Walt and Rhonda Ch. 15

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an ongoing fantasy series of a fictional married couple enjoying an open relationship. It contains scenes of extramarital and unprotected sex. If that’s not for you, please move on. Civil comments welcome!

Thanks to all who have stuck with the series. If you are joining at this juncture, chapters 1, 2, and 5 are enough to get you up to speed. But they’re all pretty good, IMHO. But I have no more Walt and Rhonda stories written, son it might be a while before I post more of them. Apologies to those who are following the series, but time for the new joiners to catch up.


“Really? She said you should bring help?” They were out to dinner, and talking of their weekend with Danielle. Rhonda picked an appetizer off the plate. “That’s what she called it; help?”

“Just like that,” Walt confirmed, and lifted a stuffed mushroom to his mouth and chewed thoughtfully.

Rhonda looked at him, her fork poised halfway to her mouth. “Do you think she meant, like, something chemical, to keep you up?” Her fork neared her mouth, then pulled back. “Or did she mean another man?” She took the food into her mouth, delighting in the mix of flavors.

“Oh, she definitely meant another guy,” Walt confirmed, nodding and grinning. “She was insatiable, you remember.”

Rhonda swallowed, and added, “Oh, I remember.” she rolled her eyes in mock surprise. “Believe me, I remember!”

Walt reached across the table and took her hand. “You were so hot that night,” he told her, and she felt a little tingle at his tender touch. “You were pretty insatiable yourself.” He grinned at her. “I know I’ve said it already, but it was so hot seeing you with her, and then doing you while she was, too.” She watched his eyes glance around them, and lowered his voice. “When we were both fucking you at once, you were so sexy, so hot, I almost couldn’t stand it,” he told her, and she felt a warmth run through her, not just from the remembering, but from hearing him compliment her in such a lurid manner.

“It was so hot, having both of you in me,” she told him, looking directly into his eyes. For the next few minutes the world dropped away for her, and there was only the two of them, the sound and sights and scents of the restaurant fading into the background, her universe closing in to encapsulate them in a cocoon of their shared experience. “Being with her, licking her, tasting her,” she related, “it was so far beyond my boundaries, so new; so erotic and irresistible. When she licked you out of me I thought I had gone to heaven.” She felt a rush of excitement as the words recalled her sensations that night. “And then, riding her toy, and feeling you inside me, too, it was beyond describable.” She gazed into his face for a long, silent moment, wordless massages passing between them as they each experienced the event in their shared memories.

“Excuse me,” they heard from nearby, bursting their isolation bubble and the environment returned. Rhonda looked to her side to see a woman there, standing at their table. She was dressed in a conservative business suit, and the expression on her face told them she was none too pleased. “It should be none of my business, and I wish it were,” she began condescendingly, addressing both of them at first, but then settling on Rhonda. “But you should know that your voices are not as low as they ought to be in a public place,” she stated intolerantly. “There are other people here, trying to eat, and your… your… disgusting perversions are…well, it’s disgusting.” Rhonda felt the woman’s eyes drilling into her; clearly she was upset not only at what was said, but at her, for saying it. She quickly took a glance around to see if they had drawn any other unwelcome attention, saw no faces looking her way except for the friends of the woman addressing them.

“I’m sorry if we disturbed you,” she apologized, risking a glance at Walt, who suddenly found something interesting on his plate to examine. Big help. Still, the woman had clearly addressed her, and so she responded. “We’ll keep it down.”

“It turns my stomach,” the woman added for emphasis. “Talking about your bedroom antics should be kept in the bedroom,” she insisted haughtily. “And what you said…a proper woman doesn’t do such things, never mind speak of them in public!”

There; it was out, Rhonda told herself, and felt her body instinctively assume a defensive posture. She straightened to her full seated height, and looked the offended patron directly in the eye.

“First,” she began, “I already apologized, and second, who are you to judge me, to judge US, and what we do?” she spoke softly and without anger, keeping her tone as neutral as she knew how. “It’s not your business, is it?”

“If you say it out loud, it becomes everyone’s business,” the woman replied, not backing down.

