Virginities Lost Ch. 3

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Pt. III: Taking Charge

Carol and I had simultaneously lost our virginity three weeks before, and we had re-discovered the missionary position three separate times. I had also masturbated her to orgasm a couple of times, something she admitted she had never done for herself. As soon as I got off work the next day I called her, and got some really bad news. Joan and Karen, her apartment mates, had discovered that Carol and I had made love. Carol was embarrassed that anyone else knew, but to make matters worse, she had gotten a really painful bladder infection from all of the genital contact, and the male doctor at the health center had talked to her about “becoming sexually active” and she was truly mortified. Carol felt that all of her embarrassment was punishment for having extra-marital sex, and she wouldn’t talk to me any more. She told me to stay away from her.

Just the night before Joan and Karen had asked me over so that they could help get Carol and me back together again. Since Carol was visiting her parents, they knew we could talk freely. Instead they had arranged elaborate sex games, and I ended up fucking each of them more than once, getting blown, licking each of them off, and doing some other fun things. Most of it was new to me but obviously not to them. They had apparently decided to “teach the rookie” the ways of sex. I was an ardent pupil, but I performed better than they thought I would. We then agreed that I would come over tonight, Saturday, and after Joan got back from her date, they would do more things to help my relationship with Carol. Yeah, sure! But I showed up right at 9 as planned.

Karen opened the door wearing a sheer black nightie with a small crotch-cover bottom. I rubbed her body through the thin fabric as I kissed her, but she suggested we wait for Joan to get back. I told her I couldn’t wait that long. I wrapped my arms around from the rear, grabbed her breasts, and pushed her into her bedroom. She lay on her back on the bed with her arms over her head and watched me while I undressed. Then I got on top of her. Karen said that this was OK for starters, but that she couldn’t get off in the missionary position. I said that there was a difference between “not having climaxed before” and “not being able to climax” in this position. She bet me that I couldn’t get her to climax, and we settled on the terms. If she won, I had to leave all of my clothes with Joan and her and go home completely naked. If I won, I could tie her to the bed (as she and Joan had done to me the night before) and do whatever I wanted to her.

I had already learned that the way to a woman’s orgasm was slow and deliberate. So I spent a long time rubbing her through the thin fabric that covered her body. Finally her nipples stayed erect when I no longer touched them, and her mini-panties were sopping wet when I rubbed her pussy. I undressed her very, very slowly, spending several minutes kissing every bit of flesh which I exposed. When she was lying there in nothing but her wet mini-panties, I took the time to kiss her entire body, from her feet to her forehead. When she tried to rub herself through her panties I pulled her hand away saying that was cheating on the bet. Karen was beginning to arch her back to meet the touch of my fingers and tongue as I kissed and touched her. I decided she was probably as ready as she was going to get, and I pulled her bottom down, again kissing everything as I uncovered it. Her labia were dripping wet, her tiny clitoris came out when I kissed around it, and she almost climaxed when I pushed my tongue inside her. Instead I kept kissing and fondling her. She began to thrash around on the bed, and she tried to get up so that she could sit on top and ride me. I held her down.

“Beg me to fuck you!” I demanded. She shook her head, and I kept touching and kissing her. I was kissing around her clitoris when her vagina began to open and close with wet popping sounds. I immediately put the tip of my penis into her, felt her squeezing it, and asked her what she wanted me to do. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed. I slammed myself into her in one quick shove, and she let out a long, loud cry of “Ahh!” as she climaxed and I won the bet. Patience wins again! I could feel her vagina squeezing on my penis, and I shot my wad into her. She was still in orgasm. The stimulation on my penis kept it erect, and I began to move around in her, pushing and turning from every direction I could think of, and she cried out again several times. We finally rested, both of us completely spent.

