Two College Friends have a Sleepover.

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I had just taken my “before bed” shower, and, like usual, I hadn’t dried off. I laid in bed, the cool air from the AC rushing over my bare naked body. My skin began to get cold, goosebumps were everywhere, but best yet, my cock was in a direct path of the air. My balls scrunched up nearer to my body, oh how I was going to love pulling them back down, my cock, at first, started to do the same, but was now getting stiff with every dirty thought that pulsed through my mind.

Allow me to explain… I love the feeling of cold air hitting my skin and it turns me on, a lot. I once even cummed just from the AC. But, anyway, about close to six months ago I had gotten over my break-up with my boyfriend. And in a desperate craze of hormones and desires, I decided to masturbate everyday, 365 days, an entire year. I usually will do this right before bed, sometimes in the morning, and sometimes more than once a day.

So, as I watched my dick grow at a continuous rate, I was reminded of why I’m doing this. And that was all I needed, knowing that I was so close to six months. I grabbed my cock, my cold hands made it twitch and retract. But as soon as I began to stroke it, it popped back to life.

As my one hand worked on my cock, stroking down to the shaft, being sure to catch the head along the way, my other hand took hold of my balls and began massaging and tugging at them. Within minutes, my hands had had my balls to their original low hanging state, and I was ready to go deep… as I began to suck on my fingers my cock twitched, almost like it knew what was coming. When I was ready, I trailed my finger down my nipples, past my throbbing cock, and right into my ass. As soon as my finger popped in, my body twitched and was ready for more already. I inserted a second finger, and banged away. I could feel myself widening, but this was almost like elementary school… last night I was up to three fingers, with ease. I released my hand from my cock, and reached over to the nightstand.

As I squirted lube onto my asshole, with fingers still in, I felt pleasure like no other, the cold lube, the cold air, my warm ass warming my fingers, and the suction on the fingers and asshole as the lube was sucked into my hole. I was ready for four fingers, and without even thinking, I inserted two more. Within seconds the pleasure was unbearable, I could feel my asshole widening like last night, and after a few dick twitches, some precum, and a minute, I was ready to cum. I began to go faster, pounding my ass with my four fingers, and grabbing my dick with my other hand. I jerked off hard. I could feel my bed smacking against the wall, I only hoped that no one would hear/care. As my ass pounding hand grew tired, I could feel the surge coming. It was glorious, almost as if destined to be, my fingers hit my p-spot and, at the same time, my cum came spurting out. Hot streams of glorious white goo. By the end of it, my whole body was covered in semen.

Last night was a small rodeo compared to what had just happened. So much in fact, I had to ask Alexa to turn the lights on and when they came on… I swear I had another boner! My hand was covered and, like I had assumed, my chest. I took my hand to my mouth and got some off and then tried to get some off my chest but the rest was definitely too much to handle, so I got my handy rag from underneath my bed, and wiped everything else away.

When I awoke, I was greeted to the smell of bacon and sausage. I got up and was about to open my door, when I realised that I was still naked from the night before. I quickly put a shirt and gym sweats on, although I had to stop when I saw my rag from last night… it still had that sweet smell, and ran downstairs.

As I got down stairs, I saw my parents at the table, they were surrounded by the newspaper, two
laptops, and breakfast. I sat down, said my “good mornings”, which got no attention, and ate my breakfast. The rest of my day went normal, I went to school, hung with my friends, watched TV, showered, and masturbated.

It wasn’t until a week after that my troubles really started. I was sitting in class and one of my closest friends and only friend in that class, Max, leaned over to talk to me.

“Hey, so I’m gonna get to the point.” said Max. “My fucking apartment is flooded! And my asshole of a landlord won’t front the bill for a hotel or even motel. And being in college, well, you know how it is… I can barely afford to pay the rent on the apartment. I mean can you believe my fucking luck??”

I looked at Max with a concerned look… but I knew what he really wanted, I saw it in his face, in his eyes, Max was asking if he could stay with me. “You know Max… I haven’t had a sleepover since 9th grade…” I said half wittedly.

“Yeah… but don’t think of it like a sleepover… think of it like… a… a slumber party!”

“Fuck off!” I said laughing. As Max finished laughing too, he looked at me searching for an answer. “Max, do you want to have a slumber party with me?”

“Hell yeah! But hell no…” said Max.

Max and I laughed and we made plans to meet in the nearby Starbucks after classes.

I walked into the Starbucks, ordered my usual, a secret menu item, and sat down in the back. Max walked in shortly after and he immediately went to a table near the front without looking around. I decided to walk over to him instead of going through the hassle of getting his attention. As I walked through the crowd I got a really good look at him. Almost gave me a boner, right there.

I guess this would be a good time to describe Max… heck, I haven’t even described me. Max and I, like I said are good friends. We went to the same high school, became buds in 10th grade, and now went to the same college as Freshman. He was always the jock, he didn’t get all the girls though, in fact, he never dated any and never really talked about that, besides a joke here and there, one of the reasons why we became so close, he didn’t care I was gay, and I didn’t have to pretend to like talking about straight sex with him, because he didn’t talk about it. Max had a styled look, his blonde hair was always up, and he never went anywhere without his designer shoes, tight skinny jeans, and muscle shirt. We had gym class together our 11th grade year, and I was able to see that he had a semi-six pack, visible, but not defined. And a very sizeable bulge for that age. I guess that’s why his nickname was Maximum Max. Now, as a freshman in college, Max had a six pack, stood at around 6 foot, and just had an amazing body in general.

