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This is the first part of my collection of stories I wrote during my time at university and the sexual experiences I had there. Some are true, some I’ve changed the facts and others are just fantasy. I’ll let the reader decide which is which!

Chapter One – House of Girls

During my first year I lodged in a local B pleasant, outgoing girls who liked to have a laugh and chat about all manner of things. Slightly shorter than Lorna; Tanya had a faint European look about her with darker skin and straight dark hair that fell onto her shoulders. Her slender legs complimented her athletic frame along with her 34C breasts that made her the most attractive of the three.

Lorna was probably the cutest with her shoulder length dark blonde hair, slim build and the odd freckle on her face. As with Tanya she had long legs and a similar bust, although her boobs always seemed that little bit larger.

The nicest of the group was Barbara; shorter and curvier she seemed just as friendly although quieter than the other two. Her plain brunette hair curled around just above her shoulders and not surprisingly sported a larger chest than Tanya and Lorna.

During the first few weeks we all became good friends and hung out together from then on; whether it was down the local pub or just lounging about in the B not enough time to get ready if you’re a girl! I was safely in my room reading when I heard an urgent knocking on my door. I opened it to reveal Tanya standing there in her casuals and holding a sparkling silver evening dress.

“Hiya! Would it be okay if I used your shower quickly, it’s just that the others are all being used and the taxi will be here soon,” Tanya gasped as she teetered at the entrance.

“Sure come in, do you want me to make myself scarce so you can get ready?”

“Nah, don’t worry” she said hurrying into my room, “I’m not going to take long and it’s not like you have x-ray vision!” Tanya grinned impishly as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I just grinned back, recognising her little tease and returned to my book. Unfortunately I wasn’t concentrating because now I was thinking about Tanya naked under the shower just a few feet from me. I imagined the water from the shower running all over her body, down between her pert breasts and onto the cleft between her legs. The sudden opening of the bathroom door jerked me from my daydream and I automatically dropped my book over my growing bulge.

Tanya half emerged from around the open door wearing only a bath towel around her body.

“I’m having a bit of trouble” she said, “the shower only seems to be running on cold water!”

“There shouldn’t be a problem; I’ll show you how to work it,” I said getting up and walking into the bathroom. Tanya stepped back to let me through the door but the small bathroom made it difficult to manoeuvre. As I squeezed by her my arm rubbed against her boobs and I could have sworn I felt the push of hard nipples through the towel. I didn’t think much more of it though as I assumed my already overactive mind had imagined it.

Trying to ignore the fact that she was very much naked under the towel that happened to cover very little of her, I explained that she needed to turn the dial round further to get hot water. Tanya thanked me as I struggled past her again and hoped she hadn’t noticed my semi-hard erection as it brushed against her towel. I smiled a silent ‘you’re welcome’ as returned to the room and caught a glimpse of her back as she let the towel drop.

I forced my erection to subside, which took a lot of effort considering the naked girl in the bathroom, and returned to my reading. I had no idea how much time had passed but I glanced up as I heard the shower stop. After a while the door opened and out stepped Tanya in her sparkly silver dress.

Even though she had just stepped out the shower and not even been able to do her make-up, she looked amazing. Her hair hung close to her neck, still damp with moisture and just caressing bahis firmaları the tops of her shoulders. The twin silver bands of her dress hugged her shoulders, supporting her gown. It flowed down her body, almost to her bare feet and was sensibly cut to show cleavage without being too provocative.

“Looking great Tanya, I think someone might get lucky tonight!” I said as she paused in the doorway.

“Thanks” she said, blushing as she made her way across the room. “Do you mind if I leave my clothes here? I’ve still got to get ready and I don’t want to be falling over them.”

“Sure no problem, I’m not going anywhere! But I might be asleep when you girls get back so you’ll have to collect them in the morning.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that…” Tanya said mysteriously as she left the room and grinned back at me mischievously.

Perplexed, I watched the door shut and made my way into the bathroom. As I stood at the toilet relieving myself I spied Tanya’s neat pile of clothes in the corner. My mind started to run away with me before sense pulled us back in. Tanya had probably left her bra and panties behind because she was planning to put on a fresh set when she got back to her room.

Obviously when I saw her, Tanya wasn’t wearing her bra but I hadn’t realised she was bare underneath as well. Averting my eyes away from her worn underwear to avoid temptation, I returned to my reading and waited for the girls’ taxi. They had mentioned they wanted a photo to capture the moment before they left and I was going to make sure it was going to be a good one!

