Twenty Something

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“Come on, Shirley. You know you want to.” I begged.

“Not until I’m twenty.” She refused. “Be patient. It’s only two more weeks.”

“But what about this?” I asked, pointing to the tent in my jeans.

“I can’t help you. I’m sorry, but you’ll just have to take care of it yourself.”

“Couldn’t you just rub it a little?” I whined.

“No Johnny. Kissing you is fun, but I’m not going any further until I’m twenty and that’s it period!” And with that, she got up and went into her house. The door banged shut and locked behind her.

So, I stood there on her front porch with a raging hardon. Two weeks! My nuts could explode in two weeks! She didn’t bite on that ‘blue balls’ tale either. I was resigned to the bathroom and my good right hand……again. I slowly walked home. Once I was inside my house, I raced to the bathroom and ran off a batch by hand. I shot so much goo all over the room, it took me half and hour to clean it up.

I had been dating Shirley for three years. When I met her, she was seventeen and I was seventeen. I was three months older than her. Now, I was twenty and she was almost twenty. Although she had been promising birthday pussy for two of the three years, I had no doubt she would find a way out. Girls are like that. Ever promising, never giving. I had a date with her in four days. I knew I would wind up begging like a dog again. My nuts started to ache in anticipation. I went back into the bathroom and relieved myself again before my folks got home. What a life!

Four days later we were sitting on my front porch swing. I had taken her to a movie. She loved it. It was a chick flick and held no interest for me. I was trying to be romantic, kissing her and holding her hand. Every time I made a move toward her body, I was rebuffed. My cock had risen to newer, harder heights. “Help!” I whimpered and pointed at it.

She giggled and said, “Looks like another night of pain. I’m sorry, but you know the rule. I don’t know why you always have an erection if it hurts as much as you say it does.”

“I have no control over it,” I explained. “Just seeing you across a room sets it off. Please, just let me look at them.”

“Ten more days. You’ve waited three years, I’m sure ten more days won’t cause you to die. Will you walk me home?”

“You know I would walk off the end of the earth for you. Do you have to go right now?”

“Yeah, Mom’s home tonight so mecidiyeköy eskort I have to be in early. Let’s go.”

I walked her home and then ran back to my house and jerked off. Only ten days to go and then I would see how truthful she was. I really did love her, but I was completely frustrated. What a life!

I saw her every day after school for the next week. My hormones were at the explosion point. I ate very little and slept not at all. My nights were spent daydreaming of Shirley. I must have suffered thirty unfulfilled erections during that week. I had a big calendar on my wall and every day I would cross off another waiting period. This must be what prison was like. Waiting for freedom, anticipating release, god, I was dying.

I answered the ringing phone. “Hello?”

“Hi, Johnny, it’s Shirley.”

“Hello, sweet thing. What can I do for you?”

“Well, you know tomorrow is my birthday party. It might be a good idea to tell your folks you are going to be very, very late.”

My cock almost exploded. It was immediately hard. “Okay,” I groaned.

“Is every thing alright?” she giggled.

“Not yet,” I moaned.

“Well, bye.”


I raced to the bathroom, but just as I was wrapping my hand around it, I thought, “Maybe I should save a bunch for Shirley. I don’t want her to think I’m a pee-shooter.” I almost fired up my computer so I could visit some porn sites, but then thought better of it. In my current condition, my cock might go off all by itself.

I watched some TV, which helped quell my horniness. No matter what I tried to think, in the back of my mind was a throbbing, pulsating little voice repeating, “Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.” My mind was numb. It was hell. I went to bed mooing like a cow. My thoughts were on the party tomorrow.

The party started at two. I was ready at ten in the morning. I spent the morning reshowering and reshaving. By party time I was cleaner than a brain surgeon. I walked briskly to Shirley’s house and rang the bell.

Her father answered the door. “Come in, Johnny,” he invited.

As I stepped through the door, a vision of absolute loveliness drifted down the stairs and into my arms.

“Welcome to my party,” she whispered. “Come with me.”

Her father smiled. Her mother smiled. She smiled. I smiled. It looked like a meeting of Cheshire cats.

Her mother walked over to me and escort bayan said, “Shirley has told us about her plans for her birthday. We feel that she is old enough now to make up her own mind about what she wants to do. We don’t think she could have made a better choice. Just don’t hurt her.”