“Fair enough,” she acknowledged, “but hearing it and thinking…what you think…is not that same as coming to me and casting your judgment on me. Is that called for?” The woman’s mouth dropped open and she stammered, trying to reply, but Rhonda rolled arap escort over her. “Listen, what we do together is our business, and I’m sorry if I offended you. And let me say, for the record, that if I had heard someone talking like this ten years ago, or even two years ago, I would have been just as shocked as you are. But I never would have approached the person and…called them names. What makes you think we are the slightest bit interested in your opinion of what we do?” The woman’s mouth was opening and closing now; she struggled for words, and Rhonda carried on. “We are mature, married adults, and we enjoy ourselves. Why is that something you feel you need to criticize us for?”

“The…the things you said…what you were talking about…a woman should not behave that way, dear,” she said, more conciliatory now, but still sticking to her guns. “You should have more respect for yourself, and not let others treat you that way.” She blinked rapidly as she finished her statement, as though for emphasis.

“Respect? Treat me that way?” she asked, her voice a little louder now. “It was my idea!” she laughed, and looked to Walt for confirmation. He was now watching the exchange with a bemused grin. She turned back to the woman. “Like I said, what we do, and how we do it is none of your business. I have already apologized for speaking too loudly. But you don’t judge me; nobody judges me.” She looked at the woman, who remained silent, and she narrowed her eyes. “I think we’re done, no? Why don’t you go sit back down with your friends. And sweetie,” she added, kindly, but without regret, “loosen up a little. You’re kind of uptight.”

The woman stood there a second longer, and then harrumphed and turned and walked away. Rhonda turned back to Walt. “Can you believe that?”

“Perhaps you were a little too loud,” h observed.

“A simple ‘shush’ would have been sufficient,” she smirked, and they resumed their dinner.

After the main course was served, she resumed where she had left off before the woman had interrupted than, this time keeping aware of the volume of her speech.

“You know,” she took up, her voice hushed and secretive, “you mentioned Danielle saying you should bring help next time,” she began. “What do you think about bringing Frank the next time? With Danielle?”

He grinned at her. “Bold move,” he commented, “for a woman who wasn’t sure she could get him to come back last time!” he quipped.

“Stop, I’m serious, Walt.”

“I know you are,” he said, motioning with his fork. “The question is, what are you serious about?” He looked at her with a suspicious leer, his eyes narrowed and focused, but the corner of his mouth betrayed his amusement. “Is it a foursome you’re serious about?” he teased. “A gangbang three-on-one? Or are you serious about granting Danielle’s wish?” He poked his plate with the fork for emphasis. “Or,” he paused for effect, “is there something else you’ve got on your mind?” He picked up the ravioli and popped it into his mouth, chewing with a grin.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she answered, looking away.

“I think you do,” he countered. “I know how your mind works,” he added, finishing chewing and grinning broadly. “You’re trying to get Danielle together with Frank.”

“No, that’s not… No.” She was flustered, because that was exactly what she was thinking, but she thought she was being slick. She snorted a laugh at herself. “Oh, all right,” she admitted, and he smiled at her, and she saw the admiration in his eyes.

“You hopeless do-gooder,” he grinned, “you think Frank needs a good woman, and you know Danielle is looking for a guy,” he told her, “and you think that since they have both been involved with us, that they would appreciate each others…uh-m…tendencies, so you want to pair them up.”

“But don’t you think they’d be perfect together?” she blurted. “Danielle is so sweet, so nice…”

“So hot.”

“Yes, hot too, she’s such a wonderful person; and Frank is … well,” she trailed off.

“Its okay, Ronnie, you can say you like him.” He looked at her, and she saw only his love in his gaze. “You’re attracted to him, I know that. Just like I’m attracted to Danni.”

“Well, yes, he’s attractive,” she managed.

“No, not attractive. Of course, he’s a handsome guy, but he’s more than that to you. You like him. A lot. I see it in you.” He reached out and took her hand. “It’s okay, you know. I understand how you feel about him.” He squeezed her fingers in his own. “And you want him to be happy, and you think he needs a good woman, one who compares well with you. And you think Danielle is that girl.”

“Oh, but isn’t she?” Rhonda effused. “They’re so alike, she’s so lively and full of life, and he’s such a rare gem, and so handsome, so considerate; they’d be perfect together.”

“I can see you’re excited about the idea, trying to match up two people you care about,” he advised, and she felt her enthusiasm wane, just a little, waiting for the ‘but’ she knew was coming. “But there is a wide difference escort arap in their ages; she’s younger than us, and he’s older, and I think you could be setting yourself up for a disappointment if you want this too much.”

