Varnalius + His Four Mothers Pt. 03

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Varnalius, his Mother, and his three Maid-Mothers — Part Three

~ Kelly’s desperate, but worries if her Son wants her.

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Author’s note:

In this story, Varnalius is twenty-six and is living his beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise life at a beautiful and remote isolated valley. His Mother, Kelly, and his three ‘Maid-Mothers’ live this life with him.

The Varnalius stories tell of his many and unique aspects.

~ ~ ~

💐 Introduction to Part Three

(continuing on from Parts One and Two)

At Varnalius’ beautiful, organic-self-sufficiency sexual-paradise, his three Maid-Mothers have each in their own way, adopted Varnalius as their Son. Each Maid-Mother loves, adores, and cherishes Varnalius as their beloved Son.

Kelly, Varnalius’ Mother is desperate beyond measure to become a pussy-mother for him and join his Maid-Mothers in being hotly fucked by their fascinating, wondrous, and sexually mischievous, hotly handsome Son.

Kelly knows that her Son would never try and sway her, so it’s up to her to ask him if he would want her as a pussy-mother to fuck, but she worries that he might not find her sexy and also that he might not want her as a pussy-mother.

Kelly frets that her Son may not want her: She hopes he does — She desperately needs to be on his cock!

Kelly has arranged a meeting with Varnalius where she intends to ask her burning questions.

~ ~ ~

❇️ Story Characters

Varnalius — 26 ~ Startling bright blue eyes

Kelly — Varnalius’, Mother ~ Creamy mother-cleavage

Rochelle — Varnalius’, Maid-Mother – 30 ~ Creamy mother-tits

Kayleigh — Varnalius’, Maid-Mother – 36 ~ Creamy mother-tits

Sharleen — Varnalius’, Maid-Mother – 37 ~ Creamy mother-tits

~ ~ ~

💐 Chapter One

It had been unbearably hard for Kelly to watch the romantic scene that had just occurred while breakfast was being prepared at the hewn and smoothed, wooden kitchen bench.

It was upon the magnificent homely kitchen bench that Maid-Mothers, Rochelle and Sharleen had rested their hands as they frolicsomely bent forward; pantie-less, with their negligees pulled up past their hips; and presented their dripping mother-pussys to their amazing Son.

With aching need, Kelly wished her hands could also have been placed upon that same bench for the same reason the Maid-Mothers did.

The kitchen bench was beautifully crafted by Varnalius’ strong but sensitive hands, and was such a natural place for the Maid-Mothers to bend forward for their Son.

But as always, Kelly had stood in transfixed need and gazed in envy as her inspiring and hot Son had vibrantly slid his beautifully sized, wondrous cock into the Maid-Mothers eager wet pussys.

And the bold and adventurous entry of his throbbing, thick shaft into their mother-pussys was breathtakingly grandeurous–

While Kelly observing her Son’s searing hot hellos, playfully given between his Maid-Mothers legs, was a daily occurrence and one that always left her wondrously dripping and in excruciating need — this morning was different — So very, very different!

Different because Kelly had woken with all her previous heart and pussy confusion about her Son, departed! It was gone, vanished!

Kelly awoke and her eyes had flared open in euphoric wonder! — As usual, she’d come out of her sleep in the mothers-bed with her shaved mother-cunt hotly dripping for her Son, but today, Kelly was finally ready to join her Son’s, Maid-Mothers and become a wet pussy-mother to him!

Her heart was full of hope and her mother-pussy wept in wet, wet joy!

It was a stupendous moment! All the agony of watching her wonderfully sexy Son, hot fuck his Maid-Mothers but not her, was over! It was Over! Over! Over! And laying in bed, she’d thrilled as her needing mother-pussy had gushed thrilling juices!

Kelly had been flooded with euphoria and had pulled her negligee up past her hips for a hot masturbation for her Son. She was ready to have her mother-slit, hotly opened by her Son’s magnificent cock!

It was a juicy delight for Kelly that she would orgasm on her Son’s throbbing shaft as it beat its throbbing song up her happy pussy.

Oh, she so needed Varnalius to fill her pussy with the hot-sweet-song that he filled his Maid-Mothers pussys with. Kelly Dripped and Dripped for it!

But of course, it all depended on two crucial details — If her Son found her sexy and if he wanted her as a pussy-mother?


The third Maid-Mother, Kayleigh, whose turn it had been to sleep with Varnalius for the night, had been morning-fucked before she arrived with him in the kitchen.