As Shirley latched on to my arm I said, “I don’t know how to hurt her. This is all new to me too.”

Shirley led me to the back yard where the party was in full swing. She pulled me down to her for a birthday kiss. I danced her across the yard.

“Just exactly what did you tell your parents?” I asked.

“I told them that I had been a good girl all through high school but that I was tired of being a virgin. Daddy said, ‘Well, you’re not going to loose it in my house.’ And then he made hotel reservations for us. The limo will be here at six.”

I was dumbfounded. Here I had thought I was going to have to make a lot of excuses and dodge her father and her mother. Now it appeared that we had their blessings. My thoughts were interrupted by a pair of warm, wet lips being pressed to mine. I was lost in a whirl of confusion.

By six o’clock, the party had about run down. Right on schedule, the limo appeared at the curb.

“Let’s go,” cried Shirley as she led me to the limo.

As soon as the door shut, she grabbed my cock through my pants. It’s lucky it was only a ten minute drive to the hotel, otherwise, she would have had me right there in the car.

We checked in and went to the elevator. On the way up, she let me squeeze her tits. She clung to my cock until the door opened. We sprinted down the hall to our room.

I opened the door, picked her up and carried her, squealing, into the room. She dropped her overnight bag onto the floor and unbuttoned my shirt. I peeled her sweater off over her head and unsnapped her bra. Exposed to me were the fruits I had been seeking for years. I couldn’t help it. I bent and kissed them, sucking each nipple in turn into my mouth.

She pushed me backwards onto the bed, dropping her skirt in the process. She leaped on me and unbuckled my belt, pulling my pants off as soon as the belt was unhooked. I lay there in my boxers. She was next to me in only her panties. “Get ’em off.” She commanded. I pulled off my boxers and then pulled her panties down.

I was mesmerized by her pussy. It had almost no hair on it. It was beautiful. I kissed bayrampaşa escort it. I tasted it. I worshipped it. I had read about this stuff before, so I thought I’d try some things that seemed to work in the porn flicks. I licked her slit and she started to moan. I found her hole and stuck my tongue in it. It smelled and tasted great. Much better than the idiots at school had said it would be. I dived into it wholeheartedly, licking and sucking and getting her juice all over my face. She was writhing like she was in pain, but her moans were a clear demonstration of her of pleasure.

She grabbed my cock and shoved it in her mouth. She had just started to suck on it when I yelled, “I’m cumming!” She sucked harder as I dumped a full load of cum down her throat. She turned my dick loose and said, “Mmmm, good.”

I slithered up her body, kissing everything my lips touched. I licked her navel and sucked on her arm pit. I jammed my tongue into her mouth. By the time we broke the kiss, I was hard again. “Please, let’s do it now,” I pled.

“Oh, yeah!” she cried and spread her legs wide.

I worked my way in between them and aimed my cock at her entrance. She grabbed it and guided me in. We were too far gone for ‘last chances’ so I pressed forward and popped her cherry. She yelped a little as I broke the barrier, but she didn’t say a thing. I looked down as I pulled it out and saw a faint tinge of blood on my cock. I slammed it back in.

“Fuck me hard.” She ordered.

She needn’t have said that. After all these years of denial, the thought of being gentle was far from my mind. I didn’t want to hurt her, but I was a loose cannon, out of control. She was meeting me, thrust for thrust. “Faster, faster,” she demanded. Her pussy clamped down on my throbbing cock. I knew she was cumming. She screamed, “Oh God yes!!” as she came on my cock. I plunged as deep into her as I could and squirted her full.

I was lying on top of her, panting and twitching. She was also breathing hard and snorting a little. I rolled off and looked at her, my perfect little queen.

“Let’s get a shower and do it again,” she said.

We headed for the shower. Suddenly it occurred to me that we had been bareback. “You could get pregnant tonight,” I said with concern.

“Not a chance,” she said, “I’ve been on the pill since I decided to fuck you.”

“When was that?”

“Last year,” she giggled and jumped under the spray. “You know, if I had known what it would be like, I would have given it up two years ago when I first started thinking about it.”

I dropped to my knees and once again worshipped her pussy. She had a slave, she knew it. End of story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32