Voyage of Discovery

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Chloe Markham turned over in bed and opened her eyes. She’d left the hotel room’s shutters open the night before and the morning sun was streaming in through the window. The other side of the bed was empty and she took the opportunity to stretch out, enjoying the feel of the smooth cotton sheets against her naked body.

Chloe wasn’t sorry she was alone. Her lover Leo had suddenly announced the night before, as soon as he’d finished fucking her in the ass and was lying propped against a pillow, he had decided to stay in Rhodes and join an artist’s commune and would be leaving early in the morning. “Fine,” she had said, turning over and falling asleep.

She’d met Leo at the art gallery in London where she worked. The private view of his latest paintings had been wildly successful and Chloe was flattered when he invited her to join his guests for dinner afterwards. Several times in the restaurant he had reached down under the table and run his fingers lightly over the inside of her thigh, each time stroking closer to her aroused sex, making her almost faint with pleasurable anticipation until he finally entered her with his middle fingers and brought her, quivering and shaking, to orgasm.

Later, when the guests had departed, Leo asked if she would like to continue the celebration in his riverside apartment, and she’d said yes immediately. He had barely shut the door before he unzipped himself and urged Chloe to her knees. She’d willingly opened her lips and sucked his heavy penis deep into her mouth, aware he was only making her do what she’d been looking forward to doing all evening. And she was pleasantly surprised when, after he’d climaxed and she greedily swallowed a huge quantity of his thick, creamy semen, Leo had made imaginative use of a champagne bottle in her cunt while vigorously fucking her in the ass, bringing her to an even more shattering climax than earlier in the evening.

Strikingly pretty and petite with exceedingly large breasts, Chloe was ready for the pleasures of taking a more mature lover and Leo, with his prominence on the London art scene, was the perfect choice. He was tall, strikingly handsome, with piercing blue eyes and long silver hair, and he only ever wore black. Unfortunately, like all artists, he was also self-centered, an egocentricity which extended to his lovemaking. He considered foreplay an unnecessary inconvenience unless it was Chloe doing it and though he never ceased to extend the limits of her sexual knowledge, it was always for his pleasure, never for hers. Gradually Chloe began to lose her starry-eyed attraction to Leo.

Her misgivings about joining him when he suggested they use the proceeds from the sale of his paintings for a holiday in Greece were borne out as soon as the plane took off and he demanded they join the Mile-High Club. Chloe agreed, but any pleasure she might have felt vanished when he ordered her to bend over and grasp her ankles, yanked her panties down and roughly thrust his cock deep into her sex and started pumping hard, ignoring the fact that every time he rammed his groin against her buttocks Chloe bumped her head on the sink.

This thoughtlessness became the pattern throughout the holiday, with Leo’s lovemaking usually little more than several minutes fevered humping into her pussy or ass after which he would fall fast asleep with a drunken grin on his face and Chloe would have to masturbate to achieve satisfaction. She soon decided it was too high a price to pay for an all-over tan…

Turning over onto her back and pushing the sheet down to bare her breasts, the heat of the sun already causing drops of sweat to form in her cleavage, Chloe reached for her watch to see what time it was. The watch was gone. So was her purse and passport. The bedside table was empty.

Chloe leapt out of bed swearing wildly as she checked the cupboards. All her possessions were gone. Leo had taken all her money, leaving only her return plane ticket from Athens to London. He had even stolen her clothes, except for a t-shirt which was too small, jeans and her loafers. She couldn’t help sitting on the bed and laughing ruefully: at least the bastard had left her a comfortable pair of shoes!

Reluctantly Chloe decided she would have to go to the police. She showered quickly, taking savage delight in soaping her asshole particularly well to wash away Leo’s sperm, and then dressed, pulling on the t-shirt and grimacing at herself in the mirror. The tight fabric emphasized the fullness of her braless breasts rather than hiding them. The jeans were the same, the tight denim clinging to the rounded curves of her bottom and disappearing between the lips of her pussy. God, she thought with a flash of annoyance, Leo could have at least left her some underwear.

