Tumultuous Times At St.Thomas Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Endings and Beginnings

Manny closed the door of his house behind him, and casually strolled across the front yard to the neighbouring house, a plastic shopping bag tucked under his arm. He rang the doorbell.

“Well, hello there Manny.” Marie, Cath’s mother, answered the door. It had taken a little while for her to get to the door. Marie looked a little out of breath and there was a red flush on her face.

“Sorry,” she said, “I had the vacuum going and at first I thought I was just imagining the doorbell.” Her long dark hair was casually pinned up behind her head. She wore an old faded T-shirt, ripped in a few places and even thinner where it stretched to contain her large breasts, clearly bra-less. She was barefoot, and old, tight jogging pants covered her legs, forming a camel-toe at her crotch.

Manny looked on, waiting for her to say something, but she just looked at him, drinking him in, almost looking through him. Finally he spoke up.

“Um, is Cath in?” he said.

“No, sorry Manny. She’s out. I’m home alone all day.” She emphasized the last sentence, unasked for information.

“Um, I wanted to just give these books back…” he held up the bag.

“Why don’t you bring them inside? My hands are actually a bit dirty, so I can’t take them now.” Marie turned around and walked back into the house, not waiting for a cue from Manny. “I’ll wash up and then get you something to eat. C’mon into the kitchen…”

Manny stood outside the open door for a moment. He looked at Marie walk off, and saw her reach back to her waistband and pull up on the worn cotton, stretching it over the globes of her ass and pulling it up into her crack. He stepped in and closed the door.

It was an overcast day outside so the kitchen, with its dark wood and single window over the sink, was especially dark and cast in shadow. Manny put the bag of books on the small table, and Marie asked him to sit down, which he did. Quietly, he looked at Marie busy herself.

“Would you like some cookies, Manny?”

“Not really…” he muttered, but Marie reached for the bag of cookies. She planted her feet widely and then bent over, trying to keep her knees as straight as possible, her flexing ass aimed right at Manny. She stayed in that pose for a long time before finally drawing up. After she put the cookies in a plate she walked over to Manny with a big grin, her shirt now pulled up so that her middle-aged midriff and belly button were exposed.

“Bon appetit!” she said, and then as soon as she turned away, she gave a little hoot, and bent over to pick up a piece of litter on the floor – but Manny’s eye had darted there, and he knew the floor was spotless. Now Marie’s ass bounced in front of his face as she pretended to pick up some crumbs off the floor. The cotton stretched over her butt, and Manny began to breathe a little harder as he appreciated Marie’s ass – large and weighty, but still muscled and not flabby but fit.

Playing at this a considerable time, Marie gave a last little swing of her ass to Manny’s face, but he pulled away. She muttered, stood up, and walked off.

Manny slowly put a cookie to his mouth, happy to be able to do anything in this odd situation. He watched Marie open the fridge and grab a carton of milk. Turning to him and putting the glass right between her breasts she began to pour.

Missing the target, instead the milk ran over her neck and chest, wetting her breasts so that they showed through the thin material, and dripping down onto the floor in a steady stream. Marie seemed caught up in the feeling, her neck craned upwards and her eyelids fluttered.

“What the FUCK are you doing!?!” Manny shouted, and then leapt over to Marie. He grabbed the carton with one hand and the glass with the other, banging them down on the counter-top. His body pressed Marie’s against the counter, and one of his hands grabbed her throat. “I said, what the FUCK do you think you’re doing?!!”

She drew her large eyes up to him for a moment, and then turned them downward and bit her lip. A faint murmur came from her: “I’m….I’m sorry sir.”

Manny wasn’t pressing down on her throat hard, but it was in inescapable grip. Along with his body pressing against hers, she was at his mercy. Instinctively her hands went behind her back and entwined. Manny saw this and brought his hand back behind her, trapping her two feminine hands in his one large male hand.

“What did you call me?” he asked.

“Sir. I…”

“What the fuck did you think you were trying to do?”

“I…I thought you might liked to be served. And…and serviced, Manny. Sir!”

“And where did you get that idea?”

“Um…” her eyes darted around. Manny noticed her breasts, her nipples sticking out through the material as the milk-sodden material cooled in the air. He bent down and sucked on a nipple, sucking out drops of milk. “Oooooh.” He sucked her other nipple. “Mmmm…Uuuuungh.”

He brought his lips back beside her ear. “That was nice,” he said forcefully. “You’re very nice. But where did you get this bonus veren siteler idea? Waving your ass around in front of my face?”

