Waiting for Uncle Zac

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My name is Sandy; I am tall and slim with dark wavy hair hanging down my back to my hips. I have just had my eighteenth birthday. When I was fourteen, my Uncle Zac came to stay with us for a month before going off to live and work in Dubai. He is my mother’s stepbrother but he had worked at foreign locations since before I was born. Mum was eighteen when her father married Zac’s mother and she loved him to bits right from the start. They always kept in touch and the whole family was excited that he was finally coming to stay at our house. At that time he was thirty-three years old, rake thin, with wide shoulders and very shy of women. His straight black hair flopped over his forehead and into his eyes. He constantly pushed it off his face.

I fell in love with him at once. For that whole month I made a nuisance of myself, bumping into him in hallways, waking him by climbing into his bed in the mornings and anything else to make him notice me. He was very patient and gentle with me but refused to treat me as an adult or show me more affection than expected from an uncle.

When he left I was desolated but made up my mind that he would be the first man I went to bed with. With that in mind I wrote to him regularly, keeping him informed about all my adolescent problems and dreams. He must have recognised my perfect man as himself. The next three and a half years were spent grooming myself for him and I explained every step in my letters. I did a lot of sport, watched my diet, read everything I could find about the mechanics of sex and arousal and put it all in those letters. He knew that I was saving myself for him.

His letter couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me however much it pissed Mum off. Mum and Dad had booked non-exchangeable tickets to Sydney to visit Dad’s family and they would be away for the first fortnight of Zac’s return visit. I was ecstatic, although I kept that carefully hidden. Mum gave me all sorts of instructions about looking after him, and food and things, Lefkoşa Escort but was pleased that he was going to be there. She hadn’t been happy about leaving me at home alone.

When Zac’s taxi arrived I was at the door to meet him. The hello kiss I gave him was very restrained so as not to scare him. However, after dinner he went upstairs early, trying to get ahead of the jetlag and I sat down to plan for the morning.

At six am I did as I had years ago; woke him after getting into his bed. This time I wasn’t wearing my Mickey Mouse pyjamas. Wearing instead only a light spray of Seduction, I woke him by sliding down in the bed and gently sucking his morning hardon. It took several minutes before he did more than moan and sigh. Once he woke of course, he tried to take it out of my mouth, protesting that this wasn’t the right thing to do. I held fast and kissed and licked, then sucked the purple head right down my throat, gagging at first. However, it didn’t take too long to get used to it as I slurped saliva all over it and stroked his tight ball sack with my right hand while I massaged his anus with my left. It was only about three minutes before he came in my throat, his hands holding my head and stroking my hair.

I knew I had cracked it. Now that I had sucked him so thoroughly it would be much easier to persuade him to take my cherry. Moving up the bed I kissed him letting him taste himself on my tongue. As I kissed him I ran my left hand over his flat stomach and down through his pubic hair to his flaccid cock, playing with it, rubbing the ball of my thumb over the eye and wrapping my fingers around the shaft. He began by grasping my upper arms, trying to push me off. As his cock hardened again, he used his grip on my biceps to pull me closer. As well as my hand, I was rubbing my pelvic bone against him. My pussy was dripping wet and leaking onto his balls.

Moving so that both arms were around his neck and I was rubbing my cunt up the length Girne Escort of his cock drove him wild. He lifted me by the hips so that his cock was able to point upward then he pulled me down gently onto it. It penetrated slowly hesitating when it came to my hymen. I pushed down hard, gasped and felt him fill me. It was wonderful. His right hand moved to my clitoris, his left to my nipple, which he bit on gently, then sucked hard. I set my own rhythm moving slowly and sensuously at the beginning then faster as my orgasm built. As my cunt tightened round his shaft he grabbed my hips and slammed me up and down until he pumped cum into me.

The next twelve days were magic; I teased him by wearing just a bra and thong, lay in wait for him all over the house, naked or without panties, and slept with him every night. My knowledge was all theoretical and he was very inexperienced but lust and time taught us a lot. Sometimes he treated me like a princess, sometimes like a slut. Gentle sensuous touching turned us both on but a little bit of rough sex at the right time produced fantastic orgasms for us.

I enjoyed working around the house and suddenly finding him behind me with his cock hard. Taking me like that, especially from behind with no foreplay was a real turn on. On the Wednesday evening Mum called from Sydney to check that all was well. We had made love, and been sitting watching television, and as soon as I answered the phone Zac pushed up my skirt, spread my legs and started eating me out. Staying coherent and making sense was difficult, as he licked my clit I couldn’t hold back a moan and, of course, Mum immediately asked what was wrong. I had to think quickly and told her that the t.v. had shown a really bad car smash. She knows that always turns my stomach.

All this time Zac was tonguing me and sucking up my cunt juices. As soon as the phone call was over we went into a sixtyniner and his cock was so hard I thought it would burst and I was desperate Magosa Escort to climax, grinding my cunt into his face. His chin was pressing against my clit as his tongue laved my hole. He came in my mouth with such force that the cum hit the back of my throat almost making me choke. I kept sucking as my own orgasm hit and his cock stayed hard.

He lifted me up and spun me round so that I sat on his cock facing his feet. As I rose and then lowered myself on his shaft he lubed my arsehole with KY and inserted first one finger then two adding more lubricant as he went. He lifted me off him and told me to get on my hands and knees. I was apprehensive but he pushed slowly and smoothly using plenty of KY. I yelped as the head popped in but as his shaft slid smoothly into my arse I sighed with pleasure. It was the best sex. He played with my clit and nipples biting my neck and shoulders as he did so. He started slowly and gentlly then built up speed until he was slamming his cock into my arse as hard and fast as he could. I came multiple times screaming his name but because he had already cum twice he just kept going. After about ten minutes he pulled out and we both got in the shower.

His erection stayed up and I went down on my knees to suck him. The cascading water felt wonderful and I just got hornier. He picked me up and pushed me down on him so that I was sitting on his hard cock with my legs wrapped around him. He hugged me with both arms moving me up and down to ride his engorged cock as he leaned back against the shower wall. After two more orgasms I climbed off and went down on my knees behind him playing with his balls and rimming his arse with my tongue. As he relaxed I was almost able to force my rolled tongue right into his tight hole. I was stroking his huge hardon at the same time. He pulled me through between his legs and pushed his cock into my waiting mouth. He fucked my face for several minutes before pulling out of my mouth and cumming all over my face and breasts.

When Mum and Dad got back we knew each other’s bodies really well and had planned to move in together at the end of next year when I go up to the city to start university. In the meantime we will make do with phone sex, cybersex and the occasional weekend. I’m so glad I waited for Uncle Zac.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32