She followed the instructions she’d been given by the hotel and found the nearest police station but she was amazed and angered when she was told there was very little they could do. The fat sergeant behind Etiler escort the desk pointed out Leo could be anywhere on the island, or already have left for the mainland, and would Chloe be staying on Rhodes long enough for them to complete their investigations? The paperwork you understand, the policeman said, shrugging his shoulders.

Chloe asked if the police could at least lend her the money for the ferry back to Athens but they adamantly refused, claiming it would be impossible to guarantee recovery of the funds after she’d flown back to the UK. All the sergeant was prepared to do was suggest if she went down to the harbor and spoke to one of the crewmen in the dockside taverna she might be able to negotiate a passage on a ship and arrange payment when she reached the British Consulate in Athens.

Her breasts jiggling heavily as she walked, bringing all sorts of unwelcome suggestions from passing men, Chloe made her way to the dockside. She knew approaching an ordinary Greek seaman might lead to them misunderstanding her intentions so she decided to explain her plight to a uniformed officer she saw drinking a coffee. She was delighted to find he was not only sympathetic but prepared to take her on board his ship and allow her to hide in his cabin until they reached Athens. Deeply relieved, Chloe was delighted she would soon be rid of Rhodes, Leo and the whole sad situation.

The officer introduced himself as Iannis Metrides and suggested they went on board straightaway. “It is better now because my colleagues will be on duty or in the town,” he said.

Iannis led the way to a large passenger ferry and Chloe followed him below deck to his cabin. It was a small room with little more than a bed, locker and a few personal possessions scattered around. Chloe sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the photograph of a woman which stood on the bedside table.

“She was my wife,” Iannis said. “She was very pretty but she died in childbirth. We were high in the mountains and could not get to a hospital in time when the birth went wrong.”

As he spoke, Iannis removed his jacket and hung it in the wardrobe, then unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Chloe could see his chest was tautly muscled, his stomach flat and hard. She thought he looked very fit as he opened a drawer, took out a starched white t-shirt and pulled it on. Watching him change, Chloe tried to quell the rising sexual desire she felt, telling herself she was only attracted to him because Leo had treated her so badly and it was wrong for her to feel this way when Iannis was a widower. But she still felt her nipples stiffening under the thin material of her cotton t-shirt, and between her legs her pussy felt hot and slippery.

“Please make yourself comfortable, Chloe,” Iannis said handing her a small stack of old English magazines from his locker. “I will be on duty until ten tonight and then I will bring food and drink and you can tell me all about yourself to help me improve my English.”

“That would be nice,” Chloe said, smiling.

“But please, keep the door locked,” Iannis said quickly. “You are officially a stowaway and I would be dismissed if anyone found you in my cabin.”

“Of course,” said Chloe, picking up a magazine and making herself comfortable against a pillow. “I’ll see you when you get off duty. And Iannis?”


“Thank you,” she said. “You’ve been very kind.”



Chloe was dozing when Iannis returned and she sat up, hurriedly pulling together the waistband of her too-tight jeans. She had run the zip down to make herself comfortable and she blushed when she looked up and saw the desire in his eyes as he stared at her mons.

“I bring gifts, pretty lady,” Iannis said, laying out fresh bread, butter and salami sausage on the bed. Helping herself to the food, Chloe ate ravenously while Iannis opened a bottle of white wine and handed her a glass. She felt the alcohol go straight to her head as they shared the fiery Greek spirit. It was a nice feeling. Eventually Chloe could eat no more and she lay back on the pillow, listening while the handsome Greek told her about his home and his love for the sea.

She felt safe, replete, and a little drunk with the wine and she longed to have Iannis lying naked on top of her, his lips crushing hers, his muscled chest pressing against her hard nipples, his cock thrusting repeatedly into her overheated cunt. For a moment she thought guiltily of his wife and then she placed her hand on the inside of his thigh and slid it up over his penis. His cock was big and very hard and she said softly, “Iannis, please… I want to thank you for helping me.”

Iannis responded like a wild animal, tearing off his clothes while Chloe hurriedly stripped off her t-shirt and pulled her jeans down her legs and threw them aside. She barely had time to register his cock was circumcised before he had hooked his arms under her legs and hoisted them high into the air, spreading Beşiktaş escort her wide and making her scream with pleasure as he thrust the full length of his massive sex deep into her sopping wet pussy.

