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His penis stood up turgidly, like a small barrel cactus with no needles. A pale pink saguaro covered with a thin translucent layer of latex, up thrust from a shaven outcropping and surrounded in every direction with a curtain of fire — my crimson hair, which entrapped his manly spine, leaving a secret forest with only my emerald eyes to see my soft plump lips descend slowly to wrap around his cochineal tip.

As I used the cusp of my tongue to titillate the sweet spot under his crown, I thought back over the events that led me to giving a blow job to a total stranger in a whorehouse, no less…

It all started with a simple piece of mail. A standard 8.5″ x 6.5″ flyer, printed in glossy color, advertising a business conference in Las Vegas, NV. I threw it on the table with a couple of hundred other junk mailings, and mentioned that we should all go there for a vacation.

We, in this case, meant me, Silky, 5′, Red/green. 34 C, 98 pounds; Jessica, somewhere North of 12′ (Or maybe 5’7″), 36 C (but she’s a c- while I’m a c+) and about 115 pounds. She has Scandinavian blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. And an ass-to-die-for.

And George. He owns us, sorta. Only because we love him and he us. We live in a polyamorous family.

If you read all of my stories and adventures, and you certainly should, you will learn (in Genesis and Exodus) that George originally met Jessica as a street walker in Chicago. You might get confused, because anyone who ever met Jess would know that she is not a common ho.

For a time she worked as a very top echelon escort. Like she got knocked up once by a US Senator…. That’s way off track.

A client of her agency, a man who had enough money to fly girls to Buenos Aires in his jet for a weekend, wanted Jessica. He wanted to pay more money than most honest people make in a pair of months to put his scraggly dick in the aforementioned ass-to-die-for.

Unfortunately, he occasionally returned girls with a few teeth missing, or a broken jaw; Jess refused to pretend like she didn’t mind. Big John beat her, but she has a very hard head (I know!) and she still refused, so she got turned out on the street to humiliate her. Her first trick there was George, and if you read the story like I told you, the rest is obvious.

All this leads up to the look that passed between them when I mentioned a vacation to Las Vegas. She shook her head a fraction of an inch and twisted her lips like she does when she’s worried.

George shrugged just a hair, and said, “Silky can go with me.”

I raised one eyebrow and huffed, “I’m right here, y’all!”

Jess continued to ignore me, her eyes boring into George’s. “Are you sure she’ll be safe? I love her so much.”

The much loved red-head repeated. “I’m right here, y’all!”

“I’ll protect her, you know I will.”

Then, finally, he looked at me. “There’re too many connections between Chicago and Vegas. Someone might see Jessica. If they recognized her, they’d hurt her. So you and I will make this trip alone.”

Befuddled much. George and I on a trip alone? bahis firmaları I get him all to myself? Yea!! Jess could get hurt? Boo! If you have read all my stories (do we have to go through this again?) you already know that Big John caused some serious drama in our lives. He was a Bad Man. Note ‘was.’

So after much discussion, and much packing and repacking, George and I all alone headed for the conference in Vegas. I loved scrunching up next to him on the plane! We stayed at Caesar’s Palace, which is a totally huge place. Our room had its own Jacuzzi, and let me tell you there is lots more room to fuck when you don’t have to include a giant blonde!

George went to boring meetings while I had a facial, a Hawaiian massage, a body wrap, a Native American massage, a mani-pedi and had my hair done with a scalp massage. That was between shopping.

And we ate in a different restaurant every night. Big G has some sort of seven star card or something that let us cut in line. And I wore the tiniest dresses I own, and the highest heels, because I like for all the men to drool and be jealous of my Daddy. It would have been more fun if Jess had been there; when we go places as a threesome guys walk into walls!

So George kind of casually said, “Silk, you know prostitution is legal in Nevada?”

I replied, “Yeah, except in municipalities with more than 400,000 people. Nevada only has 16 counties and one independent city…. That was rhetorical, wasn’t it?”

“Well, I’m kinda interested in seeing what they’ve got.” George always thinks about sex, it’s one of my favorite things about him.

So we took the limo out to Sherri’s Ranch and Brothel. That part of the country (the South West) is all the same; just dirt and rocks, I don’t know how people live like that.

Inside, there is a big parlor and a small bar. George told the hostess what he wanted, and pretty soon a girl named Tiffany joined us to give us the tour. She had black hair, though when she saw mine she said hers was naturally auburn. Mine is not auburn, mine lights up like a sunset in July. She had brown eyes, and wore her originally auburn hair down on her shoulders. She wore a baby-doll nightie in pink silk. It didn’t clash with my hair, so it was OK.

Sherri’s has rooms that are your basic motel setting. The girls live there and entertain in their rooms.

Tiffany offered us the tour, duh, why were we there if not to see everything. They have bungalows for people who want to stay overnight and party. They start at $3000…….

They have a surf party room with a big Jacuzzi — you can’t screw there because it costs a lot to empty and sanitize it if anyone spills body fluids. Another room centers on a three person hot tub that gets cleaned after every use so any activity is cool.

I was more interested in the pole dancing room. I don’t really know how to pole dance, so I perked up over a possible new skill. Then I saw the chains! Sherri offers chains on the wall, a cage, a ‘log’ like ours at home where you get strapped down with your kootichie all exposed, kaçak iddaa excellent for whipping, and a forced masturbation chair that sits you up with your crotch exposed so various toys can be used. That interested me quite a bit, but you have to pay for a second person to be there, no locking up staff alone.

