Two Thighs Ch. 17

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Chapter 17 Aiko’s Hucow Adventure Part 1

Author’s Note:

Like all my stories are fiction. While I’ve written some out-and-out fantasy stories, my stories of Aiko and Gerald’s adventures have generally stayed within the boundaries of plausibility. Real people can and/or do behave like this fictional couple and their fictional swinging friends. After all, humans are second to bonobos as the horniest mammal on the planet.

This chapter and its sequel cross the border into implausibility because, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as a hucow dairy the real world. But who knows? Maybe I’ve just led a sheltered life.

This story is inspired by and freely adapted from the characters and themes developed in a series of chapters written by Lamargouin, under the title The Awe of Being a Hucow. If I fail to capture the atmosphere of his stories, the fault is entirely mine.

It is not necessary to read previous chapters to enjoy this two-part story although Chapters 15 and 16 provides some context.

* * *

Quite a few months had gone by since Aiko and Nora had played their roles as sex dolls in two orgy rooms sponsored by their acquaintances, Susan and John. Yes, the husbands reclaimed their own wives and each others wives a little later. But they did not venture beyond their circle of four couples during this entire period. It was as if they had exhausted themselves and wanted to take a break.

Meanwhile, in his work life, Gerald had worked his way up the company ranks and was now part senior management. One morning, Gerald informed Aiko that his company was sending him to a team-building retreat on the West Coast. He would be away for two weeks.

“Can I go to?” Aiko asked hopefully.

Gerald shook his head. “Sorry, hon, not this time. In any case, it’s clear our sessions involve long hours. Because this is a team-building exercise, we are expected to spend our leisure time getting to know each other socially.”

“When are you going and for how long?” she inquired.

“I leave in two months and I will be away for two weeks including travel days,” he answered. “If you get lonely, you can always borrow Ryan,” he suggested obviously referring to their swinging neighbours, Nora and Ryan.”

“You know that’s not practical,” Aiko objected. “It’s summertime. Their boys are home from school all day long. If I remember correctly, they are planning to take a long camping and road trip with their kids around that time. I might end up being by myself.”

“I do remember you telling about their plans,” Gerald conceded and then laughed. “My poor sweetheart, you’ll have to spend time with your five-fingered friend.”

Aiko stuck her tongue out at her husband and smiled sweetly. “Don’t forget to take yours.”

“Based on the scheduled that the company has laid for me and my colleagues,” he said sadly, “I will be lucky if I get any time off at all.”

“It sounds like this trip has been in the works for a long time,” Aiko said.

“That’s true,” he husband replied.

“So why didn’t you tell me sooner?” she wanted to know.

“Plans like these have been made before and were cancelled,” Gerald replied. “What’s the point in telling you that something is not going to happen? Only now has the company made the decision to go ahead and act on it.”

Gerald changed the subject. “In any case, I have a surprise for you,” he said, “but I don’t know if I should tell you yet,” he teased.

Aiko liked surprises and her life with Gerald was full of the sexy surprises. “Just tell me, okay?” she said firmly. “What if I don’t like your surprise?”

“Have you ever disliked my surprises?” he chuckled.

“Absolutely not,” she agreed smiling, “you even turned me into your slut wife.”

“Listen to that language!” Gerald said in mock surprise. “Are you telling me you’re disappointed?” her husband asked.

Aiko laughed. “No, not really, I like being your slut wife. Now, about this surprise,” she said returning to the subject at hand.

“Before I tell you, I want to make it clear, again, that no means no. If you reject my surprise, I promise to take you to an all-inclusive resort for two weeks so that we can have some quality time for each other after I return.”

“Is that an either-or proposition?” Aiko asked.

“What do mean?” he asked in return.

“Here’s the deal then,” she countered. “We go on our two-week vacation after you come back from your team-building exercise no matter what I decide about your ‘surprise,’ as you call it.”

“Ah,” he drawled out, “little wifey wants to get the best of both worlds.”

“Exactly,” she affirmed, smiling broadly.

“But I won’t tell you yet,” he announced. Watching her frown, he added, “Let’s eat first. “After we clean up, we’ll relax and I’ll explain.”

* * *

“Sit here,” Gerald encouraged as he patted his hand on the space next to him on the sofa.

She complied, sitting next to him.