And with her Son’s arrival, he had greeted his other two Maid-Mothers, and Kelly had stared in hot awe as his long cock had romantically disappeared into Rochelle and Sharleen’s mother-slits.

Kelly, standing pantie-less in the lace negligee she’d handcrafted, karataş escort had dripped profusely for her Son, but all she’d received from him was a hug to her shoulders and a kiss to her forehead. She wasn’t a pussy-mother to him — And she’d silently wept…

But Kelly had stayed with her plan from when she’d first woken up, and after Maid-Mothers, Rochelle and Sharleen had screamed the kitchen full with being morning orgasmed by their Son, Kelly has approached Varnalius and asked if she could talk with him after breakfast.

Kelly worried that Varnalius might not want her and that her tits were small and a bit wide spaced apart. Would her Son find them sexy? Did he find her sexy? Kelly tried not to be distracted by her worries that her Son might not want her. She tried to focus that hot Varnalius would be in her pussy by the end of the day!

Kelly had said to her Son that the reason for the meeting was because she had something really important to ask him, and she now dared to hope that with his agreement to the meeting, he had implied that, yes, he found her sexy; yes, he wanted her as a pussy-mother; and yes, he wanted to hot fuck her like he hot fucked his Maid-Mothers.

It was the lovely sun-room where Kelly had asked to talk with Varnalius. Oh, she hoped her confidence held! Helping the Maid-Mothers prepare breakfast, Kelly endeavoured to feel hopeful and she tried desperately to imagine a positive outcome.

And with this feeling, her heart again became joyous that she could become pussy-mother to her Son, and with her joy, she romantically juiced for her amazing Son’s, hot, potent cock.

The morning sun filled the kitchen with its beaming rays. Kelly loved how it poured in so graciously. Varnalius had designed and built, by hand, their beautiful adobe dwelling so the kitchen bathed in the fresh morning sun and the lounge, lounged sweetly in its radiant afternoon rays.

Kelly glanced appreciatively at the natural pottery vase of wild-flowers on the window sill, the deep set of the window encasement so lovely. The kitchen, like the whole dwelling with its adobe construction, had walls an amazing two-foot thick and so they had gorgeously deep-set window sills.

The vase was one Kelly had made from clay sourced at the rear of the gardens and Varnalius had glazed and fired it.

All the Mothers, Kelly included, had to resist from cluttering the deep sills and some were left completely clear for lovely sun seats.

The Maid-Mothers would often take a pause from their jobs and go to a sunny window seat and masturbate their pussys for their Son.

Kelly managed a smile as she thought that today, it was her desperate wish to become a pussy-mother to her fabulous Son, and that would also mean having her turn when she would sleep with her Son for the night!


The way things were at the present, was that every night a Maid-Mother would sleep with their Son as his wet-pleasure-night-mother, and the other two Maid-Mothers slept in the mothers-bed with Kelly.

This morning, Kelly had joined with the two Maid-Mothers in the mothers-bed, and all three of them had hotly masturbated for their Son. Kelly had felt so happy to have woken feeling sure that Varnalius would find her cunt sexy and that he would want her as a pussy-mother and would want to slide his huge shaft in.

Kelly was desperate to be a pussy-mother and to have her turn at being her Son’s, wet-pleasure-night-mother, where, holding her hand, he would lead her to his bed for the night and she would amorously spread her legs for him and welcome him in.

Oh, she hoped her Son wanted her!

The whole situation made Kelly nervously wet, joyously wet, and anticipatory wet. It made her incredibly wet. She really needed to be wearing panties to catch her wet flow.

Kelly could hardly concentrate on making breakfast, all she could think about was her Son pumping his huge cock in her wet pussy. She continuously felt like running to Varnalius and eagerly slipping her pussy onto the shaft he presented so hotly!

Varnalius was wearing his normal sky-blue, hip-wrap attire, which was sexily parted on either side of his huge erection. His bedazzling blue eyes twinkling merrily; his cheeky smile, mesmerising; and with the early morning sun pouring exuberantly in through the windows, his mother-romance-cock glistened songfully in epic sweet memory of being lodged grandeurously in his Maid-Mothers whispering sweet mother-cunts.

Kelly’s legs were weak with desire that her own juices would be added to those that lovingly bathed her Son’s cock.

As Kelly helped the other Mothers prepare breakfast, she tried to remain focused on her meeting with her Son, but with Varnalius remaining in the kitchen and merrily chuckling with his other Mothers as he naughtily felt them up and the Mothers sweet sounds of their pussy-gleeing choruses filled the room, well, it was karataş escort bayan easy to feel very left out.

