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Vinnie and His Big Baby Brothers

****Warning, this story contains gay sex, diaper use, piss play, and love between young boys and brothers. Should you wish to read this story, please do so at your own risk, I cannot, nor would not tell you you may or may not do so. If you don”t care for this sort of story, I suggest you leave now. If you do read it, and enjoy it, I would love to hear from you, email me at erich5748 at ail, I reject all flames but reply to all others. I don”t require your emails to continue, but I do appreciate them, because I write for myself and simply share with others who are like minded. I have more than 100 other stories as well, so, if you”d like to see the full list and read more, go to Nifty, click on Authors, look for me under E as EricH, and there you will find them all. Please remember that Nifty is a free site because of donations from all of us, so, please support them however you”re able to, to allow us all this amazing service. As always, I hope that you enjoy.****

Thirty year old Thayden, father of two, had finally had enough of the working life. He”d been wise with his money, and wasn”t exactly hurting, so, he quit his job, and told his Son”s that they”re selling their house in the city, that they”re going to go spend the entire summer camping, and then figure out where to go from there. They”d already been camping for a few weeks, he”d even pulled them from school almost a month early in order to do so, and school is now just about to officially end for the year for the rest of the kids. They”re at a small creek, where there”s only really the one spot, and as far as he knows, no one else even knows about the spot as well. It”s so far out of the way, that almost no one else would even think to go there anyway.

The boys, Vincent at five, and Jamie at nine, are loving it where they”re at right now. They get their very own tent, and they get to wander all over the woods the way they”d always dreamed of, in just their soggy baby diapers. Clearly neither were ever potty trained, but only for pee, they do do their dirty business in the outhouse that they”d all made when they arrived. Thayden never potty trained them, not only because they didn”t wanna, but nor did he wanna do so, because he too only uses the toilet for his dirty business, and wears diapers all day, every day, and he too wanders around in only them all day as well, and they”re all loving it.

Vincent, who goes almost solely by Vinnie, at only five, hadn”t really had to deal with teasing and bullying quite so much yet, but the kids in his kindergarten class were already starting to, and even a few of the older kids were starting to do so. Jamie, who his Dad”s almost always called Jammer, or sometimes just Jam, at nine has had to deal with that since he was in grade one fully, but it too had already started slightly when he was in kindergarten. However, like their father, who”d dealt with the same things, because he”d never been out of diapers either, they just thanked and smiled brightly at their bullies, telling them that their words don”t hurt them, because they”re not ashamed to have to wear diapers.

No, none of them need diapers, they all know that full well, but of course to save troubles, that”s not what the schools were told, and of course the kids were all also told the same, that they have issues, and that diapers are the simple solution.

Thayden had grown up with a single mother who”d tried her hardest to break Thayden of his love of diapers, tried to peepee potty train him, but he point blank refused, and even at the age of six told his mother that if she continued treating him like that, that he”d run away and find someone who loves him as he is to raise him. At the age of eight, he did, and found a gay diaper loving man who raised him good and proper, and from the very first day, their relationship was fully and very much mutually sexual. He knew full well by then that he”s fully gay, hence looking for what he had, and thus, had seen it in both his Baby Boys by the time they were four, and now knows for sure that they are, and sexually active with each other, very active in fact.

To the outside world, Thayden”s wife and the boys” mother was all that, but, she was every bit as much a gay diaper lover as Thayden is, and as such, they never slept together, in fact, she almost always had a baby girlfriend living with them. She was one of the very few people that Thayden had as a friend while growing up, but her mother too was aghast at who and what she was, and ended up moving in with Thayden when they were still in their very early teens. They always said that to the outside world, they”d get married, that they”d have kids, that they”d raise them as the babies that they always wanted, especially if they wanted to stay in diapers, but that they”d never share a bed, and cummy condoms were how they got pregnant.

They wanted six kids originally, but they had difficulties getting pregnant, so, only ended up with two. It turns out, she had ovarian cancer that no one detected “til it was too late, thus causing the issues. They both had excellent paying jobs, they”d both received excellent scholarships, so schooling had been mostly paid for, when his wife”s mother died, she”d received a healthy inheritance, and so too did Thayden when his gay Diapered Daddy had died only a few years before, and yes, their relationship stayed sexual “til the day he died. Then, when Thayden”s wife and best friend in the world passed away only a little more than a year ago, everything she had was left to Thayden and the boys. They were crushed by this, they all loved her a great deal, and that had started the spiral of no longer wishing to be where they were, doing what they”re doing, living how they”re living, and the day that Thayden quit his job and told his Baby Boys that they”re gonna move, but go camping for the entire summer first to decide where they”re gonna move and what they”re gonna do, was amongst the happiest days they”d had.

All three Baby Boys look much the same, so much so, that there”s simply no denying that they”re father and sons. Only the shapes of the Baby Boys” mouths and noses, which are the same as each others, are slightly different than their Diapered Daddy”s, they”d gotten them from their Mother, but the rest they”re nearly identical, they even wear the same hair cuts, because their heads are all shaped so much alike, that it”s the only way they can that actually suits them any. They all wear their medium brown hair in a short style, generally left to play messily over their heads, they all have deep brown eyes, and even the same shape ears that stick out just a little. Thayden”s nose and lips are a little larger and more bold than the Baby Boys” smaller and more dainty ones, yet their lips are all the same rich red colour. They all have the same dimples in their chins and light dusting of very fine freckles across the bridges of their noses and their upper cheeks. They”re all slim and tall, kinda willowy really.

Their campsite is very well set up, they have two very large tents, one for Thayden, and one for the Baby Boys to share. The Baby Boys each have their own queen sized air bed, yet they share only one, switching every other night, thinking that their Diapered Daddy knows nothing of this, but, of course he does. Thayden”s tent also has the same bed as the Baby Boys have, but he also has a single cot in there that they all use for soggy baby bum changes, and then he even has a table and chairs in there for all of them for when it”s cool and rainy out, and they don”t want to stay outside, and for this reason, they also have a small heater in there to make it more comfortable for sitting around in just their soggy baby diapers. They built a small structure for their outhouse, but, considering that none of them are shy around each other, it really is only to keep the wind and rain off them, and it has no door. They see each other naked, hard, and diapered anyway, so, pooping really isn”t that big a deal. Thayden had always ensured that his Baby Boys weren”t shy. They”d bought a huge and very sturdy tarp that they have set up in such a way that it”s like a massive roof over virtually everything, tents and fire pit included, so that they don”t have to worry about the rain. They have several tables, and only one is for eating at, the rest make up their kitchen.

