Unicorn Ch. 02

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***Author’s Note: Everyone in this story is 18.***


Lauren was in the middle of the best kind of high. It was mellow and all of the colors were in technicolor. The sun sparkled on the lake and the breeze caressed her skin, sending shivers of delight down her body. She thought it was the most perfect day to lie in the sun and Lauren inched her bare toes out just a tiny bit more. Like this, fully stretched to her full five foot seven length, she basked in the warm sun like she had never basked before.

She was finally here; the fantasy in all of its magnificence had come to life. Mrs. Preston had a professor friend at Northwestern who had been kind enough to lie to the McCullums. All it took was one phone call and Lauren’s mom and dad had given Lauren their blessing about the summer internship in the math department. Lauren knew that she should be ashamed because they had both seemed to be so impressed.

“See, keeping your nose to the grindstone pays off,” her dad had said with his bushy eyebrows pulled into the perpetual scowl that Lauren found so familiar. Even when he was happy, he looked miserable.

Yeah, whatever you say dad, Lauren had thought when she was alone in her room.

Mrs. Preston hadn’t wanted to lie. She had a whole plan about coming to the McCullum’s house and telling them the truth. Worse, she talked about having them over for dinner at their penthouse apartment. Lauren had felt her pulse race in her throat when her lover had talked that crazy talk. Thankfully, Mr. Preston must have sensed Lauren’s panic, maybe because his hands had been on her hips as she had sat in his lap.

Mr. Preston was always the voice of reason and he stopped her with a kind smile. He had told his wife, “You absolutely can’t do that Sharon. What are you going to say? We want to kidnap your beautiful daughter for the summer and make love with her in every way possible?”

Lauren had felt the vibration in his body as he said the words. Yes, yes, yes she had instinctively pushed her cheeks into him and wondered which of her lovers would peel her panties down and how many minutes would it take? They were insatiable for each other.

So the summer internship had been born. Before they left for Lake Geneva, Mrs. Preston had taken her shopping for a full summer wardrobe. The price tags had left her feeling panicked as she mentally calculated how much money the Prestons were spending on her, at least until Mrs. Preston told her to stop with a knowing grin. Lauren still couldn’t figure out where she would be going to need so many clothes, especially since they spent so much time naked. She had hung them all carefully in the closet in her very own room just the same.

When the Prestons had said that it was just a summer house on the lake, Lauren had thought it would be a little cabin. It was like when they told her about going out on the boat, she thought it would be a fishing boat. No, she should know by now that everything was larger than life. The house was larger than their apartment, with four bedrooms and four baths. There was a pool and a hot tub and a view of the water that looked like a movie. Even with all of the room though, Lauren was almost always close to the Prestons. She had her own room but so far, it was just storage space for the clothes. She slept in bed with the Prestons.

Something ice cold dripped on her calf and she jumped back into the present. Mr. Preston broke into a laugh and handed her a cold can of Coke, wet with condensation. “Sorry, I’ve been calling your name but you didn’t say anything.” Lauren moved into a seated position as she cracked open the soda. “Did I get you too high?” he asked her with a tender kiss on her cheek.

Lauren giggled, “What’s that?” She took a sip. It felt good, the icy, cold liquid in her throat. It was almost 85 degrees today and on the white deck of the boat, where the sun reflected, it seemed much warmer. Her mouth was dry from the sun and smoking weed and she wanted it to be wet for kissing him. “It’s so beautiful here,” she murmured as she took it all in. The lake was a dark, thundercloud blue and almost black as she stared into it. Lake Geneva was much bluer than Lake Michigan, which most often looked almost gray. The strip of beach in town was white sand instead of rocks and pebbles, which was mostly the beach that Lauren was used to. She’d never been to the Caribbean but she felt like she was somewhere far away from Chicago.

There were a lot of boats on the lake today, it was pretty crowded actually. Lauren had a good look at a large sailboat on the right side of them and a pontoon boat right behind them. The pontoon boat had at least twenty people on deck and at the moment, everyone seemed a little out of focus. Like maybe the whole world was a little high on Mr. Preston’s magical weed combination. And drunk on love.

“I always thought it was beautiful here,” Mr. Preston said as he eased back into his deck chair. “Maybe it’s not the escort tanıtımları most exciting place in the world but that’s why it’s so charming.” He looked at Lauren over the tops of his sunglasses and added, “it’s awfully exciting right now though.”