I, a freshman in college, have dark reddish hair, defined upper chest, and a modest 8.5 inch Jr. at my waist. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a cummer, on an average day, I can fill up a measuring cup to about the ? mark. I remember my first time cumming. It wasn’t as much as now, but I remember how I thought that something was wrong because I was still cumming even after the guy in the porno I was watching was done. Like I said, I had a boyfriend, and he was my first, but I’m definitely no virgin. I usually prefer to top, but I do love a cock up the ass every now and then… or in my case, fingers. My crush on Max developed, not after I saw his bulge in 11th grade, but around the summer after graduation. We went on a hiking/camping trip. It was Max, my ex-boyfriend, another friend named Grace, and I. I had caught Max doing an early morning bathe in the lake… the way he was glistening in the sun, his tan skin against it, that ass. I literally ran back to the tent, trying to hide my bulging erection. When my ex saw it, he gave me a blowjob, and, to be honest it had to be one of the best, not because of him, but because I imagined Max, with his soft lips, wrapped around my cock. I blew a load that was by far stronger than last weeks. It was like all my feelings had come up with that cum.

And as I walked towards him, I was really good at keeping my boners away by now, I smiled and said hey.

“Hey, you ready to go” said Max.
“Uh, yeah… if you’re not gonna get anything to drink, then we’ll go to your place and get your stuff and be on our way to my place.”
“Actually, half my stuff is wet/ruined, and the water management guys won’t let me into the apartment to get the other half, I tried going there during my free period.”
“What the fuck?… I feel like that’s not legal…” I said, knowing full well what I was going to have to do next, which at the time made me mad, but was going to give me a big ole’ boner. “I guess you can borrow some of my clothes and we have extra toothbrushes and stuff so, I’ve got you covered.”
“Thanks so much, bro! I’ll never be able to repay you!”
“No problem, now, let’s go have that slumber party!” I said in a high voice.
“Oh, do fuck off, will you?” said Max, annoyed, “It was a little joke.”
“I’m not letting this go until you leave.” I said, not knowing I’d forget about the joke by the next day.

As we walked into my house, I said “hi” to my Dad, who was sitting on the couch, texting on his phone, TV on the news channel, and the radio was playing some soft jazz. He made a faint grunt and I explained that Max was gonna be staying with us until his apartment isn’t so wet. He slightly scrunched his face, started texting faster, and then murmured an almost inaudible “Fine by me. Fine by your mom.” We passed him by, grabbed soda out of the fridge, and went upstairs to my room.

“Damn dude,” Max said clearly waiting for me to shut the door and opening the soda “your parents are still robots?”
“Ha, you should see them at breakfast. They don’t talk at all, they read, eat, and text. It’s insane, but at least I get peace and quiet to do what I please.” I said before taking a sip of my soda.
Max looked at me, smirk on his face, and winked.
I immediately put the can down. “Not like that…” he stared harder and with a bigger smirk as he drank his soda “…only sometimes…” I lied, not even thinking about what day today was.

Max quickly proceeded to walk around my room, he commented on the dirty clothes on the floor, the unmade bed, and the bottles by my computer. Even after I explained to him that I hadn’t expected company, he thought that it wasn’t acceptable. So, after I reminded him of the unpacked boxes that cluttered his soaking apartment, he let up and asked if I still had the basketball hoop.

We finished our drinks, threw them in the trash as Max insisted, and went outside and shot hoops. Then we went rummaging through the garage, only to find a frisbee, so, like all college students, we threw it around. By the time we came inside, we were sweating like we had just wrestled to the death and, wouldn’t you know it, my parents were nowhere in sight.

“Yo, guest gets to shower first?” Max said.
I looked at the clock, 7:35, I usually take my shower around 11:00. So I happily said “Yes, yes you may… will the guest be needed anything else?”
“Only a towel, a toothbrush, some soap, shampoo, mouthwash, a rag, you know, the basic necessities.”
“Yeah, sure…” I said looking at him, thinking that he might not be getting that mouthwash or his own personal shampoo.

We went up stairs and he went into the bathroom. I looked at him and asked if he wanted the stuff he requested, but he asked that I deliver it to him, he’ll “keep the door open” he said. I grabbed what I could, toothbrush, soap, and a rag. As I went towards the bathroom, I saw the door was open a smidge and the steam was rushing out. I knocked on the door and told him that the stuff was outside the door. He simple replied to “leave it on the toilet and to take his dirty clothes”.

I hesitated for a second. I had to tell myself to go in, don’t look at the clear glass shower door, and get the fuck out with the clothes. I entered. Good thing Max liked it hot, and no wonder why he was okay with me coming in… it was steamy as fuck in there. Almost as if someone let a smoke grenade loose. I told him I’d be downstairs and I bolted out of there with his clothes, only barely hearing him say something, but not wanting to go back I continued down the hall.

