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The following is a part of the “Wrestling With Life’s Cruel Irony Series”. This chapter focuses upon Vince, the villain in the series.


Shortly after 5:30 Thanksgiving morning Vince awoke. After exiting the bathroom, he came to the open door to Royce’s bedroom he paused. Everyone else was still asleep. Moving into Royce’s room he looked down upon the sleeping babe. Royce looked so peaceful. Early tomorrow his wife along with Jeff, Pam and the baby would be heading to Chicago on a shopping trip. That evening he would be heading home.

Vince’s smiled thinking that unknown to the other occupants of the home this child carried as many of his genes as his own children. His grandson had complicated his home life somewhat. His wife had been home only twice for four days each time since she first came to help her daughter. When he arrived Tuesday night he learned that his wife was extending out her visit for another two weeks. He was about to make an issue of the extended visit as he was frustrated about having to do his own laundry, cleaning the house and cooking. Then he remembered the past weekend.

Tara being away had allowed him to play more which only further fueled his desire to implement his plan to move to California. Instead of expressing rage, he tried to sound as sincere that he missed her being in his bed and being there to cuddle with during the evenings. He thought Tara’s momentary expression indicated that she did not believe him, but it transformed into a cute smile then a pout. When in a sweet she said that she missed him just as much as he did her he knew that she bought it.

Last night he overcame Tara’s reluctance to having sex in her daughter’s home. She was not as responsive as she had been but he thought it was because she was shy about being overheard by her daughter and son-in-law. She sucked his cock for less than 3 minutes before she reached for a condom and then sheathed his manly pole. She took him into her mouth again causing his engorged staff to stretch forward further. He greatly enjoyed her oral skills which over the years had become amongst the best he had experienced.

He found himself starting to move toward a climax. Tara knew full well that if he had a condom on he only wanted to cum in one location. She was not surprised when he pushed her upon her back and swiftly entered her. He wanted to cum and be satisfied. He thrust rapidly again and again with little concern for her needs. In his mind he was picturing Heather who he was with Friday night to Sunday afternoon in one of the theme suites at a local hotel. Her youthful figure and eagerness replayed across the video screen in his mind.

Sitting in the chair by Royce, Vince smiled as he recalled Heather’s sweetness. Little did his wife know that as she was giving him pleasure he was thinking about one of his conquests. The memory of the weekend drove him to keep up his pace. He heard Tara’s breathing start to become more rapid just as he came. He held himself deep in her as he finished. Tara did not frequently climax before or with him, but he was not concerned that she did not cum this time. His father taught him that a good wife is there to serve the husband and she is the means to two ends, a man’s satisfaction when he demanded and to give him children. Vince learned the lesson well.

His father also taught him that there are men who needed more than one woman and that a man could always find a lonely woman. His father said that if Vince found a hot woman who was not his wife, the best way to keep her coming back for more was to make sure she came several times and in a way that pushed her hot buttons. That is exactly what he did with Jill and a handful of others over the years. Vince knew from the way his traveling salesman father talked that he was not a one woman man.

As he pulled off the condom and went to tie it he noticed that it was leaking from two small rips. He was unsure that it was nicked by his wife or was one of those rare failures. What he did not know was that Tara had slightly two nails earlier to enlarge the needle hole she created earlier or to make a new one. As he discarded the cum filled rubber it leaked over his fingers. Recalling the leaking rubber he grinned that a few days ago he was shooting into an unprotected womb of the daughter of a man who he felt damaged his life.

Last weekend’s victory was only the latest in a growing list of eighteen and nineteen year old conquests in the last five years. Before Friday night Heather was a virgin who had just turned eighteen three weeks ago. There was no seduction necessary as she to him to be brought into womanhood. Though the seduction was not a challenge, taking the daughter of the defensive lineman whose tackle damaged his knee during his senior year was sweet revenge. He faulted that hard tackle, not his weak grades, as to why he did not receive any football scholarships. It was sweeter in that Heather’s father, Troy, was the preacher at a large black Baptist Church across town.

