Untie Me, Clayton!

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*This is for you Clayton! Enjoy!*

Clayton eats pussy good. I don’t know how else to describe how he does it; it’s kind of like a drug addict who hasn’t had a fix in weeks. He just goes at it like he’s never gonna have it again! I mean, the fire alarm could go off and it won’t faze him. When Clayton gets himself concentrating on eating me, there’s no stopping him.

Which brings me to why I am telling this story. Woman all over should beware of Clayton and his pussy-eating-habits. Yes, he is a very sexy guy, with dreamy blue eyes and a tight muscular body, but it’s his “bedroom attitude” that makes him a superstar in bed.

Our night together started out innocently. We had fucked many times and enjoyed numerous BDSM type activities. I guess it was the fact that I just got out of the bath, smelling all sweet and freshly shaved. Clayton loved to lick me head to toe after I bathed, which he gladly obliged a few times IN the bath too!

“Claaaaayyy-toooonnn”, I called in a playful voice, “You wanna play?”

“Right now, babe? I just got home from work”, he said, setting his laptop case on the desk. “I mean, can I sit and relax first, or is it an emergency?” He laughed.

“Well, I got off work early today, so I thought I’d get a head start!” I said, laughing.

“My, my, what a horny little devil you are today!” He wrapped his strong arms around my waist.

“I wanted to play, that’s all!” I pouted, sticking out my bottom lip. Clayton responded by grabbing my lip with his mouth, sucking on it gently.

“Oh, look at the lip, aren’t we upset?” he taunted. “Ok, tell you what, let me go grab a drink and I’ll meet you in the bedroom!” He raised his eyebrows in anticipation. I squealed in delight, and then hopped off into the bedroom to enjoy the fun.

Clayton came into the bedroom and put his drink on the nightstand. I turned the lights down low, lighting a few candles to add to the effect. I was SO in the mood for some fun with Clayton. He never fails to entice me, especially with those blue eyes.

“Lie down, on your back, babe”, he whispered. A shiver ran through me; I knew we were going to have some fun tonight! I lay down on the Kadıköy Grup Escort bed, spreading my legs for him. I knew he’d appreciate my hot bath and shave. As he brushed his face past my pussy, I swear he could smell how wet I was already.

Clayton teased my clit by playing “eskimo kisses” with it, with his nose. I wanted so badly to grab the back of his head and shove his face into my whole crotch, but I knew Clayton would take care of me. I lie as still as I could, my chest heaving with desire.

He licked up and down my legs, paying close attention to my inner thighs. I was so fired up that I thought I would hyperventilate! My breathing was fast and hard. He began to use his tongue flatly around my hole, teasing my clit. I raised my hips, to meet his tongue, but he kept dancing around my clit.

“Oh please Clayton, please lick my clit! I need to cum sooooo badly! Please, please give me an orgasm!” I said in a hoarse whisper. I writhed in pleasure as he rammed two fingers easily into my wet pussy. He was so sexy, I thought I was gonna faint! I twisted my nipples, scratching them lightly with my nails. Clayton made me feel so good. I guess that’s why I was madly in love him!

“Please, please make me cum!” I begged, my hips bucking to meet his fingers, now wet from my gushing hole. “C’mon Clayton please!” I licked my lips, wanting him to kiss me deeply, so I could taste myself.

Clayton placed his thumb in my pussy for a minute, and then slowly drug it down further. “I love to finger your tight asshole”, he said. “It’s so tight and feels so good when I fuck it.” With two fingers in my cunt and his thumb now in my ass, I was ready to explode. He sensed that I was close to an orgasm and sucked greedily on my clit. Within seconds, I was cumming madly!

“Oh god Claytonnnnnnnn”, I screamed. “That feels sooo gooooddd!” I thought I would never stop cumming! A second orgasm rushed over me in a wonderful wave. He reached under me and lifted my hips, his mouth more able to get deeper, and his fingers penetrating harder. I was lost in a sea of pleasure. All I could think about was Clayton’s hard cock in me.