Karen recovered before I did, told me that I had won the bet, then asked how I knew about her G-spot. I told her I had heard about it, but didn’t know where it was. She told me it was on the front face of her vagina and that I had deliberately rubbed the head of my penis against it every time I entered her. I was puzzled, so she put two of my fingers inside her, and told me to press toward her naval. I found a tight area about the size of a nickel or a quarter, and when I rubbed it, she sucked in her breath. “That’s it!” she gasped. I began to massage the spot bayan escort with my fingers, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. I pressed down (really up) on it, and I went in circles. I kept changing the tempo and Karen began to turn a dark red all over. She tried to rub her clitoris, but I pushed her hand away. She began to twitch and moan each time I pressed against the spot. I then stopped touching her spot and began to suck on her clitoris. Karen crushed her breasts with her hands as I renewed pressure on her spot, and she went into a shuddering orgasm. As she began to come down, I applied tongue pressure to her clitoris, and she went off again. I alternated between her G-spot and her clitoris for longer than I thought possible, and Karen stayed in a hard-throbbing climax. She was no longer screaming, but that was probably because she was having trouble getting her breath. Finally she fainted. That scared me so much I pulled my fingers out and moved up to her mouth. She was breathing, so I pinched her nipples and she came around. “Oh my god!” she said and hugged me against her.

After fifteen minutes or so she said she wanted to try it again “with the correct tool.” I pointed out that my penis was still not erect (her fainting had scared the starch out of it), but she said she could fix that. She then began to suck and kiss my penis to bring it back to life. She said that she had not been able to enjoy “missionary” sex because of her first unhappy fuck which had been in this position. She had discovered that doggy-style sex worked for her because she could move so that each thrust of the guy’s penis rubbed her G-spot. Similarly when she was on top, she would move forward and sit, forcing her lover’s penis to move forward in her vagina, rubbing her spot. I told her that I had just been moving around in her, trying everything I could think of, and that I had kept pushing my penis against the front of her vagina since she so obviously enjoyed it. She told me I must be a natural lover.

Karen was very good at her oral activity on my penis, and we began to enjoy the “new to her” missionary position again. She began to climax repeatedly, with each scream louder and longer than the one before. I was taking my time, first rubbing her G-spot with my penis only part way in (but with its shaft all along her slit) while I would gently caress her clitoris. Once again I had her going back-and-forth between stimulation points, but I did it slowly enough that she could catch her breath – and moan, yell, and scream!

Joan walked in as Karen let out a long yell and then a scream just as I as about to squirt my juice into her. My climax stopped and I popped out of Karen as Joan yelled, “Liar! You told me you couldn’t get off in that position!” Karen gasped out that I had “fixed” that. She remarked that her last boyfriend had a longer and thicker cock than I had, but he had never gotten her as excited as she had just been. Joan kissed us both, said she had to take a shower, and that we three should see what new and exciting things we could do, although she wouldn’t be able to join in as much as she had the night before. Before we joined her in the shower, Karen explained what Joan had meant by her last comment, and she and I planned something special for Joan. Just the thought of it got me hard again!

Karen went to get some things ready for Joan, so I was the first one to join Joan in the shower. “How was your date?” I asked. Joan said that she had started her period (which was what Karen had told me), probably because of all of the excitement the night before, and that she had told her date that this was the case and that she didn’t feel particularly physical. In spite of that he had tried to rub her breasts. Joan said that her breasts were a little swollen and sensitive because of her period, and that his groping had really been painful. I gently washed her breasts, and remarked that they were a little larger than the night before. I asked her how my hands felt on her breasts, and she said wonderful, but that was because I was being so gentle. I rubbed her abdomen, something Carol had asked me to do during her periods, and Joan said that really felt good and seemed to make her menstrual cramps less intense. That’s when Karen joined us.

We had a playful time getting each other scrubbed, although Joan wasn’t willing to let me wash her crotch. I could see a string hanging out of her vagina. As we dried off, Joan asked us to leave so she could change her tampon. I said I wanted to watch. Joan blushed very red, then sat on the toilet, and pulled the used tampon out. She wrapped it in some kind of plastic thing, but I could see it was covered with blood and it smelled terrible. Joan unwrapped a fresh one, and inserted it into her vagina. “I’ve never had someone watch me do that!” she exclaimed and blushed again. I bent down and kissed her. Then she used a wash cloth to re-clean her crotch. “What do we do now?” Joan asked.

