Virgins No More

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These stories are based in Australia and written in the idiom the characters would use.

Some issues in language variations I anticipated and built translations into my narrative. Others have caught me by surprise especially in their intensity. Generally, the intended meaning will be clear from the context if you don’t cling too tightly to your usual usage.

Crutch/ Crotch has been a subject of much comment. Australians more commonly use ‘crutch’ and that meaning of the word is supported by the Macquarie Dictionary.


In the “First Summer” series (generally published under the “Erotic Couplings” heading, we have recently been introduced to Jenna, Greg’s 18 year old sister.

She too has a story to tell.


I’m not the first to observe that life can be like a pond. If you throw a rock in the middle, multiple waves radiate out having all sorts of interesting flow on effects.

And so it was the year Karen came into our lives and started dating my older brother. Of course dating is not really the word. It was more like one continuous fucking session.

I knew Greg was a virgin before she came along. I also knew, when he came home after lunch on the day he met her, that he’d got himself fucked that morning. At that time no girl had even been mentioned, but there was just something about him that said it had happened. The parentals were of course oblivious to it all — they always are — but little sisters don’t miss a thing.

I watched as his best friend Kate — usually so cool, calm and in control – went slightly crazy for a while adjusting to the idea of Greg having a girl-friend like this, let alone him having a sex life that made hers look monastic by comparison — and that’s saying something.

At first the effect on me hadn’t been that great. At the start of summer us siblings had been a family of virgins; that’s the way some families are; a bit slower about these things. Now one of us wasn’t.

Big deal.

But that all started to change when Karen started staying over. They thought they were being quiet. Like sure. The noises they were making in the sand dunes were already legendary; largely thanks to Kate whose normal discretion was temporarily distorted by her craziness. But even in our own house, try as they might, they couldn’t help themselves. In the room next door I might as well have been getting a blow by blow description with a video feed for all the difference it would have made. Especially with Karen. I could always tell exactly where she was in terms of her progression to orgasm, pick the exact moment she climaxed and tell you how many more she had. I could probably have guessed to the nearest millimetre how high she arched her back.

When they both emerged in the morning Karen would be her cutest bubbliest self in a tiny bikini which seemed to show a perpetual camel toe and bikini nips like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t know what her bikinis were made of but they seemed to be some super thin body moulding fabric designed to show the shape of everything they were meant to hide; and frankly, there wasn’t much they were hiding. With Greg’s speedos moulded around his cock, when they stood side by side at the breakfast counter and you saw his cock next to her camel toe you just couldn’t help but think about sex; the sex they’d just had, the sex they were going to have later and the sex I was missing out on.

Even dad was having trouble keeping his dick under control in her presence. I’m sure he and mum were at it a lot more often since Greg had started bringing Karen home.

Me? I had no immediate outlet for the frustration that was building. And at 18 years old, I do mean none, because at the start of all this I hadn’t even masturbated yet. So for the first few nights she stayed I just lay there listening to them, getting more and more aroused and not feeling there was any real release for what I was feeling. I grew up quickly during that initial month.

Eventually I had to masturbate; experiencing my first ever orgasm in the process. That first one was just from rubbing my clit but as I did it more often I started to explore my tunnel too. As I listened to Greg and Karen going at it next door I could eventually give myself full on, back arching, multiple orgasms; hoping I was being quieter about it than the others were and wondering if mum and dad had the slightest clue what a sexually charged house our home had become.

In other ways I was changing too; or at least changing the person I projected myself as. As much as I might seem to have scorned her bikini style, long before Christmas arrived, I found myself shopping for similar ones to Karen’s; much, much briefer than what I used to wear with really tiny unpadded triangles for the top and I actually found myself testing the fabric to see how thin it felt. I never could seem to match Karen’s (it was only months later I saw a couple of pair hanging on the line and discovered they both had the lining of şişli escort the top cut out and one the lining of the pants too) but what hadn’t been important suddenly became important. Same with my undies where I started dumping my thick cotton ones for tiny sheer microfiber ones. And I won’t say I started to dress more slutty; just more sexily than I once might have.