I threw the clothes into my dirty basket and proceeded to go downstairs. I found my phone on the dining room table, turned it on, and saw the text from my mom.
Decided to go on business trip. You and Max have fun. Key to cabinet is with us.
-Best regards,
I didn’t know whether to be pissed off or not, this bitch had just script texted me… probably didn’t even write it herself. I told myself that this was nothing new, and that a good round or two of Black Ops Zombies would cool some steam escort off. When I had just found a good lobby and we were at round 25 on Moon, I heard the shuffling of feet on the stairs, followed by the black screen of my TV. I turned to see Max standing at the outlet, with the plug in his hand. I would’ve flipped my shit… if it wasn’t for the fact that Max was standing there completely naked, except for the rag he was using to cover his cock. But, clearly it wasn’t any good. He might have just left it back in the bathroom. The rag was awkwardly placed to begin with and wet. Through the wet fabric, an outline of his head was half visible, his hands were covering the other half. The top part of his shaft, a patch of blonde hair, and a trail could be seen. It was obvious that with one hand, he held his balls and the other was trying to hold the wet rag. His chest was, as expected, boasting a proud six pack and very clean shaven, except for his happy trail and blonde patch. Everything else was shaved from his armpits to his leg hair.

If I wasn’t pissed, I would’ve gotten a boner, and probably collapsed on my feet begging to suck it, even just lick it. Instead, I listened to him as he said in pure grief, not anger:

“What the fucking fuck, dude? I was calling you for almost 20 fucking minutes! You forgot the fucking towel and a change of fucking clothes!”
I looked at him in the eyes with laughter now teetering on the edge of my lips as I said “Sorry dude, I honestly didn’t think about the clothes, but I assumed there was a towel in the bathroom already.” I said, not wanting to tell him I forgot the towel because I usually never use one… I’ve got the A/C!
“Well there wasn’t.” At this point Max had to have realised that he was standing here, with only a small rag to cover his manhood, and said “Just get me a damn change of clothes.”
“Alright, follow me.” I said, still trying to keep the laughter in.

We got to my room and I opened my closet and handed him a tank top, cargo shorts, and some socks.

“Well, they may not be your usual, but they’ll do?”
“Bro…” Max said in a slightly annoyed voice “…the underwear?”
“Oh…” I paused as I realised what this means. Max would be wearing my underwear, my anger from before went away as I quickly tried to give him a pair before my semi got any harder. “…yeah, forgot that too.”

I handed him a pair of red boxers, and he turned around to change in the bathroom. He had already left the rag in my dirty clothes bin, but as he left, I got a nice view of his fat ass or I guess they call it a badonk? It’s definitely super close to one. It was nice and round. A real bubble butt, probably as tight as a virgin asshole could be, too. My mind jumped to a thought of me grabbing his ass and rimming it… maybe even getting to shove my throbbing cock inside, with that, I was super tempted to just rub one out real quick before he came back. But then I remembered… Today was the sixth month anniversary of my 365 masturbationathon. Shit I thought to myself. How was I gonna manage to jerk off with Max here. And I definitely couldn’t do it my normal way, I was probably gonna have to do it during my shower… but then it wouldn’t have been that special. And a milestone like that, had to be special.

Max was walking back to my room and just then an idea popped into my head, as a huge grin developed on my face, I realised how I was gonna make tonight special.

The rest of the day, so about 4 hours by now, went pretty normal, we watched TV, I joked some more about how he had to come down here naked, he got shy and mad at the same time. When I finally hit a nerve, he challenged me to a wrestle, which I surprisingly won. And then we went to watching more TV.

When I looked at my phone, it was 10:24. I told Max that I was gonna grab my shower and get ready for bed. He said okay, and that he’ll meet me up there at 11, when the show ended. I grabbed a towel and went through my shower fast, but only because I had to get ready. I douched myself and then I dried off and got out of the shower. As I looked at my clock, it said 10:57, so I threw my towel into the dirty hamper and turned to grab the tightest pair of underwear that I could find and a white shirt. Just then, I hear Max walk in and say:

“Damn, How I Met Your Mother gets better and better everytime I rewatch it I can’t…”

Max paused as I stared at him and he stared at me. When I saw his eye wonder down under, I quickly said:

“Max, just cause I saw you naked, doesn’t mean you can try and see me naked!” I said, jokingly, but nervously at fear that I was going to get a boner.
“Sorry dude!” Max said fast, then he said jokingly “But it’s only fair.”
“Yeah, but you had a rag.”
“And you had a shirt and underwear… not my fault you didn’t use them. Now put that shit away, I’ve never seen anyone more proud of a one incher.”

I took my hand off my crouch and hit him in the shoulder. I put on my shirt and underwear, and I just stared at him, him staring back at me. Until we both broke out in laughter.

“Anyway, we gonna hit the hay?”
“Yeah, le…t…s…” I paused and turned to Max, “Hey, you don’t happen to carry a sleeping bag with you, do you?”
Max looked at me, “Damn!… Damn, Damn!”
“Well…” I didn’t want to say it, my plans had been made with him sleeping on the floor. I couldn’t possible do what I wanted to do now. “…if you’re okay with it, you can sleep in bed with me. It’s a Queen, got plenty of room, and I have pillows we can use for a wall.”
Max looked super hesitant, almost like he was gonna have a panic attack if he said yes, but he caved in and said, “Okay, we’ll put a pillow in the middle. I guess this is the next step in our friendship…”
“Ha, guess we broke two barriers today.”

Max stared at me, now the look of hesitation super obvious in his eyes, but he took his pants off, his bulge popping out and jiggling back and forth as he climbed into bed. I too got in, took my foot pillow and set it in between us, and then told Alexa to turn off the lights.

“One of the best slumber parties I’ve ever been to, goodnight!”
“Max… don’t make this any more awkward.” We laughed and soon enough, I heard Max snoring.