Putting his arm around her shoulders, he Maltepe Escort continued. “Do you remember that little orgy you and Nora participated in?”

“Little orgy? It was a humongous orgy that turned Nora and me into sex-hungry orgiasts. The memory of it is still fresh in my mind.”

“It must have been overwhelming too,” Gerald observed. “Since then, you’ve never even hinted at doing something wild like that again.”

“I felt I needed a break,” Aiko said. “It was thrilling at the time but it wasn’t something I’d want to do often.” Aiko paused and stared at her husband. “Again? Are you planning another orgy? And this time you’re going to leave me to the sex-craving wolves while you’re on your business trip?”

“Of course I’m planning something for you. I said as much when I announced I had a surprise for you. I’ve concocted a trip for you that coincided with my absence. Let me be absolutely clear, nothing happens if you don’t agree and you’ll still get your two-week vacation. As for the wolves, you already know them as Mr. and Mrs. T.”

“Spill it!” she demanded, her mind suddenly alert. The reference to that decadent couple immediately piqued her interest.

“You remember the money and Nora you got for being sex dolls?”

“Of course, we donated the money to charity because we didn’t want even a tiny whiff of suggestion that we prostituted myself for money.”

“Did you notice the business card that was in the envelop with the money?”

Aiko had to think about that. “Vaguely,” she finally said. “I got busy with other stuff and forgot about it.”

“Well, there was also a brief note inside the envelop,” Gerald explained. It said as follows: ‘If and when you two feel like having another unusual adventure, please call us at the number given on the business card. Identify yourselves by using your pseudonyms. Always yours, Mr. and Mrs. T’.”

“And so you called them without asking me,” Aiko concluded.

“It would not be a surprise if I told you, would it? In any case, I wanted to check them out first. I know what you don’t like, which isn’t all that much anymore.” He snickered as an aside. “As it turns out, I think you just might be interested in their proposition.”

Aiko blushed. She was well aware of her own libertine nature and her curiosity for new sexual experiences. She slapped his shoulder and demanded, “Get on with it.”

“I think I know you well enough to eliminate what you don’t like, for example, anything to do with pain.”

“That was thoughtful of you,” she said ironically. “You plan to abandon me with a bunch of sex maniacs who won’t hurt me.”

“Just hear me out, okay? I already said your decision is the only one that counts. It’s final. You can always catch up on the TV shows you missed when we were having sex parties.”

“Very funny,” she retorted, “as if I were really looking forward to endless hours of television. Yuck!”

“Well, I’ve arranged for you to spend ten days at a hucow dairy provided you prepare yourself for it in advance for if.”

“When am I supposed to go there?”

“The day before I head off on my business trip.”

“Hold on here,” Aiko said realzing that ‘what’ was more important than ‘when’. “Let’s back up a little before we talk about me going anywhere,” Aiko said. “Like, what’s a hucow?”

“It’s a contraction of two words, ‘human’ and ‘cow’. So a hucow is a woman who takes on the role of a cow. She produces milk. A hucow appeals to people with a fetish for lactating, big breasts and female submission. I’ll grant you,” Gerald explained, when he saw his wife gape in disbelief, “that it’s an odd and rare sexual fetish but not unknown in different parts of the world including the land of your ancestors, Japan.”

Aiko continued to stare at him and so he continued. “A hucow is treated like a dairy cow. In this hucow dairy, you’ll not only be milked but you’ll be made available for sex.”

“I remember,” Aiko interjected, “Mrs. T had huge breasts and enjoyed having both men and woman suck on them.

“Mrs. T is actually named Stephanie and she is a hucow,” Gerald informed her. “Her orgy ‘husband’ was not really her husband but her boss, Claude. They came to Susan and John’s party as a couple but they are in fact colleagues at the hucow dairy and occasional casual lovers.”

“But my tits are dry as bones and I haven’t produced milk since the kids were babies. So I can’t even qualify to be a hucow even if I were willing,” she objected.

‘At least she hasn’t rejected the idea outright,’ he noted to himself.’

Aiko could tell that something else was running through his devious mind. She also knew she was about to find out.

Then another question popped up in her mind. “Hey, hold on! What do you mean about preparing myself?” she demanded.

“To have a hucow experience you have to undergo some physical, ah, um, preparation.”