He came to know of Heather through illegal bahis Lois. In September Heather expressed her frustrations with being a preacher’s kid. She said that her parents always watched over her and she was never allowed to do anything fun. She wanted to be do something totally contrary to her parent’s standards and loose her virginity. When Lois cautioned Heather that loosing her virginity to an inexperienced boy would be regretted she was planting an idea in Heather’s mind. She told her she would regret having her first time in the back seat of a car or in a cheap hotel. By saying Heather would never regret waiting six to eight years until the boys her age became experienced lovers she was not only setting up a frustration but discretely the idea of finding an experienced lover. When Heather said just that Lois confessed that many older men, and younger men too, would love to take her virginity, but if she wanted it to be special she really needed to wait.

With well chosen words Lois encouraged her to wait and to resist fantasies each night as she went to bed. Lois knew what Heather would fantasize about when she explicitly told the teen what to avoid thinking about. Telling a teen not to think about something she desired would only compel her to think about it all the more. This was especially so when she told Heather not to rush rashly into womanhood but just her girlhood.

During her weekly meeting two days later she told Vince about Heather. It was not long before Vince was pushing her to set Heather up for a meeting with Jill.

Two weeks later during an after school conversation Lois knew Heather was hooked on an idea. Again by telling her to resist the desire to become a woman Lois knew she was stoking the fire from he expression on the young student’s face. Lois said she needed Heather to be frank about her fantasies and desires, but that given the nature of the conversation it should be held elsewhere. Lois asked her to meet her at a small restaurant Wednesday evening an hour after school finished. Again she encouraged her not to think about the joys of being with a man and experience a man being in her.

That Wednesday Heather arrived at 4:00 at the specified restaurant where she joined Lois in a secluded booth in the back. It quickly became evident that by encouraging her to wait had clearly inflamed Heather’s desires. Lois had honed the skill of saying one thing to her young students with sympathy as a means of implanting ideas and pushing them in the desired direction. If something happened and one of these young ladies were to say something all that they could say is that Lois had discouraged them and told them to wait until they were in late college or beyond college.

Just before she left the restaurant Lois encouraged Heather to remain for a few minutes and think about what she was looking at doing. Just as she left she told her not to worry about wondering what it would be like to have her first male induced climax and that the opportunity would present eventually in a few years. Lois left Heather with a saddened look upon her face and money to cover their bill for the sodas and pies.

Less than a minute after Lois walked out the door, Jill appeared from out of the next booth and asked if she could join Heather. Before Heather could respond Jill was sitting across from her and introducing herself as Mary. In a sympathetic tone Jill said she overheard part of the conversation and agreed that Heather should find a skilled lover for her first time. Then she went on that she knew Lois was protecting herself by telling her what the school expected her to say, not what she really felt.

From the look in Heather’s eyes she knew she had the teen almost hooked. Jill quietly said she knew Lois as the lived in a college dorm together. She told her that Lois was a sexual dynamo in her younger years. A half hour later Jill knew she was ready to reel in Heather. Jill said that she might be able to help as she and her husband, Lance, had an open marriage. As Heather was unfamiliar with the term Jill explained it that each other had permission to be with other lovers as long as the other knew.

Jill said that most women were thrilled by Lance’s skills and that she enjoyed experiencing the joy of being with other men. Jill saw the eagerness in Heather’s eyes. Seeing the eagerness in Heather’s eyes, Jill said she her husband would not be willing to be with such an unskilled lover. The ploy’s purpose was to momentarily cause Heather to think that her dream was dashed a moment after she thought it could become a reality. When Heather’s countenance was lost, Jill offered some hope by saying she would talk to Lance as she was willing to help her out. She said she was willing to help her out because it took her several years to recover from having the first lovers being so unskilled. She said that after the first four times it was so unsatisfactory that she wondered if sex was really that great. It was only when she had sex with a professor in college that she really knew the joy illegal bahis siteleri and power of sex. What Heather did not know was that Jill was giving her a fictitious story.