The clock said 11:29, I was surprised at how fast he fell asleep, but that was extremely good. Originally, I had planned that Max would be on the floor, so I could get my game on. But he hadn’t brought a damn sleeping bag! If he had, it would’ve been one of the sexiest moments of my life. I had bought a dildo, my first one, for the six month anniversary. My plan was to get it out, and put it right next to Max’s face, slowly working it in his mouth. If he awoke, even though he’s a slight heavy sleeper, I’d just say I was trying to tickle him or get him to sneeze or something, but once the tip would be in his mouth and it was nicely wet, I’d’ve stuck it far into my asshole. Leaving it there for awhile, letting “Max” inside while I play with my cock. Eventually, I’d start fucking my ass, and jerking off. All while making sure not to make any noise. When I was close to finishing, I’d get over the edge of the bed, put a towel on top of Max, and fire away. Letting each stream of white cum hit the towel. Then, I’d get down and start licking it off him/the towel. It would’ve been great. And totally innocent. But now, now he was in bed with me and the realisation of what even more sexiness could go down hit me. I’m not passing this opportunity up.

I ran my hand down to my underwear, my cock was already hard from thinking of my previous plan. But now, I was making a new one. I was gonna cum right on him. My only problem, the pillow. I put that problem behind me and just began to slowly stroke, trying to beat my meat and midnight deadline, the dildo was going to wait for another day. Just thinking about being next to him, jerking off, made me horny as hell. But it was time, I slowly turned myself so I was facing the pillow. It was a pretty big one, and round. So I pretended as though I was gonna use it to “cuddle” with, and I wrapped my hands around it, turned back towards the side of the bed, and let go. It fell to the floor, with its slight noise, I could feel the excitement in my cock and the precum leaking.

I turned back around, and almost had a heart attack. I couldn’t have seen this because of the pillow, but, when I turned, I found Max’s face staring back at me. He was lightly breathing and producing a snore every so often. I guess he turned while I was jerking and I hadn’t realised. This was even better! I just planned on jerking and cumming on to his ass crack, but now I was gonna cum onto his bulge, maybe even a squeeze? I jerked super slowly. But it was more than enough, I could feel the cum coming with the second jerk. I slowly shimmied my underwear down my legs, my cock popped out, hitting Max’s bulge, and a single stream of cum shot out. Max moved a bit, almost like he was gonna roll over, but just stayed where he was. I picked up the blanket, and saw why he had moved, my hot cum had shot onto his six pack and was trickling down into his bellybutton and onto the bed. This made me super horny and I could tell that my next few strokes were gonna push me over the edge.

I inched closer to Max, my cock was now poking his bulge and I had to move it before he woke. I rested my cock on top of his bulge and began to stoke the base of my cock. It took a few more strokes, only because I wasn’t jerking the full thing, but within 20 small, short strokes, I was cumming like a racehorse. It was the camping trip all over again. Stream after stream, I was literally twitching, not my cock, my body. I opened my mouth and let out an impulsive moan. If Max wasn’t a slight heavy sleeper, he would’ve woken up at the moan, I’m sure the neighbors did. For obvious reasons, my cock didn’t stay atop his bulge, as each stream came out, and I moved, my dick moved down his bulge, poking it and spraying my sweet white cum at him. After what felt like 10 minutes,was probably 5 minutes, but was really 2 minutes, I could feel myself just dripping a few last drips and was now leaking on myself. I peeked under the covers. What I saw was holier than any Pope.

Max’s entire front of his underwear was clearly soaked, even in the dark you could see how the bright red underwear was now a dark red. It looked almost like he peed himself. The bed cover underneath him was wet aswell, though not as much, but still visibly wet. And my cock looked exhausted. It was slumped over, my tiny bush was definitely sticky from cum. But my cock, it looked smaller than normal, but yet there was still cum, probably clear, dripping down the sides. I reached for my phone next to me, I wasn’t gonna let this go. I turned the flashlight on, and opened the camera app. It was clear now that my cock was dripping clear cum. I was completely drained. I took a few pics of my exhausted cock, and turned to take pics of Max. The light illuminated the full extent of what happened. You could see that the top of his bulge was soaked, so much so that there was still cum there, it hadn’t soaked into the fabric yet. The front of his underwear was as expected, soaked through and through. And the bed covers weren’t as soaked as originally thought, but you could see a stain there. I snapped more pics. I must of took hundreds. When Max flinched again, I quickly turned the flashlight off, and turned the other way.

I looked at the clock, it was 12:13. I considered that I definitely had cum before 12. And I started to look at my pics again. I wasn’t getting hard, kind of a disappointment, but I still looked on. As I got to the pics of Max, I started to look past the cum, and what I saw was amazing! It had to have been the 30ish pic I took, out of 50ish. But it was clear as day. Max had a semi! I could see it growing in the pics. And as I went back, just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I could feel my cock grow, just a tad, and my balls were scrunching up. Wild thoughts ran through my mind! What should I do? Should I get him off? That way I’d be able to blame the cum on him if it didn’t dry. Then I thought of our cum being mixed… my dick grew a little more. Could I somehow give him a blowjob? Would he wake up? My cock grew a tad more. What about…

Just as I thought about if I could somehow get a fuck in, Max shifted. Fear set in, did he just fucking wake up? But I also felt something poking my back. Was he trying to wake me up? I reached behind me, fully intent on squeezing the life out of his fingers so I could act like he really did wake me up and I was pissed escort bayan at him for it. He was still poking me as I was reaching back, poke after poke. I just went for it. My hand shot down to my back, found what was poking me and I squeezed. I was about to squeeze harder, when three things happened. One, Max made a faint, but obvious moan. Two, I felt something wet on my back now. Three, that was way, way too soft, squishy, and warm to be a finger, not to mention the girth was wrong. If felt like two fists. As soon as these all came together, I realised that I was 100% touching Max’s cock!