Karen stepped forward and put gauze pads over Joan’s eyes, then taped them in place while I held Joan’s hands down. “Relax escort bayan and trust us!” Karen said. Then we led a completely blind Joan to her bedroom, and laid her on her back. “I can’t have sex!” Joan protested, but we tied her arms and legs to the bed and pulled the soft ropes (which Karen had retrieved from her room) tight enough to leave her spread-eagled. Then we began to tickle her with feathers. We tickled her armpits and waist, causing Joan to laugh until she stopped breathing several times. She begged us to stop, but we continued. I slowly dragged the tip of a feather from each ankle to her pussy, and Karen pointed to Joan’s nipples which were now completely erect. Karen began to move a feather around one of Joan’s breasts, and I started to tickle her clitoris. Our unsynchronized, gentle touches on her breasts and clitoris were driving Joan crazy. Finally Karen and I got synchronized with each other and moved faster and faster. Joan let out a long, piercing scream even louder than she had the night before. Her body rippled with her orgasm from her crotch to her waist again and again. We both paused, then began again, sending her over the top once more. After three of these, Joan begged us to stop, saying even the feathers were causing her pain. Her large nipples were bright red and sticking straight up, and her areolae were swollen and covered with little bumps. Karen and I nodded and we left the room while Joan calmed down.

After about ten minutes, we had worked out our plans, and we returned. Joan appeared to be sleeping. Her nipples and breasts were no longer red and erect. I leaned down and kissed her and she asked to be untied. I said that we still had more to do with her. She asked “What?” several times, but we ignored her. I then got onto the bed, and lifted Joan’s hips off of the sheet. Karen slid a sheet of heavy plastic under her, and I lowered Joan again. Then I began to tug on the string in her vagina, and slowly pulled the tampon out. There was blood on it, but not as much as before. Karen disposed of it, and Joan finally figured out what was going to happen. She begged to be untied, saying that I couldn’t screw her during her period. I didn’t reply, and Joan kept begging to be untied. Karen came back, and we began again with the feathers. Joan responded faster than we thought she would, and in a matter of a couple of minutes she was on the brink of orgasm. We stopped. We brought her to the brink again. Again we stopped. After the third or fourth time, Joan was begging for us to finish her. I began to tickle the feather against her labia, and they promptly spread apart. I tickled her clitoris, again stopping just before she could get release. Joan was writhing and sweating and starting to curse us. I got between her legs, and put the tip of my penis against her pussy. Karen told her that all she had to do was beg to be fucked and I would send her over the top. “Never!” screamed Joan. And we began to tickle her some more. Finally I could stand it no more, and even though Joan was still not begging, I pushed myself into her. I used my new G-spot trick, and in fewer than ten strokes Joan climaxed and screamed like she was being killed. Karen kept tickling Joan’s stiffly-erect nipples, and I kept pumping, and Joan screamed again and again. Her entire body was rippling on the bed, shaking us both. Finally I exploded into her and collapsed against her body. She was gasping for breath and making strange little moaning sounds. Karen removed her eye covers and untied her. Joan just kept squeezing her vagina on my penis, then releasing me as she moaned. My penis gradually deflated, and both girls watched me pull it out of Joan. It was covered with blood and slime, and there were some black blood clots stuck to my pubic hair. I wiped myself off with some tissue, and Joan asked for another tampon. She was surprised when I put it into her. Then Joan got out of bed, Karen cleaned up the blood on the plastic, and we all took another shower.

Joan clung to me saying she had never felt so much intense pleasure. She thanked me for raping her, then she turned and shared a deep, passionate kiss with Karen! Joan insisted that she had to clean my penis and she wouldn’t let Karen touch it. Karen winked at me and smiled! I rubbed Joan’s abdomen, and again she said the cramps subsided. After we dried off, Karen and I again watched Joan change her tampon. The “new” one was already bloody but also had my cum on it. Her climaxes had apparently really caused things to flow. Joan allowed me to put another one into her and then kissed me. After she cleaned herself with a washcloth, she asked what was next on the agenda. I told her that Karen had lost a bet with me, and that we were now going to tie her up and blindfold her. Joan smiled wickedly and told me she had an idea. Karen looked worried, but she allowed us to blindfold her and tie her down on her bed. Then Joan and I went out of the room to discuss what we would do next.