She looked at Gerald as if the say, ‘And what does that mean?’

“You have to be treated with Anadolu Yakası Escort hormones and supplements to produce milk again. It takes at least a month to induce lactation but they would prefer you undergo two months of treatment before you go,” her husband told her. “The hucow dairy provided me with everything you’ll to need to turn yourself into a lactating female. I paid up front for it. It’s up to you if you use it, or I throw it out. I also promised to suck on your breasts at least three times a day but preferably more often. I told them I’d do my part.” He smiled.

Aiko’s breasts tingled at the thought. “So I have to pretty well make up mind very, very soon.”

“That’s right. The sooner the better, either ten days as a hucow tourist or watch the same old crap on TV.”

“Let me think about, okay?”

“Of course, hon, as I said, it’s ultimately your decision. Oh, one more thing, about two days before you go, you’re to start taking some aphrodisiacs too.” He leered, “To improve milk quality of course.”

That stopped Aiko for a moment, but only for a moment.

Aiko spent the evening searching the Internet for more information about this peculiar fetish. One could be a milking hucow without the sex but she could feel her pussy moisten at the thought of being treated lika a breeding cow too. She had surrendered her body at the orgy and now found the idea of surrendering herself again for others to use very appealing. Her moistening pussy was proof of that. By the time she went to bed, she realized she had almost made up her mind to go on this new adventure, but decided to sleep on it too.

On the following day, she told Gerald that she would do it and make the necessary arrangements. She began her regimen of hormones whose purpose was to trick her body into thinking that she was pregnant so that her breasts would begin to produce milk. She also began to use a breast pump to supplement the attention that Gerald was giving them.

As the weeks went buy, her breasts began to swell and eventually a few drops of milk emerged. As time passed, her breasts were not only producing milk but her nipples had become so extraordinarily sensitive. Three days before her departure, she began taking the prescribed aphrodisiacs. The effect was rapid. Gerald had trouble keeping up with his horny wife’s appetite for sex. Even a few licks on her nipple sent her into seventh heaven.

* * *

Two months later, Aiko arrived at the hucow dairy. She had to pass through a security gate and have her identity checked before she was allowed to continue to the main facility. With trepidation, she entered the lobby and introduced herself to the receptionist. The latter stood up, greeted her, told her that her name was Martine. She asked Aiko to wait a moment while she called another employee named Claudine.

When Claudine arrived shortly after, Aiko saw that she was big, blue-eyed blonde who was probably in early 30s. Her massive breasts seemed were tightly enclosed in her blouse. Aiko had the impression that, if the fabric slipped just a little, her breasts would burst out in all of their huge glory. They were so big that they looked like udders.

“I’m Claudine,” she said smiling. “We’ve been expecting you. Please sit down for a moment while I fetch Claude. While you’re waiting, please have a glass of juice.” She pointed toward the table where several drinks had been placed. “As part of your participation as a short-term hucow, you are expected to drink large amounts of fluids to ensure maximum milk production. As you know, the drinks are also laced with aphrodisiacs.”

Claudine handed her a drink. “Please wait a minute.” Taking one drink for herself, she left though the back door.

A few moments later, she came back with Claude who Aiko immediately recognized as Mr. T. “Welcome to our establishment,” he greeted.

Turning to Claudine, he said, “Stephanie and I knew her as Manko when we intended a big orgy a few months ago.” Claude informed Claudine. “Now we know each other’s real names.”

After a few minutes small talk, Claude turned to Aiko, he said, “I know you’ve been informed about what goes on here, but Claudine will cover that ground again just to make sure. For the moment, I’ve got a few tasks to do. I should be back in about half an hour.” Claude then left the two women alone.

Claudine repeated the conditions of Aiko’s stay in the hucow dairy. In sum, as long as she was hucow, she had to follow all instructions. In short, she was expected to submit to her handlers. A refusal would end her hucow experience immediately. She also had the option of stopping her hucow experience at any time. Aiko had already read the agreement at home, knew the terms and had thought about it. She signed it.

When Claude came back, he asked, “Done and signed?” Both women nodded. He then signed the agreement on the hucow dairy’s behalf and gave a copy to Aiko.

Claude asked Aiko to follow him. He opened a door for İstanbul Escort Aiko and waved her in. Aiko noticed that it a closet and another door opposite the one she had entered.