Their kitchen is really cool, they have a barbecue, a large three burner stove, an actual oven, and a fridge even. Everything is powered by propane, and they have two large tanks, one always kept for reserve. They have a large solar power collector that charges a battery, that powers a pump from the creek, that fills up a tank that they”d built up on a small log structure, so that they essentially have running water. For drinking water, they have a large water filter jug that they can easily fill from their tank. For storage, Thayden had bought a few garage style plastic cabinets, they were pretty cheap, but do the job well, and because they lock well enough, they”ll prevent bears from easily getting at their food.

For heat, Thayden had actually bought a smokeless fire pit, so that they didn”t constantly have to contend with the smoke, but it also keeps down the sparks and the mess, but they also have gas powered heaters for in both their tents, because it can still get very cold at night, since they”d gone fairly far up north, and are well up and into the mountains. They have a few really nice chairs for around their fire; two each, one regular, one lounge, and they even each have their own hammock strung up in the trees. Once a week or so, they use the chainsaw and their other various cutting tools and tour the woods and gather their fire wood.

For bathing, they have what would have been a cattle water tank, just a nice large galvanized steel oblong drum, it”s about seventy five centimetres wide and tall, and one and a half metres long, but it”s more than large enough that they can sit in it easily. Thayden had put a drain tap in it, so that they can drain it easily, and all they have to do is fill it up with cold water, then add boiling water from the stove, and they have three very large pots in order to do so. The boys usually bath together, then Thayden goes after them, all using the same water to save work, since, why not. No, probably not the most clean thing to do, but it serves them all just fine. For washing their hair and rinsing off, they just fill up jugs with clean warmed water, and they usually help each other with this. Of course their tub is out in the open, and easily accessible anyway, since of course none of them are shy around each other.

Pretty near after every bath, the now warm soapy water is then used to wash their clothes and towels, then they”re rinsed in clean water, wrung out, and then hung to dry on their clothes line. This is the reason why they don”t actually use cloth diapers all that often, it”s easier to take away the garbage than it is to clean their diapers, but they do wear them usually the entire day and night before a bath day, so that they don”t have as much garbage, and washing them isn”t really all that hard if they”re washing everything else already anyway, since they only pee them.

They”re all absolutely loving their simple life, but, there is one thing that Thayden desperately wants and needs. He knows the Baby Boys are getting their sexual relief together, but he desperately needs it as well. All he gets is solo action, but it”s just not enough for him. While he”s certain that if he asked his Baby Boys if he could have sex with them, they”d both say yes in a heartbeat, that”s not actually what he wants. He loved being the loved boy when he was a little Baby Boy himself, but he”s not a boylover himself, and wants and needs another gay diaper loving man.

They”d just gotten back to their site after their once every week or so shopping trip, they all needed food and diapers, as well as a few other supplies, so, they”d gone shopping, and dumped their garbage. Yes, they all have cloth diapers, which do somewhat help with the amount of garbage that they have to take into town, but they actually all prefer their mega thick disposable baby diapers, so, that”s what they wear most often. As usual, almost as soon as they”re out of the truck, they”re stripping down to just their soggy baby diapers, and took all the clothes back inside the tent to put them away, since of course being worn for only a couple hours means that they”re nowhere near dirty and needing to be washed. As soon as everything”s in and put away where it belongs, the Baby Boys start wandering around like they often do, hiking around their wooded paradise.

It wasn”t even twenty minutes later, when the Baby Boys came back to the site all excited about something. It took Thayden a few moments to get them to calm down more than enough so that he could actually understand them.

“What the hell are you two on about.” He laughed.

“Daddy, there”s a man and his two boys about five minutes that way, up the creek, they”re setting up camp, and guess what, they”re all diapered as well. None of them are wearing any clothes either, same as us.” Jammer said.

“Can we go for a walk there Daddy and meet them?” Vinnie asked excitedly.

“You didn”t spy on them, did you?”

“No, we saw them, saw that they”re all diapered just the same as we are, and then came right back. I don”t think they saw us at all.” Jammer said happily.

“Good. Well, if they”re in just their baby diapers, then let”s go meet them just as we are then Babies?” Thayden says happily, since knowing if it”s a man and two boys in just diapers, that the odds of the Diapered Daddy at least being gay is rather high, since he”s only met like two straight diaper lovers in his time, but even then, they”d both only been mostly straight, and had enjoyed gay diapered sex too. Yes, he”s certain there are more, but he feels that the vast majority are in fact gay.

The Baby Boys lead the way, but it”s easy to get to, since all they have to do is walk upstream for about five minutes, and they”re there. When they walked up, they heard one of the Baby Boys scream kinda shrilly at being caught in just diapers, thus causing his Baby Brother and Diapered Daddy to look for the reason, both shocked as well, but then, the entirety of the three diaper wearers entering their site caught their attention, and they all relaxed.

“Welcome Babies.” Thayden smiled brightly to the three of them, who”d gathered around each other as fast as they could.

“Hi.” They all say together, a little more reservedly.

“Clearly we”re all the same, I”m Thayden, and these are my son”s Jamie who”s nine, and Vincent, who”s five, though they usually go by Jammer and Vinnie.”

“Good to meet you, I”m Taran and these are my son”s Barry, he”s also nine, and Jacob, who”s eight, but I usually call them Bear and Cub, so, together they”re my Bear Cubs.” He grins brightly.

“It”s really good to meet you all as well. We”re only five minutes walk down stream from you guys. You”ve got really the only other actual clear area on the stream, and no one”s ever used it for camping as far as I can tell. I didn”t even think anyone else actually knew of this stream, let alone this area, it”s so far out of the way.” Thayden said.

“My Dad used to bring me to this area when I was a kid, he”d hunt and fish at the lake that this stream comes from, and I used to hike to here all the time when I was a kid, and always wanted to come camping here. I didn”t know that there was another good spot for camping along here either.”

“We must”ve come from opposite directions then, I knew there was a lake somewhere near, just not where, I”ve never gone that far. We came on the logging road that comes from town.”

“Yeah, we came from the lake side, we get to the same town, just from opposite directions. That”s funny. So, clearly you”re all diaper wearers, same as us. Care to say why?” Taran asked happily.

“To most, we need diapers, but, I think that you three are the same, we”re just full on baby boy diaper lovers. I refused to peepee potty şişli travesti train, to the point I actually ran away from home to keep my diapers. My Baby Boys never wanted to either, and it was fully their choice as well, but, I never hid who and what I was from them, so the choice for them was easy.”

“Nearly the same for my Baby Boys, but, sadly, I hid who and what I was “til well after the boys were born, and when my wife died, when they were two and three, that”s when I finally became who and what I am. Neither of my Baby Boys wanted to peepee in the potty either, and so, I never made them. Of course the school was told that they have no bladder control, not that it helped with the teasing, but, whatever, they survived, and both claim that they”ll never give them up anyway, no matter what.”