His fucking cock! I quickly, but slowly and carefully, turned around and faced him. His eyes were closed, his mouth half open, and as I looked down, I saw that his erection was right up against me. Holy Mother of Fucking Fucks! His cock was gorgeous! I threw the blanket off of him, just to see this fucker unobstructed. In fact, I’ll give you a couple fucking paragraphs just explaining this fucker!

I got my phone and shined the flashlight onto his cock… I could now see why my back was wet, his cock was dripping precum, and he must have been rocking back and forth and was poking me in the back. What puzzled me was why it was out of his underwear. Upon closer examination, I saw that it had left through the top, and that Max has a curved as hell cock! My brain suddenly asked me why I was worried about this… I was finally staring at my friends monster cock that I had been dying to see for almost a year. Like I said, this fucker was curved, almost like a banana. Not only that, but it was wide as fuck! From my experience from squeezing it, my whole hand barely fit around it. His head was what we called a mushroom, at least kind of. It wasn’t too big, but you could see that there was a lip, that is to say that the head extended past the shaft. Oh my, I left out the veins. This shit was veiny. It looked like he worked this thing out every damn day, his veins were all but bulging out. They were super defined, and probably felt like a ribbed condom.

His balls were hidden beneath the underwear. I looked right at Max, he looked fast asleep. I shimmied down to his cocks level for a better look as I slid his soaked underwear down. And you’ll never believe it. More fucking shaft popped out. It hit me square in the face. I moved my face, but I could clearly smell the sweet cum and his precum had splashed a tad on my face. He was so drenched in cum that its smell on his dick was highly present. Any way, I looked at his cock… It had to have been way more than fucking 9 inches. After taking lots of pics, I held my phone up to his shaft… it didn’t even measure up half way, his fucking cock is more than twice the size of my phone! After I overcame the pure shock of his unimaginable and unbelievable length, I looked at his balls. Damn! This guys was surely adopted and he was actually birthed to some God of Sex! They had to be the size of a clementine or maybe a kiwi, it was hard to tell, but they were big as fuck! I only could imagine the loads that came out of this monstrosity!

As I lay here, staring at his enormous, hard cock, I felt my own start to shudder with pure ecstasy. Could I somehow sneak a lick or suck? Just as I thought this and I slowly reached my hand out, Max started to move. My hand had just barely squeezed his cock and my tongue was almost about to touch it. But as he turned over, so he was facing upright, his cock rubbed right up against my tongue and I got his sweet taste… or was it my taste? Anywho, the cock was amazing! Within seconds of me tasting him and almost getting hit by his cock again, he just began thrusting. If I wasn’t in full amazement at this, I probably would’ve tried to waken him. I just stared at his beautiful cock, thrusting up and down in the air. His balls were slapping against each other and his skin. His cock began to twitch and his balls, slightly, scrunched up. I could see it now, hot white streams covering the entire bed. I stared completely mesmerized and astonished at how hard he was pumping now. All his workouts had to have been for this. He was fucking the air widely. Just as he moaned something that I couldn’t register at the moment, huge streams came bellowing out of his mushroom head. And I mean HUGE! Ungodly huge, stream after stream, there was no stopping this guy. And the force of his shots were strong, stronger than I. He had to have been a cummer too. Two of his streams managed to hit me. One right on the chest. The other, on the face. Max calmed down his pounding of the air, and his cock was now twitching and dripping. I turned the flashlight on and saw some of the whitest streaks of cum I’ve ever seen. As I looked around the bed, I saw at least 10 streaks. 2 were on me, 4 on the bed, and the rest were covering Max like a blanket in itself. Maybe he didn’t cum as much as I had thought, I definitely had cum harder than this less than 30 minutes ago. But it was the sheer force of his thrusting and shots that had to of made me think he was shooting 20 streaks per second. Just as I reached my hand up to my face to devour his cum, Max said something that shocked me to the bone.

“Fuck, Trevor…” he breathed heavily “… I fucking love your ass…” he said, barely audible, but since I was so close, I could catch most of it.

I was shocked! I thought back to before, Max had muttered something just before he had cum… I thought back to that moment, and before long, I could’ve sworn that I heard Max say

“I’m fucking cumming, Trev. Lemme fucking cum in your ass!”

I didn’t know if my mind was making it up or not. Maybe he knew another Trevor… no, that was impossible, I knew most of his friends. But that meant that… that… Max was having a wet dream about fucking… fucking me. I just lay there, not knowing what to do, what to feel, if I should lick this cum off me. I started to lick the cum off me, and when I tasted it, all other worries no longer mattered. I knew Max ate healthy, but I didn’t know that he ate THAT healthy. His cum tasted like the nectar of the gods. It was super sweet, barely salty, and smelled like cinnamon. Right as I was licking the second streak off my chest, Max started rustling, like a lot. He was waking up, for sure. And as I realised how bad this fucking looked, I panicked. Max was lying there with his cock, now just barely a semi but still fucking huge, sticking out. His body having cum on it, his underwear completely soaked. And I, I was lying there with my underwear at the edge of the bed and that blanket that was over us… it was now on the floor. So there was no hiding it. In my desperation, I flipped over as quietly as I could and I just waited.