In a way that I’m sure would have shocked all those who thought they knew the ‘sweet innocent Jenna’ they thought I was, I was now seriously considering how to get myself laid and starting to weigh up the possibilities as to who might get the job of doing it. I also put myself on the pill. Even if I used a condom I already had a class mate who (claimed) she got knocked up while using one. Better to be safe.

The next step in my path to sexual awakening came on Christmas Day where, after the adults had lapsed into a food coma inside, the kids started a game of jousting in the river; where a girl sits on a guy’s shoulders and you try and push each other off. I suppose being matched with my cousin Phil wasn’t the best start; he’s not bad looking but I think he’s a bit desperate sexually and there’s something about him creeps me out.

Still as I sat on his shoulders rubbing my clit up and down on the back of his neck as I urged him forward, it did strike me it was probably as intimate as I’d actually been with a guy. A bit pathetic really!

Things got a bit crazier when my cousins Zoe and Jenny started undressing each other and then everyone else as they tried to pull them off. When they got to me, I was left hanging naked and completely exposed upside down over Phil’s back as he pinned one of my legs to his chest while the other dangled wide apart in mid-air while he was fighting off those trying to dack him. After I finally was freed and speared head first into the water, the rest of them picked up Phil, stripped him and tossed him into the water on top of me, leaving our two naked bodies intertwined as we struggled to regain the surface.

Whether accidental or not Phil definitely got in a couple of gropes — both breast and crutch with his hands — and I felt his erection pass across my stomach, before we were finally back on our feet and separated. My arousal at that contact was only moderated by my mortification that I was the only girl showing more than the smallest landing strip of pubic hair. I’d actually worn an old bikini because I was so unshaved. I never let that happen again.

And so the focus on how to lose my virginity became more intense. Really if there was an issue at all, it was one of fear; the fear surely all girls must have of that first time. After all, I knew plenty of guys in town who’d be quite happy to add me to their long list of conquests. But most of them I wouldn’t trust even if I made the “be gentle, I’m a virgin” declaration.

But there was one contender. Someone who’d been a friend all through school; Cory was good looking enough, a nice guy but painfully shy, I was pretty sure he was a virgin too and probably not gay. So far our relationship had been all conversation and company — including beach time with a group of friends – but no touching. I’m pretty sure he was at least as attracted to me as I was to him, even if I wasn’t sure I’d take him as long term boyfriend material.

The question was how to go about it. I was far too shy to just come and ask if he wanted a root.

So even though I was feeling a bit impatient, I knew I’d have to work up to it.

In this first Christmas period after leaving school, all my class mates were basically on one extended holiday; either starting their gap year or waiting for Uni to start at the end of February; so at least most of us were down the beach every day, and that included Cory. That meant there’d be frequent opportunities to work on it; it’s not like I’d have once a week.

On the day after making my decision we were sitting on the beach when I suggested he come in for a swim with me. Then I led him out past the break area to where the waves were first forming. He was taller than me so, while I found I had to jump every wave to keep my head above water, he could sort of just stand there.

After just fooling about for a while, I started putting my hands on his shoulder to give me a little boost as I jumped each wave. He reciprocated by putting hands on my hips to help support me. Bit by bit I let my body drift closer with each wave. Then as a particularly big wave hit, I jumped a bit higher and threw myself at him, basically burying my breasts — such as they were — in his face as the wave passed over the top of his head and then sliding down the length of his body to regain my feet.

This time I spread my legs so that they sort of loosely wrapped around his thighs, basically causing my crutch to slide the length of his stomach until either my feet were on the ground or something first caught in my crutch to stop me lowering myself any further.

Since about the fourth bounce I’d known there was a full on erection waiting for me in his pants. There was that completely unmistakable bulge bisecting a line down his shorts that I’d brushed against with what I thought I could pass off as a careless sideways jump. As my thigh passed across, I’d felt it push outwards in response; as if it was a missile automatically seeking out a not yet fully identified target.