And with his magnificent organ on hot alluring display, Kelly’s pussy screamed to be filled, to be fucked, and to be orgasmed. It was an aching need that saturated her whole being and that misted her eyes. Her cunt was flooding — Oh, she had to know: Did her Son find her sexy? Did he want her as a pussy-mother? And did he want to Fuck her? Oh, she had to know!

Helplessly, Kelly cupped her aching cunt through her negligee and her Son glanced at her, giving Kelly what she thought was a serenading smile. Her grip on her cunt tightened as he continued looking at her, then she felt embarrassed and her hand limply fell away from her flooding fuck-hole.

Oh, she had to talk with him!

Unable to eat, Kelly sat at the table with Varnalius’ other Mothers and watched him relish his breakfast, while juices screamed out her pussy.

💐 Chapter Two

After everyone had finished breakfast and the table cleared, the Maid-Mothers went to get changed for the day, and Kelly found Varnalius still sitting at the dining table. He was waiting for her — Oh, it was so sweet of him!

But as Kelly approached Varnalius, all her earlier confidence that her Son would find her sexy, left her and she was overwhelmed with doubts.

Her small tits were spaced apart… would Varnalius like them? Would he find her pussy sexy? Did he find her body sexy? Would his erection be for her and his Maid-Mothers or just for his Maid-Mothers?

By the time Kelly stood in front of Varnalius, she was all nerves and doubts. Tears formed in her eyes and began to slide down her cheeks.

Kelly was so disappointed–She’d been so confident when she had woken up and masturbated for her Son, and as she’d wildly masturbated, she’d felt so sure that he would find her tits and pussy sexy, and that he would want her as a pussy-mother and would want to fuck her.

But now that was all gone. Kelly watched Varnalius stand up, his huge sexy erection rising with him. Was some of that erection for her? Or was it all for his Maid-Mothers?

Kelly loved how her Son always had his huge erection out on display. It drove his Maid-Mothers crazy and it drove her crazy too!

Nerves and doubts held Kelly in their grip and she stood there mute. Varnalius took her hand and softly kissed the back of her palm, then slowly led her to the sun-room as tears continued to well in her eyes.

Varnalius sensed that his Mother had come to a place and a decision where she wanted to become a pussy-mother to him. And while he would welcome that, he had made a commitment to never try and sway her.

If his Mother was going to open her pussy to him, it would have to be because she really wanted to, and most importantly because she was really happy to.

Kelly was happy to have Varnalius lead her–Wouldn’t it be great if he was leading her to his bed to fuck her. Kelly was full of desire for her Son, but she was also full of doubts as to whether he would find her sexy.

In the sun-room Kelly was still unable to speak and when Varnalius took hold of her other hand and stood facing her, all she could do was stand there and let tears flow down her cheeks while drips flowed out her pussy onto her puffing lips.

Oh! If only it was all sorted and she was one of his pussy-mothers and she could just bend forward like his Maid-Mothers had done before breakfast and offer her amazing Son, her wet pussy and he would slide his hot cock in.

Ohhhhh! If only it were all sorted! But Kelly didn’t know if her Son would find her sexy and if he would want her as a pussy-mother.

Kelly was feeling too nervous and too shy to ask Varnalius what she so desperately wanted to ask him, so she stood there silently in helpless fantasy about sucking her Son’s hot cock.

She wanted to join the Maid-Mothers in sucking their Son’s cock. The Maid-Mothers all had turns on their amazing Son’s big, hot cock, then he’d fuck them all into orgasm.

Kelly was drawn out of her fantasy by Varnalius’ softly spoken words, “You wanted to talk with me, Mother?”

In need, Kelly squeezed her Son’s hand tightly. Oh, yes, she wanted to talk with him so much. But what if he didn’t find her sexy? What if he didn’t want her as a pussy-mother?

Kelly didn’t have the confidence to ask, so she fumbled for something to say…. “Varnalius… I’ve just finished handcrafting a new sex-doll bikini and I’d really like to try it out, and… well, I was wondering if you had a bit of time after lunch, if you wouldn’t mind taking me for a bit of sunbathing down by the stream?”

Varnalius squeezed his Mother’s hands back. “I’d love to do that for you, Mother. And I’m sure you shall look beautiful in your new sex-doll bikini, just as you always look beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Kelly softly purred.

While Kelly was escort karataş happy to have her Son call her beautiful, she also felt that her Son calling her beautiful didn’t necessarily equate to her Son finding her sexy, and she needed her Son to find her sexy so he would want to fuck her.

