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We have all experienced the effects of not eating for a period of time. Your body, through your stomach sends out constant reminders that it needs food. As time goes on and the need goes unfulfilled so the mind becomes consumed with the need for sustenance. Both body and mind demand physical and mental relief that food will give them.

The hunger for sex is largely the same. When you have tasted the riches of an erotic banquet, so a sustained absence from feasting plays on your mind and body. What starts out as a desire and want can grow into a need, a demand. Cocks stay harder more frequently and for longer. Pussy’s wetter, lips swollen, nipples harder and sore. All these physical manifestations send urgent signals to the mind for relief through the foods of erotic pleasure. The demand for sustenance, to satisfy the sexual hunger consuming mind and body only grows to torment and frustrate. The desperate need to taste the delights and seek release that carnal gratification will give, can lead to exciting but risky actions to achieve and satisfy mind and body.

My mobile quietly buzzes into life and the screen lights up. I look down at it to see who is phoning. Just two letters tell me, “HB”. With our relationship intensifying in recent months we feel it is prudent not to have our real names displaying on our mobiles. A small change helps deflect any suspicions about our ‘peculiar’ behaviour! We opt for using abbreviations of our monikers we have given each other. My Horny Bitch is phoning me again, and as always a tingle of excitement ripples through me. I swipe to answer.

“Hi” I answer nonchalantly. We had talked several times over the last couple of weeks. Being apart as we were at this moment in time, this is the only way to keep in touch — in touch with what we really want.

“I’m not hungry anymore” you say calmly.

“Oh?” I reply, questioning, searching and a bit disappointed.

“I’m fucking starving!” you sharply respond. “Are you busy?” you continue.

“Umm not especially” I reply wondering where this is going.

“I need some help” you say quietly.

“Oh?” I say again, this time more eager to know what help you need.

“I’m in the downstairs storage room and unpacking stuff from the exhibition”

“Ohhh!” I say, failing to hide the surprise from my voice. I had no idea you had plans to return to the office.

“If you can come down to help me” you add trailing off. Before I can gather my thoughts you add,

“Ohh and I have a Valentine’s Day present for you as well. Come soon.” You finish with a slight giggle and the phone connection is lost.

I wait a while. Not good just to run off downstairs as much as I want to. Don’t draw any attention had become a staple of our needs. As I wait I am still in ‘shock’ that you are actually here having been away at an exhibition. Surprised … yes. Pleased… Ohh yes!

Finally I leave my desk as I make my way down to you. I ponder on the fact we have had a full on January, highlighted with a doggy style fuck on your birthday. I was lucky with a bonus cock suck and swallow on the drive back to the office on that day too. Totally satisfied! The last couple of weeks on the other hand – nothing. Work commitments had ensured we did not have a single day together once in that period. The loss of time together increasingly reflected in our conversations and the tone of growing want for each other.

“This is frustrating” soon turned to “I really want you”. It did not take long before the need became more noticeable in our conversations. “I’m hungry” and “I need to feast” and “Satisfy my cravings!” and “For fuck sake feed me!”

Without any doubt feast had definitely turned to famine…

In the past we had stolen the occasional moment in the storage room but always restricted our ‘indulgences’ to hot hard kissing and nervy fumbling’s and teasing touches. While you are a rightful key holder to the store, sadly you are not the only one. The risk of someone stumbling upon us is always there and that thought curtails our desires to go further.

I gingerly open the door. You have your back to me. As always I love what you wear albeit in this case a simple white blouse and a dark grey knee length skirt. My eyes do linger on your arse before settling on stockinged legs and black heels. My cock responds to the desire for, and delights of you.

You are dropping and layering what seems to be marketing literature on the grubby carpet between the shelving on the right hand wall, and the one abandoned chair in the middle of the room. You look over your shoulder at me and smile slightly.

“Come in and lock the door and stay where you are.” You say crisply. The authority in your voice ensures I obey your instructions! I watch quizzically as you continue to layer more pamphlets on the floor until you have completed a decent size glossy mat.

