Twas The Day Before Christmas

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Delilah sighed a sigh of relief as she pulled into the two car garage. Her shopping was complete finally. She hated waiting to the last minute, but somehow it always happened that way. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and she sure didn’t want to be out there in that mess then. She was looking forward to spending a quiet holiday with John, and then they would travel over the weekend to see family.

As she opened the car door, the most delicious aroma filled the air. Christmas cookies! Mmmm…she loved it when John baked his Christmas specialties. She loved John so much and the few short years since they had found each other had been the best she had known. He had taught her so much about love and loving. So what if he was somewhat older than her. It didn’t matter. It was John’s arms and John’s love that made her feel like she was sitting on top of the world 24/7.

Her arms loaded with shopping bags and packages, Delilah opened the garage door leading to the kitchen. She smiled as she watched John. He was frosting some sugar cookies at the counter. His back was to her and he was singing along with the Christmas CD blaring loudly throughout the house from the den. Needless to say, he didn’t hear her come in. She crept silently out of the kitchen and put the Christmas fanfare in the den.

Delilah slowly moved back into the kitchen so as not to distract John. She moved up behind him and reached up to put her hands over his eyes. She knew it would startle him, but she couldn’t resist the temptation to be naughty.

Just as she quickly covered his eyes, John jumped and spun around. Whap! The icing covered spatula in John’s hand landed squarely upside Delilah’s cheek smearing the green icing on her like war paint.

“Oh Baby, I’m so sorry. You gave me quite a start.” John said, and then broke into laughter. “Guess that’s not quite what you expected to happen was it?”

“Not quite.” Delilah retorted, her eyes big with surprise. She reached for the towel lying on the counter next to John.

“Let me get that for you, Sweetie.” John grinned and bent down to lick the icing from her cheek. “Mmmm…my sugarcoated Baby doll.”

John’s tongue licked the icing and then traveled down her neck to the hollow on the side. He knew this would drive Delilah a little crazy. He loved turning her on. It was always such an easy job! He was amazed at how hot she stayed for him. Anywhere, any time, Delilah was quick to respond to his touch. He wished he had met her many years ago when he was in his prime. Even though almost 20 years her senior, their sexual relationship was dynamite. Being with Delilah, gave him a woody quite easily and more often than he had ever had with anyone else. She was a handsome woman with full breasts and a shapely firm body that defied her age. He loved her long legs, the supple roundness of her behind, and her eyes. Lordy, he would just melt every time she spoke to him with those green eyes. He could lose himself in the fragrance of her skin and the softness of her long auburn hair as his fingers tangled there during their kissing. He loved her so much.

Delilah moaned as he nipped at her neck and she pushed her body into his openly showing her growing desire. She felt his manhood pulse in response to her grinding.

“John, I love you.” She whispered softly as he moved his hands down to encircle her waist. Then with a gleam in her eye, she quickly dipped her finger in the bowl of red icing and smeared it down John’s nose and over his lips. She stretched up to lick it from his nose and then his lips.

“Candy coated kisses.” Delilah commented bringing her lips to John’s. Her hand slid down to massage his growing erection. “What do you have there in your knapsack for me Santa? I’ve been naughty, but oohhh so nice.”

“Indeed you have little girl.” John mimicked his response in his best Santa impression. “Let me just see what I’ve got for you in here.” He reached into his sweatpants Etiler escort and presented her with his rigid tool. It pulsated in the air as his erection grew beneath her stare.

“Oooo…doesn’t that look just yummy.” Delilah said as she kneeled before John. She looked up with those sexy green eyes and they spoke volumes to John at that moment.

Delilah wrapped her hand around John’s cock and slowly pumped it as she watched his face. He leaned back against the counter bracing himself for what Delilah was getting ready to do. He had to because she had the power to bring him to his knees when she sucked his cock. She took the tip of her tongue and captured the droplet of precum seeping from his cock head slit. She drank it into her mouth and tilting her head back moaned her delight at his taste.

John groaned. She was so sexy. He watched as she licked her lips and then brought them to the head of his throbbing rod. She parted her gorgeous full lips and blew her hot breath out. It washed over his sex and he shivered in anticipation. She kissed his cock head. Delilah ran her tongue down its length and back up. She lifted it and kissed the sensitive underbelly of her desire. She moaned. Delilah pulled back for an instant and gazed at John’s manhood. She loved John’s cock. The taste, the silky smoothness, the way it responded to her touch; she loved every thing about it. Most of all, she loved how wonderful it felt in her mouth, in her pussy and in her ass.

