at her seriously knowing what she meant.

“Oh my god she really told you about that?”

“Yeah she told me how you were good with your tongue on a certain part of her body. She told me how you went down on her, and how she much she enjoyed it.”

“Well yes, I did go down on her. I like doing it.” He replied with a grin as if remembering the event.

“Was she good? Does she have a nice body?” She asked him.

“That’s two more questions and it’s not our turn”.

“Fine” she replied but with a little pout. She downed what was left of her drink and made herself another, obviously finding the liquid courage helpful.

“Truth or dare Bella?” Gary asked her.


“When was the last time you finished yourself off?”

“This morning” she replied quietly. “I woke up horny, I think I was having a sex dream, I was the only one in, so I thought why not”

“Was it good? Did it make you feel better?” he asked with keen interest, starting to feel a tightness on his jeans.

“Yes and no. I was able to cum but it made me miss real sex and a real guy instead of just my fingers alone.” She answered. With the look on her face it was obvious she was telling the complete truth. He could see the longing on her face, maybe remembering the last time she had sex.

“Truth or dare Gary?”

“Oh go on then, dare” Gary answered. He wanted to break the cycle and by doing the first dare he would be able to gauge the tone more easily, not wanting to push things too far.

“Oh good, finally. I have a perfect dare to warm up on. I dare you to kiss me.” She demanded.

Gary wasn’t sure if he was surprised or not. With the questions it was clear both of them were feeling excited with the game, and he supposed this was the logical opening dare. He moved closer to her, seeing her smiling widely at him. He leaned in and gently brushed his lips against hers. He was going to leave it there but her question about his tongue jumped back into his head. He decided to show her how he used it at least when kissing. He slowly opened his lips and moved his tongue into her mouth, caressing her tongue with his. He continued to kiss her for about 30 seconds feeling her getting more worked up and into the kiss.

He pulled back from her, seeing her sitting there with her eyes closed, clearly having enjoyed the kiss. He could see her chest heaving up and down as her heart rate increased.

“Wow, you really are a good kisser. Sam was right about you and your tongue. Well not that I would know like she knows but you know what I mean.” She had gone red and turned away to drink Brazzers more of her drink. It seemed like she needed a second to compose herself.

“My turn, truth or dare Bella.”

“Dare.” She said this quickly.

“Ok, well my dare to you was going to be to kiss me but you took that. Ok I dare you to flash me what’s under you top.”

“That’s quite a raise there, ok I’m game, but let me get this off first.” She turned around twisting and turning in her shirt, until he realised what she was doing. She was removing her bra so it was easier for her to flash him.

She turned around and leant down and kissed him again. She took a step away from him making sure he was watching her. She started to lift her shirt, slightly stroking her smooth, flat belly. She continued to move her hands up her chest taking her shirt with them. When she was just showing the bottom of her tits she pulled her top up completely exposing them fully.

Gary was sitting and watching her avidly. He had always been curious about her tits. He saw them almost every day hidden away under whatever top she wearing that day but now he could see them fully. And they were amazing. They were as big as they looked and they didn’t drop an millimetre. She had lovely hard pink nipples which she kept touching and pinching between her fingers.

“That’s time up for you buddy” she said giggling pulling her shirt down as she sat back on the bed and reached behind her for her drink. As she raised the glass above her head Gary could still her hard nipples poking through her shirt. He was definitely liking this game now.

After she had downed her drink she said with the sweetest of little voices “truth or dare?”

He was curious how far she would take this so he replied “dare.”

“I dare you to strip down to your boxers, go down to the kitchen, get us a tasty snack and then come back. You are not to put your clothes back on when you get back.”

Gary wasnt worried. He knew his housemate was passed out asleep as he had been up for the previous 48 hours completing an assignment. He didn’t tell Bella this though as he stripped down to his plain black Hugo Boss boxers.” He turned to let her have a good look and saw she smiling, staring at the point just below his waist.

“Go on, kitchen and snack, I want to see your ass as you walk away.”

With a smile Gary turned back round and went to the kitchen as ordered. He had considered bringing back something random and funny but instead he thought more on the sexual side. He went to the fridge and pulled out a punnet of strawberries. His housemate always had strawberries in the fridge for his morning smoothie. He would just have to do without them for one day. Before going back upstairs he had an even naughtier thought and went and pulled the chocolate sauce from the cupboard.

He headed back upstairs to notice that the lights had been turned off but there was a slight flickering coming from the crack in the door. Bella had shut off the lights and instead had lit a pair of candles. It gave a really nice atmosphere and as he entered the room he was starting to harden again. She was lying back on the bed, her nipples still showing through her shirt, her red hair over her far shoulder looking thoroughly sexy.

“What did you bring us?” She asked, clearly eager to see what treat he had brought her.

“I hope you like strawberries Bella. Shame we don’t have any champagne to drink with them, but I did bring some chocolate sauce.” As he said this he looked down and saw that he was growing to full length.

Bella hadn’t missed this. She was looking at his crotch noticing that it had grown bigger.

“I love strawberries. Come here and give me one.” She said sitting up with her legs crossed.

He went to her and fed her one, trying to be as sexual as possible. She either got the message or she had her own dirty thoughts as she was careful to make sure that her lips closed over his fingers as well, gently sucking them. The strawberry was really juicy and as she pulled away he could see a small drop of strawberry juice dripping from her lips. He couldn’t help himself, he leaned in kissing her, making sure that he got all the juice.

He pulled away from her saying “my turn is done, mission accomplished. Your turn, truth or dare?”

“Dare, I’m enjoying this so much I don’t know if I will pick truth again.”

“I dare you to strip to just your panties and serve us drinks, I always wanted a naked barmaid.”

She was grinning from ear to ear when she was dared to strip.

“Really? Ok fine, I guess I asked for that. I always knew you want to see me naked.”

She stood up immediately, reaching to undo her buttons. She undid them carefully, staring at Gary and starting to sway to silent music as if she was doing a striptease. When her shirt was undone she was pulling it down making it tighter over her tits making her nipples poke through even clearer.

She then left her shirt on her shoulders, undone but not open and moved to her skirt. She unclipped it at the side, turned her back on him and bent over to show him her ass as she pulled the skirt down showing a great ass only lightly covered with a black thong, that had matched her previously discarded bra. She pulled off her shirt and turned back to face him giving him a good view of herself in the candle lit room.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32