Walk the Plank

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It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon at the gym. Not many people here. But you and I are here. I’ve had my eye on you for a long time. Fantasizing what it would be like to be with you. See your amazing body naked. Feel the power of your muscles underneath my hands. Taste you.

There is a small private training room off the back of the weight room. It is accessed by only one door and has mirrors on every wall. When the lights are off, it is hard to see in there from the gym floor. There’s a water fountain by the door that is frequently used by ppl out on the gym floor.

It’s my favorite room to stretch and do abs. I’ve fantasized about hooking up with you in this room countless times. You holding me up against a mirrored wall and fucking me. My knees hooked around your arms, spread wide for you. Me on my knees sucking your cock. You bending me over the PT table in there, pulling my hair to secure my submission. Pushing the side of my face into the padded tabletop as you fuck me hard. And both of us watching in the mirrors. Our sweaty gerçek porno bodies pumping in rhythm.

I’m in there today by myself for some ab work after working up a sweat doing cardio. In between sets, I watch through the mirrors what little is going on out on the floor, and catch glimpses of you working out. Just the sight of you makes my pussy clench.

I finish a set and am resting; looking out the window opposite the door, and don’t see you come in – or lock the door. I turn back to start my next set and then notice you by the door filling your water bottle at the fountain.

Back to work…I get into a plank position, face down on my elbows with my feet far apart. I have my headphones in and am focused on my form. I don’t see you coming towards me until you’re literally on top of me. You’ve straddled me and have one hand firmly on my waist, pulling me into you. I freeze, not sure how to react, feeling like a small animal who has just been unexpectedly pinned.

The hand on my waist moves gay porno up to cup my breast as your other hand pushes me down onto my knees. You pin my hips back against yours with a forceful movement.

You squeeze my hardening nipple between your fingers and a moan escapes my lips. Your fingers find their way under my bra and begin to roll my nipple.

My nipples are very sensitive and this stimulation will make me cum very quickly. Somehow, you sense this and don’t let up. I begin to buck and moan louder as I get closer to that threshold.

I can feel your cock getting hard through your thin workout pants and grind my hips into you. You start to thrust against me and pinch my nipple just a little harder.

Up and over I go, falling into that sweet release. I don’t realize how loud I have become and you clamp a hand over my mouth.

Now I’m really pinned – at the hips by one hand and the other at my mouth lets me know you’re not letting go any time soon.

You pull your pants down and release evli porno your hard cock. Pulling down my pants, you plunge your cock into my wet and waiting pussy.

It’s a damned good thing your hand is still over my mouth as I scream my surprise and pleasure. One of your fingers slips into my mouth and I suck and bite on it. Moaning and trying to breath around your hand covering my mouth.

I glance over at the door and don’t see anyone, but am anxious that someone will try to come into the room soon. This can’t last long; someone is bound to try to come in.

You know we don’t have much time before we get caught and pump me fast and hard, slamming your cock into me before pulling all the way out again. Again and again you thrust into me and let the intensity and urgency take over. My orgasm hasn’t let up; it’s one big, long sensation of incredible, wet pleasure. One last deep thrust and you fill me, groaning.

As your cock softens, you release your firm grip on my mouth, pull back to disengage and pull your pants up.

We’re both still catching our breath as you stand and walk towards the door. Just before you reach the door, you turn part way towards me, and I can see through the mirrors the grin on your face. Then you walk out the door.

Neither of us has spoken a word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32