When they parted an hour after Lois left Jill asked Heather to call her in five days and gave Heather her cell number.

Five days later Jill called to say her husband was almost persuaded until he learned of Heather’s age. When Heather said she would be eighteen shortly Jill said that could make a difference and that she would tell her husband he would be helping Heather give herself a special eighteenth birthday. Three days later Jill said everything was arranged. Jill noted that her husband had a vasectomy so Heather would not have to worry about birth control.

Jill and Vince had given this line before. Technically Jill was correct about her husband, Robert. What Heather did not know was that Vince was not her husband. Heather was told by Jill if she really wanted to time things for the moment when her body was most primed and responsive for her first experience she should do it when she was ovulating.

By posing as the mother of one of Heather’s friends, Jill invited Heather to go on a trip to a resort from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon the weekend before Thanksgiving. Jill said she would be visiting a sister who was ill so she would have no problem if she spent the weekend. Free from her parents for the whole weekend Heather had plunged into a well set trap.

Heather arrived at the location Jill mentioned and found the silver Camry with it occupant matching the photo had seen. At first the conversation was awkward but soon Heather’s awkwardness fell away when Vince started to tell her how lovely she looked. Rather than taking her right to the motel sixty miles away, they stopped at a rest stop by the interstate. Heather expected the stop as Jill had mentioned it would give her an opportunity to change into a nice blouse and skirt.

As he sat looking out his grandson’s window Vince could still recall the red satin blouse and the short black skirt that Heather had put on in the rest room. When they stopped to eat at a country restaurant that sat on a ridge overlooking farm fields her appearance drew the attention of the men. Over the meal he ordered a glass of wine for himself, which he invited her to drink when the staff was not looking. If she was going to be wild for a weekend she may as well go all the way she told him. By the end of the meal she had consumed most of the first glass and good part of the second as well.

When they arrive at the motel, Vince escorted her into the themed room. Along with the Roman Garden room the Grecian Temple room was his favorite. He poured two glasses of Champaign which they drank as he showed her the features of the room. Throughout the room were various images of Aphrodite the goddess of love and nude portraits of lovers. She looked at the small fountain stood between the large whirlpool bath and the king sized bed. She commented that the bath and bed being surrounded by plastic floral arrangements and greenery made her feel that she was in a faraway place. When he put a CD in the player she smiled at the sounds of birds and the rustling of the trees.

Drawing the young woman into her arms Vince told her that this was her temple of love for the weekend. He kissed her and she kissed him back with a growing passion. As they moved toward the bed he turned her to face the mirror that overlooked the bed. Standing behind her and between kisses upon her neck he told her to look at the goddess he saw in the mirror, of her youthful figure, her ravishing shine of desire, of her well sculpted legs, and as his hands cupped her breasts, her gorgeous firm womanly breasts.

Before removing any clothing he continued to stand behind her as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt and then dropped his pants. As his hands once again explored her body he told her that he was very pleased with her beauty and that she had stirred him. He made sure that she could feel his hard cock through his boxers.

Slowly as she stood before the mirror he undressed her. Again he told her that she was a goddess to be worshipped and loved. When every item was gone, he stepped from behind her and told her that his tool of worship and love was hard for her and invited her to kneel to unveil the tool of her pleasuring. Her eyes widened as his cock came into view.

She responded to his gentle command to touch his harden shaft and then to kiss the tip. She continued to kneel before him as he instructed her to take it into her mouth. She was clearly a novice but after a few minutes her eagerness overlook her awkwardness and the last vestiges of any shyness were gone. The thought that he was about to deflower the daughter of one of his enemies made him harder and eager.

Vince recalled that he had to remind himself several times that night that he needed to carefully control himself. He wanted to make sure that not only would he take her, but he wanted her to cum repeatedly so canlı bahis siteleri that she would crave for sex again and again. At the very least his goals was to turn her to the wild size so as to become an embarrassment for her father.