“I know,” she admitted glumly. But then, ever the idealist, she cast her doubts aside. “But wouldn’t it be great if it worked out?”

“All I’m saying is that they need something in common besides wanting to have sex with you, with us,” he warned.

“That’s not all I’m looking at; you just can’t see the possibilities,” she countered.

“Excuse me; I don’t mean to interrupt.”

They both turned at the male voice that suddenly appeared at their table. He was younger than them, though not quite Danielle’s age; maybe late thirties, well dressed, tall and fit. Rhonda spoke first.

“Oh, hello, yes? Can I help you?”

“Yes, perhaps,” he said and eyed a chair from a nearby empty table. “You mind?” They nodded and he drew the chair to their table and sat. “Thank you,” he noted as he dropped his lanky frame into the seat. “Forgive my forwardness, but my wife and I overheard your conversation, ah, before.”

Rhonda braced for impact, remembering the lecturing judgment of the woman earlier, and felt her back tense as her defenses were aroused. She glanced in the direction the young man had motioned in to see a dark-haired woman about his age, sitting forward in her chair, her elbows on the table, looking directly back at her with a suspicious grin, and Rhonda’s sensations of defensiveness altered to a feeling of prey.

She turned back to their guest as he continued. “So, we couldn’t help but overhear, earlier,” he continued, “my wife Diane and I; but I’ll admit it was harder to hear after that woman made that fuss.” He shifted his look between them, and Walt made a ‘go ahead’ motion with his eyes. “Well, if we misunderstood, I apologize in advance, but did we understand that you two are enjoying an open marriage?”


“I’m a little nervous,” she said as she applied her makeup. “Really, this is all, I don’t know, a little new.”

“Kind of like a date,” Walt filled in.

“Very much,” she agreed, “but with another couple?”

Walt chuckled. “More nervous than seeing Frank for lunch?”

“That was different; I already knew him.”

“And had sex with him.”

“That’s just it, I think,” she said, stopping her application and turning in her seat to face him as he dressed in from of the mirror. “This isn’t like meeting someone you’ve had sex with, and want to do it again, and it’s not like meeting someone you don’t know, and wanting to have sex with them,” she explained. “This is PLANNING to have sex, with people we only barely know.”

She waited for an answer, but none came, and she returned to her makeup, putting the finishing touches on her eyes, and standing, smoothing her skirt. She pushed in front of Walt to see herself in the mirror. “Do I look all right?”

Walt slipped his arms around her from behind, nestling his chin on her shoulder and his hips against her butt. “You look wonderful, Sexy,” he told her, looking at her image in the mirror as he held her. She met his gaze in their reflection.

“You’re not nervous?” she asked.

“A little,” he admitted with a smile, “but not near enough to call and back out!”

“Me neither,” she returned, and grinned broadly. “I just thought I was being crazy, that’s all.” she turned her head and kissed him, feeling his tongue, meeting it, as his hands caressed her front from her stomach to her shoulders. She pulled back and away. “Stop, you’ll wrinkle me.”

“I’ll do more than that,” he warned, slapping her ass lovingly as she grabbed her purse. “and I expect that we’ll both be pretty wrinkled before the night is over!”


Rhonda listened with only half her attention as Diane related a story of swapping with another couple, watching her husband Gary fucking another woman while she rode the girl’s boyfriend. The other half of her mind was occupied watching Gary and Walt, listening with rapt attention, Gary smiling proudly as his wife described the event, and Walt expressing interest, interjecting with questions about details.

When she and Walt had first begun their ‘adventures’ they had each hid it from the other; each wondering what the other would think, imagining each other doing it with someone else, and teasing each other without admitting it was true. At a party one night they’d each had the opportunity to witness the other with someone else, and in discussing it later, each had admitted to what they had done, what they had seen, and how much they enjoyed it. They had committed to continuing their adventures, agreeing that they would remain honest with each other, and never sneak behind the others back.

But she had never imagined then that she would be sitting in the den of another couple, preparing to swap partners and enjoy a sexual romp in full view of each other. She wondered if they were going too far. Sure, picking up and fucking interesting arap escort bayan and attractive men was fun, and entertaining, and frankly, exhilarating. And the threesomes they had enjoyed recently were equally fun. And while she was looking forward to experiencing Gary’s cock, and watching Walt plow himself into little Diane, she was resistant to the planned nature of the evening. It all felt, well, a little too calculated.