Some time later the girls finally appeared, all ready to go and all of them looked stunning. I had already had a preview of Tanya before hand and again noticed the absence of a bra. I vaguely wondered if she had slipped on a pair of panties when she returned to her room earlier but my attention was drawn to the other two girls.

Lorna was wearing a dark blue, knee length dress that left her shoulders bare except for the two thin straps of her dress. Her cleavage barely showed but I could still trace the lines of her boobs through the dark material. Barbara’s dress was equally as conservative, the black fabric hiding her impressive rack and only hinting at the mounds of flesh beneath.

Camera at the ready, I snapped a couple of photos for the girls and wished them a nice evening while we waited for the taxi. Pretty soon it arrived and the girls hurried out looking excited, both Tanya and Lorna wished me a good evening too before disappearing out the door.

It was coming up for 1am and I was trying to decide to go to bed or stay up until the end of the movie. I had spent most of the evening watching a string of increasingly bad horror movies, drinking a few beers and generally lounging about. I looked up when I saw a car pull up outside and a moment later out stumbled Tanya. I returned to the movie and soon heard the click of the front door latch. As the movie ended and the credits rolled the lounge door opened.

Tanya gave me a quick smile and flopped down next to me on the sofa. As she bent over to take off her heels she said to me “Have a good evening?”

“Oh it’s not been bad, assuming you go for horror movies. So, did you have a good time at the ball?”

“Yeah, it was pretty good. You should have come with us you’d have enjoyed it, although I have to say at times the music was a bit old!”

Tanya smiled to herself sitting back up before adding, “there were some good looking people too.”

“Oh yeah?” I grinned mischievously, “Anyone get lucky then!”

“If by ‘anyone’ you mean the other two then yes!” Tanya said excitedly as if she was revealing a juicy bit of gossip. “I left the pair of them hours ago being chatted up by a couple of guys, I had a few more drinks and a dance then decided to head back.”

“Well I guess they’re having a good time by now, they haven’t shown up here yet.”

Tanya spoke in a whisper and looked into my eyes, “That’s probably a good kaçak iddaa thing…”

I met her stare and smiled as I realised her hand was resting on my thigh. Obviously she had been drinking but I didn’t know how far she would go or what her intentions were. Being a gentleman I ignored her hand but continued to look into her eyes.

“Are you ok?” I asked innocently.

“Of course I am” she said as she leaned closer, “this is the sort of unique situation I’ve been hoping for.”

“Unique in what way?”

“A way where I’ve had plenty to drink and I have the confidence to do this…”

Before I could respond, her lips touched mine and we kissed. The gentle exploratory kiss turned into a confident snog and her grip on my leg tightened as I brought my arm round to caress her shoulder.

We moved our bodies closer as we continued to kiss, my hand slipping under the strap of her dress and eased the thin cord aside. The strap fell off her but didn’t reveal her breast, the hardness of her nipples miraculously holding that side of her dress in place.

By now I could no longer ignore her hand, which had moved up from my thigh and was rubbing the crotch of my jeans. Although my other hand was trapped between our bodies, I managed to push it underneath her and around her waist. Guessing my intentions she moved with me as I pulled her half onto me, swinging her free leg over.

Following our little ‘manoeuvre’ we resumed kissing, tongues darting onto each others mouths like wild animals and free hands now ready to roam. Tanya gasped as my hand enclosed her breast, stroking the nipple through the fabric of her dress. With a casual tug I released the rest of her boob, her nipple hard and thrusting as it was exposed to my touch. Tanya moaned and sucked my tongue into her mouth as I squeezed and rubbed the sensitive nub of flesh.

By now my jeans were straining to contain my swollen member, especially after Tanya’s constant rubbing. Temporarily leaving her breast, I reached down and pulled at my belt buckle. Realising my tightness, Tanya took over and deftly unbuckled my belt. Opening my jeans, she reached into my underwear and drew my cock out into the open.

Her hand moved up my engorged flesh, sliding a finger over its slick, wet head and drew the fluid down the shaft. Tanya continued to slowly stroke my dick, making it wetter and wetter until it glided effortlessly along its length.

Things were getting pretty heated now, with my cock visible to anyone who looked through the window and Tanya’s boob jiggling in my hand. With one leg now over me her dress had ridden up to her mid thigh and I couldn’t resist lowering my hand onto her bare skin.

I slowly slid my hand up her smooth limb until I met the folds of her rumpled dress. I paused, teasing and making circular motions with my fingers. Tanya moaned and gave my balls a quick squeeze, a signal for me to continue exploring but I wanted to tease her a bit more first.