When he felt he was in danger Vince pulled Heather up into his arms and placed her in the middle of the bed. He lay beside her. Her face showed some fear. He smiled as he leaned over her to kiss her. The softness and freshness of her kiss made him want more kisses from her. As they kissed his free right hand moved across her breasts, stroking it lightly and teasing her hardened nipples. Then his hand moved to her right knee and danced upward toward her thigh. As his hand neared her sex he bypassed her pussy and moved across her stomach to again play with her orange sized breasts.

Heather moaned softly into his mouth as her left breast was engulfed and massaged by her lover’s hand. His tongue probed her mouth. Instinctively her tongue danced with his and followed his tongue back into his mouth. She cooed her pleasure when his hand caressed her other breast.

Vince broke from the kiss to seek out her nipples. They were hard and firm. As he sucked one into his mouth he took her hand in his and guided her hand to his hardened shaft. She only held it firmly at first but soon she started to stroke him and toy with him with her fingers. He could see from the expression on her face that she was becoming lost in the moment of sexual discovery. As he sucked and nibbled on nipple his free hand started to pull and lightly twist the other gently. He wanted to enter her at that moment but reminded himself there was still more he needed to do to prepare her.

When his hand moved across her stomach toward her virginity, their eyes locked. Her coffee cream colored legs invitingly parted in anticipation. His fingers slid along her moist channel. Several times his fingers strolled down the whole length of the channel and back up again. Between trips a finger or two toyed with her clit. The response of Heather’s hips and her groans told him that she was almost ready. His slimy fingers emerged from her thighs. He took the heavy thick juice from one finger into his mouth and then placed the second into her mouth.

After kissing her again his face moved southward across her body. Along his journey her breasts functioned as a blissful rest stop for five minutes. His journey across her stomach and navel ended at her virginal garden. Soon it would become a garden that knew the joy being visited by a man’s cock and being sated by it. Her breathing became more rapid as his tongue licked a path around her opening.

Heather’s eyes closed as she felt the tingles from her pussy as he licked her full length before swirling her clit with his tongue. She moaned for him to give her more. The more he feasted the more she moaned. When her hips began to move in eagerness she cried for Vince to fuck her. He wanted to hear her scream so he encouraged her to let be vocal as she discovered new pleasures.

As he feasted upon her pussy, his fingers parted her lips to enable his tongue to go as deep as possible into her. Heather was swiftly approaching her first male induced climax. He felt it approaching but backed off his pace in an effort to hold her close to the edge . He wanted her as close as possible before he entered her. As he had been feasting upon her he had pulled her knees upward to draw each leg for form an upside down V.

As she was moaning Vince moved between her legs to hover over his lover. With her womanly secretions upon his lips and tongue he kissed her. As he kissed her his left hand rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her overflowing slit. She was ready and just as she was about to cum he pushed his hips forward. As she started to cum his cock’s head slid into her womanhood. He loved to watch the expression that appeared upon a girl as she became a woman. There was surprise, joy, desire and fear all mixed together. He remained just inside her he thrust slowly back and forth. When he felt her maidenhead he pulled back. He repeated this thrice to allow her climax to continue. As she was at the pinnacle of her climax she thrust forward breaking through her hymen.

When her virginal cover broke Heather was in the midst of a wonderful climax. Her face showed the pain of her maiden head being torn. Yet the pain was mixed with the pleasure of her first powerful climax. Though the pain put a swift end to the climax, the pleasure of the moment diminished the pain.

Vince drew down to kiss her as he remained inside her. Moments later as they continued to kiss he started to move in an out of her. She was a woman and the joy of being filled with a hard cock started her on the road to a second climax.

Vince was hoping that Heather would become more pliable and open to doing more as the weekend progressed. He kept working his cock in and out of her as she came a second time. After she came he rolled and maneuvered her on to her hands and knees. She felt him enter her again but going deeper than before. She later told him there was soreness within her womanly lips and channel but the pleasure generated by his cock hitting the edge of her cervix overwhelmed any soreness. Her hips instinctively pushed back upon him.

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