She didn’t answer, so he pulled away suddenly, and twisted her around. She bent over the counter, hands on the edge.

“Bad bitch,” he said, and slapped her ass. “Bad, bad, teasing bitch,” he watched her ass jiggle from the open-palmed spanking.

He walked back to his chair at the kitchen table. “Beer me,” he said.

“Um…it’s 10 AM…”

His eyes were burning now, fired up by the hardness in his pants, and as he fixed her with his gaze she got the message.

He took a healthy gulp of beer. “Take your top off.”

Marie peeled off her t-shirt, and was left standing there with her pendulous breasts swinging.

“Gimmie a smoke,” Manny said.

“I…I quit,” she stammered.


“Six months ago…”

“So gimmie one. Don’t pretend you don’t still have a pack stashed somewhere.”

“We…we don’t smoke inside the house.”

“Take your pants off.” She did so, and stood there naked.

“Now get me a cigarette like I fuckin’ told you.”

Returning from another room, she brought Manny a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Marie stood still beside him, hands positioned to discreetly try to hide some of her nakedness. He lit his cigarette and blew a big puff of smoke into the clean air. There was a radio on the table which he turned on, and found it tuned to public talk radio. He explored the dial until he heard a station playing a phat beat, with the usual rhyming about bitches and whores and tits and ass.

He gestured to the table, “Get up and dance.”

Marie squinted up her face for a moment, but didn’t dispute his command, and climbed onto the table, pushing a few small items that littered it onto the edge. She began an idle swaying and twisting; nothing intense but with a definite seductive rhythm.

“Run your hands up and down yourself, yeah,” he instructed her. “Over your tits. And play with your pussy a bit, yeah.”

Warming up, she got into the spirit, showing herself off to Manny – sometimes swinging her breasts in his direction, sometimes squatting down and shoving her ass in his face, using her fingers to spread her ass or pussy, letting him see her up close.

Having finished the smoke, he turned the music off. “Alright, get down,” he said, and gave her a hand to help. Climbing down, she lay her hands on his body, trying to take off his clothes.

“No!” He batted her arms away. “Get down on the ground. On your back.” She sat her naked ass down on the vinyl flooring and spread out.

Manny kneeled down beside her. “Play with yourself, Marie.”

She began so slowly, running a hand down to her pussy and keeping it there, rubbing around the outside. Her other hand went to her mouth to collect some wetness, which she then spread over her nipple, teasing its hardness.

“Is your pussy hungry?” he asked

“Mmmm,” she purred.

“Why, Marie? What the fuck got into your head?”

“I…I heard you…in your room.”

“What happened?” He knelt closer to her, looking into her eyes and whispering in her ear.

“I was…ungh…I came over one day, I was talking to your Mom…Mmmm…Uh, and she said I should see something…oooo….And she led me up the stairs. And there were sounds coming from your room.” Both hands were on her pussy now, one on the outside, keeping her lips open, and the other plunging its fingers deep.


“Yeah…And so she brought me up to the top of the stairs…ungh…And I heard fucking, tons and tons of fucking. You’re a dirty fucker.”

Manny brought his head beside hers, though he was facing the other way, and whispered into her ear while his cheek pressed against hers. “Really? And what did you do?”

“Ungh! Your mom and me…we both…we put our hands down our pants…frigged ourselves silly listening to you fuck…fucking animals….”

“Did you touch each other?”

“No…but…but I wanted to…I wish I would’ve touched your mother…ungh…Your mom’s a hot piece of ass…ungh…ungh…ungh….”

“That’s it, cum for me, cum…” Manny whispered to her, feeling her breath quicken and her face heat up.

“UUUUUuuuuuungh!” Marie grunted and screamed, and pressed both her hands into her pussy and kept them there with clenched thighs.

As she came down, Manny drew away. “Don’t you fuckin’ open your eyes until I’m gone. I’ll leave a little present for you.”

Marie followed his command, and heard him putter around for a few moments, and then walk away. The front door closed. Her head clearing, with a few stars in front of her eyes she stood up. The room was a mess, milk on the floor and smoke in the air and the smell of sex somewhere underneath it all.

She noticed something else. One of the dog dishes had been placed on the table. Inside was a white goo.

She pressed a finger in. Manny’s semen was still warm. She brought her head down to the bowl and slurped up every drop.

“Manny? bahis The principal will see you now. She said walk right in. You know where Mrs. Cole’s office is?”