Lauren honed in on that gaze. Mr. Preston went to the office four days a week and Lauren found herself aching for him by the time Thursday night rolled around. It seemed almost as if he’d done something to her, taken control of her body in some way that she didn’t understand. When he came home, her pussy throbbed as she watched his Jaguar pull into the driveway. Her clitoris stood at attention for him when he entered the house. Her nipples sent waves of longing that rippled down her breasts all the way to her back. She didn’t feel like she could contain her desire, it was too big for her. It felt all consuming. “It’s perfect,” she told him in a quiet voice and both she and Mr. Preston knew why. It was the queen and she was headed their way.

“Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” Mrs. Preston announced and pointed at the platter of food that she’d made below deck. “I’ve also got turkey and cheese and a chicken salad on wheat.”

Both Lauren and Mr. Preston moaned, “Peanut butter and jelly,” in unison. It sounded like they were on the verge of something orgasmic.

The queen snickered as she took a seat in the deck chair on the other side of her husband. Mrs. Preston was always the epitome of elegance, Lauren thought. She couldn’t help but radiate this quiet, classy sheen; it came from somewhere deep down. Today, she wore a purple bathing suit, but Lauren was pretty sure the color was called “eggplant” or “crushed velvet”. It was a one piece that hugged her breasts and accentuated how firm they were. The legs were cut high, almost to her waist and the effect was absolutely miles of gleaming legs. Her long hair was up in a bun on the top of her head. Lauren knew by now that when she unpinned it later, Mrs. Preston’s black hair would uncoil and it would still smell of the shampoo from the morning. Lauren would drink down her scent like wine. It was just one more intoxicating scent that Lauren couldn’t get enough of.

“So good,” Lauren mumbled between bites. The high was dissolving slowly. She felt wrapped in a cocoon, warm and blanketed and under it, the current of sex pulsed between the three of them. Everything was perfect, as it had been ever since she’d been taken to their bed.

“You guys are such potheads,” Mrs. Preston rolled her eyes at them both in mock exasperation.

“Dude,” Mr. Preston did his impression of a kid Lauren’s age, “You’re harshin’ my buzz.” They all exploded into laughter at that. Lauren sat back with a smirk on her face and watched her king and queen. The most magical thing of all was that she really liked the Prestons. They were actually fun just to hang out with too; they were fun and interesting and they were both smart. On top of that, Lauren could tell they really loved each other. That fact had brought the world tumbling down over Lauren’s head, it wasn’t like what she’d thought at all.

People can like kinky sex and still be good people, Lauren was still oddly amazed that it wasn’t actually a dichotomy at all. Not just good people, but two people could love each other in a way that somehow hung in a whole different space. They could have sex with other people and even love other people and somehow that didn’t threaten or degrade their love at all. It just made it more beautiful in a way that Lauren couldn’t explain.

“Honey, do you want me to bring you a cover up?” Mrs. Preston asked. Mrs. Preston called Lauren honey and sweetheart when they were out and about. She called her concubine and love slave and lover and little girl when they were naked.

Lauren crinkled her brow, “Should I?” she kind of liked the idea of a real tan this summer instead of her usual milk white.

“Don’t do it,” Mr. Preston looked her up and down again, over his Raybans. He wore only green shorts and the rest of her king was gloriously bare. “You should always just wear a bikini,” he murmured and shifted his cock to the other side. Of course, Mr. Preston was darkly tanned and didn’t have to bother covering anything.

They had just made love this morning but he was already aroused. She wore the smallest bikini that she’d ever seen and she lay face down, with her ass out. Lauren knew how Mr. Preston felt about her bottom. It hardly seemed right to tease him like that.

The bikini was a blue green color that Mrs. Preston insisted was the color of Lauren’s eyes, sometimes more green, sometimes more blue. It had ruffled straps that came down to a band that just covered her nipples. The suit left the underneath curve of her small teacup shaped breasts exposed. The bottom part of the bikini was the same design. It was two flounces, just along her hips and then just a band of material that Lauren’s gaziantep escort telefonları ass cheeks swallowed up entirely. Even though she spent a good deal of her time with the Prestons in the nude, the bikini seemed to be extra naked.