“What the fuck?” I heard Max say, very quietly. “Why am I… oh, shit! I hope he didn’t see…” There was silence as, I assumed, he looked at me. “Okay, he seems to be asl…” Max didn’t finish the sentence. I immediately assumed that he saw I was naked or maybe saw my underwear. “What…” Max said slowly. “…the…” I felt a small squeeze on my ass as the last word was uttered. “…fuck.”

Max had just squeezed my ass! And minutes ago he had just cummed to a dream about fucking my ass! I had to make up my mind! Did I want to loose this opportunity? Fuck no! But why was this happening? He never had shown signs of being gay! He was straight!… Well, he actually never said he was straight… but he never said he was gay, so I just assumed he was straight. As I felt a second squeeze, this one slightly harder than the last, and a clear attempt to pull my ass cheek away to see my asshole, I made my mind up. I made a slight moan, like I was waking up, and directed a hand down to my ass, trying to shoo away his hand. As I started to slowly turn around to face him, I felt the bed shift and his heavy breathing, I could only but assume that Max was now struggling to pull his underwear up, when I heard fucking shit I assumed that he had seen/felt the drenched underwear. I got to my side, and started to open my eyes and smack my lips, making it seem as though I just woke up.

My eyes opened and I saw Max… still tugging at his underwear. It was stuck on his cock head. I tilted my head like I had no idea why his underwear was down.

“What the fuck you doing” I said to Max in a pretend sleepy voice.
Max turned his head and stared in bewilderment as he saw I was staring at his cock, fully visible and right below his clearly soaked underwear. “Um…”
I broke the silence and said in a fake questiony/angry voice “You fucking jerking off in my bed?”
“No… Um… Fuck no… I just… I…”
Once again I butted in. “Fuck you, Max. I can clearly see that you’ve soaked MY underwear completely, you yourself have got cum on you, and the bed is wet around you. So unless you spilled milk on you or some shit, you fucking jerked off in my bed.”
“I… I… I didn’t mean too!” Max said in a defeated voice that made it clear he thought he really had soaked the underwear and that I was asleep for the whole thing.
At the sight of his squirming, I was ready to go in for the kill. “And did you grab my ass?”
Max’s face just went totally pale. It had to have been completely white, and he looked so defeated. “Fuck…” he whispered “Um… yes, yes I did.”
I was surprised he had admitted to it and I was now curious, “Why?”
Max just stared at me. “Trev, I’ve got something to admit. I swear I was gonna tell you… in fact, I’ve tried to tell you every single day. Every goddamn day!”

I stared intently into Max’s eyes as he stared right back into mine, his brown eyes were super mesmerising and, if I was mad at him for real, I would’ve been saddened. His eyes told the same story he was about to tell me.

“Look, Trev… You remember that camping trip that we went on? The one right before college?” I nodded my head. “Well, I was walking back to my tent one morning, after I had just taken a quick bathe in the pond… and, well… I passed your tent and I heard something. It was loud moaning, heavy breathing, and super loud slurps.” I stared at him as I realised he was talking about the blowjob that my ex gave me. “Well… I was intrigued. I looked in the screen at the top of the tent… I saw that Devon was giving you a BJ… I saw that you were looking right up, eyes closed… I stared with pure amazement. Until finally, you moaned that you were cumming. I could’ve sworn I saw you mouth my name… almost like you wanted to say ‘I’m fucking cumming, Max’. But then I saw your eyes open and I ducked in fear of you seeing me. But I heard every moan and groan that you guys uttered. I heard what sounded like Devon choking, and you all but screaming.”
I looked at Max, his eyes were almost leaking with tears. “Max, what are you saying?”
“Damn it, this is so hard! Trevor, I’m trying to say that… what I’ve always wanted to say to you… since the moment I met you… It just took that moment for me to realise that I was… Trevor… I’m…” the hesitation was apparent and I was about to tell him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to tell me, but Max bursted out in a scream like manner “I’m fucking bi and I’m in love with you! I close my eyes and all I can think about is you!”

Even though I could’ve guessed that’s where he was going, I was still shocked! Bi… in love with me… think about you Max had just said most of the words that I’ve dreamed him saying to me. I had to act carefully, I looked over at Max… He looked super nervous and I knew I had to come clean too.
“Max, I too have something I’ve wanted to tell you… I saw you that day, during your bath. Infact…” I took a long breath. “That’s why my ex gave me the BJ. I had gotten such a boner seeing your naked ass that I got to the tent harder than I had been in a while.”

Max, who was looking down, now looked up and had a slight glimmering smile.
“Really?” Max said. “So… what does this mean?” Max said after a long breath.
“Well…” I said, staring at him intently. “It means that we’ve both been crushing on each other for awhile now…” I paused and bit my lip, Max must have noticed because he too bit his lip. “…maybe we should see where this goes?”
Max took a long moment before he finally nodded his head and said “Sure.”