“That”s awesome. Well, you Baby Boys are still setting up, but, like I said, we”re five minutes down stream, dinner will be in about three hours, and I”m certain that after setting up, that you”re not gonna wanna cook dinner, so, join us for dinner tonight why don”t you. We have plenty of supplies and seating, so bring nothing but yourselves.” Thayden offered.

Taran looked to his Baby Boys, and they both nodded eagerly, so, he happily said they”d join them in a couple to a few hours then, once they”re done setting up.

After having met all three of them, Thayden is absolutely certain that Daddy and both Babies are fully gay as well. As soon as they make it back to their site, the boys go and start wandering again, only this time the opposite direction.

“Jammer, did you think that Bear and Cub were both hot and gay too?” Vinnie asked excitedly as soon as they”re out of ear shot of their Diapered Daddy, since they”re still trying to keep what they share a secret. Jammer has always told Vinnie that he”d likely get in massive shit if their Dad ever finds out about what they do together.

“Oh god yeah, they”re so fucking sexy in their soggy baby diapers, and I”d so totally loveta have them both fuck me good and long.”

“Yeah, I know, you wish my pampered peepee was bigger, but I know you still like me fucking you anyway.”

“Oh yeah, I do, you”re my favourite Baby Brother, and I love you, but having another two hot gay Baby Boys to fuck me as well would be so fucking awesome.”

“I”m your only Baby Brother.” Vinnie giggled cutely.

“Yeah, so I”d hope you”re my favourite right. Wouldn”t it be awesome if Dad and Taran got together, and Bear and Cub wanted to get together with us, and we could all be good gay Baby Boys together.”

“Oh yeah. Still kinda wish Daddy”d fuck us good and full, but I know it”s not what he likes or wants. He wants a man with a really big dick to fuck and fill him as full as can be. Kinda can”t blame him, I wouldn”t mind that either.” Vinnie giggled.

Of the two of them, Vinnie is absolutely the most sexual, and it”d been him that started absolutely everything, and he hadn”t even been five yet when that happened. In fact, Jammer hadn”t even admitted to himself that he was gay when Vinnie started them on their path of gay awakening. Yes, he”d suspected certain things, and of course he”d known what gay was, because he”d known since he was young that his loving Diapered Daddy is, because Thayden never hid that from his Baby Boys, and explained to them what it means to be gay and everything, but did ask that they not say so outside of the house.

“No, I can”t blame him either, and as much as I love you Baby Bro, I wish I could be fucked and filled with a big dick too, but two hot Baby Boys pretty much the same age, and probably the same size as me, might be almost as good.”

“I love you too Baby Bro.” Vinnie smiled warmly.

“I hope the Diapered Daddies hit it off, and maybe wanna spend the night together, then us Baby Boys could all spend the night together too, and fuck all night long.”

“Oh yeah, but then Daddy”d almost certainly know.”

“Yeah, I know, but, I”m starting to think that he hasta know already anyway?”

“Why?” Vinnie asked curiously.

“What”d you do to me the other night?”

“I fist fucked you good, while you four finger fucked me just as good, while we were sucking each others hot hard gay baby diapered dinkies, drinking all the piss we could feed to each other. Was a pretty fucking good night, but why?” Vinnie giggled.

“Yeah, well, I saw your baby bum hole as Daddy was changing you the next morning, and he hadta have seen how puffy and red it was, and even gaping a little still, yet he never said anything.”

“Yeah, I saw yours too, and it was the same. So, he must know. With as gay as he is, I”m certain he knows what a well fucked gay baby bum looks like, and I know he must know we”re both gay anyway.” Vinnie shrugged, not really caring one way or the other.

“Yeah. We both know that his adopted Diapered Daddy diaper fucked him, a lot, when he was a little Baby Boy, he”s never come outright and said so, but the way he says he loved his Daddy, you just haveta know they were baby diaper bum fucking every chance they could, because he was every bit the hot gay baby boy as we all are.”

“No kidding. Totally loveta find a man, or a hundred men, who”d fuck me and fill me as full a cum and piss as he or they could possibly fuck me and fill me, and I know you want the same thing. Man, that”s probably the one thing I miss from our old life, was the computer, where we always watched the most amazing videos. Of course, we do it for each other now anyway, so, who needs videos. Some of them were really fucking hot, though.” Vinnie giggled.

They have never sworn like this around their Diapered Daddy, yet they both have the strangest feeling that he”d be all for them talking dirty around him, telling him what they like and want. Maybe they will soon.

As they continued to hike, they talked, but, of course, all the talk of hot gay diaper sex made them both very hard, and what do hard Baby Boys need, but to be sucked, and it was Vinnie who ended up stopping Jammer and pulling his diaper down in the front enough to expose what he wants and needs. He also slipped his hand in the back of Jammer”s soggy baby diaper, and tickled his hot gay baby bum hole as he sucked his big Baby Brother masterfully, causing him to cum four times in not even ten minutes, not even slipping his fingers inside his loving big Baby Brother, just tickling his sexy baby bum hole tenderly.

Almost as soon as Jammer”s down from his amazing baby boygasms, he repaid the favour to his loving little Baby Brother, and sucked him to four hot gay baby boygasms as well, while tickling his amazing little baby bum hole as well.

“I haveta go peepee Baby Bro, latch back on and let me feed you your baby juice from the kinda baby bottle you love most to be fed from.” Vinnie said seconds later as he was coming down.

“Okay, then I think I have some for you as well.” He says more than happily, because, like Vinnie said, it”s his favourite way to get a drink, from a boys most special baby bottle, but then, it”s Vinnie”s favourite drink, in his most favourite way as well.

They”ve always enjoyed sucking each others super soggy baby diapers as well, in fact Jammer”s been doing so since he was three, and when Vinnie was born, he stole nearly every one he could and sucked them as dry as he could, as often as he could, but hid that from his Baby Brother “til after they started playing sexually. Of course, he thinks his Daddy knows nothing of this, but Thayden had seen him do it hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, he”s even caught both baby boys sneaking his soggy diapers and sucking as much from them as they could, though often not as much as they wanted, because he”d already sucked as much out as he could most often. In all fairness, though, Thayden has sucked both his baby boys” soggy baby diapers as dry as he could, as often as he could, since they were born as well.

“Goody.” Vinnie says giddily.

And so, like they do at least once per day, they feed each other their baby juice from their special baby bottles. While they would both absolutely love real baby bottles as well, they”ve never asked for them, but then, they do truly love getting their baby juice from their special baby bottles even more so anyway. They both know their Diapered Daddy would happily say yes anyway, and probably even join them in it, they just simply never have.

It was a little better than an hour and a half later when they make it back to their site after hiking and enjoying themselves like they were. They both love to go on almost daily nature hikes, and do so far more than even Thayden does. Of course, almost every hike does result in at least a few good gay baby boygasms as well, but that”s not the sole reason, if that were the case, they wouldn”t need to do so at night, but they do, it”s just a nice bonus.