Mrs. Preston made no secret of her desire. Even though she and the queen made love for hours at a time, like this, her gaze was heated. Mrs. Preston and her husband held hands as she carefully studied Lauren’s body. Her lover purred, “Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at you like this,” the queen whispered. “I just know what happens to your skin when you sun worship.”

Lauren nodded in agreement. Still, there was the idea of her body all nicely browned. “I never had a tan before,” she said. Lauren had never had a summer of leisure either. She had always been too busy working so that she’d have extra money. On top of that, she had always babysat and done all of the other drudgery that the oldest of six is expected to do.

“She’ll be fine,” Mr. Preston whispered and kissed his wife on the forehead.

“At least let me put some sunblock on you, sweetheart,” Mrs. Preston looked at her with adoration. Lauren knew now, after the time that she had shared alone with Mrs. Preston, she was more and more familiar with her queen. Lauren knew her looks and the tone of her voice when she was turned on and right now, her lover was simmering.

Lauren thought of Mrs. Preston casually rubbing lotion all over her body. Mrs. Preston’s knowing fingers that were so adept, so skillful, so loving on all of the sensitive places on Lauren’s body; who could refuse? Protection from the sun was just one more benefit. “That would be wonderful,” she told her with a wide grin.

Mrs. Preston made room for Lauren on her deck chair. Once Lauren sat down, both of the Prestons moved in closer. It felt like they always were touching. They had an easy intimacy and Lauren noticed after their first time or two together that she felt at home with her lovers. Nothing was contrived and she didn’t have to hide her true self or her feelings. They loved her; that was all.

Lauren took her sunglasses off and set them to the side. She scooped her hair up, curly and wild and streaked from the little bit of sun she’d gotten lately. She hung it down the front of her body as she gave her back to Mrs. Preston. The wind caressed her skin and the queen touched her with something slippery and cool that made every nerve come to life. The sound of the lotion being rubbed slowly into Lauren’s neck was an aphrodisiac. It wasn’t that she was high, Lauren realized. Everything was intense and they were all finely tuned to recent sights and sounds and scents of lovemaking. At first, Lauren was almost sure that it was because the Prestons had so much experience with these kinds of situations but Mrs. Preston told her after a long, rainy afternoon between the sheets, “No Lauren. It’s because we love you.”

Mr. Preston watched as his wife ran her soft hands over Lauren’s neck and shoulders. “Are we thinking of going somewhere for lunch or should we just stay on board?” Mr. Preston was the official planner when he was in town. He seemed to have taken on the role naturally and always made sure that everything was perfect.

Mrs. Preston let out a long sigh as she moved her hands around the bikini top. “I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be,” she said with a long sigh.

“So can we just tell Bob to keep it in neutral?” Mr. Preston wondered.

Mrs. Preston answered with a low groan as her hands melted down Lauren’s waist. Her touch set Lauren on fire. Just this, putting on sunblock, even after a morning of the Prestons and their mouths all over her body, Lauren ached for more.

Mr. Preston let out a low laugh and gave Bob the thumbs up sign. Bob, who had introduced himself to Lauren as Roberto, was the husband of Anna, the cleaning lady. Roberto drove Lauren and Mrs. Preston places sometimes, like a chauffeur. He also mowed the huge lawn on a riding lawnmower. Anna cleaned and went grocery shopping and tended to the flowers in the front of the house. They lived in the smaller house further down the property. Lauren sometimes wondered what Roberto and Anna thought about the situation. It was obvious, wasn’t it? There were never two beds to make. Or had they just witnessed so many lovers while in the Prestons employ that they didn’t even notice?

Lauren watched as Roberto gave Mr. Preston the thumbs up back. As Mrs. Preston’s hands circled Lauren’s thighs, she closed her eyes and wondered if Bob was hard as he stared at the three of them.

Mr. Preston asked her softly, “Can I take this top off?” His voice was husky and low, it was his bedroom voice and it radiated a tingle in Lauren’s nipples.

Everyone would see though, Lauren thought and felt her forehead crease with worry. Bob wasn’t the only one in close proximity. The lake was full of boats gaziantep escort bayan telefonları of all kinds. The pontoon boat was the closest to them and it seemed as though they were having a party. There were people on jet skis and wave runners and fishermen and sunbathers and suddenly, they all seemed to be very close.