Max started to move his head towards me, I didn’t think he’d take it this far, but I sure had hoped. I moved my head too. In seconds, our faces had met, our lips had touched, and our fates had been sealed. It’s almost like fireworks had gone off. His soft lips caressed mine. After a little while, I felt his tongue break through. I knew this was it… As his tongue came into my mouth to play, so did mine. Our tongues danced escort bayan gaziantep in our mouths. I was able to get some nibble action on his lower lip, at which he quivered. After a minute, our mouths departed, but I wasn’t done. My mouth trailed along Max’s cheekbones. Down to his neck, up to his earlobes. My tongue was dancing along his skin and my teeth were nibbling wherever they could. Max was moaning like a horse and had already begged me to continue. When I was had felt that the sexiness had dwindled, I let up and looked at Max.

“You’re a great kisser.” I said curiously “Almost like you’ve done it before.”
Max stared at me. “Well… don’t hate me, but I’ve been secretly hooking up with guys, girls, and even couples on dating websites.”
I stared at Max, unbelieved that this innocent asshole was hooking up, when I was here all along. “Wow.” Was all I could muster.
“Yeah… they’ve told me I was good at things, like kissing…” Max looked at me seductively “… and other things, you know, like blowjobs.” He looked me right in the eye.
“Oh, yeah?” I said, biting my lip “I’d be interested to test that out.” Max nodded and he leaned in to kiss me.

Max had some of the softest lips and they had just been all over mine, but currently they were heading down my chest. His lips and tongue were forging a path, devouring everything in its path. My nipples stood no chance, they had been licked, nibbled, and aroused in seconds. And yet, he still carried on. As his tongue penetrated my belly button, I moaned for Max to stop teasing. This only made Max stay here longer. His hands had now moved up to play with my nipples. When his tongue had finally moved, he moved it down my happy trail. That’s when his hands stopped playing with my nipples. He now shifted his body down to the end of the bed. His hands were hovering over my cock, the warmth radiating off. Max’s tongue was at the base of my cock. I couldn’t really see, but I could feel that my cock was standing at attention, his teasing was pushing me over the limit, and I was definetely feeling precum drip down my cock. He looked up and said:

“Well, maybe you aren’t an incher…” he smirked at me.
“Just suck my dick already.” I said to him.

He happily complied. Max’s hand gripped the base of my cock. It twitched in excitement. It twitched once more when Max had spit on my head. His hand at the base was now moving upward, and his other hand was placed on my head. Both moved towards each other. It was a weird feeling, but one I could get used to. Max spit on my cock a few more times, until finally… penetration. His warm mouth had surrounded my head and his tongue was now flicking at the sensitive areas. As his mouth worked on my head, his right hand had gone down to fondle my balls, and this left hand had gone down to the base of the shaft. Just like before, as Max’s left hand came up the shaft, his mouth went down the shaft. His saliva was now covering a good portion of my cock shaft and his tongue was working wonders. I stared at him as his head bobbed up and down, slurp after slurp. His hand had picked up speed and was now jerking the base of my shaft, almost what I had done earlier. His right hand had stopped playing with my balls, in fact, I couldn’t even feel my balls really, or when I was gonna cum. All I knew was that Max was now deepthroating. His warm mouth went past my head and down to the rim of his left hand.

I heard his choking on my cock, he let up just a little and then rammed down again. I felt my cock hit something in his mouth, and I could feel hot saliva running down my cock, and his tongue, trying to lap at the full length of my shaft. He came up for a breath. I almost thought he had passed out, but he was ready for more. He went down and started sucking my cock, again, but in a different way. Almost as though my cock was a lollipop. He was sucking it from the sides, and every so often, he would lick up and down, his tongue fiddling around with my cocks head. His tongue would also move down to my balls, which I could only feel when he was sucking at them, and, only a few times, he licked the area in between the balls and the anus. During those moments, I could swear that I was cumming. Every time, I felt my cock pulsing, my balls tensing, but everytime, Max would just start sucking my cock again, and I would feel a sharp pleasure in my head as he did this.

As the violent slurps kicked me back into reality, I realised that he had to have been finishing up. His head bobbed up and down, and was periodically stopping at the base of my shaft, only to choke on the full length. I once again felt that sharp pleasure in my head, and a couple soulful sucks, and I mean sucks, later Max lifted his head up and looked at me with lust in his eyes.

“Damn! It honestly felt like I’ve cummed three times… but… I couldn’t have. You aren’t covered in cum.”
Max looked at me. “No, you didn’t, technique I learned from a couple I met. Gets your load super big, and it’s sexy as fuck once you do shoot. And…” Max looked at me, one more time with lustful eyes. “I want you to fuck my ass, you got lube?”
I stared at him with wide eyes! I’ve been wanting to do that since that one summer. “Fuck yeah. It’s over here.”

I leaned over to the drawer and got my lube out. When I turned back to the bed, Max had already gotten into a decent position. Max had removed his underwear and had stuck his ass out at me. I went closer to his ass and could smell the cum. My cock got rock hard! I grabbed the lube and squirted it onto my cock. Max was looking back and saw me trying to jerk the lube around my dick and get alot into his ass.

“Here, let me help you.” said Max

His hand reached behind him and started to stroke me. My cock in his hand felt amazing! As his hands jerked me, I decided that I was gonna mix it up. I spread his cheeks and started to stroke his asshole. It twitched and I, almost savagely, dug my face right in. I felt my face trying to burrow through his badonk. I had finally gotten through and was now rimming his asshole. When my tongue touched his hole, his hands gave my cock a slight squeeze and his moans became apparent. I swirled my tongue around and around, until finally he was relaxed enough. My tongue had plunged in. It’s my warm saliva made the sphincter tighten around my tongue, but I was able to flicker around in his ass and pull out just in time to stick it back in, deeper, and flicker around even more. I don’t know when, but it was clear that Max had douched too, and he had used something that made the flavour much different.