You admire your handy work briefly before you swiftly turn to face me. Your brown eyes sparkle with, well and I am going to say– lust. While your eyes always have the capacity to captivate me, my eyes drop initially to your vibrant full red lips, then further down noticing that you have undone half the buttons of your blouse, and the gap this creates reveals just bahis firmaları enough bare flesh that suggests you are not wearing a bra!. Proof? I greedily stare at your teasingly hidden tits as they bounce and quiver as you walk purposefully towards me. As you approach, you place both your hands on my shoulders and push me firmly back onto the wall by the door. I feel the weight of your body pinning me. I gasp slightly at this unexpected event. My lips barely apart is seemingly enough of an ‘invitation’ for you to plunge your tongue into my mouth, lips crushing lips. As if by instinct I respond to your blatant demands by forcing my tongue into your mouth. Instantly our kisses rise into the aggressive feasting we enjoy where pain and pleasure mix and excite us.

My mind is just about catching up with the unexpected but exciting ‘attack’ when I feel your hand sliding between us homing in on my cock. I shudder as your hand nestles on my covered shaft and you stroke it firmly. We both moan into each other’s mouths as my cock, so absent from our pleasure in the last few weeks, instantly reminds us of what we have missed! I tense slightly as I feel you fumble and undo my zip. Your hand groping for my cock and balls trying to find the opening into my boxers, is in danger of making me want to come! Finally I feel your cool fingers accidentally teasing my shaft before closing your cool hand around me and slowly wanking me. The sensation of my building climax only increases to your touch and I need my own distraction to prolong the pleasure. I move my hands to your hips and then around to your arse, feeling for and finding the thin band of your suspenders. Using them as a guide I slide my hands down until the noticeable embossed stocking tops can be felt through your skirt. Of course I know you are wearing stockings, but even still, ‘finding out’ you are never fails to excite me!

Having enjoyed stroking your thighs and stockings I move my hands further down until they reach the hem of your skirt. I pinch the material and to start to pull it up your legs. In a blink of an eye I feel you release my cock, smack my hand before clamping your hand around my throbbing rod again, this time with the added sensation of your thumb circling my cockhead!

The warning heeded I reluctantly let your skirt go. There is a reason why you stopped me and I’m sure I will find out soon enough, well I definitely hope so! Fortunately you have other interests that will distract me! I find the fastened buttons on your blouse and undo them as far as the waist band of your skirt. Now as open as you can be, I slide my hands under your open top and cup and squeeze your tits before giving each nipple a firm pinch. You groan into my mouth as I tease and play with your soft orbs. Not that our kisses have relented or stopped, but there is an increased vigour as the heat of our sexual exploration rises.

We finally take a break from our intense kissing. Crushed tingling lips only add to the sensations we are both feeling as our cock and tit action relentlessly continues. We look into and search others eyes. If you see in mine what I feel I can see in yours, we have gone too far to stop. We have so quickly in the minutes we have been together, passed the point where rationality and sober judgement should intervene and alert us to the risk and dangers of what we are doing.

“Go and sit on the chair” you say breathlessly, “and undo your trousers and slide then and your boxers down to your ankles. I want to look at your hard cock standing to attention!” you add with the air of authority again. You move back from me so I can walk to the chair. As instructed I undo my trousers and with a push slide them and my boxers down. I sit down facing you. Your eyes move between looking at mine and my stiff weapon that is standing proud as you wanted.

You step towards me until we are virtually touching. You smile at me.

“It’s time for me to give you your Valentine’s present.” You say much to my surprise. Considering what we are doing to each other, it does feel an odd time to be handing out gifts.

I look up at you questioningly. A sly smile plays across your mouth and you dip to take then hem of your skirt with both hands. I sense you staring me at me as my eyes drop to watch you slowly lift your skirt up over nyloned legs; higher revealing the dark band of stocking top, higher over the contrasting milky smoothness of your naked thighs and then to pull it yet higher exposing a naked bald pink pussy. All that is true with one surprising and pleasing exception. The drawn heart shape, rendered so perfectly, I guess using the same vibrant red lipstick long removed from your lips, frames your pussy. The dip of the top of the heart pointing seductively at your clit. I stare and admire the artwork. If this is my present then me and my cock will enjoy it shamelessly! I look up at you and smile.

“Thank you for my present,” I say, “It will give me hours of pleasure!” I add, very pleased with myself.

“Your arrow will pierce my heart.” you say coolly, then add, “That is not a request that is what will happen”.

We stare at each and I smile again enjoying the clever analogy of arrow and cock. Pointing my finger I gently touch your hard clit. You kaçak iddaa shiver at my first touch of your sex. I slide my finger down following the lush valley of your pink pussy, glistening wet and feeling very hot. Again you tremble and then a sharp intake of breathe as you feel my tongue delicately flicking against your bud. I tease your clit and softly stroke your swollen lips for a while longer, all the time admiring the heart that surrounds you pussy. I move my mouth away from you and you moan as the playing of your clit ends. I look up at you.

