Uncovering Ava

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I’d first met Ava about two years ago.

To be accurate, I hadn’t really met her. She wasn’t an easy sort of girl to meet, and not in the way people think. I had approached her online after seeing a bunch of mutual friends in our hometown and to my not-so-surprise, she’d responded positively. I know for a fact I’m attractive to women because I see them talk to me and approach me and believe me, I’m very flattered, but I like the chase for myself. I was 6’4″ and muscled from years at the gym. I was confident in my game from the start. Most importantly, I was smarter than everyone else who looked like me.

I’ll be honest, I was bummed when Ava had texted me back the first time. But since I was stuck in Chile for a month doing my job while she was a few hundred miles away, I’d asked her permission to simply get to know her until I got back. That entire time, our eyes were glued to our screens.

She was the only daughter born to her family after seven generations. Her parents were way too overprotective and tried to overcompensate in ridiculous ways to keep her out of trouble. I suspected she’d started rebelling from an early age just because of this. She was pretty cold to me initially even after saying yes although I have no clue why. I was used to the ice queen routine, but I’d never experienced it from a chick who had already agreed to let me have my way with her. It piqued my interest.

I met her for the first (and unknowingly) last time shortly after coming back from my trip. She’d just celebrated her birthday a few days back, and I wanted to show her exactly what I’d been promising her when she’d send me those videos of her fingering herself. When she stepped out of her cab, I was surprised to see how short she was. I took her bags, she thanked me and we stepped into the elevator.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. “I thought you were taller in your photos.”

“I’m five-five,” she’d retorted indignantly, while I took the small quarters as an excuse to get a good look at her. She had suntanned skin, dark hair, a heart shaped face with glasses perched on a tiny nose, great tits- not too small, but a nice handful- a narrow waist that made me imagine holding onto it while I rode her, and a delectable bubble butt that literally begged me to grab onto it. That stunning hourglass figure I’d seen at least wasn’t a lie.

She was surprisingly nervous, given how bold she was online. I knew she was open to a lot of drugs, and like I’d assumed she volunteered to roll a joint for us when she entered my room. I made conversation to put her at ease, and when we finished smoking, I went in for a kiss. She eagerly responded as if she’d been waiting for me to make the first move all along, and this realization made me snap open her bra and I cupped her breasts. She let out a sharp breath, and I started massaging her tits under her shirt. I could see her hips begin to move under me, so I moved away from her and started to unzip. She looked confused, and quickly kicked off her jeans as she caught up to what was happening. She was as thirsty as I was. The chase was complete.

Instead of fucking her, I spread her legs open and buried my face in. She arched her back in shock, hand clinging to my hair as I slowly went to work. This wasn’t my area of expertise, I like making women come on my cock, but I had to get a taste. Her hand didn’t loosen for a while, but I felt her moaning when I lashed my tongue against a sensitive spot or sucked her clit, and then it started driving türkçe altyazılı porno me into her pussy instead. She tasted mild and sweet, with that slight edge of girl musk to her. This girl took care of herself. I liked that. When I could feel her humping my face, juices starting to smear on my face I stood up and took my rock-hard dick and bent over her, pinning her frame to the bed. I could feel her getting wetter as I rubbed the head of my dick over her lips. Unable to wait anymore, I thrust inside, getting half my cock inside her. That was about four inches. She let out a long moan while her warm pussy reflexively gripped me tightly. It felt like heaven, and I couldn’t believe I’d waited a month to bed an A-grade pussy. Her tits were bouncing as I fucked her, slowly at first to get as much as of my dick inside her as possible, and then faster when I realized she couldn’t take more than seven without crying out in pain. That wasn’t a problem. I knew she’d take all of me easily soon enough once I got her used to this. First times with strangers can be stressful.