“Yeah,” Manny said. He’d been waiting in the general reception area for the school offices, and the secretary had just gotten off the phone.

Manny walked down the hallway, turned the knob on Mrs. Cole’s office, and stepped in.

“Hello, Manny. Lock the door please,” Mrs. Cole said. The blinds in the windows to the hallway were already drawn.

“Have a seat, Manny baby,” she said. “You look well. All that pussy’s been good to you.” She gave a devilish grin.

Manny sat in one of the plush chairs and looked at her. She sat behind her desk, her curly black hair came down in tangles. As always, she wore lipstick and eyeliner that gave her a hard-edged look, and dangly gold jewellery hung off her ears and around her neck. She wore a simple white silk blouse, unbuttoned to show the plunge of her cleavage, and a little pinkish flush was on the skin of her face and upper chest.

“Hmmm….I’ve been considering your proposal….hmmm…what you’re wishing for…hmmm” she hummed mysteriously at either ends of her words.

“What I want,” Manny corrected her. “Along with Dorothy, possession of Betty and Cath. And my continued income. And the records to show that we’ve gotten all the credits and graduated, even though we’re not going to stick around for the end of the school year. Graduated with honours.”

“Mmmm….And what’chya gonna do with yourself then…Mmmm,” Mrs. Cole said.

“Gotta figure some things out, do some travel,” Manny said, a serious look passing across his face.

Mrs. Cole gave a wicked grin and beckoned him over with a finger. Manny stood up and walked around her desk and stood beside her.

Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and Manny’s sister Betty was there crouched under the desk, in school uniform, face buried in Mrs. Cole’s pussy.

“You want me to give up a slut like her?” Mrs. Cole said, and brought a hand up to rub Manny’s crotch, where his cock pulsed and grew under her touch. “Do you like how I’ve let my pussy hair grow? It’s a fuckin’ jungle now. But your sister loves it. Don’t you, Betty? You love my skanky-smelling puss!”

Betty looked up, wide eyes fixing Mrs. Cole and then Manny, but then focused back on munching pussy.

Mrs. Cole quickly undid Manny’s pants and pulled his cock out, pushing it into her mouth.

“Aw shit!” Manny growled. “Fuck, you’re my first, and still the best cocksucker I’ve known.”

Mrs. Cole smiled in approval and drew her mouth off his cock. She spit on it. “And you’ve got a lovely cock. I’ll be sad to see it go.” She plunged her mouth down again, making gagging noises as she pushed it to the back of her mouth, pressing the cockhead against the opening to her throat.

The office was quiet except for groaning and sucking. On the floor, Betty ate Mrs. Cole’s pussy feverishly, and Mrs. Cole worked on Manny’s cock with her mouth and hands.

Mrs. Cole began to moan harder and harder around Manny’s cock. “Unnngh…Mmmm…Mmmm…MMMMMMM!!!” She came over Betty’s face, and the feel of Mrs. Cole’s mouth on Manny’s cock as she groaned in ecstasy made him give in and cum as well. A few drips of white cum forced themselves out from between Mrs. Cole’s lips.

Mrs. Cole pulled Betty up by the hair, and threw her face-down on the desk. She pulled up Betty’s school kilt and revealed her naked ass. Mrs. Cole spit the gooey contents of her mouth over Betty’s ass, and then worked the sticky cum around with her fingers, pushing into Betty’s ass and quickly banging three fingers deeper and deeper into her asshole. Betty whimpered obediently.

“You want me to give up an ass like this?” Mrs. Cole asked Manny. “Your sister’s got a fine slut ass. But maybe…maybe we can work something out…We’re testing this new drug…”

It was an old and run-down part of the city, where at least half the shop fronts were vacant. They’d parked the car on a side street, and Manny led Marie past vagrants and idle drifters to large solid black doors under a blank marquee. He wore a dark suit and an open-collar shirt, while Marie was dressed casually in jeans and a jacket over a sweater.

“Looks like an old theatre,” she said, as Manny fished around in his pockets.

“It was a nightclub…at least it was before they closed it down.” He got the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door, ushering Marie inside into darkness before closing and locking the heavy doors again. It was pitch black until he brought out a small flashlight from another pocket. “But it got closed down because of violence and drugs and gangs and stuff. Belongs to a different gang now, you could say.”

He swept the flashlight around, and Marie noticed the peeling paint on the walls and litter like crumpled paper and crushed beer cans strewn on the floor. The flashlight roamed further and shone a slim beam on the mysteries of a bar, a cavernous room at the end of a hallway, and deneme bonusu a stage with mysterious shapes draped in drop-cloths.