“What you mean my arrow here?” I ask innocently at the same time pushing my hand between your legs and quickly thrusting my finger into your very wet hole.

“Yes!” you manage to gasp surprised I guess by the sudden invasion.

“My thick arrow to hit you right here?!” I hiss, now plunging two fingers into your hot cunt, hooked into your hole. “Pierce you deep?” I continue, this time finger fucking you yet deeper and pulling you closer. I look up at you, your mouth open and eyes closed. I fuck you hard and quickly; you drop one hand to my shoulder for support, the other gripping your skirt, keeping it clear of your pussy for easy finger fucking access.

Your tits sway closer to my mouth and my tongue flicks out to circle one nipple then the other. You moan as the new sensation feeds you more. I scoop up your boob in my hand and squeeze it as I suck at your nipple more vigorously, adding a nipping, yanking tug at your bud. You sigh, clearly enjoying this new harsher attack.

“Bite me.” You whisper, “Bite me hard!” We have been here before at the RH. Who am I not to do as you ask? To obey! I squeeze your boob harder and move my mouth over your soft doughy flesh and plunge my teeth hard and deep into you. You yelp at the intensity of my bite and flinch again as I do it again on your other tit where I suck at your flesh. I release you and lean back. The signature of my teeth marks clearly visible within the red welts left on you.

I lick and nip at the ‘wounds’ as my fingers slosh and slurp in your very wet pussy. You push on my fingers encouraging me to fuck you deeper and quicker knowing you will come for me so soon. Different sensations, hurt and desire combined. Sure enough you breathe quicker and deeper, your body starts to tremble and the pressure on my shoulder increase as you lean on me; your climax builds.

“Want to come?” I taunt.

You nod and gasp quietly “Yes!”

“Wish it was my cock and not my fingers fucking you?” I goad you more.

“Yes fuck me you bastard!” the building torment clear in your voice.

“Then come bitch, come on my fingers!”

I plough you deeper and faster, my fingers dripping in your juices. With finger and thumb, I tweak each sore nipple, applying more pressure each time I move from one to the other. Each time you feel the harsh pinch you grimace and moan as the confusion of pain and pleasure sensations mix and overwhelm you. Your orgasm finally eclipses all other feelings as it rips through you, your pussy muscles tense demanding my fingers as they drive into you, unrelenting, uncompromising. I fuck your slurping cunt quicker, harder, deeper until you are driven to succumb to your sexual release. You cry out, your moans and gasps louder, your body convulses as your climax overpowers you, taking you to the giddy heights of wild erotic uninhibited gratifying nirvana.

It seems to take a delectable age for your climax to abate and the tension in your body start to ease. We enjoy the release as much as the summit of pleasure. Your eyes flutter open, “Fuck I have been hungry for your fingers inside me.” You say wearily. You lean down to kiss me firmly while reigniting my senses by wrapping your hand around my neglected cock and stroke me up and down. After a very intense tongue fucking you move back from our kiss and smile at me, though thankfully wanking me has not stopped!

“I did say it is your arrow that is going to pierce my heart, remember?” you say seductively. I simply nod, enjoying the hand action you are giving me.

“Well on the floor bastard.” You say firmly, “You and your cock are mine, to feed my hunger, fill me and please me. Get naked and get DOWN!”

You step back and watch as I remove my all my clothing before I lay down on the ‘bed’ you crafted for us. I add a small stack of discarded pamphlets as a makeshift pillow to watch you. You walk slowly around, looking hungrily at my prone naked body and stiff cock. I look back wondering, imagining, excited by what you have in mind to feed your hunger. You are near the door when you suddenly drop onto all fours.

My body tenses as I watch you slowly prowl towards me, your eyes locked onto mine. Your skirt crumpled around your waist, your tits on show judder as you move between my legs. You are the huntress, a creature to be fed, to be satisfied. I am the fascinated victim, hypnotised. I am unable to, but also do not want to escape you. A willing sacrifice.

Your sore nipples drift up my thighs making me tingle in anticipation as you move closer to me. Finally your head is over my cock; you smile wickedly.

“Let’s see if this can please me.” Without taking your eyes off mine, you dip leading with your tongue kaçak bahis to touch and flick my cock head. I shudder at the teasing rapid touch.