As soon as the second Kadıköy Manken Escort orgasm passed, he lowered my hips gently to the bed. He withdrew his fingers and rolled over to the nightstand. His hard cock had pre-cum dripping from it. I wanted very much to take his cock down my throat and return the favor. With a devilish grin, he retrieved the leather wrist cuffs and wooden leg spreader bar. I knew the fun was far from over.

Clayton secured my wrists to the corners, as well as my ankles. I was not going anywhere! The wooden spread bar made it impossible to close my legs.

“I love when you’re all spread open for me,” he whispered. “I’ll bet you would be awful angry if I left you tied up here for a while. Maybe I’ll make you wait for my cock.”

“You have got to be kidding!” I cried. “You’re crazy! You can’t just get a girl all horny, and then leave her here! I swear Clayton, if you do…” my voice trailed off.

“Clayton please, I need to be fucked, c’mon baby!” I pleaded with him. “I want your hard cock in my cunt right now!”

“Mmmmmmm”, he moaned, licking my slit from bottom to top. “Tastes soooo good”. Clearly he was ignoring my request! I wouldn’t have minded the extra innings except the fact that after more than two orgasms my clit becomes really sensitive. Also, I had the spreader bar between my legs so there was NO way I could resist! I loved that he adored pussy eating, but now I feared I had created a monster! He ate me with such greed that I was afraid I’d pass out from pleasure!

“Clayton baby please, stop, my clit is freaking out there!” I said. His response? Sucking on my clit full force! I instantly orgasmed! The waves rose through me, the spreader bar adding to the effect. His fingers penetrated my asshole again and I knew I was going to cum. I tried in vain to close my legs, but couldn’t. He tongue-fucked my pussy hole and moaned. The vibrations were wonderful!

“Oh Clayton, yes YES!” I cried, rubbing my hole all over his face. “That’s it, YES! Eat your pussy! It’s all yours! OH YES!” I came hard, and then started to relax. I begged him to fuck me, but after planting a few kisses on my inner thighs, Kadıköy Masöz Escort he moved his head down to my crotch and ate me some more!”

“Clayton please, I can’t take it anymore! Untie me, Clayton!” I begged, tears in my eyes. “My clit is throbbing and my asshole is burning!” I needed him in me, right now!

“You want me to fuck you?” he said, those dreamy blue eyes mesmerizing me. “I’ll fuck you. And I’ll fuck you good and hard.” He uncuffed my ankles from the bed, leaving the spreader bar on my legs.

“I’ll fuck you REAL good and hard, baby!” He lifted my legs up to my chest. With one thrust, his cock rammed into my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh god, CLAYTON!” I screamed. “Yes, oh yes, fuck me hard, fuck your pussy good and hard baby!” And fuck me hard he did! I came all over his cock! He was thrusting hard and deep into my wet hole, his fingers twisting my nipples. I pulled at the leather cuffs in agony. I couldn’t move and he knew it. I bit my lip, bucking my hips to meet his. He leaned down and, grabbing my lips with his, he sucked on my mouth. As he fucked me hard, his tongue rammed deep into my mouth, his kiss leaving me in an ocean of pleasure and pain.

The fucking was always great with Clayton. I mean, sure, the foreplay was better than anyone else I’d been with, but when it came to the actual dick-in-pussy part, he was the man! I wanted him to give it to me doggie-style, but I don’t think he wanted to go through the trouble of untying me just yet.

“You like my hard cock in your wet pussy, don’t you, you slut?” he said smiling. He kissed all around my ankles, which tickled me and left me giggling. I shivered and my nipples ached from their lovely abuse. I started deep into his eyes before closing them to enjoy my pounding. I could smell his sweat. Our fucking felt like it had gone on forever, as I felt like I was floating on air. The more he pounded me, the more I came. When he began to grunt, I could tell that he was close to cumming.

“Aah, jeez, here I go!” he cried. With that, he thrust deep into me. I gave a yelp as the sharp pain spread throughout my pussy. He always likes to go out with a bang, so he pounded me real hard a few more times before collapsing his head onto my breasts.

After he came, he gently licked from my breasts up to my neck. He then uncuffed me and held me close. Even though I think he is crazy sometimes, I felt comfort in the thought that I was all Clayton’s and he was all mine.

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