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I usually write stories about things that happened to me or my friends some years ago. I’m 63 now and although I have not lost my appetite for sex the memories are stronger and much more fun to write about them.

On this post I refer to things that happened to me or to some friends years ago. During the time of video VCR and rented movies and TV. The great boom was in the eighties. Year was 1985 and I was thirty-one-year-old single man and operate my own retail business. Two of my closest friends were David and Kayla, a married couple who lived walking distance from my place. We had discovered a passion for watching movies and, I had been going to Dave and Kayla’s place every Tuesday night to watch videos. Each week, one of us took a turn in selecting a movie.

Dave was working on a building side and as the week begun he had an accident causing him pelvis fracture and two ribs broken. As they were unloading the steel columns and ibeams from the truck ,the head of the crane hit him and pushed him off the platform. He was taken immediately to hospital. His wife called and informed me of the news that Dave was incapacitated and at that time had to stay in the hospital bed for more than a week. Kayla told me that Dave insisted on continuing our movie nights and since it was his turn to pick a movie he assign Kayla to made the selection in Dave’s absence.

At the video store, I lost myself perusing the shelves, not realizing that Kayla went into the room where the adult videos were, to find a movie. On the way back, she told me I’d have to be surprised when I asked her what movie she had picked out.

As always, Kayla slipped into a robe and slippers. I fixed some popcorn and poured a couple of glasses of wine while Kayla changed.

Kayla was twenty-six,at the time and of Asian and European heritage. She had a tight, compact body, and smooth, full cleavage she never minded showing off, especially when she was hanging Etiler escort out around the house in her robe. But she was (and still is) the wife of one of my best friends, so I contented myself with a harmless, occasional peek down the front of her robe.

That night, however, Kayla was wearing her robe closed up more than usual. I figured she was being more modest in Dave’s absence. But then we moved into the TV room, and

Kayla put the tape in the VCR while I settled onto the couch. When she joined me, Kayla let her robe fall open exhibiting the black, see-through bodysuit she wore under it.

I could see more of her tits than I ever had before. I tried to look away, but Kayla gave me an inviting smile as she squirmed into a comfortable position. The bottom part of Kayla’s robe parted too, showing Off her firm, bare, beautifully toned legs.

My cock was already beginning to feel pretty tingly in my pants, and then Kayla’s movie

selection came on. I was blown away that she’d picked out a porno movie, but i wasn’t exactly disappointed; It featured a lot of down and dirty anal action.

The first scene had two beautiful young actresses pleasuring each other with their mouths and a couple of dildos. They used the dildos to fuck each other in the pussy, and then in the ass. My cock was soon straining my pants, and the oohs and ahhs Kayla was making over all that kinky ass play in the movie wasn’t helping.

“You look uncomfortable, Mark.” she said, openly eying the huge lump in my jeans. She let her robe fall open all the way and started stroking the inside of one thigh. “Why don’t you, uh, loosen your belt or something.”

Any misgivings I had about Kayla being married to a friend were overpowered by the raging throb in my cock. She watched expectantly as l undid my pants and pulled out my slender, seven inch hard on. She moved her legs further apart and started stroking her snatch Beşiktaş escort through the crotch of her bodysuit. The sheer material exposed the tiny line of

trimmed pubic hair, and it was already moist with cunt juice.

l stroked my excited bone, forgetting the movie and concentrating on the sight of Kayla’s fingers raking over her pretty mound. She slipped off her robe, and moved over to kiss me while wrapping her hand firmly around my shaft. She lowered her head and took my rod deeply between her supple lips.

I responded with long, low groans of pleasure. At that point, I didn’t care who Kayla was married to. She sucked my aching cock with relish and skill, and no way was I going to turn it down. I ran my hand over the firm curves of her gorgeous body while her hot mouth rode the whole length of my cock. With just a thong running up the crack of her ass, Kayla’s perfect buns were fully exposed. She cooed as much as she could with a mouthful of hard cock as l kneaded the perfect globes of her ass. Soon, I was running my finger down inside the crotch of .her suit, stroking her ripe, wet slit along with her tender pucker-hole.

Kayla squirmed with lust every time my finger teased her rim. Once I got my middle finger thoroughly coated with cunt honey, I sent it deep into her welcoming asshole, making her squirm more than ever.

I kept looking back and forth from the movie to Kayla’s sensuous lips riding up and down my shaft. In the movie, a gorgeous blond was on all fours, taking one guy’s cock in her mouth and another in her ass. It was all amazingly stimulating, so much that I really had to fight the urge to just let go and squirt Kayla’s mouth full of spunk. But soon enough, she came up for air, her sweet lips glistening with spit and pre-cum.

“Up for a good ass-fuck, Mark?” she quipped.

She got on all fours on the carpet facing the television screen. Reaching back with one Taksim escort hand, she pulled the slim crotch of her bodysuit aside, exposing her hot little bunghole and dripping cunt.

I peeled off the rest of my clothes, and with both of us watching the horny action of the movie, I rubbed my oozing cockhead from her slit to her asshole, massaging back and forth as her cunt juice mingled with my pre-cum. l gently slapped my cock repeatedly over her ass, stopping to rub my dripping knob against her tender rim.

“Do it, Mark. Do my ass, please. Hurry. . .” she moaned.

I shoved my prick deep in her tight, wet cunt, pumping in and out until my tool was good and soaked. Then I pressed my dome into her rim, easing my shaft deeper and deeper, until my whole cock was buried in her delectable asshole.

Kayla went nuts as I fucked her tight ass. | groped her perky tits through her wafer thin body suit, my fingers paying special attention to the rigid knots of her erect nipples.

Meanwhile, Kayla furiously rubbed her clit while propping herself up on one hand. Referring to the threesome still going on in the movie, she said: “Let’s pretend that’s you, me and Dave.

“Ooooh, Mark, fuck my ass. God, your cock fits me so good!”

Kayla came twice in a row, and l just had to let go. I let my cum rip in her gripping asshole. Stopping the movie, we went upstairs and got into the shower together. It was great to get my hands on Kayla’s fabulous, naked body, soaping up her firm tits and ass, and pumping my fingers deep in her cunt.

She soaped up my cock and balls with both hands, bringing on another erection. This time l fucked her pussy, doing her from behind as she leaned against the stall and arched her cunt to me.

Afterwards, we went back downstairs, and rested for a little while and drank a couple more

glasses of wine. We watched the rest of the movie, which got us going for one more hot, nasty butt-fuck.

Kayla and I eagerly squeezed a few extra “movie nights” in before Dave came back home.

Upon his return I was hoping that Kayla would talk him into a threesome to fulfill her double penetration fantasy. But unfortunately this never happened.

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