I knew he knew I’d felt it; all the more so as a few more careless jumps got the same reaction. As I slid down his body on this big jump, I knew something catching my crutch was more a matter of aim than luck.

As I came down I felt the tip of his erection spear into the valley of my crutch; just missing the opening to my tunnel. Dressed as he was in a pair of board shorts made of a heavy material and with cotton undies underneath, it wasn’t exactly a pointed spear, even if I was wearing one of my new, brief and thin bikinis. With the next wave, I bounced lightly and this time brought myself down on target. With my body already aroused and receptive, I felt my bikini bottoms pushed into my tunnel until the material of our swimwear wouldn’t let it go any further.

Conspiratorially, for the next five minutes I just kept bouncing like that and he just kept holding my hips as I did, each of us pretending nothing unusual was happening; occasionally conversationally exchanging a comment about the size of a wave or a plan our group was formulating for the next week or so. But something was happening. Sensuous pleasures engulfed me as my body responded to this attempt at penetration; my whole being became aroused. I could feel my nipples pushing out the material of my bikini top; but I was scared to look down at them in case that very action gave lie to the whole conspiracy.

The material of my bikini bottoms was massaging my whole valley as it stretched and released with every bounce; lightly stimulating my clit which was itself quickly making its warm demanding presence known even in the cool water.

I wasn’t really sure how this would end. Was this a trial run or the start of something more intense? The answer was settled when he suddenly froze and then with just the slightest little grunt I felt his cock start to pulse into my crutch. He panicked and pulled away; as I looked down I could see his fluids oozing through his boardies into the ocean.

With the coyest, most unthreatening voice I could muster, I asked the obvious,

“Did you just go off?”

He blushed. “Yes, sorry”

I brushed his cheek lightly

“Don’t be sorry, maybe next time you can help me go off too.”

Cory was down the beach as I lobed up at around the same time the next day; surprisingly dressed in a brand new pair of fashion brand boardies, made of the latest thin stretchy quick drying material and this time very clearly with nothing underneath.

We both knew we were just going through the motions of hanging out with the group for a bit before I suggested we go for a swim again. We were still playing the ‘just friends’ game, so I wasn’t even holding hands with him; just walking alongside. Still, knowing what was about to happen, Cory was displaying half an erection before we even made it to the water’s edge. Looking down I could see these boardies were much more suited to our intentions; the loose stretchy material conforming closely to the shape of the top of his erection as it grew outwards.

Once we were out in the deep water there was a lot less pretence about getting down to it this time. Two bounces over waves while holding onto his shoulders and I had the tip of his erection spearing my crutch again. Another two and I had it lined up with the opening to my tunnel.

Up top our bodies were still apart; just the hands on his shoulders being the only visible point of contact. Below my hips angled into his. Now, with my legs floating wide apart around his hips, as every wave passed my bounce was just enough to lift myself to where I could still just feel the contact and then let me drive my body back down on his shaft until the swimwear barrier between us halted the penetration and I could feel his shaft bending under my weight.

Each time it went in just a little bit further as the swimwear barrier stretched or gave a little more. I could tell it was my bikini bottom that was putting up most resistance. I could feel the leg hems had folded themselves inside my lips and it was stretched tight though my crutch’s valley; camel toeing itself against my clit and stimulating it with every bounce.

I wasn’t kidding myself. This wasn’t proper penetration. At his deepest he was only in maybe 30mm or so.

Still I was testing my body’s reaction to this attempt at it; seeing if a sense of fear would cause me to lock up or something. Nothing could be further from what I was feeling. Nothing you can do with your own fingers remotely matches the feeling the first time a guy’s cock is trying to enter you. My whole body once again lit up, wishing I could somehow accelerate this slow teasing game, make our swimmers disappear and receive his whole shaft into me.