When I realized how deep and fast she wanted me to go, I flipped her around on her hands and knees, keeping her thighs together. I liked how quickly and naturally she fell into position, pushing her ass up for me while her head lay on the bed. I fucked her this way, her walls holding onto my dick as if they didn’t want me to drive out of her body. When I felt her come on me, I took her missionary again until she came, switching positions after every orgasm. I’d waited for this day, and even though I didn’t come quickly if I wanted to, I’d jacked off just in case before meeting Ava.

She came quickly repeatedly, and I was pleased to know she could orgasm multiple times, losing coherence slowly until her little breathy exclamations of “oh fuck” and “please” turned into meaningless babbling. Finally, I knew it was time after half a dozen o’s and I pulled out, covering her stomach and tits with strings of cum. Chivalry kicked in after a hot minute of observing that so I went to fetch her a towel. When I turned back, my dick jumped up again to see her dipping a finger and tasting my load.

We smoked again and fucked a few more times. One time in the middle of the night, I found myself hard, my dick excited by being right between Ava’s cheeks. Apparently, she’d felt it too because I found her grinding her ass hungrily against me, and she let out a squeak as I pushed into her. Although her pussy was beautiful, I was truly taken aback when she’d blown me. She’d mentioned doing “other stuff” while she was saving herself for some guy in her past, until something else had happened, and I’m sure this stuff definitely included blowjobs because this was the work of no amateur.

She’d licked up and down my dick with practiced ease, as if she was starring in a porn video. Ava swirled her tongue around the head, tonguing one of my most sensitive spots. She moved her hand firmly along my shaft, as she started to take in as much of my cock in her mouth as possible. There was nothing I wanted more than to thrust up and hold her in place, but some clinical part of me was curious to see how far she could go. She moved her head as rapidly as I’d fucked her, somehow keeping up suction and licking along the bottom as she went deeper. By the time she’d taken almost all of me in, I’d blown my load in her throat. It’d been less than five minutes.

When morning came and Ava had xnxx to rush off for college, I saw her take a shower while she kept the door open for me to watch. Within the first round of sleeping with her, I realized she had no shame about being nude around me. As she picked out clothes from her suitcase, I came up behind and massaged her bare ass slowly until she reluctantly pulled away. The smile of a well-fucked woman always made me happy, and I latched onto that look until her cab drove away.

It had been more than a year since then. My job took me to remote locations often, but I couldn’t let such a great lay go, and Ava was actually a pleasant conversationalist. We’d grown fond of each other the same way we’d met, using our phones. After our time together, I’d been called to Singapore for a contract that would last me at least ten months. I’d gotten a glimpse of her sexual appetite, but I was hopeful we could wait it out. I learnt a lot of things about her- how she grew into her looks and was put down constantly as a kid for being nerdy. I was treated to bunch of pictures she showed me proudly, and even her zit-filled face with the braces looked adorable to me. We’d warmed up to each other and I honestly felt she was a rare prize I’d somehow stumbled upon through sheer dumb luck. I was confident she felt the same way, and thus began the honeymoon stage of our relationship. It lasted an impressive six months before it fizzled out and we started drifting apart and fighting.

It wasn’t easy for either of us, and it didn’t help that both of thought the other one was cheating. She thought I was fucking when I wasn’t answering her texts, and I knew that at any given time she was out partying, she could be potentially screwing one of her friends high off her ass on molly. If they were straight, there was no way they wouldn’t have hit on her and some of her anecdotes had confirmed my theories. They always tried. She wanted to change me as well. I knew what I was and I didn’t like how she tried asking me to do things I didn’t see us getting anywhere with. I’d told her so many times I could let her take the reins anywhere except during sex, but her disappointment when I refused her offers to tie me or play with me just irritated me. One of her passive-aggressive replies had irked me and during that fight, she abruptly blocked my accounts everywhere and removed all traces of her presence from me. I spent a month fuming and raging, waiting for her to come back and apologize the way she’d done before after doing something exactly like this stupid stunt she was pulling now.