Grinding her sex against his, Chloe couldn’t believe how big Iannis felt between her legs as her whole body vibrated with his repeated thrusts. Panting and heaving under him, she offered him her breasts, cupping them in her hands so he could suck and kiss and bite the stiff nipples. As he did so he slid a finger between the cheeks of her energetically bouncing buttocks and pushed it up into her anus, making Chloe moan loudly with delight. Hurriedly Iannis covered her mouth with his free hand to stifle her cries.

Chloe felt like a nymph willingly offering herself to be ravished by a Greek god. Nothing else existed except the strength and power of Iannis’s body vigorously fucking hers, his suckling mouth on her sensitive breast-flesh, one and then more of his fingers entering her asshole and working back and forth, his big cock repeatedly filling her pussy to bursting. She bucked and writhed and twisted underneath him, her overflowing pussy filling the cabin with the heady scent of her cunt cream dripping onto the sheets. And then she felt Iannis’s body go rigid against her and he pressed his mouth hard into the soft flesh of the nipple filling his mouth, a deep moan of intense pleasure escaping his chest.

The huge pole of his penis buried to the hilt inside Chloë started to throb and pulse and a flood of sperm burst from his cock into her sucking sex. She responded with her own blast of liquid heat, her groin jerking spasmodically against his, her climaxing cunt milking his spurting cock of every drop of cum. Finally Iannis heaved his hips in a last deep thrust and his body relaxed.

Gingerly Chloe lowered her legs to the bed while her belly spasmed involuntarily with the delicious aftermath of her orgasm, her breasts heaving as she fought to slow her breathing. Iannis slowly extracted his fingers from her bottom and Chloe was amazed when she saw him put them into his mouth and lick them clean, savoring the taste of her back passage.

Easing his penis from the sucking grasp of her flooded sex, Iannis lay down next to Chloe and settled his face into her neck. For a moment she delighted in the heat of his body and the creaminess between her legs as his sperm oozed from her pussy and the feel of his still-hard sex which flexed and throbbed against her thigh. Then she fell asleep, blissfully aware she had at last met a man who cared as much about her pleasure when he fucked her as his own.


Twice during the night Iannis woke her with his lips and hands, cajoling and coaxing her body to respond to his hard, hungry penis. The first time he lifted her on to her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her, cupping her heavy sleep-warm breasts in his hands and mounting her like a dog, thrusting his cock into her sperm-filled cunt. Closing her eyes in ecstasy, Chloe bit the pillow to stifle her screams as she climaxed again and again, each orgasm more pleasurable than the last.

The second time Iannis maneuvered his body to lie on top of her, his face buried between her legs, sucking out his sperm and her cream as she slowly engulfed the full length of his thick dark penis between her lips. They lay entwined, sucking and masturbating each other until at last Chloe felt the tell-tale swelling of Iannis’s rod and he unleashed a stream of creamy jism deep into her clasping throat. She swallowed for what seemed like an eternity as she too shuddered and let out a deep-throated groan of orgasmic release, filling Iannis’s mouth with her honeyed cum.


The next morning Chloe woke alone and she stretched languidly. She assumed Iannis was on duty because there were croissants and butter in a basket by the bed together with a thermos full of strong Greek coffee. She drank gratefully, washing the thick aftertaste of Iannis’s salty semen from the back of her throat. For a moment she thought how incredible he was; no other man she’d ever met was able to produce such prodigious amounts of sperm and she was amazed at his powers of regeneration.

Crossing her legs, Chloe ate a croissant and looked out of the window. All she could see was the sea stretching away in the distance. There were no fishing boats in sight so she assumed the ship was far out in the Aegean, making its way round the Dodecanese islands towards Athens. She wondered how long the voyage would take and whether she would make it without being discovered and if she would be in love with Iannis by the time they docked. She was certainly in lust with him, and he with her, judging by the ferocious energy he’d shown when he fucked her mouth and cunt.

Finishing her breakfast, Chloe peed in the compact toilet, enjoying the sensation as Iannis’s cum dripped from her open pussy, and then decided to take a shower in the cabin’s tiny shower-stall. She Taksim escort smiled when she smelled the pine-scented soap Iannis used. It explained why his skin always smelled so nice.