“Have a nice hike Babies?” Thayden asks his beautiful Baby Boys as soon as they make it back.

“Oh yeah.” They say together.

“That”s good. I decided on hamburgers, so, I”m making a batch of fresh home made buns for them, and we”ll have a nice salad to go with them.”

“Mmmm, sounds good Daddy.” Jammer said.

“Mmmhmm.” Vinnie added.

Thayden has always loved to cook and bake, and has made their own bread for years, in fact, the Baby Boys have never had store bought bread or buns in their lives, other than if they get something that has bread in it the odd time that they go to a restaurant, but even that”s rare, since Thayden actually doesn”t like restaurants all that much. Since their oven”s so small, because it really is just a camping oven, they can only bake six buns at a time, but that”s just fine, it”s usually more than enough for their needs. As soon as the first batch are ready to go in, Thayden puts them in, while the Baby Boys decided to get a fire started for the evening.

Even Vinnie had been taught how to properly light a fire when they first arrived to camping, Jammer had already known, because he”d been taught when he was young as well, so, the Baby Boys often split the chore, and this evening it”s Vinnie”s turn to do so, and he gets it going in quick order. Thayden had always been of the mind that children that know how to light a fire safely will never play with it, hence his teaching his Baby Boys young, as well all the reasons why to do so safely, even going so far as to show them many pictures of what happens to people who play with fire. While Vinnie was starting the fire, Jammer went into his Diapered Daddy”s tent and grabbed the three chairs from in there, and put them at their dining table, since that”d be far more comfortable for sitting and eating at, fortunately it”s more than large enough to do so.

“Can we have a bottle of wine with dinner Daddy?” Vinnie asked.

“Sure Baby, but don”t force Bear and Cub to have any if they don”t want any.”

“I”d never do that. You know that. Besides, if they don”t like or want it, I”ll happily take their share.” He grins cheekily.

“I bet you would, but, no.” Thayden snorted.

Thayden had always enjoyed his apple wine, and when Jammer was six and tasted it, he too loved it, so, Thayden always allowed him just a tiny bit, and as such, Vinnie got to tag along with that. At most, they”re only allowed a hundred millilitres, or just about three and a half ounces, but they do often water it down some too, so that it lasts longer, and the Baby Boys like it like that. Jammer got two bottles out, thinking that his Diapered Daddy often finishes off the rest of the bottle, so, if Taran likes it, then he”d probably finish off what his Baby Boys leave. He pulled both corks, then put in the stoppers to make it easier, while Vinnie was setting the table with everything that they”d be needing. Both Baby Boys were watching the fire, though, making sure to keep feeding it as needed so that it”d get going good and strong. They all need soggy baby bum changes at this time, so, they all go to Thayden”s tent and get changed, so that they can last for the rest of the night.

Once the first batch of buns is out of the oven, Thayden covers them with a towel and puts the second batch in, then starts the barbecue. It”s just at this time, that Taran, Bear, and Cub all arrive, damn near two and a half hours after meeting the other Baby Boys.

“Wow, nice setup you Baby Boys have here.” Taran whistled.

“Thanks. Would the three of you like a glass of wine? I allow my boys a small amount, watered down usually, though they like it full strength as well, and if you”re okay with it, your Baby Boys may as well.”

“I doubt they”ve ever had it before, but what kinda wine, I”m not a fan of red, nor do I like dry wines all that much?”

“It”s a nice sweet apple wine, it”s my personal favourite.”

“Mmmm, that sounds good. Sure, why not.”

Vinnie headed over and poured all six of the glasses, gave the two full ones to the two Diapered Daddies, then took the other four over and topped them up with water from their water filter and handed them out, keeping one for himself of course. Vinnie then taught the two new Baby Boys how to drink wine, he told them it”s important not to just drink it like you do water or juice, and so, they both tried it, and liked it.

“Mmmm, that”s really good, isn”t it.” Cub said.

“Yeah.” Bear said.

“This is great wine, where do you get it?” Taran asked.

“I make it. This is just from wine kits you buy in the store, but I”ve always wanted to try making actual wine from fresh pressed apples. I even have plans for a home made apple grinder and a juice press that I”d kinda liketa make one day. The rest of the equipment I have would be all that I need, except if I do that, I”ll probably need more. I usually do two full batches at a time, but if I do it from scratch, I”d liketa be able to do four to six even.”

“I have a small apple orchard, I”d happily give you the apples if I get some of this, this is awesome. I”ve never had apple wine before, but this is totally my new favourite.” He says happily.

“I”ve tried many others, and like many of them as well, but this too is my favourite. Are they red or green apples, and where do you live?”

“Green, that”s what my Dad liked, so, that”s what he planted. He always said if he wanted something sweet, he”d have a candy, but that an apple should be tart, crisp, and flavourful. We live on a mountain overlooking the Okanagan lake, though we”re so far out of town, that we don”t actually live in any actual city and can”t actually see the lake, and takes us near an hour to get to either Kelowna or Penticton. I inherited the ranch just last year when my Dad passed away, we lost my mom the year before I had Bear, so she never got to meet them. I was the only child that survived, and the one that wasn”t supposed to be possible, not to mention way too late in life, it damn near killed my mom, but she refused to terminate, saying maybe this time. She finally got her baby, but, like I said, it nearly killed her, and she was frail and weak my entire life, but she doted over me, and loved me more than anyone else, even my dad, who I know loved me a great deal as well.”

“That”s sweet. You”re what, maybe thirty?”

“Just turned two weeks ago, actually. You”re about the same I”m guessing.”

“Yes, just turned thirty a little more than a month ago, in fact, this camping trip was my birthday present to myself. That and quitting my job, selling our house, selling off virtually everything we owned, and saying fuck it all.”

“Ballsy. I take it you had a good job?”

“Not really. Between my adoptive Dad leaving me everything when he passed away, and then my wife leaving me everything when she passed away, I was already pretty well set. I did have a good job, though, that did pay roughly eighty a year, and I did love it, but, I was tired of making someone else their money.”

“What”d you do?”

“Machinist. beylikdüzü travesti Send me a design of virtually any part that you need made, and I can make it. I worked for a company that specialized in the aeronautical industry, but we often made parts for other people as well. What about you, you said you inherited a ranch, so, I suppose that”s your full time gig now?”

“Heavy duty mechanic by trade, and I do have a small shop at home that I now use to fix up machinery. I buy used, broken down old pieces of shit, get them all working perfectly, and then sell them. I actually made more money last year doing that than I did the previous three years working combined, and I only rebuilt five machines. I hadta sub out the remaking of several parts, because they were broken and not easily sourced, fuck is that expensive, so it”s likely someone like you that did it for me.”