Delilah closed her lips around the head of John’s penis and then moved them up and down his shaft, wetting his rod. Her tongue ran the length of him and caressed his stiffness as she suckled him. She made a few more passes with her lips, then she sucked him into the back of her throat.

John moaned loudly as the head of his cock hit the back of her throat. “Oh Baby. God you have such magic in your mouth. I love the way you suck my cock.” John tangled his fingers in Delilah’s hair and began a slow pumping motion matching her sucking.

“Mmmmm….” Moaned Delilah at the words John was speaking to her. She loved sex talk. Her pussy was wet already. It had been since John started kissing her neck. She continued her lovemaking on John’s cock, but the need growing in her made her move her hand inside her leggings and search for her throbbing bud.

“Mmmmm…” Delilah moaned again as her fingers located their target and she drew small circles around it, pulling and tugging at the sensitive button. The vibrations from her moan traveled the length of John’s cock and settled in his balls. He looked down and saw Delilah’s hand busily working in her pants.

“Yeah, that’s it Baby. Play with your pussy. Get that cunt nice and wet for me.” John instructed Delilah. He knew she loved dirty talk during sex. He did too. He pumped harder into her mouth as he watched her finger herself.

Delilah’s free hand cupped John’s ass and pulled him harder to her face. Her nails dug into his buttock as her feeding frenzy quickened with her own growing desire to cum. She moved her fingers to search for John’s tight ringlet. She pushed against it with gentle pressure. John moaned with delight as she massaged his bum hole. Delilah sucked his cock harder and John pumped more forcefully as her finger slipped through the band of muscle and she entered his ass up to her first knuckle.

“Fuck Baby, yes. Oh m’god Delilah. Fuck me…I’m getting ready to cum Baby.” John grunted with ragged breaths through clinched teeth. The feeling of Delilah’s finger moving in him and her mouth sucking him down her throat was drawing him to the edge quickly. “Ooooo…gawwwd, Baby. Now….Now….Fuck….FUCK” John shouted as he stiffened and jammed his rod deeply into her mouth. Delilah felt the hot cream blast from John’s cock and coat her throat. She pulled back a little and swallowed the first jet, then the second, then the third.

John brought her up using his Etiler escort bayan hands still entwined in her auburn tresses. He brought her mouth to his, and as his tongue enfolded hers, he tasted his cum in her mouth. He loved the way he tasted inside her mouth.

Delilah’s quick shallow breaths revealed her level of need. Her breasts heaved under her sweater. John moved her away from him and started unbuttoning the deep v-neck sweater. He bent down and his mouth followed the contour of her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He liked that. She knew he liked it. His mouth found her swollen erect nipple and pulled on it with gentle teeth.

“Unnnnhhhhh…Baby.” Delilah moaned.

Without releasing her tit, he moved her pants down below her hips and placing his hands on her waist, John lifted her to the counter. He sat her at the edge and still suckling at her breast, he pulled her pants to her ankles. His fingers made their way to her dripping slit, and parted it searching eagerly for entry into her hot hole. Two crooked fingers entered her and John made his way to her G-spot. He pumped her and stroked her hot spot repeatedly.

“Ooohhhh…” Groaned Delilah. She arched her back and leaned back on the counter supporting herself with shaky arms. Her hips moved upward to meet his fingers as they worked the magic only John could perform.

John left her luscious tits and his mouth dove into her secret treasure. His lips pushed her labia open and he nibbled at her clit with his teeth.

“Ooohhhh Fuck! Yes Baby Yes!” Delilah shouted as John continued his sucking and tugging on her swollen bud. Her taste was intoxicating, John switched places with his fingers and talented mouth. He pushed his tongue deep into her sweet canal, and his fingers massaged her clit.

“Yes Baby…Fuck me with your tongue.” Delilah bucked against his face. Pulling her boot free from one pant leg, Delilah lifted her legs over John’s shoulders exposing more of her delicious pink pussy to him. John groaned as he feasted on her sweet nectar and sex gorged flesh. His tongue left her pussy and traveled to her anus. He licked and probed until it moved inside her. John fucked her ass with his tongue, and then moved it back to her pussy, and repeated his pattern. It drove her wild. Supporting her weight on one arm, Delilah placed her hand on the back of John’s head and pushed his face hard on her sex.

“Oh John…that’s so fucking good. Yes Baby, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue.” Delilah could feel the searing fire creeping from her core. She began to tingle from her head to her toes. “John….I’m gonna cum…fuck me…fuck me….FUCKKKKKKK!”.

She convulsed with the spasms surging through her wet cunt. John felt her hot pussy clamp down on his tongue. Fuck, she was good at that. His fingers continued to work her clit and her asshole as she came hard, her sweet nectar spilling onto his tongue. He licked her dry as her orgasm slowed and then stopped.