The feathers worked as well on Karen as they had on Joan. We tickled her to climax seven or eight times, and as Joan had escort bayanlar done before, Karen begged us to stop. We let Karen rest, and Joan and I got things ready for the next event. I lifted Karen’s hips, and Joan put a plastic sheet underneath. “I’m not having my period!” Karen exclaimed. We said nothing. Joan had a pair of scissors and she began to trim Karen’s bush close to her skin. She could hear and feel what was going on, but she apparently didn’t believe it. When Joan finished, I got a bucket of very warm water and began to wash Karen’s (now) very short bush. When I squired some menthol and lime shaving soap onto my hand, Karen smelled it and caught on and begged us not to shave her. The cold soap on her pussy caused her to yell, and she jerked and pulled against the ropes. Joan told her to be still because we were going to shave her with a brand-new, very sharp razor. Joan and I took turns, gradually turning Karen’s pussy into a smooth, clean expanse of sensitive skin. We rinsed her off and pulled the plastic out from under her. I had never seen anything like her naked snatch. Joan was fascinated too. Joan and I took turns licking and kissing her bald crotch while the other kissed and rubbed her breasts and nipples. Finally, with Joan’s tongue wriggling around in Karen’s slit and my mouth sucking hard on her right nipple, Karen had an explosive, loud orgasm. Joan and I switched places, and Karen yelled again. We switched back and forth several times. Finally Joan and I were tired, even if Karen wasn’t, and we stopped. Karen’s body was twitching and rippling, her mouth was open, and her breathing was short and raspy. But we weren’t done.

Joan and I went into the living room and hugged and kissed for a few minutes. Then when we felt enough time had elapsed, we went back in. Joan and I stared at Karen’s bald, completely exposed genitals. Karen heard us and asked to be untied. Joan and I untied the ropes on Karen’s arms, then surprised her by crossing them over and tying them again, leaving Karen on her back with her arms pulled across her breasts. We repeated the maneuver on the ropes on her legs, and Karen ended up spread-eagled on her face. We tickled her with the feathers for a few minutes, but she didn’t climax. Then Joan got out some K-Y jelly, smeared it on her finger and all around Karen’s asshole, then pushed her finger into Karen. Karen let out a yelp, and told us that it felt really strange. I greased my finger and both of us moved around inside of Karen. Her sphincter kept clenching down on our fingers, but Joan managed to push another finger in. Then I added a fourth one. Karen was complaining that it was starting to hurt her, so we removed our fingers and re-greased her asshole. Then I greased my penis and started pushing against her. That’s when Karen realized what was coming. Again she begged us to stop, and again we ignored her. Joan told her that she had learned to enjoy anal sex with her last boyfriend, and asked Karen and me if we had ever done it. Both of us said we hadn’t, and Joan announced that this was our chance to pop our cherries.

Karen begged again to be let loose. Joan, having had experience with this sort of sex, whispered to me that it would be better to get Karen up on her hands and knees so that I would have the correct angle to get in. So we loosened Karen’s ropes, and she scrambled up as far as we would let her. I climbed onto the bed behind Karen, took hold of her hips in the front, and began pushing my greased penis through her asshole. The head got in, and Karen screamed and clamped her sphincter down, trapping me inside her.

Joan told Karen to relax, that the pain would stop, but the longer she fought the longer the pain would last. Karen just kept crying and sobbing. So Joan got a feather and began tickling all around Karen’s anus (and of course tickling my penis in the bargain!) and Karen began to twitch and wiggle to get away from the touch of the feather. As she did so, I slowly slipped deeper and deeper into her. Finally I was all of the way in, and Joan stopped tickling Karen. I pulled out a couple of inches, Joan rubbed more K-Y jelly on my penis, and I pushed myself all of the way in again. Karen grunted but did not cry out. It was tight and warm, and Karen’s clamping sphincter sent shudders of pleasure through me. I began to move in and out very slowly. Karen began to grunt “Unh! Unh! Unh!” as I fucked her, and she sounding exactly like she was trying to shit a large, firm turd.

After a lot of pumping, I realized that Karen was pushing back against me when I pushed myself into her, so I let go of her hips, reached forward, and began to fondle her swinging breasts. Her nipples were already fully erect. Joan then reached one hand forward and put two or three fingers into Karen’s vagina. With the other hand she cupped and caressed my balls. Joan and I synchronized our movements, and Karen began to moan and shudder each time I got all the way into her. Joan moved her fingers all around in Karen, occasionally rubbing my penis through the membranes separating her hand from me. Finally Karen had an incredible orgasm. She shrieked over and over until she ran out of air, and collapsed onto the bed. I was still part way inside her, and Joan’s hand was caught beneath her. Joan kept rubbing and I kept pumping, and Karen had another orgasm. We waited for a few moments, then Joan told Karen to get back up onto her hands and knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32