“Nice.” Thayden smiled.

“What about you guys?” Vinnie asked the other two Baby Boys. “How”s school for you and all that?”

“We haven”t gone to school since we moved to the ranch. We were kinda really happy about that, though, the teasing was getting kinda bad because of what we liketa wear.” Cub smiled brightly.

“Yeah, now we do it at home, only four hours per day, but we do it every day. Even here, we brought our computers so that we can still do a few hours every day still. It”s amazing. You two should do the same, so that you don”t haveta worry about being teased as well.” Bear said.

“Daddy”s gonna do that for us once we find a new home somewhere, we”re camping for the entire summer, and then, once we leave here, we”re gonna find a new home somewhere, and we”re gonna do home schooling as well.” Jammer said happily.

“Wow, you guys are staying out here for the entire summer, we”re only staying for a week, that”d be so awesome.” Cub said.

“Oh yeah, and we”ve already been here for a month, we ditched school for the rest of the year, it”s been so great.” Vinnie said happily.

“Wow, wish we could stay that long too. I”d love that.” Bear said.

“Me too.” Cub added.

“We don”t have the provisions to stay that long, but that does sound nice.” Taran said.

“I bought everything brand new strictly for this, I knew it was gonna be three to four months, hence the fridge and the oven, and everything else you see. I can”t help but thinking that we”re all the same, we could very easily fit your tent here as well, we”re fully and properly set up, and have more than enough space and everything, you could easily just move to here as well. Have a few days alone, like you”d planned, maybe, but then, hey, why not. We all need friends, and since we”re all exactly the same, it makes sense.”

“Wow, could we Daddy.” Bear Cub both ask at the exact same time.

“Let”s spend a day or two alone first, then we”ll decide.”

“Okay, but, really Daddy, we”ve been all alone for more than a year already, we didn”t need this camping trip so that we could get away from other people, we did it because we all wanted to go properly camping.” Bear said rather smartly.

“You do have a point there. I”m not saying no, because it does sound intriguing to me as well, but, let”s become friends first.” He smiled warmly to his Baby Boy.

Thayden had still been cooking as they”d been talking, and Taran and Bear Cub are all amazed when he took out home made hamburger buns from their oven. He even fried up an awful lot of onions and mushrooms, and even cooked up a pack of bacon for their burgers. Jammer and Vinnie are asked to get the salad prepared, so, they do so, as they all still talk happily, all sipping their wine. When the Diapered Daddies finished off their glasses, Vinnie was there with a bottle to top them up, but before allowing his Diapered Daddy to take it, he grabbed it and took a sip of the full strength and delicious wine, grinning mischievously to his Diapered Daddy, who just laughed and called him a naughty Baby Boy, giving his cute little soggy baby bum a light smack. Vinnie of course giggled. Seeing this, both Bear and Cub grab their Diapered Daddy”s fresh glass and try it full strength as well, and they too enjoy it immensely.

As soon as dinner is ready for them, they all sit down, dig in, and eat heartily. All of them enjoy the meal a great deal, but enjoy the company far more. None of them have ever been able to be so free with others before, and it feels so nice. As soon as it”s all cleaned up, they sit around the fire for easily another two hours, talking, joking, laughing, telling of their lives, yet not once was the word gay ever used, all are holding off on that, even though they all know full well that all there are in fact full on gay baby boy diaper lovers, all the things that they”ve all been searching for all their lives.

“Well Babies, thanks for the amazing evening. We needta get back to our site before it gets dark, and we all need soggy baby bum changes before too long, and I bet you guys are the same. It was great, we”re gonna spend the day together tomorrow, but why don”t you three come to our site tomorrow for dinner this time.” Taran said.

“Sounds good, and thanks for coming, it was great.” Thayden said, and the Baby Boys all agreed.

Once they”re all alone once again, they all grab the books that they”re reading, they”d grabbed a few more while in town, since both Thayden and Jammer had finished the ones they”re reading, and while Vinnie can, and loves to read, he”s still not on the bigger books like his big Baby Brother and Diapered Daddy are. A couple hours later, the fire is pretty near out, and so, they put it out, and head to their tents for the evening, so that they can have a good sleep, but, all three of them are in silent agreement, that serious pressure relief is in order before they can even try to get to sleep.

Thayden fucked himself good and full, through his soggy baby diaper, with his largest dildo, cumming only twice, and licking up all the treats, wondering, hoping, if possibly Taran is the hot gay Baby Boyfriend that he”s been searching for, because he is hot.

Jammer and Vinnie too played, only they got into their favourite position, a 69, and sucked and finger fucked each other for a total of five gay baby boygasms, and drinking a load of sweet gay baby boy piss from each other as well. Once more, Vinnie got his whole hand inside Jammer, while Vinnie still only took four of Jammer”s fingers. After their amazing sex session, and changing each other, for they certainly needed to, they kissed, cuddled, and whispered about the hot young Bear Cub pair, and hoping that they”ll be as interested in playing as they most certainly are.

And all three of them are hot too. They”re all similar enough to see that they”re father and sons and brothers, but they”re all a little different as well. Taran is just over two metres tall, slim, well muscled, and very nearly hairless all over, and only had visible hair in his arm pits and a fine dusting on his legs and arms. He is very pretty, sandy blonde hair, kept a little long, and he usually has it tied back with a simple leather strip, striking deep blue eyes, nice dainty nose and lips, and he has lots of freckles on his nose and upper cheeks. Both Bear and Cub too are tall, and while not muscular yet, they soon will be. They both also have blonde hair, but Bear”s is more reddish while Cub”s is bright blonde. Bear keeps his hair a little long, but rarely past the top of his back, while Cub likes his to be kept shorter, because he doesn”t like the way it goes to full ringlet curls when it gets long. Bear”s hair is mostly straight, with a little waviness to it, much like his Dads, but Cub”s hair is very wavy, and like mentioned, goes very curly when too long, but Taran wishes that Cub would let it grow out, because he loves how it looks, but respects Cub”s wishes on that matter. They both have blue eyes like their Dads, but Bears are a little more grey, whereas Cub”s are an almost electric blue they”re so bright. They too have nice dainty lips and noses that suit their faces, but are ever so slightly different shapes, but they both have almost the exact same amount of freckles as their Daddy. They”re all so seriously hot, though, especially in nothing but gloriously thick and soggy baby diapers as they all had been.

Once more, when Thayden changed his Baby Boys the next morning from their super soggy night diapers, after breakfast as usual, he damn near laughed at seeing their well used little gaping gay baby bum holes. They”d clearly used a lot of baby lotion as their lube, because they”re both still very well lotioned, and seriously sloppy in the backsides, even though they”d all already gone to the bathroom after removing their diapers. Once more, though, he says nothing, but he knows they must know that he knows. As soon as they”re all well and properly baby diapered like they all want, need, desire, and deserve, Thayden informs the Baby Boys that today”s a fire wood day, and so, they load up all that they need, get dressed in their work clothes, and hop in the truck and head out.