“Too much?” Mr. Preston wanted to know. His body sparkled in the sun and Lauren couldn’t look away. Her king had a glistening, black pelt of chest hair. His skin was dark and tanned and his smile was gentle. God, he was handsome, as handsome as Mrs. Preston was beautiful. He always seemed larger than life and protective of both Lauren and his wife. She knew that he’d never let anything happen to her, but still, did she want them all to see her?

Lauren felt apprehensive but she nodded. She felt Mrs. Preston’s fingers stop their easy caress on her upper thighs. “Yes, you can take it off,” Lauren whispered and held her hair up so that he would easily find the hook in the middle of her back.

Mr. Preston was pleased and he was noticeably hard in the front of his shorts. Lauren’s body was attune to both; nothing made her more wet and aroused than pleasuring her king. He pulled her close and kissed her mouth. As he opened her lips with his hot, insistent tongue, his hands reached behind and slid the hook open.

The breeze on her bare nipples was something new and her whole body felt the chill. Lauren had never been even close to naked outside and she looked down with a gasp as the air touched her. She giggled and watched her nipples harden magically, almost as if the wind was another mouth or a tongue.

Mr. Preston liked the sight of her little buds when they sprang to life right before his eyes. He hummed and nodded and again, shifted his enormous cock to the side. The scent of sex was in the air and the whole world seemed to have slowed down to take a look at her half nude body. Lauren couldn’t hear the wave runners anymore, all she could hear was her pulse throb in her eardrums.

It was like they were announcing it to the world; they were a threesome, a ménage. Ménage a trois was another phrase that Lauren had recently learned and she thought it was almost a magical phrase, like abracadabra. Being like this, being touched and kissed by both of them, half naked and completely in the light was a bold, new move. They were telling everyone that she belonged to the Prestons. She was theirs and they didn’t have to hide what they did in a love nest, under the cover of darkness, away from prying eyes anymore. They were right out in the open.

Mrs. Preston brought her lotion sticky hands up to Lauren’s nipples and circled them slowly. The woman had such an amazing touch, Lauren was addicted to it. The two of them were so different in bed. Mr. Preston’s sex seemed insistent and powerful. It came with a sudden force that claimed everything, like he was a typhoon of hot lust. Mrs. Preston was like the persistent patter of a rainy day. She was gentle and dreamy and easy with short bursts of a downpour. It was sometimes in the middle of a long, wet afternoon that Lauren would sometimes lose herself and wonder where her body stopped and Mrs. Preston’s began. Lauren felt it now, the beginning of a dizzying ride of ecstasy with both of them. Mrs. Preston fondled Lauren’s pink stony nubs and said in her deepest voice, “We wouldn’t want those to get burned now, would we?”

Lauren lay back in her arms and rested her right hand on Mrs. Preston’s thigh. Her eyes were on Mr. Preston and she couldn’t stop staring at his erection in the shorts. Lauren’s thighs opened up for him without her even thinking of it. It was her body’s natural response, a concubine, always ready, she invited her king to partake of all of her delights.

Lauren’s lower lips opened involuntarily when she thought of his cock. Just the word was enough and her clitoris felt the strum when she said it in her mind. The molten need pulsed right there, insistent and heavy and swollen. She didn’t think she could close her legs now, it would be too uncomfortable.

“Beautiful,” he said and Lauren knew that he felt her desire, even with the bit of fabric that still wrapped her pussy up from his view. Mr. Preston reached between her legs; right there in the sunshine on a crystal clear day, right in front of everyone. He knew Lauren. He knew that the hot, beating pearl between her lips was always in a state of arousal when he was nearby. The sultan made a slow circle around her clit and listened to Lauren’s soft moan. She was wet and hard in her tiny bikini bottoms, obvious and almost naked. She burned between her legs and she wanted to be free and naked for him, for both of them.

Mrs. Preston continued her slow, steady circles that traced every ridge and valley of Lauren’s areolas. “I just love these little titties,” the dark haired woman said between hot kisses that ran up and down Lauren’s neck.

“Yeah, baby!” a deep voice shouted.

The catcall rang out above the sound of the boats in the water. There was a young man who wore shorts and a life preserver on a smaller fishing boat. He was close enough to see everything. He didn’t have to remove his sunglasses for Lauren to know that he was studying her body. As she looked over the lake, it suddenly felt that they were all close enough to watch the whole thing.

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