Pulling back my arm I caressed the back of her knee then pulled it more over me in one quick motion, my hand gliding down the full length of her leg and pushing her dress up even more. As I felt Tanya’s springy buttocks beneath my fingers I realised my earlier suspicions were confirmed. I felt a secret thrill as I realised she wore no panties, making my cock twitch.

Breaking our kiss, I grinned wickedly and stole a glimpse at the dark shadows between her legs. Meeting her gaze I saw a naughty glint in her eyes and the same grin on her face. I kissed her lips again briefly then took her nipple in my mouth, gently probing with my tongue. Tanya tilted her head back and gave a low moan as I licked, sucked and nibbled her teat; my mouth leaving a wet trail over her boobs.

My hand drifted round from her ass, over her silken thigh and disappeared between her legs. As I paused in the shadows Tanya gave my dick a squeeze urging me to delve deeper, her hand soaked in pre-cum that was oozing from the head.

Touching kaçak bahis her neat curls, I brushed my fingers along the tidy strip of hair and slipped my hand lower. Thanks to Tanya’s position with her leg draped over mine she was open to me, her pussy dripping and I coated my fingers in her juices.

Tanya shuddered and gasped as I rubbed her sensitive clit, her hand on my cock motionless as I curled a finger into her. She gave a load moan this time as a second finger joined the first and gently probed her.

“Oooohhhh… fuck…” she groaned as I pushed further and made circular motions with my fingers.

By now my hand was covered in her pussy fluids and I started to slowly move my fingers rhythmically in and out of her, sometimes twisting and making her suck in her breath.

“Stop!” she gasped, “can’t take… more… cock…” she stuttered, struggling to speak.

Tanya’s pressure on my cock resumed but this time more urgent and almost pulling it towards her opening. Sensing that she couldn’t take much more I withdrew my wet sticky fingers and sucked my fingers hungrily, smearing the remainder across her own lips so she could taste herself.

We kissed again, the combination of her juices and each other driving us on. Tanya rose up over me, kneeling on the cushions with legs apart on either side of mine. Shuffling to the edge of the sofa I gazed up at Tanya, one boob out and her dress now dropped over her groin and my hard-on. Reaching up, I slid the other strap off her shoulder and watched as the dress peeled away from her breasts where it bunched around her waist.

Cupping them, I began fondling and stroking her tits feeling the rise and fall of her chest increase as her excitement grew once more. Tanya reached down beneath her dress and I felt her delicate touch as she very slowly guided me into her opening. As she slid down, filling herself with my hardness she closed her eyes. When I had travelled the full length, Tanya began to slowly grind onto me, her slick pussy making it effortless as we began to fuck.

My cock pounded up, ramming deep into her sopping hole as she drove herself down hard onto my swollen member. We gasped and groaned together, occasionally meeting lips to taste each others sweetness. Tanya’s boobs bouncing free of my hands and slapping down into my open palms, my fingers briefly rubbing her hard nipples.

We didn’t last long since we had worked each other up to a frenzy before hand. Neither of us had no time to react, we were too far gone anyway as my balls exploded with cum. My load shot up fast into Tanya’s open and waiting womb, throbbing and spurting as it ejaculated my seed. Feeling my sudden motionless and hot cum blasting into her was too much for Tanya and she came with equal force, throwing her head back and impaling herself hard on my cock as her juices flowed.

She squirmed on top of me as my dick continued to throb and twitch, both of us moaning in ecstasy. Eventually our orgasms subsided and we settled down, holding each other in open arms. With Tanya still impaled on my shaft, I stood up; holding under her rump until she could lower her legs. Bending low I slid out of her and we embraced again, kissing again with tenderness.

“That was quite intense” whispered Tanya, resting her forehead on mine.

“You were pretty amazing yourself.”

“I don’t know what got into me; I’ve never done anything so reckless before.”

“I have a good idea of what got into you, me for one thing!” I said slyly as we parted and Tanya smoothed out her dress.

“I’m glad we did though, I’ve thought about it for some time now” Tanya said with a smile.

“Me too, although we need to talk” I replied.

“Yes, but not tonight” Tanya answered, “I’m worn out.”

“From the ball?” I said winking at her.

Tanya grinned broadly “That too, but you were the highlight of my evening!”

We left the lounge and kissed again for a moment then went our separate ways. It only occurred to me the following morning that we could have been discovered at any time. It was worth it though!

Thoughts and comments always welcome, always interested to know what people think. More to come, will write faster if demanded!

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