Well, hopefully, her new bikini would help. The new bikini Kelly had handcrafted was super skimpy and she hoped her bikini might tell her Son, what she couldn’t say herself, that she wanted to be a pussy-mother to him–That she wanted to be fucked by him.

Kelly knew the bikini on its own wouldn’t be enough, but the thought of wearing it for Varnalius, hotly turned her on for him.

The question still remained though… Did he find her sexy? And did he want her as one of his pussy-mothers?

“I shall change into my bikini after lunch,” Kelly added. A little hopeful smile trying to find its way onto her face.

While Varnalius wouldn’t try and sway his Mother, he also wouldn’t try and oppose her if she wanted to open her cunt to him. He thought it was sweet that his Mother had asked him to take her sunbathing in her new sex-doll bikini.

“Would you like me to collect you after lunch from the mothers-room when you’ve changed into your new bikini?”

“Oh, I’d love that, Varnalius… It’s so sweet of you. Thank you, Love,” Kelly answered with fresh hope in her heart and pussy.

Her Son collecting her from her room was like a romantic date. Would he fuck her on their date? Would she feel her Son’s huge shaft opening her up like she longed for and needed?

Kelly thought about Varnalius opening his Maid-Mothers up with his huge shaft. Oh, how she’d love for him to open her up.

Would he receive her as a pussy-mother? Could she join in the sexual ritual this evening, and could she be a night-wet-pleasure-mother and her Son take her to his mother-fuck-room and fuck her for the night?

–Only if he found her sexy–was the answer. Kelly so worried…Did her Son find her sexy?

Kelly looked up at Varnalius. He was smiling at her with such gentleness and his sparkling blue eyes were saying that he loved her. And she couldn’t help noticing his huge and powerful cock. He stood there with his lithe, hotly muscular body. He was her security–He was her everything!

Kelly was melted by his profound presence. Varnalius continued to look at her and she started to feel her confidence return that Varnalius would find her sexy. Kelly still didn’t know, but she felt his gaze didn’t say no to her being a pussy-mother like his Maid-Mothers were, but it didn’t say yes either.

The decision, as it had always been, was up to her. Varnalius would never try and sway her, and she loved him for that, however, that left her feeling insecure as to whether he would find her sexy or not, but he seemed happy to take her sunbathing in her new bikini and he had offered to collect her from her room.

With Varnalius continuing to gaze at her, Kelly felt like she was slipping into a dream and everything slowly drifted into silence… Kelly wasn’t scared, but she felt incredibly shy and insecure standing in front of the amazing presence of Varnalius.

She didn’t know what was happening.

Kelly thought of the little bikini-pantie she was going to be wearing when Varnalius collected her this afternoon. Would she look nice and fuckable for him in it?

Varnalius’ gaze was intense, but she didn’t want to look away. Varnalius’ eyes held her and then Kelly felt her fear that Varnalius might not find her sexy. Kelly was shaking scared.

But his look said to Kelly that he wasn’t saying no to her being a pussy-mother. Kelly just didn’t know what was happening, it was all like a surreal dream.

Tears started to well down her face, Kelly didn’t know why she was doing this, but she was doing it anyway. Insecurity and fear gripped her as she took hold of the front of her negligee and slowly raised it up to show her Son, her smooth wet mother-pussy.

Kelly physically trembled as she presented her cunt to her amazing Son.

Standing before Varnalius, Kelly’s life was all happening in slow motion. She could hear her breathing and could feel her heartbeat acutely. Her lacy negligee tingled her skin and the coolish morning air softly sparkled against her naked flesh, including her naked displayed mother-cunt.

And while Kelly trembled with her insecurity fears, her nervousness didn’t stop her from experiencing how utterly arousing it was to reveal her wet sex-hole to her Son!

Kelly’s gaze dropped to her Son’s massive, hot, throbbing shaft. Oh, his cock was so utterly hot!

She looked between her own legs and saw she was dripping onto the stone paved floor.

Kelly rushed to look back up at Varnalius: He was her security. He was her everything! But did he find her sexy?

Licking her dry lips while her pussy drips landed between her feet, Kelly stood in timelessness before her hot Son–Her hot Son who she wanted to be pussy-mother to and who she wanted to be fucked by.

Kelly observed the early morning sun glimmering radiantly into the sun-room where it danced in its own warmth. By the window’s edge, a few dust motes joined in with the sun’s dance. Oh, how she’d love to dance her cunt on her Son’s cock!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32