I came back home shortly after that, ready for catching up until I was called for another assignment. In all this time Ava’s presence had gone completely dark, and I started to get slightly anxious, asking a close friend of mine in her college to keep an eye on her. He’d confirmed my worst suspicions. She was fucking some other guy, but his face wasn’t visible in the couple of pictures she’d apparently posted of them together. I tried pushing down the anger I felt hearing that, instead choosing to flip Ava the bird mentally. I’d been stupid but I’d get over the mess she’d made of me eventually. Fuck her, no- better yet, go fuck someone else. Yeah. I could do that. I needed a way to get rid of this pent-up frustration anyway. I’d hit up a place or two, go home with someone- that was exactly what I needed.

After coming back home, I got blasted by my friends as soon as they got to know I was porno izle there. We had plans to go everywhere and enjoy as much as possible before I had to leave again. Although they didn’t know about Ava, I was glad they provided me a distraction from thinking about her. For a small period, I drank and slept and chilled as much as I could. I was heading on down to a party with some of my boys, cheered up because one of my friends was getting a gift for us, most probably of the drug variety. I poured myself a drink and set around staking out the partygoers. Maybe I could find another girl here.

After finishing my drink I headed back to the makeshift bar in the kitchen, where a group of kids had gathered to make a giant communal bowl of punch. I secretly stashed a bottle of whiskey under my arm, setting it in a cupboard where nobody’d waste it on that herpes-laden bucket of disgusting alcohol. I decided to head back and wait for the rest of my gang to show up.

My eyes focused immediately on Ava, wearing a tiny miniskirt, her long hair reaching her ribs. She was talking to some girl I’d seen before, but my attention got drawn away as someone reached behind and cupped her ass. Blind fury overpowered me as she smiled and gestured to the runty asshole she was with. I’d wipe that fucking grin off his face. I set my drink down and marched over her to the asswipe who stood next to her, and I saw shock flit across her face as I grabbed his shirt and pushed him into a table.

“HEY!” She screamed loudly at me. “WHAT THE FUCK?”

The boy behind her got up and cursed, advancing towards me. Ava pulled him away, and I felt a wave of happiness crash over me as she looked him in the eye and chanted the word no. It got even better as she walked towards me, but I knew I’d beat that shithead up before I left this place anyway. Until-

“Get the fuck out of here, John.” She hissed at me.

As my surprise turned into disbelief into anger, she spoke again. “Just because I spread my legs for you doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate to break yours. Get out of here.”

I couldn’t believe she was the same girl who I’d met, but to be fair I had seen glimpses of this side to her. Then again, her head barely reached my shoulders. Anger doesn’t give you the ability to take on people twice your size. I didn’t want to hurt her either. I just wanted her out of my way so I could take on that cowardly bastard behind her.

As if sensing my thoughts, said bastard looked right up at me and sneered.

“Ava-,” He began.

“Not another step.” She looked back at him. I hadn’t paid attention till then, but then I saw how he obeyed everything she said. Even the way he was standing reminded me of a dog waiting to take orders from its master. She’d gotten herself a little boy toy, I realized. It irked me that he wasn’t the kind of opponent I thought he was, but he’d dug his grave the moment he decided to fuck my girl. Maybe if I wasn’t raging I’d have been curious to see her like this- her tiny little self dominating a guy much bigger than her. He was still much shorter and weaker than me, and I wasn’t even drunk. This’d be cake.

As Ava spoke though, he visibly calmed down and balled his hands together. I swung my hand at her, not to hit or anything, just to sweep her out of my way. She side-stepped me to my everlasting shock, her face turning cold.

“I won’t repeat myself.”

As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn’t get past without risking injury to her in some way. I was many things, but I’d never strike a woman like that unless she wanted it. It didn’t matter. I took a good long look at the bastard’s face, memorizing it for the future. I wasn’t posted anywhere yet. And before I had to leave, I’d make sure I killed him after I won back Ava.

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