Max was clearly ready for some real action from the intensity of his moans and how he almost stopped jerking me off. I got the lube and spread his cheeks. The lube squirted out and was pooled around his asshole. I put more lube on my cock and began to finger Max. I was able to get two fingers easy and once the third went in, well he was ready. I shuffled Max from his current position of ass being straight up in the air, to him being on the edge of the bed. His legs were now down on the floor and I got off the bed to kneel down in front of him. When we were in position, my cock was lined up with his asshole. I leaned forward and told Max that I was gonna fuck him. He shook his head and I moved in closer. My cock was really solid and didn’t need much guiding. It easily found Max’s asshole through the cheeks and within seconds, my head was entering. Max’s face was of ecstasy as my head made it through. Then was the shaft, it was getting a bit difficult, but as I slowly pushed, coming back out every so often, I made more progress. Slow, careful thrust after thrust, Max was moaning with pleasure and I was finally in!

I pumped at his ass a little harder, and when Max said a few seconds later to go harder, I couldn’t refuse. I pumped at his ass. My balls were now slapping against his badonk cheeks. I couldn’t have been happier. Except I forgot one thing, Max’s horse dick. There it was, right in front of me, bouncing with every thrust I took, and growing with every bounce. Within a minute, His cock was now fully erect and I was staring right at it. I collapsed onto Max, Max looked up and was wondering what I was doing, especially since I was still pumping away. That’s when I started licking. It had to have tasted like a popsicle, cinnamon. As my cock pounded away at his ass, my balls slapping against his badonk. His cock was being fiercely devoured, as much as possible, and his balls were slapping against my chest.

Since I hadn’t learned Max’s technique, within 5 minutes of me sucking his cock like a lollipop, he moaned that he was about to cum. I prepared as his cock twitched under me, my intent was to pound his ass into tomorrow, but as his cock began to fire, I had to stop. The cum was shooting just underneath my head. I stuck my tongue out and blocked the firing just in time to get two shots. It still tasted like cinnamon. Max looked at me, I had stopped fucking him and now was licking all the cum off his chest.

“Come over here.” Max said “And don’t swallow.”

I had an idea of what was gonna happen. I came over to him and he embraced me in a passionate kiss. My hard cock was throbbing against his semi as his tongue explored my mouth and swept away some globs of cum. When we broke away, I could tell Max liked it from the way he was licking his lips. Max stared at me for a second and then he grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. He tugged at my cock, forcing me to full get on the bed. Max laid on his back, and pivoted his hips, I knew what position he wanted, so I came over and, in a kneeling position, started to rub my cock against his asshole. Until finally, I thrusted inside. Max had a look of pain and pleasure, although it soon turned to only pleasure. I began to thrust at the same pace that I had before. Max was in pure bliss. And as each thrust made me come closer into contact with Max, I truly began to feel my cock. It might be weird to say, but I could feel the blood pulsing, his ass tightening around my shaft. My head all but bursting from the pressure, and my balls getting super tense. I completely zoned out, but as Max would later tell me, I went almost animal.

Max described my face as complete ecstasy. And that as I thrusted away into his ass, I gave him a kiss that he would never forget. And as I neared closer to cumming, I wouldn’t let go of his lips to moan out that I was, so I moaned into his mouth, the vibrations traveling into his. Max felt my thrusting getting faster, and I think I can remember my toes curling. But, as Max described, I didn’t let go of that kiss until I had just about cum. My mouth ripped away from his, a popping sound could’ve been heard. I began to grunt and moan that my cum was here, that it was cumming and that I felt like my dick was gonna explode. Well a few poundings later and voila. Max described what sounded like fireworks. My thrusting intensified and Max could feel my head twitching and contracting. Then he felt my shaft grow in girth. His asshole widened as I pounded him and my cum went through me. When Max felt the first thrust followed by a cum, he knew he was in for it. Apparently, I had thrusted harder with each shot. Max had counted at least 20 thrusts in totally and if he didn’t feel the cum inside him, he wouldn’t of believed it.

I woke up from the sound of moaning. I looked over, wearily, at Max and saw that he was now spread out on the bed. His leg was over my body and he was stroking his cock. When I really woke up I saw that Max’s hole had been widened, and was literally soaking out cum. As in, the area around him was soaked and his hole was still filled with cum.

“Hey, babe!” Max cried out in pleasure when he saw I had awoken.

I just stared at him. Max, however, continued. He jerked his amazing rod off until he was ready to cum. But where he cummed was unexpected. He got onto his knees and, holding his cock like a gun, aimed it right at my face. I felt that force that I saw earlier as each stream hit my face. Some got into my hair, some into my mouth, but mostly it got on my face. When he was finished stroking out the last of his cum, I looked at him and asked:

“What the fuck was that for?”
“What do you mean? That was for going all animal on me!” He paused almost like he was thinking about other things “And for filling me up like I’m some breeding horse!”
I chuckled at that and since I didn’t remember anything, I just let him have his way. “Well, I guess we should clean ourselves up.”
“Yeah, probably.”

I started to lick the cum off of me while Max went into the bathroom to, expel, my man seed. I actually got off on the idea of Max’s ass being full of my hot goo. They call that a creampie? I rolled over to the right side of the bed and, even feeling the wetness underneath me, still fell asleep.

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