“Here’s where we want to go,” Manny said, shining the light on a staircase leading upward. He walked up and Marie followed.

At the top of the staircase was a small dark hallway, where Manny led Marie, hand-in-hand. They passed a number of doors, until Manny pushed one back and strode into a sparse change room. He lit a few candles on the counter by a large mirror.

“There’s a bag on the chair with what I want you to change into,” he said. “I need to make sure everything’s ready. I’ll be right back.”

“What…” she began to ask, but he had already disappeared into the dark.

When Manny came back, he looked at Marie putting on the last touches of makeup – she was totally transformed.

Red high-heels contained her feet, her legs encased in fine red stockings held up by a lacy garter. Over this Marie wore lacy red panties. The only item of clothing she wore on her top was a see-through negligee vest, lined with red fur, which flowed around her naked breasts. A strand of hair fell over an eye, giving her a sultry look as she peeked out form beneath.

Manny’s body reacted immediately to the sexy sight and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock, stroking it as he walked up to Marie. Without preliminaries, he pushed her back up against a wall and reached down to pull her panties aside.

“Ooooh…” she gasped as he fingered her completely shaven pussy. After a few short probes with his fingers, Manny pushed his cock in.

“Mmmm, yeah, fuck!” He groaned as they executed a graceless quick fuck against a wall. Manny lifted up one of Marie’s legs at the knee and held it up against his waist, giving him better access to bang her against the wall.

Manny grunted as he came in Marie. Finishing his orgasm, he withdrew and crouched down.

“OooooMmmm…” Marie sighed as Manny ate her cum-filled pussy, sucking out the mixed hot juices. He wiped his mouth and pulled her panties back over her pussy.

“Here,” he said, handing her a lantern. “Turn left and head down the hallway to the end.”


“No questions. Please.” He kissed her cheek, and gave her a push on the butt.

Marie walked down the dark hallway, lantern in hand, cool air playing over her bare skin. Things appeared to move in the dark corners, and obscene graffiti was scrawled on the walls.

She came to several semi-transparent curtains hanging in her path. Pushing these aside and forging on, she found herself in a room, and as one everyone turned in her direction.

It was a dark room, with candles and lanterns along the edges providing the only light. The red unblinking lights of cameras lurked in dark corners. In the centre of the room three couches were arranged in a U-shape, with several old mattresses covering the floor in the middle.

On the couches sat men: naked, stroking their cocks, and looking at Marie.

She put down the lantern and walked toward them. She saw they were all impressively built; weightlifters or some other kind of athletes. All in their mid-twenties as well. And their dilated eyes gave off a greenish glow.

She stood in the middle and faced one couch, running her hands over her breasts and stomach. Three men sat here: a blonde with short hair, a brown-skinned man with stubble, and a man with dirty-blonde hair down to his shoulders.

“Boys, boys, boys…” she whispered. “You like this? You like me?” They didn’t say anything, but increased the rhythm of their cock-stroking.

She turned to face another group. Here there was a black man with a shaved head, a brown-haired man, and another black man with an afro. After giving them a little tease of her body, Marie leaned over and took their free hands and put them on the chests of others, encouraging them to play with each other’s nipples. She giggled.

The last couch had two white guys with dark hair, and a brown-skinned man whose head was shaved.

“Play with each other’s cocks,” Marie told them, and then urged them on by placing their hands on their neighbour’s cocks. They seemed a bit uncomfortable, but stroked each other’s cocks as they watched Marie stand in front of them, doing a little sway to the music in her head.

“Oooh!” Marie was surprised when one of the men came up behind her, and began to kiss her neck. She turned and gave him a full-mouthed kiss. Soon all the men were off the couches, and surrounded her.

She exchanged kisses with one after the other, and sometimes the tongues of two men would battle in her mouth at the same time. Slowly sinking down, she kissed mouths, then necks, then chests, until she was on her knees, surrounded by a forest of hard cock.

As she began taking the men into her mouth, she felt someone slip under her, rip away her panties, and begin eating her pussy. But at the moment she concentrated on cock; sucking one, while having another in each hand, and jumping as the guys that weren’t being served at the moment would rub their cocks over her face or breasts.

Pushed onto her side, two tongues now played in and around her pussy, while another lapped at her ass. Cocks came at her face, sometimes the twitching, engorged cockheads forced themselves into her mouth two at a time.

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