Gary had picked up the story now, telling of the later events of the same evening, focusing on the lurid details of who did what to whom, and how exciting it was when Diane took on both men. The night they described was more like what she looked for, she reflected; a sudden development, both couples taken by the passion of the moment, and delving into surprising and erotic behavior. And that, she thought, was the missing detail. It was the absence of overwhelming passion, the surrender to desire, that had been present in all her adventures to date. This evening, because it had been discussed and planned beforehand, just felt too calculated, and was missing the impulsive desire that she enjoyed.

They had planned the threesomes with Frank and Danielle, sure. But those felt different; Walt had already had Danielle once, and told her all about it. And she had already had Frank once, with Walt watching, and again before inviting him over before the threesome. Those events felt like natural extensions of what they’d already done and shared. This, as exciting as it sounded , just felt a little too arranged.

Looking at the other three, she noted that they did not seem to share her reticence. Walt was already adjusting his boner, and Gary and Diane were practically salivating, eager to begin the evening’s activities. Not that she was resistant; no, not at all. She was looking forward to sucking Gary’s cock, and from the bulge he was showing, she was going to enjoy it. Her pussy was practically hissing steam from thinking about getting him inside her. And she was anticipating watching Walt with that hot little Diane, too.

But the attraction, the anticipation she had felt when they met them at the restaurant, the newness and undeniable urge, had waned in the days since the meeting. She had voted for all of them returning to Gary and Diane’s place that night, but they already had plans, and the next weekend was no good. So they had scheduled this based on when they were all available, and it took some of the magic out of it. And she missed the magic. She felt a little like the way she sometimes felt after she fucked a new guy, when the horniness was satisfied and the urge dissipated, and suddenly the guy didn’t seem as desirable as he did before he filled her with his load.

“Hey, Rhonda,” she heard Gary say into her ear, and snapped out of her introspection to see Walt kissing Diane on the couch across from her. Finally, she thought, the talking was over, and they could get to it. She grinned, and reached into Gary’s lap and grabbed his bulge, giving no thought to missing the part where he had moved next to her. She turned to him and smiled.

“Why don’t you take this out, so I can suck your cock?” she asked him, loud enough to make sure her husband and Gary’s wife could hear. Gary scooted up onto his knees, angling his tall frame towards her and undoing his pants as they kissed. She felt his lips, thinner and firmer than Walt’s, pressing at her mouth, and her lips parted, and she danced her tongue into his mouth as he shuffled his pants down his long legs. As they reached his knees he knelt upright, and she saw his cock, hard and long, staring insolently up at her, a drop of clear fluid bubbling at the tip, beckoning and daring. She grasped the base of his shaft as he worked the pants and boxers off his legs, and leaned in, squeezing the base, forcing the drip to enlarge and slide down the head to the bottom of the crown. She glanced up briefly, then lowered her head, swiping her tongue at the underside of his spongy head, and swept the pre-cum up with the tip of her tongue, tasting the slick fluid, and feeling his cock twitch at her connection.

She snuck a glance a Walt and Diane on the opposite couch to see them watching her; her husband sitting back against the couch, Diane in his arms with her back against his chest, his hands up under her shirt. Rhonda’s mouth split into a wide smile and she opened her mouth and lowered her head, taking Gary’s cock into her mouth.

“Yeah, suck that cock,” she heard Diane call out, then add more softly, to Walt, “She wants his cock. Look at her sucking him.”

And despite her misgivings at the arrangement of the evening, she knew it was true, she DID want his cock, she loved having it in her mouth, and was eager to get it into her pussy, and she enjoying being watched as she got what she wanted. She stroked her mouth up and down his shaft, allowing her drool to coat him, feeling her lips slide effortlessly up and down, tasting the flavor of his skin, feeling the hardness under the thin skin slipping into her mouth, filling her. She focused on the swollen spongy head pushing against the back of her mouth as she pushed down, the feeling of her tongue swirling around it as she pulled back. The overwhelming sensation of having her mouth filled with cock sent tremors of passion through her, her former misgivings of the evening forgotten now, as she sucked his beautiful hard cock.

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