Chloe washed her hair and then rubbed herself with a natural sponge which made her skin tingle, particularly when she sponged her breasts. There were tiny bite marks around the areolae, trophies from Iannis’s passion, and Chloe smiled with pleasure at the memory of her legs waving in the air as Iannis furiously plowed her into his mattress.

She toweled herself dry and dressed in one of Iannis’s shirts, spending the rest of the morning reading the magazines he had given her and staring out of the porthole at the azure blue of the Aegean. Her life in England seemed so remote from the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and she indulged herself in the fantasy of marrying the handsome Greek so she could wait like the wife of Ulysses for him to come home to her from his voyages, bearing gifts for which she would thank him by enveloping his sex with hers and draining him of the pent-up male seed stored in his aching balls. The intensity of the fantasy made Chloe shiver and she realized she was hungry, for food and for Iannis.

She noticed the photograph on the bedside table and reached over to turn it face-down. She didn’t want him to be looking at it when he was fucking her and she felt guilty because she knew she wanted him to do even more to her than he had already done. In particular filling her ass to bursting with that gorgeous fat tool of his, something he’d not yet given any sign of wanting to do. It was a delicious thought and Chloe surrendered to the inevitable, lying back on the bed and spreading her legs wide.

The erotic scent of her own arousal filled her nostrils as she put one hand between her legs and unbuttoned Iannis’s shirt with the other. Her breasts were swollen, even bigger than usual, and very sensitive. She sighed with pleasure as she dabbled her fingers in the moisture oozing from between her pussylips and brought drops of her cream, musky with her arousal, to the engorged tip of first one breast and then the other, stroking the thick liquid across the velvet soft skin.

Lifting a full globe to her mouth, she lapped at it with her darting tongue, enclosing its hard point with her lips. Then she did the same to the other one, circling the peak and lathering it with her saliva. Suckling her breasts intensified the sensation between her legs as she rubbed and stroked her clit and she repeatedly thrust her fingers into the wet hole of her pussy which opened and closed around them with a loud slurping noise.

As her self-fuck grew in speed and force, Chloe’s sighs turned to moans as she dug her heels into the bed and lifted her hips up so she could open her pussy even wider and drive as much of her hand inside herself as she could. Slurping and sloshing in the cream pouring from her sex, Chloe’s bunched fingers stretched her even wider than Iannis’s cock and felt wonderful. They filled her cunt and excited her to an intense pitch of arousal. In her mind her hand was Iannis’s cock and it was his fingers kneading her heaving breasts and tugging her nipples out from her areolas until she almost shrieked with pain and pleasure.

She could picture his dark, heavy cock shuttling in and out of her mouth, or filling the tautness of her distended pussywalls, or, best of all, forcing its way past her anal sphincter and furiously fucking her asshole. Chloe’s orgasm rose in a tidal wave of pleasure as she thought of giving her back passage to her handsome Greek lover and she shuddered uncontrollably and moaned loudly as she climaxed, her belly quivering as her pussywalls spasmed round her deeply buried hand, sending a flood of her honey over its thickness. The seductive image of Iannis buttfucking her remained with Chloe as she drifted into oblivion once more.



During the early afternoon the boat docked and Chloe listened to the metallic thumps as cars and trucks were loaded off and on the ship. She heard voices but dared not look out of the porthole in case someone saw her. She wondered where they had reached on the voyage and hoped Iannis would find time to visit her, not only because she longed to see and touch him but also because she was growing increasingly hungry. By the evening, when Iannis finally returned, she was starving and her hands were shaking. Iannis apologized profusely for not having been able to return at midday but said the Captain had needed him to work on the charts of the Cyclades, plotting a course that would take them to dock briefly at Amorgos and then round the islands of Thira and Milos.

“But at least I have brought chicken, tomatoes, fresh fruit and even -” He paused, then brought out an object wrapped in a serviette from the basket, “baklava – sweet of the gods.”

Chloe clapped her hands with pleasure as Iannis smiled broadly. Then she lifted her face towards him and closed her eyes, her lips parting. Iannis kissed her fiercely, his tongue interweaving with hers. She could tell from his kiss how excited he was, an excitement confirmed when she reached her hand up between his legs and felt a huge bulge thrusting upwards from his crotch.

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