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(Edited) You have made up your mind. After many weeks of deep thought, you finally decided to let down your hair, open up your heart and body to me.

I have been a wonderful friend. We have confided in each other about needs, wants, and desires. I know more about you now than your “best friend” of many years.

Sitting in the darkened hotel room, the soft flickering light of a sweet scented candle romantically fills the room. You are anxious and nervous, but this is right for you at this point in your life. An exciting escapade with your wonderful man has been a long time coming, having dreamed of this moment for years!

Arriving early, taking a long hot bubble bath, wanting to smell and taste extra special for me tonight. You neatly trim your soft and curlies to give me a pretty sight. I had promised to do what it took to bring you the erotic pleasures you have been missing
all of these years.

Your slinky black nightie hangs down around your crotchless panties, exquisitely accenting your breasts and voluptuous curves. You gaze at yourself in the mirror, ‘You look Great!’
Confidently smiling, and thinking ‘I’m Hot! I’m going to let loose on him; he won’t know what hit him!’

The bed turned down, soft jazz playing in the background, waiting on the arrival of your secret Lover who will sweep you off to the Wonderland of Love.

Your heart races with anticipation, blood rushes to your loins. You feel your love juices begin to flow within. You jump at the knock at the door. ‘Oh, My God, he’s here!’

You leap towards the door, open it, and feast your eyes on your handsome friend, and now finally, very soon to be your Fantastic Lover with wonderful pleasures in store beyond your imagination.

Our lips meet, electrifying every sensitive nerve in your body. We melt into each other as we deeply and softly kiss. You happily feel my hardness and press into it. This is also my long awaited moment.

With a loving hug, I ask, “Hi Beautiful., may I come in?”

“Yes, please do, Welcome to our Love Lair!”

This is an absolutely perfect night. You and I have planned and dreamed of this for a long while. We met many times for coffee or drinks, have gotten to know and respect each other, and became true friends, very fond of one other.

We have two whole days together, we don’t plan to see the light of day. You close the door and give my tight little ass a pinch. I spin around, reach out my hand and ask, “May I have this dance little lady?”

We slow dance to Miles Davis, like two magnets stuck together. Cheek to cheek, breasts
against my canlı bahis pecs. Your eyes mist with true joy, your heart pounds with the thrill of excitement.

I kiss you gently; you part your lips and invite me in. My tongue explores your soft mouth. Your tongue playfully darts in and out. You feel my rod harden against you as you feel your love juices ooze out between your thighs. You grind into me for a little relief.

You are on Fire and lead me over to the edge of the bed. You have a special surprise for me. You sit me down and perform an exotic stripper’s dance for me. Your top swings off, Your Lovely Breasts bounce freely.

You look in my eyes as you run your fingers through the slit in your panties, into your bubbling love cauldron, bring your glistening fingers to your mouth. Your tongue darts out and licks your sweet love juice. You offer me a taste,
“MMMmmm! So heavenly sweet!”

You reach down and unzip my pants, pulling them down to my ankles. You grab my hard cock through my shorts, sending shockwaves through my swollen balls and sending a swell of blood engorging my Love mast. You feel it swell and throb, splashing a wave of yearning from your heart into your loins.

You push me back on the bed and slide off my shorts. I stand at full attention, my cock waving back and forth with each pulsing pump from my heart.

You feast your eyes on my clean naked body, muscular and furry. Your mouths waters for a taste of me. I feel the same,
“Please let me taste your sweet nectar.” You crawl up over and around me; I watch your lovely breast swing across my sight as you get into position, your Love slit directly over my face.

I am faced with your neatly trimmed bush, and pink moistened pussy lips. I bury my face in your nest as you lick around kiss my swollen cock head, plunging my tongue deep into your fiery hole.

I am in Heaven! Your thick overflowing juices ooze over my face and chin. I suck out a thick plug of your Love Nectar, ‘Tastes like “Nilla ‘n Honey!’

You grind into my mouth as I nibble, lick and suck your love button which is hard and erect like a mini cock. I moan as you wrap your lips around my rod and plunge down to the back of your throat.

Slowly and pleasurably you suck and lap my hard rod up and down, pulling off to lick around my plump balls aching to be emptied.

We are both in Pure Ecstasy, my tongue flicking your clit at the perfect spot, you grinding with just the right pressure as you bury my steel hard cock deeply into your throat.

You position yourself at the spot,

“MMmmm, that feels Great, Don’t Stop!”

I bahis siteleri increase my rapid tongue flicking and slide my finger into your slit.

“That feels soooo goood! Ohhhhh! Ahhhh! Yessss! Keep going! Here it Comes!!!”