He picked her up off the counter and she locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He headed for the carpeted floor of the den. His cock was stiff and pounding ready against her ass as he carried her. He kissed her and she tasted her juices on his tongue. She sucked his tongue hard as if starving for her taste.

John let Delilah settle softly on the carpet on her knees. He knelt in front of her and they kissed passionately, their hands exploring their bodies. John moved around her and bent her over. Delilah’s shoulders and face rested on the floor. John’s cock moved into position against her pussy hole. It turned him on eating her pussy. He felt as horny as a schoolboy whenever they played together. He was sixty-eight going on sixteen, when his cock craved her sex, and he craved her often.

He pushed against her wetness and the head of his cock popped in. He stopped briefly as they both moaned their delight at their coupling. escort etiler John made slow smooth strokes moving more inside her with each thrust until his balls were slapping against her hot pussy lips with each entry. Her velvet heat molded around his cock and she flexed her vaginal muscles to massage his rod as he stroked her. Fuck, she was so good. John bent over her and tugged at her nipples.

Delilah groaned as she felt his balls slap against her and John pinched the rosy red tips of her tits. She pushed back against him. One hand went to her clit and she rolled it between her fingers. He could control her like no one ever had. He was her master; he was her love.

John removed his cock from Delilah with a sucking sound as her cunt reluctantly released him. He took his hard shaft in his hand and moved it upward until the slick wet head rested against her anus.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass Baby girl.” John announced as he pushed smartly against the tight muscle. “I’m gonna fuck your ass good.”

“Yes Baby. Fuck me in the ass. Drive your cock hard up my ass.” Delilah begged as John’s words turned up her heat. She held her position firmly and pushed back wanting him to enter her.

John teased her asshole a little by rubbing his cock head around it. Then dipping his cock back in her pussy juices, he pushed against her forcing the blood swollen head through the tightness. “Aaahhhh…there Baby, there it is. Is that what you want, my little hot Baby.”

”Yes…Yes…give me more, John. Fuck me with it. Fuck me hard.” Demanded Delilah.

“You’re gonna get it Baby. You’ve been a good girl and you’re gonna get fucked really good.” John promised as he began to move in her tight warmth. God he loved her tight asshole gripping his cock as he slid it back and forth. He knew he would never be able to last long here. He never could. She fucked him like a banshee whenever he entered her ass.

True to form, Delilah wriggled and pushed against John’s sex as he fucked her. She shouted obscenities in response to the painful pleasure of his cock filling her tight ass.

She pushed her body up and supported it with her arms so she could rock back hard against John’s cock.

“Mmmmm…Mmmmmmm….Yes….Yes….Yes…John, fuck me Baby, Harder Harder”

Delilah’s words quickened John’s strokes and his urge to fill her dark tunnel with his load.

:”Fuck Delilah. Your ass is sucking my cock in deep.” John cried out and thrusted harder against her pussy. His balls made a loud wet smacking sound as they thrashed her anxious cunt. He smacked his hand against her ass cheek, an action that always fed their desires. “Mmmm, yes Baby Girl, that’s it. Fuck Daddy’s cock with that tight little ass of yours. Yeah, my baby likes it up the ass, doesn’t she? She likes it long and hard up her ass.”

Delilah pushed her hips back harder meeting John’s thrusts with a powerful force. She felt her orgasm moving from her very core. His words filling her mind, his cock filling her ass; Delilah could feel the room spinning around her as the flames of passion consumed her body and drove her to ecstasy. She locked her arms in place and pounded her luscious ivory globes against John’s hot flesh.

“Ooooooo Oooooooo….Harder, Harder, John. I’m gonna cum Baby. Give it all to me now. Fuck me…FUUUCKKKK MMEEEE. I’m cumming on your cock Daddy.
Cumminnnggg , oh fuck FUCK JOHN FUCK.” Delilah’s ass sucked John’s cock deeper. It clamped down on his throbbing, rigid man tool and milked his load from him as he struggled to maintain his position against weakening knees. He filled her with white hot cream, and she came hard as she felt his liquid shooting from his cock. They rocked together until they collapsed, spent, on the soft cool carpet. John held her and cradled against the wet soft skin of Delilah’s back, he lowered his mouth and planted a delicate loving kiss on her neck, and whispered. “I love you Baby Girl. There is no one in this world that could make me happier. I love you.”

Delilah turned and looked back over her shoulder into John’s gray-green eyes. She smiled “I love you, too Darling.” They closed their eyes and held each other tightly until a peaceful sleep overtook them.

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