They also provide an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and bar-b-q for parties in warmer weather. I can only imagine those. The facilities include an office for screwing your secretary on the desk, a locker room complete with peepholes where you can, well, peep; only you can carry it much further if you have the cash — want the whole cheerleader squad to gang-bang you? — and a cozy room to snuggle with your girlfriend where things sometimes go further than she planned….

So we went to Tiffany’s room and George tried out all the parts. I licked her and she fingered me, because he always likes to watch first. Then he joined us in the bed. He loves to run his fingers over two girl’s asses while we kiss, and he slides in a finger into each of us. It felt strange to do this with a stranger and not Jess, but it sure turned me on!

Next we each added a finger to the other girl, so I had one of his and one of hers in my vagina, and one of mine and his in hers.

I knew the script, so I pushed her back and started teasing her nipples. She had nice firm B cups, and she really liked the way I suckled them. George slid around and started fingering my ass the way he loves, and then I scooted down to her neatly shaved little twat.

Big G got hard as a rock watching over my shoulder, and I guided him in while I nibbled her clit. So while he reamed me I slobbered all over her pussy, sucking first one lip and then the other in and out, then tongue fucking her, She pumped against me hard enough that I got to her asshole, which she really liked. She came at about the same time he pumped a load into me, and that made me so proud I went over myself.

As we sorted ourselves out, she hugged me and said, “You really know how to give oral sex.”

Again, I beamed. I learned from very good teachers.

Strangely, although I understand, while I could fuck him raw, he had to use a condom to fuck her. Makes sense, and he sure wasn’t going to pass up the chance, raincoat be damned.

After Tiffany gloved him, we licked his cock until he got ready for action. I crawled under my new best friend and licked her clitoris while he slid home. She of course took the opportunity to show off her skills on my pride and joy, my flaming red little bushy fire crotch. George always whaps me with his balls when we do that, but it doesn’t hurt me and he doesn’t complain.

She yelped out “Mmmph!” and “Arrgh!” but that may have been all I heard because her mouth was full of cunt and her thighs were squeezing my ears. Jess tends to blaspheme while cumming, and I usually give out a few ‘fuckmes’ and such. Again, it turned me on to have a new-comer in our bed. But I guess it’s her bed, and none of us were new to cumming.

Once again we piled together. I lazily rubbed kaçak bahis her hip, and noticed the three little scars she had from a cat when she was a kid.

“So how long do you work, sweetie?” I asked

“The normal shift is a week on and three weeks off, but I’m doing an extended tour.”

“Why?” I probed, gently.

She began to cry silently and finally said “I have to.”

“Why?” I repeated, sounding like a three year old.

After several attempts to evade an answer, she confessed that her husband had gotten deep in debt gambling. Some Bad Men had taken her child hostage, and sent her to Vegas to earn $50,000. She couldn’t go home until it was paid.

“I have an answer!” I exclaimed. “My man still has to go to boring meetings, I want to learn some new stuff, and I really like how you taste. Why don’t I stay here a few days and help you earn money? If that’s OK with you, George.”

He smiled and nodded. After a little negotiation with Sherri, I moved into Tiff’s room and we set up a schedule. Of course, I had to fill out a stupid application, wait until Thursday to get the Gyno exam and STD blood tests, and get my Nye County Sheriff”s Prostitution License. Details!

The next night I got in my first line-up. Customers asked to see everyone from whom to choose, and I got so nervous… it felt like getting a date to the prom.

A nice looking guy in his 50’s with blonde hair and glasses picked me on the first go round! I took him on the tour, but I could see in his eyes that the masturbation chair tented his britches, so I suggested he get Tiffany as the assistant. He gave me $2500 for the time, and I felt glad all over to be helping someone out. And Tiffany. And learning, too.

I took off my clothes (Note to self — skip the undies after this) but Tiffany stayed robed as he didn’t pay to see her, even though I suggested as much. He stripped naked as well.

Anyway, I sat in the chair and through my hair aside so she could fasten the collar around my neck. Then my arms got locked behind me, and my ankles to the chair legs. She gave him a big Hitachi wand, and he turned it on and pushed it through the hole in the seat against my labia.

Rocket City Ride! I came in about a minute; fun, but somehow not the same as a hard dick. Then he fumbled a dildo into my twat, and slid it in and out for a while. He had more fun with that than I did. He started stroking himself while he cupped my Mons, and I couldn’t move or anything. I really couldn’t.

I started getting into the whole thing, and moaned and bucked as much as I could, until a stream of hot sticky cum shot over my tits and belly. He totally lost his load. I wanted to get him going again, but Tiffany whispered to me that he had to pay more for further fun, so I had to stop. But he hugged me and said he’d had a great time, and that he wanted me next time. Wow, I’m good at this!

Later a guy wanted a straight fuck followed by a blow job, so I wound up in the secret place I first mentioned, licking my own secretions off his latex. He wanted to fill the tip twice, so hey, the customer is always right, right? Fill it we did.

I can tell Jessica stories for months when I get home; She always does things before I do — but I don’t think she can pole dance…. Now I’m the expert.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32