They go to an area that they know has lots of standing dead trees, and this time they find what looks like either a birch or a maple, because Thayden has no clue how to tell, and because it has no leaves on it, he can”t see it, since that”s the only way he knows how to tell the difference. It”s a huge tree, though, and so, it takes a little bit to drop it safely, and then get it all bucked up. Jammer”s swinging the smaller splitting maul, trying to split what he can, but he”s just not very big yet, so, as such doesn”t have a lot of power in him to get them in one hit like his Diapered Daddy usually can, but he”s doing well. He is, however, starting with all the smaller upper trunk pieces that are already good and dry, since they”re far easier for him to split. Vinnie is kept busy loading all the wood into the truck. As soon as Thayden finishes bucking it into burnable lengths, he grabs the other much larger splitting maul, and triples the amount that Jammer”s able to do, and poor Vinnie couldn”t possibly keep up now, but that”s okay, because all he can carry is one to two pieces at a time anyway, since he”s not exactly a big Baby Boy either. They have a ramp up into the back of the truck, so that it does make it easier for loading the firewood into it, and both Baby Boys are very well versed on how to stack the wood properly, to hold the most amount, so that they don”t have to make multiple trips.

It took them nearly five hours to get the firewood all processed and ready to go, and the truck is very nearly full now and should last a good few weeks they figure, so, that”s great. They did top it up though with all the branches that were still on the tree, since they”ll burn just as well, so, they may as well. As soon as they make it back to their site, they offload all the wood into their firewood storage area, and then Thayden gets all the water on to boil, so that they can all have a much needed bath, plus they all have laundry that needs doing now.

While the Baby Boys are in the tub getting cleaned up, Thayden gathers all the laundry that needs doing, then rinses off the Baby Boys when they ask him to. He then hops in after them, gets cleaned up, and the Baby Boys rinse him off after coming back from getting properly baby diapered. As soon as Thayden”s out of the bath, he heads into his tent to get properly and thickly baby diapered, like he clearly deserves and desires, while the Baby Boys get started on washing their clothes and bedding. They use old fashioned washing plunger cones to do this, which agitates the clothes in the soapy water, but yes, they do add extra laundry soap for this. Thayden grabs his as well, and joins the boys, and after only ten minutes, they drain the tub, fill it full of clean water, agitate them even more again, and repeat once more. It takes all three of them to wring out their bedding, and then the smaller things they each grab a piece and wring it out as much as they can, before hanging it to dry. No, the bedding will absolutely not be dry by tonight, so, yes, they have a spare set of bedding for all the beds. As soon as they finish hanging their laundry up to dry, they have a quick lunch of sandwiches and fruit.

With firewood and laundry having been done, both of which are tiring, it”s no real surprise that no sooner had Vinnie laid back in his lounge chair with a book, that he passed out, Thayden chuckling to himself, thinking that Vinnie hadn”t even been able to read two words before doing so. Jammer took a whole fifteen minutes to pass out, and even Thayden decided to just lay back and close his eyes for a spell. Thayden woke up first, and when he looked at his watch, he saw that he”d slept just over an hour, but feels far better for it, because he did work good and hard today. Knowing that the Babies had slept nearly an hour and a half by now, but could likely stand a little longer, he allowed them a further half an hour before waking them up.

“Feel better now after your nap Babies?” He smiled warmly to his beautiful Baby Boys once they”re awake.

“Mmmhmm Daddy.” Vinnie sighed while stretching mightily, more than enough to put a cat to shame.

“Same. How long did I sleep for?” Jammer asked.

“Roughly two hours. Even I slept a little better than an hour. Laundry by itself is tiring, having to do it all by hand like that, but firewood is exhausting, and we filled the truck more than we normally do, though in a way today was easier, since we hardly hadta move any to get it all, so, it all added together to make for a very long and tiring morning. It”s good for us all though.”

“Yeah, kinda sore now, though.” Jammer said.

“Me too.” Vinnie and Thayden both said.

“Could you make a nice large batch of the pain relieving tea?” Jammer asked.

“That”s not a bad idea Baby.”

Because Thayden has always hated taking medications, he”s always found more natural ways when possible to deal with the aches and pains that comes with having an active life and a very physical job. His personal favourite tea for pain relief is nettle, ginger, hibiscus, rose hip, chamomile, and lemon peel. It”s a blend that he made up with his tea supplier years ago. He”d tried a few other things in there, but this was his favourite blend, and tastes not all that bad, though it”s definitely something that you have to get used to. He tends to drink at least one batch per day himself, and the Baby Boys often ask for it too after a good long hard day, especially lately, since they”ve all worked a lot harder than the Baby Boys ever did before, but it”s really good for them, and Jammer is actually getting muscular, and even Vinnie has already lost all his baby fat and is actually starting to work on having seriously sexy little boy muscles as well. Thayden got enough water on to make a triple batch of tea for them all, and each batch gives each of them two large mugs full. They each have two large thermal mugs that have different pictures or sayings on them as to their personal tastes.

As soon as their tea is ready, they all sit back in their chairs with their books and sip happily as they read their books. It”s just before they”re supposed to go for dinner when they finished their tea, and because they”d all had a lot to drink, and so therefore peepeed their baby diapers a lot, they all need super soggy baby bum changes before leaving, so, they head into Thayden”s tent to do so, and get each other changed properly.

Without even asking, just as they”re about to head out, Vinnie goes and grabs two fresh bottles of wine from the creek where they”re stored to keep them cool, the cork screw, and three glasses, because they have no idea if the others will have enough for them all, since it”s highly unlikely they thought that they”d meet anyone else, so just may not have enough. Thayden grins to Vinnie, and even Jammer looks happy with that. They took the five minute walk upstream and find the other three there.

“Good evening all.” Thayden said.

“Good evening.” They all answer back happily.

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“Oh, goody, more wine.” Cub said happily. “Can we have some again please Daddy?”

“If Jammer and Vinnie do, then you can as well I suppose.”

“Yep.” Vinnie says happily. “We don”t usually get some every night, but then again, Daddy doesn”t every night either, but when he has some, we get some as well.”

“We weren”t certain you”d have enough glasses, so, we brought our own.” Jammer said.

“We would”ve had enough if we used mugs and cups, so, no worries.” Taran said.

“Probably shoulda thought of that, but, oh well. So, how”d you Babies enjoy your day?” Thayden laughed.

“Was super nice and relaxing.” Taran said, the Baby Boys nodded. “How about you Babies?”