Your love tunnel flexes around my finger, your cute pink asshole pulsates right before my eyes, as you explode with an electrifying orgasm.
Your cum juices flow out of your lovely pink hole onto my tongue, face and chin.

You collapse on me. You shiver as I take one last lick, savoring the wonderful flavor. My mustache is soaked with your boiling hot cum juice, which I won’t wash so I may keep your sweet taste and erotic smell with me for days.

You turn around to concentrate on my Cock, reaching under the bed, you pull out a small
covered bowl, and pour warm fudge on my cock, running down my shaft over my swollen balls down into my butt crack.

You lick the tasty fudge off my pulsating Cock, pop each ball into your mouth slurping them gingerly, whispering to me, “Now I need your creamy topping!”.

You suck and swallow up and down from my cock head to the base while tickling my nuts with your long hard fingernails. You bring me to the edge, you feel my sack tighten, and pull off.

I blast off a thick hot stream of creamy white cum “topping” into your wide open mouth and outstretched tongue. You smile, as the second, third and forth pulsating shots of jism spurt onto your chin, cheek and nose.

You smile as you go down for a final slurp of the last drop. You look up into my eyes
as you lick my sensitive cock and say happily with your fudge and cum creamed face,
“MMM mmm, now that’s good to the last drop!”

I laugh, happy at the sight of your joyful face,
“You Babe are a Wonder Woman!”

We doze off happily in each other’s arms. What a pleasant warm feeling to cuddle
with the one you Love! We fit together perfectly. We feel secure, not a care in the world! Our dreams are sweet.

Hours later, we wake up. The dried fudge and cum sticking us together, I lightly kiss your forehead and suggest a bath.

We fill up the garden tub with bubble bath and hop in giggling like teenagers skinny dipping. We take turns cleaning each other and talked about things we have not mentioned to anyone for years.

You grasp and massage my fleshy rod under the water with your soapy feet. I begin to come back to attention. I stand up. Your one-eyed friend has a little white bubble beard. You kiss it, and stand up with your own cute bubbly bush.

We laugh and slowly dry each other off with tender loving bahis şirketleri care. I pick you up in my stung arms, kiss your lovely breasts and set you on the edge of the vanity.

Your Love Tunnel is positioned at the perfect height for my hardening rod to easily penetrate as you wrap you arms around my shoulders.

We become aware we can see our clean naked bodies from all angles in the bathroom mirrors. I deeply kiss you as I slide my finger in your lovely warm and wet Love Canal. I pull out and taste your moistness,

“You are so warm, sweet and tasty!”

You smile, “Oh, you are so crazy!”

“Yeah, Crazy for you!”

I move forward. You reach down and guide my fully erect, rock hard Cock, into
The lips of your Love nest.

You shudder and whisper as you nibble on my ear,

“Give me all of you Baby!’

We kiss as I enter your tight hole, slowly to the hilt, gliding us to the Ultimate. I pop my hips forward plunging deeper, your vaginal muscles open, welcome me and contract gripping me tightly.


I stop cold, you feel me flex my cock deeply inside you. Your strong muscles grip my cock lovingly in response.

I pull my cock out to the head, we look down and can see your creamy love juice glistening off my blood filled Love Muscle protruding from below your cute bush.

I hold you tight, and plunge down inside and back out. Your breasts slapping against my furry chest, you moan with pure pleasure on your face.

You see my tight ass muscles flexing in the mirrors, as i slam into you, causing you to climb higher and higher towards your summit.

You scoot into me; I lift you up, stand, and spin you around and around. The bright bathroom lights spinning in the sparkling mirrors. Your legs tighten around my hips.

I repeatedly raise your firm ass high pulling my
pulsating cock out to the edge and let gravity and the weight of your body smack back into my loins, as I pop my hips forward slamming my Cock to the deepest parts of your Steaming Hot Hole!

“Oh, MY GODDDDDD!!!” You scream!

We spin and plunge deeper and deeper. You scream in Ecstasy,


Digging your fingernails into my back as you violently grind into me each time our loins slam forcefully together.

“Ohhhh!” “MMMmmm!”

You are suddenly hit with a giant, bone shattering Orgasm, Your vaginal walls flex and pulsate around my Hardness, which swells to the max, and squirts a big thick Hot Load of Creamy Sperm deep into your belly.

We sink to the floor, lying in a loving embrace. You can still feel me pulsating in your creamy cum filled pussy as you lovingly flex and grip my Cock.

We look each other in the eyes, smile, and lovingly kiss, our passion-fires still burning, our bodies pleasantly exhausted.

Our Souls have become One.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32