I hadn’t forgotten he’d gone off fairly quickly yesterday. I wanted to move things up a notch in case he did that again today. I’d already figured Cory was even more shy than me about these things. I’d die of old age if I just waited for him to make the next move.

Taking my left hand off his shoulder, I brought it down to where his right hand held my arse and covered it with my fingers. Feeling out his index finger, I lifted it clear of the other fingers as I pulled his hand off the cheek of my bum, guided it down between my legs and put his index finger in the indentation of my swimwear where it was now pushing against my clit.

I could only hope that even if he hadn’t fingered a girl before he’d paid enough attention in sex education classes to know what I was asking him to do.

He had. Slowly he started moving his finger up and down with just enough pressure to make my clit light up. Ripples of sensuous pleasure spread through my body. It was beautiful but I quickly wanted more. Putting my mouth to his ear I whispered “put your hand down my pants.”

Ooooh, that was much nicer still. He wasn’t doing anything fancy, just stroking up and down, but it was gorgeous. My body was wet and slippery with my juices, just waiting for his touch. As he got enthusiastic and started jackhammering away from underneath as well I just forgot about timing bounces with the wave, closed my eyes, laid my head back skyward and soaked up the pleasure, feeling my body being pushed about by his thrusting, his cock slowly inching its way deeper as it stretched my bikini bottoms further and further, an orgasm building.

Suddenly with a groan and that now familiar pulsing of his cock I knew he was cumming.

“Keep going, keep going, don’t stop” was all I could get out; not wanting him to take his cock away or stop his fingering.

And them KABOM; moving almost instantaneously from its source in my clit, through my pussy and from there throughout my body, my orgasm exploded, forcing me to throw my head back into the water and my hips hard against his stomach, jamming the hand down my pants in place. “Keep going, keep going” I called again as his thrusting and fingers came to a halt; the former losing its hardness and latter hard against my tingling clit. As his fingers started again the orgasm rolled on until my clit’s exquisite sensitivity made me put a hand over his to call for a stop.

Even then it took me a moment before I could lift my head from the water and look him in the eye.

As our eyes met, I gave him a broad smile, which turned into a giggle as I realised we’d just make love — well sort of made love – in public. As he smiled in response, I warily looked around to see what attention we’d created. None; separated as we were in the deeper water from the main body of swimmers, the world had moved on without us. My calling for more action had been quiet enough and his jackhammering subtle enough that we hadn’t attracted attention.

But now I understood the forces that sometimes made people rip off each other’s clothes and make crazy passionate love in ridiculously public places.

Before we went any further, there was some ground I wanted to cover with Cory and this was as good a time as I’d get for it. “Have you fingered a girl before?”

He didn’t even look sheepish. I think he was quite pleased with what he’d done and rightfully so too. “No”

“Are you a virgin?”

This time he hesitated. “Yes”

“How would you like it if we both lost our virginity together?”

When I asked Cory if he’d like to lose his virginity with me, his jaw dropped; sort of hung there suspended and drooling while his brain processed the information it had just received as if it was having trouble finding the right neural pathway. After all it’s not every virgin male who gets the problem of cracking his first chic solved so easily.

I could tell his brain had worked out the meaning of my words as a smile started to spread across his face. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, but was probably just a moment, his brain managed to form the word “yes” and get it to come out of his mouth; quickly followed by “that would be nice”.

The problem of where this should take place is one I’d already given thought to. Mum and dad, but especially mum, are a little staid in their attitude to sex. Greg finally got away with bringing Karen home for the night because he’s nearly three years older than me, my parents could see the strength of their relationship and finally — not to be underestimated — he’s their son. Yes, that’s right, I could definitely tell there was an element of it being all right for your son to bang away at someone else’s daughter, but it’s different when it’s your daughter receiving the banging from someone else’s son.

I knew that’s an adjustment process they’ll eventually get over. I was less certain of whether they’ll so easily get over my intention to have sex in the context of a more casual relationship.

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