“This is the anteroom that separates the dairy’s administrative and marketing branches from the hucow production facility.” He opened the closer and Aiko saw that it contained white smocks and a lesser number of what appeared to be white lab coats and white pants. Okay, Aiko, let’s get started. Please strip.”

“Right here? Right now?” she asked a little startled by the sudden demand and worried that some stranger might just walk in. “But what if someone walks in?”

“This area is restricted. Administrative and marketing staff are not allowed in this room. Technical and maintenance staff are kept in a separate building. They are not allowed in the facility except when they are scheduled to do a specific job. Even then, they are supervised and required to stay strictly within the assigned area. As for the smocks, hucows are limited to wearing only smocks and nothing else in the performance of their duties,” Claude explained.

Aiko began to undress. As an experienced swinger, nudity was no big deal althoough she was always careful never to put herself in a situation where could be caught naked by a stranger. Once her clothes were off, Claudine handed her a white smock. “Put your clothes into the closet,” Claudine said. “Staff will wash them and return them to you when you leave.”

Claude continued Aiko’s orientation, “Only hucows and authorized personnel are allowed beyond this point. Some, like Stephanie and Claudine, are both hucows and employees but they must change into smocks before leaving this anteroom and heading toward the main hucow facility. Occasionally, we have special guests. You are obviously one of those special guests.”

‘One?’ She wondered if she was the only special guest here or if there would be others. She had not seen anyone else.

At this point, Stephanie entered the room from the door leading to the hucow facility. She wore a white smock similar to the one Claudine had handed to her. It barely managed to prevent her massive breasts from spilling out. Aiko almost expected them to burst out of their meagre cover.

On seeing Aiko, she smiled broadly. She pulled Aiko into her arms and kissed her passionately. Not knowing what else to do, she kissed back. After all, they did know each other rather intimately. They were not strangers to each others bodies as Aiko had been Stephanie’s sex toy at the orgy where they first met.

Stephanie lightly pinched Aiko’s nipple causing her to moan. By now, her two-month hormonal treatment to induce lactation had made her nipples very sensitive. They react to even the slightest touch. In addition, when she started taking the aphrodisiacs, she became much hornier and had become more sexually aggressive toward Gerald. In fact, she wore him out.

Aiko’s eyes scanned Stephanie from top to bottom. At the orgy, the lights had been dimmed but here the lights were normal and she her face in clearer detail. She seemed to be in her mid-30s. A beautiful brunette with hazel eyes, she was clearly a head taller than Aiko. She recognized her angelic face and curvaceous lips as those that belong to Mrs. T, the name she had used when she outbid other orgiasts to gain the right to use Aiko as her sex doll. Although Aiko was normally a take-charge kind of person and was not shy about making sexual advances, she had enjoyed allowing others to control her body under certain conditions.

What stood out then were her massive milk-laden breasts. Clearly she wore no bra. Even the slightest motion caused them to jiggle and role visibly. They were huge and looked like the udders of a cow except that her udders had only one teat each. Aiko could also see her extraordinarily long nipples pushing against the material of the smock from the inside. The nipples caused the smock to tent, making her breasts seem even larger, as massive as they already were.

Stephanie saw Aiko stare at her udders. She hefted her breasts with her hands and shook them proudly at Aiko. Then she said out loud what Aiko was thinking. “All we hucows have udders like these.” She smiled. “You already know about the hormonal treatments we use to increase their volume and induce lactation. Our resident hucows also undergo treatment to lengthen their nipples. They wear special suction cups between let-downs and during the night. They only come off for out let-downs and during our parties.

‘Parties?’ Aiko thought.

“Although you are here only here temporarily,” Stephanie continued, “you’re going to wear them too so that you enjoy a proper hucow experience.”

Stephanie looked down at the much shorter woman’s more modest jugs. “Very nice breasts although not big enough for a full-time hucow,” Stephanie observed. “I can tell they’ve become much larger since the last time I saw you. Good. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on them again. Are they full?” she asked her former sex doll.

Aiko noticed her leer. She knew ‘the look’ and was surprised to feel her pussy respond by tingle at the thought of submitting to her again. “Yes, they are, and they’re a little sore too,” Aiko answered. “I need to be milked.”

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