“Definitely not relaxing. Today was a firewood day, and of course after firewood comes baths, which is also when we do laundry, and since bedding hadta be done as well, that too was lotsa work. We all passed out for a bit in our lounge chairs and had a good nap, though, then had some pain relieving tea to help. It”s good for us, though.”

“Wow, busy day. We”ve hardly gotten any actual firewood yet, just scoured in around this area to gather enough for tonight really.”

“Yeah, there”s lots around if you look for it. Where”d the Baby Boys get to?”

“Bear Cub started building a little fort in the woods, so, more than likely showing them that.”

“Nice. My Baby Boys did much the same thing when we got here, they did a good job on it actually. So, tell me, I know you”re a full on diaper lover, but are you as gay as I think you are?” Thayden asked, since they”re private enough to do so.

“Oh yeah, and are you as gay as I think you are as well?”

“Definitely. You”d think I have two kids, so I”d had sex with a women, but trust me, not a fucking chance that”d happen. The Baby Boy”s mother, who I was technically married to, was every bit the gay diaper lover as me, and so, I filled a condom, usually while having hot gay diaper loving sex with a hot gay baby diaper loving man, and then her baby girlfriend took that and impregnated her with it. We”d wanted a lot more, and tried for far more, but, sadly that simply wasn”t meant to be.” Thayden said, and gave a little more of his history. “How about you?”

“Yeah, well, I wasn”t with my wife because it”s what I wanted. I was forced to hide who and what I was, but, when my wife died, which was sadly a relief, she was a bit of a controlling bitch, and I”m just too gay, that”s when I said fuck it. My Dad was the only person who knew who and what I was, but my Mom and her equally backwards sisters, could never know. My dad was an only child of an only child, and it was my grandpa that originally bought the ranch that was passed down to my dad, and then to me. Don”t get me wrong, I loved my Mom, and I know she loved me, like I said, she doted on me something fierce almost, but there”s zero chance she would”ve accepted me for who and what I am, even my Dad warned me when I was twelve to never tell her, that he”s not sure she could love me after that. He encouraged me to get a wife, and just keep my secret. It wasn”t “til after my Mom died that I finally got the courage to ask my Dad if he told me that because he”s the same, and he grinned and asked me when I started suspecting it, I told him when I was twelve when he told me to hide who I am.” Taran said.

“I”ve been searching for a hot gay baby diaper loving boyfriend for years, I”ve had lotsa boyfriends, many of them I got into diapers, but it wasn”t always their thing, and while they fully enjoyed fucking my gay baby ass, it just wasn”t enough for me, because I wanted to baby diaper fuck them too, but too few have allowed that, and eventually it”s what caused us to break up. I like you; you”re hot, gay, and a full on baby boy diaper lover as well, and I felt a connection when we shook hands. How would you feel about having the Baby Boys spend the night at our site, they can use the two tents there, and we can spend the night together. My Baby Boys know full well I”m gay, so it wouldn”t shock them to know it.”

“I”ve been searching as well, but sadly, I”m actually a virgin when it comes to gay sex. I couldn”t even have sex with someone unless he was diapered, and I”ve never found one who would. Granted, I”m kinda shy, and so, I haven”t been searching as hard as I coulda and probably shoulda. With that being said, I do have my toys, so, almost no matter what you”re packing inside that gloriously thick baby diaper, I can very easily take you. I”ve never told my Baby Boys I”m gay, but I know they know, and I know that they know that I know that they are as well, and they must know I know that they”ve been having hot gay baby diaper sex with each other for the last roughly three years.”

“Nice. My Baby Boys started damn near a year ago, and it wasn”t even Jammer that started it. Little Vinnie has always been a highly sexual, precocious little gay Baby Boy, and the first night he caught Jammer jacking off in his soggy baby diaper, was the first time Jammer had ever thought of anything truly sexual, and Vinnie has pretty much made him learn everything. Trust me, Jammer always loved me lotioning and creaming him for his soggy baby bum changes, but he never came, and I never slipped anything more than my pinky inside him. Vinnie, on the other hand, had his very first little baby boygasm when he was only a month or so old, and by the time he was two, he whimpered grumpily if I didn”t fully finger fuck him with my middle finger, he”s always needed it, and it wasn”t my doing either. I know many would say I molested him, but trust me, he”s way too young for me, and he needed it so. Reminds me of me, actually. I wasn”t even five when I was burying anything I could inside my little gay baby bum at every possible chance, the bigger the better too, I”ve never found a limit to what I can take, even then, and I was eight when I ran away and found a man who fucked me silly, two, three, sometimes even four times a day, yet even then, it wasn”t always enough, and so, I found others who could help scratch my incessant itch, sometimes two, three, or even four others at a time.”

“That”s too funny. I know approximately when my Baby Boys started, but not exactly, nor how. I do know that they play at least once a day now, though. Sadly, it wasn”t even “til after my wife died that I even played with myself at all back there. I did a lot of growing up and shedding fear and shame when that happened.”

The Diapered Daddies kept talking, getting to know each other, telling each other about all their likes, dislikes, what turns them off and on, and their tastes are very nearly identical, so neither can wait for tonight.

Almost as soon as the Baby Boys are out of earshot of the Diapered Daddies, Vinnie excitedly asks the question he most wants to know the answer to. “Are you two gay Baby Boys, and maybe have hot gay Baby Boy sex together. I felt it right away, and so did Jammer, and we”ve been fucking for about a year already.”

“Oh yeah, and really. Wow, that”s even younger than I was when we started.” Cub smiled happily.

“I hardly even remember the first time, but I”m pretty sure I caught Jammer playing with his hot gay baby diapered dinky, and when I asked him if I could come and do that too, he said no, that it”s private, and told me to go to sleep. I totally ignored him though, and went and climbed in his bed anyway, and started stroking his diapered dinky for him, and I can”t remember if I made him cum like that or not, but I know before too long, I was totally sucking him, and I know he came at least twice in my good little cock sucking gay baby mouth. He even pissed in my mouth, and mmmm, so fucking good.”

“Yeah, you made me cum twice by hand, and then three times by mouth. I warned you that I was gonna peepee, and to pull off, but you didn”t, just looked me in the eye and nodded to me, so, I said fuck it, and pissed in your baby mouth, and you drank it down just like you did to your baby bottles, that you still drank at least once a day then.” Jammer grinned.

“I do remember the first time Jammer fucked me, though, that was so fucking awesome. We”d been sucking and finger fucking for a while by then, and when I asked him to slip his baby diapered dinky into my baby diapered bum, he groaned, and then did so, and wow, to me there”s nothing better than being fucked, but he agrees, and he loves me fucking him too.”