“Interesting.” You say smirking at me. You dip lower to consume my purple dome, lost now in your mouth. I feel the grating of your teeth and the pressure of you sucking me hard. Again my body tenses to the extraordinary sensation before you suddenly release me.

“Ummmm now this has promise.” You say with a cheeky smile. “Let’s see if it can REALLY deliver.”

With that you return your mouth to my cock and slide to devour me completely. My shaft lost in your mouth makes me gasp. So hot, such fucking intense pleasure! I push up as your hand takes my shaven balls and squeezes them as the pressure of your mouth on my meat increases. You slowly draw your mouth up my iron rod, briefly exposing my swollen head before sliding down again. Now you are rhythmically sucking my throbbing pole that somehow gets harder as your mouth fucks me. My body twitches and jerks as it responds to your slutty mouth fuck. You know the reaction I have to your tantalising blowjob and will simply blow my come into your mouth if you continue like this. You sense my cock swelling, my body nearing the point of no return. You slide your mouth off my cock with an audible pop, and smile mischievously at me before you predatorily move over me until you head is above mine. You shuffle your legs up around me until your knees press against the sides of my chest.

I instinctively caress your thighs enjoying the touch of fine nylon sliding up to velvety thigh. You dip down to kiss me at the same time your drop to sit on me, my cock sandwiched between me and your wet pussy. You slowly slide up and down my shaft, your swollen pussy lips rolling over me. Enough friction to excite me, slippery enough to frustrate me. Your cock tease intensifies with our hard tongue fuck.

You break from our kiss and lean back, yours eyes alive stare at me.

“Now to feed, to pierce and fill me!” you say quietly while at the same time lifting your arse off me. I feel the coolness of the air around my wet cock. Still with your eyes fixed on mine you reach underneath you until your hand closes around by throbbing eager weapon.

I hold my breath as I watch transfixed as you guide my rod to the soft silky wet entrance of your swollen slit. My cockhead between your lips, I watch as it and my cock are engulfed by your love hole. We both gasp at the sensation and the overwhelming relief of rigid cock buried in your pussy. You lean back placing your hands on my thighs, slowly rotating and squeezing my cock that is lost inside you. Finally feeding off each other, and the pleasurable thought my cock will not leave your sex heaven until our aching lust and come greed has been satisfied.

Your tits pushed forward are an open invitation to be played with! I knead your soft orbs, ensuring my fingers are firmer on the tender bite marks. The shock of my touch layers the raw passion of our fuck.

You lean forward now, placing your hands either side of my shoulders, your tits pressing into my chest. You move to kiss me and our tongues are entwined, deep into each other’s mouth; our kisses hard and eager, feeding our consuming appetite.

You pull back from me, and looking at me state quietly, “Now my pussy will gorge on your cock until my hunger is satisfied. I will take everything from you until I am filled with you cock and come!”

You raise your arse off my legs and start a slow fuck of my cock. I run my hands up your stockinged thighs, enjoying the sensation of you riding me. I love fucking you but watching you feeding your pussy my shaft is hot. Even hotter as you slide up the length of my cock and pound me faster and harder; you arse quivers as it smacks into my thighs. I am simply a tool penetrating you, as and how you desire. Lying beneath you and enjoying my glistening cock being thoroughly fucked by your eager pink hole is pleasure beyond words!

Your hands on my chest now is a natural invitation for me to play with your swinging jugs as your fucking of my cock becomes more intense, both of us feeling the erotic pleasure growing in us and the desire to be taken to the summit.

You fuck me harder and deeper, the slap of your arse on me is louder as my cock rams you deeper and quicker, responding to your hungrier demands. I feel my orgasm building inside and start to lift my hips to meet your descending sopping sex. We look at each other, our expression a mix of relief and total want. Bodies lost to sex, desire to our sex. We have begged and dreamed for this moment, as we fuck each other, our need is reaching for our hot summit. You lean down, your tongue piercing my welcoming mouth, I move my hands to grip your arse, both of us now working to fuck your cunt deeper and harder. Our hot kiss doesn’t not last long; the light of our growing climax getting brighter. The swelling of my cock mirrors in your wet pussy gripping me. I squeeze your tits harder that acts as a spark for you to fuck my cock faster, harder. Our gasps and moans come quick and louder as our total need for each other tips us over. I can feel my come burning my cock as the flow drives through my shaft and shoots creamy lava of my seed into you. Your pussy pulses as your orgasm overtakes you. We both fuck each other possessed by our animal need, for the pleasure of fucking each other, to feed our ultimate decadent lust we demand from each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32