“Oh yeah, but I”d totally like another boy my age to fuck me silly too. Granted, I”d totally ask my Diapered Daddy to baby diaper bum fuck me, but he doesn”t want a little Baby Boy, but boy oh boy does he want your hot, gay, Diapered Daddy, and bad.”

“Awesome, our Diapered Daddy wants your hot, gay, Diapered Daddy too, we can tell, and we”d totally liketa fuck and be fucked by both of you as well, you”re both so fucking hot.” Bear groaned.

“Awesome. We”re totally gonna haveta figure out how to go about it then. So, what”s your story then?” Jammer asked, adjusting his preteen peepee in his soggy baby diaper, but then, all of them have had to do so at least twice already.

“Well, I was still five, I”d seen a boy in my class in the bathroom, his pants were around his ankles, he was trying to pee, but his peepee was too hard, and boy did that make mine super hard. I”d hadta go poopy you see, so I was heading to a stall, but I kinda stopped and stared, and when he moaned and said it won”t go down, and I haveta go peepee really bad, that was totally the first time I ever thought of sucking a dick, and I damn near offered. Instead, I told him I”d turn the water on, because I”d heard that that helps when you haveta go peepee but can”t, so, I did so. I also watched him pee, and once again, I couldn”t help but wish he was peepeeing in my mouth instead. As soon as he left, I went to the stall to go poopy on the potty, and when I lowered my pants and diaper, my little peepee was insanely hard as well, and so, I started rubbing it, which felt amazing, and I had my first baby boygasm almost instantly.

“Well, when I got home, I was remembering what”d happened, and that made my peepee super hard again, so, I was in my bedroom, I”d already stripped down to just my diaper, since that”s all we wear in the house, and I”d pushed it down in the front, and I was busy rubbing myself, when Bear just walked right in, and caught me. He couldn”t help himself, and watched me. I hadn”t realized that he was even there yet, and that”s when I came. I just kept right on stroking, though, and came twice more. That”s when I noticed Bear there, and he said, what are you doing? I said it feels so good, and told him what I”d seen. I never told him that I wanted to suck his dinky or drink his peepee, and asked him if his peepee”s really hard too. He said yes, so, I said come lay down and do the same thing I”m doing, it feels amazing.

“He never even thought about it, and just came and laid down, pushed his soggy baby diaper down, and started rubbing himself. Our Daddy was out in his shop, and we woulda heard the door had he come in, so, we thought we were safe. Anyway, Bear had his first baby boygasm only a few seconds later, and said wow, no wonder you made the sounds you did, that was awesome. Then he continued, and stroked to two more hot gay baby boygasms.

“After a few weeks of doing this with each other every day, sometimes two or three times a day, I worked up the courage to ask him if I could suck his peepee, and he said sure, as long as you let me suck yours as well, and I said for sure. So, we did. Then we started finger fucking each other, and it was when I was just about six and a half when we fucked each other for our first time. We”d been drinking each others piss for a long time by then, but I made sure that he went peepee inside me as well, and he made sure I did the same for him too, and we”ve been enjoying it together ever since.”

“Nice.” Vinnie and Jammer both said together.

“Thanks. I”m super hard, wanna try different Baby Brothers and suck each other right now?” Cub asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Vinnie said first and loudest.

So, Bear and Vinnie got together, while Cub and Jammer got together. Vinnie and Cub hit their knees first, pulled down the diapers of the hot Baby Boy they”re about to suck, and then showed that they”re pro baby boy cock suckers, and the Baby Boys on the receiving end lasted at best twenty seconds, before cumming. They traded places, and their first round lasted at best ten seconds this time. Then they traded back again, and continued, this time getting to enjoy for damn near a whole minute, and finally traded once more, and lasted two minutes this time. It was at this time that the boys sucking got a treat, and they happily and greedily drank down all the sweet gay Baby Boy pee they”re being fed. They traded places, and the other pair got their drinks as well. Finally they all righted their diapers.

“Fuck, you tasted good.” Vinnie groaned, and all the others agreed wholeheartedly as well.

“So, how much do you fill each other?” Vinnie asked.

“Four fingers, decent sized cucumbers or toys, our peepees of course, and we do piss in each other, a lot. How about you two?” Bear answered.

“Just the other night, for our first time, Vinnie slipped his whole hand inside me, so, he finally took four of my fingers inside himself as well. We found a few toys too that we liked to play with, but we got rid of them when we sold the house, we didn”t wanna explain to our daddy why we had a couple doggy chew toys and why they smelled like baby lotion, especially considering we”ve never even had a dog.” Jammer grinned.

“I could see why you might do that. What”s funny is, we bought doggy chew toys as well from the dollar store, they work shockingly good.” Cub said this time.

“Mmmhmm.” The others all groaned.

From there, the boys continued talking more and more, getting to know each other even better, though they hope that some night soon they get to know each other even better yet. Bear Cub did show the other two their little fort that they”d made, so Jammer and Vinnie told them of the one that they”d made as well. It was damn near an hour later, when they finally sauntered back to the site, to find the Diapered Daddies still talking as Taran”s cooking.

“Oh. There you Baby Boys are. I take it you showed them your fort?” Taran asked.

“Yep, and just talked lots and got to know each other.”

“Awesome. Now, I”m reasonably certain you Baby Boys must already know anyway, but, I”m gay. So is Thayden, and he and I”d kinda like to spend the night together to see how things go, but, I kinda don”t feel right doing so with you two kinda in the tent, so, how would you Baby Boys feel about sleeping in Thayden”s tent tonight.” Taran asked, and even though he did blush, it was fairly minimal.

“That”s awesome Daddy, we knew, of course, but you”ve needed to get a boyfriend for so long and finally get fucked. Oops, sorry, kinda slipped out, but, you do need it.” Bear said, actually a little shocked he said that in front of his Diapered Daddy, even though he too is very certain that his Diapered Daddy simply doesn”t care.

“Yeah, I do need it. Thanks.” He chuckled. “As for swearing, I don”t really mind, as long as you don”t do it all the time.”

“Thanks.” Bear said.

“Instead of staying in our Dads tent, Vinnie and I can easily bunk together in my bed, if you wanna take Vinnie”s bed, they”re queen sized, so huge anyway, and that we way can more easily talk and stuff. We”ve never gotten to have a sleepover, and I know that most of the time you stay up real late.” Jammer said.

“Okay.” Both Baby Boys say happily, super excited that it”d worked out exactly how they”d wanted it to.

All are very happy, and even though Taran had been nervous about doing so, he knew he desperately needed it, and knows that the Baby Boys wanna share with the other two exceptionally hot gay Baby Boys as well, so, it”ll very likely work out very well for all involved, and they”ll all get what they need.

Only shortly thereafter they”re eating a good meal together, enjoying it, their wine, and the talk a lot. After everyone was finished, they all helped to clean up.

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