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Adriana Chechik

Wanda was working in a local pub in the town where she had been for the last few weeks. It was a quite night and she was thinking about closing early when a couple came in and bought some drinks. Now this couple was hot, he had broad shoulders that tapered down to narrow hips and the nicest butt she had seen in ages. The chick, well, all you can say about her is WOW. Nice shoulder length mahogany hair that sat around her shoulders in waves. She was wearing a button down shirt and skirt with long black come fuck me boots.

They wandered over from the bar towards the pool tables. The woman (Karen) picked up the cue and looked questioningly at her partner. Steve (Partner) nodded and started to set up the balls… having nothing else to do Wanda starts wiping down the tables around the bar then heads over towards them to see if the wanted refills. Refilling their glasses Wanda introduces herself and starts chatting with them both.

Music playing in the background, tuned to an easy listening radio, Wanda sees that Karen is watching her. Being the exhibitionist that she is she laps up the attention and makes sure Karen is aware that she is interested. Karen playing pool is teasing the shit out of her other half by standing over the table as Steve tries to take his shot. Every time he is shooting for the hole Karen is standing over it so that it lines up with her snatch, if the ball goes in she moans… When Steve hands the cue to Karen she takes it and pretends that she is a pole dancer and the cue is her pole. Sliding her skirt clad snatch up against it as she wiggles those gorgeous hips, Steve tells her to behave or the barmaid will kick them out.

Wanda never misses an opportunity, just laughs and tells him no but she might have to find a different way to punish Karen. This bought a mischievous glint into his eyes as he looks over at Karen. , she smiles and starts the teasing up again. Ordering more drinks Wanda goes mix them and comes wandering back over hips swaying gently. Wanda hands them their drinks, when Karen takes hers holds Wanda’s’ hand around her glass a little longer than necessary.

Ok thought Wanda this could be bahis firmaları fun. She goes over and turns the lock on the front door, no-one will notice that she closed up half an hour earlier than normal. Wanda walks back over to where they are playing and sits down to watch them play pool. Steve and Karen are teasing one another every time they have a shot. Karen stands so that Steve has to brush against her to get past. He rubs the pool cue against her snatch every chance he gets.

Their game finishes and they rack them up again. This time they offer Wanda the cue. Taking it she starts to slide her hand up and down the shaft as if it was Steve’s shaft. They both down their drinks. Wanda takes her shot and brings the pool cue around the table to Steve, her hand still rubbing it up and down. She goes to the bar; grabbing a bottle of bubbly out of the cool room she saunters back.

Popping the cork on the bottle some of it spills over onto Wandas fingers. Karen comes over and raises Wandas hand to her mouth… taking in one finger at a time and sucking the bubbly off them. Steve, wandering over has a smile on his face that could match any lottery winners.

Wanda moans quietly Karen holds Wanda’s fingers up for Steve to suck also. Wanda dips her fingers into her wine glass to wet the Running a path from Karen’s neck all the way down to the top of her low cut shirt. Her mouth follows where her fingers just left, while Steve is kissing Karen deeply Wandas hand reaches up and holds Karen’s face gently as she takes over from Steve kissing deeply tongues playing their own song.

Steve hand reaches down to adjust his now bulging jeans. Wanda moving Karen slowly backwards toward the pool table, unbuttoning her shirt as she goes, naked except for the sapphire blue lace bra that was underneath. On tip toes she sits onto the edge of the green felt, letting Wanda get her first taste of her flesh..

Mmmm a moan escapes from Karen’s mouth as her head lolls back. Kissing her way towards her breasts, she reaches around behind her to unclasp her bra. Slowly letting it slide down off her shoulders. Grazing over her hard erect nipples, as kaçak iddaa she goes. Karen’s legs move in anticipation, she moans… eyes half closed she watches Wanda, waiting to see what she will do next. Wanda steps back and just looks at her, sitting there just utterly gorgeous

Steve approaches from behind Wanda eyes glued to Karen over wands shoulder. Reaching his hands around, he starts to unbutton Wanda. Thumbs grazing over her nipples as he goes. Wanda already wet is sure her juices are running down her thighs. Karen watching them both flicks her tongue out and licks her lips… Aware now, of how much fun they are about to have.

Wanda’s shirt drops to the floor off her shoulders to the floor and closely followed by her skirt. Now Wanda is standing there in a black satin crutch less teddy and high heeled black shoes, slowly she moves forward to wards Karen. Looking a little shy at first until Wanda starts teasing her with her mouth. Nipping her way over Karen’s body, Karen wriggling in enjoyment. Knowing she is going to be driven wild tonight.

Wanda’s hands are running up her thighs slowly slipping under the edge of her skirt. Hearing no complaints Wanda was about to slip her finger into Karen’s panties when she felt Steve insert a finger inside her. Ohhh moaned

Wanda… she moved her hand up karen’s skirt and pulled aside her panties… touching a finger to karen’s clit and karen’s hips began to rock so she pushed her back onto the table and pulled her panties off. Laying them on the pool table beside her. Wanda slide a finger inside her hot moist hole… feeling that she could take it she slipped a second straight in …She start sliding them in and out using my thumb on her clit.

Steve behind Wanda is watching it all the bulge in his pants evident of his arousal, his fingers doing a fantastic job in Wanda’s hot wet snatch. Her tongue goes down to eat Karen’s pussy… Lapping at her clit making her wetter and wetter, fingers slipping in and out of Karen’s snatch, Wanda reaches for the pool cue… its one of the ones that separate in the middle so Wanda undoes it first then inserts the thicker end into karen’s snatch.

Steve kaçak bahis kneeling down between Wanda’s legs is lapping at her snatch, flicking her clit with his tongue and pushing his fingers in and out. Glancing up he happens to see what was happening on top of the pool table and moved up behind Wanda to get a better view and some more action. Seeing Karen getting off so fiercely was such a turn on that he just undone his jeans and shoved his rock hard cock straight up Wanda’s snatch

She moans long and loud, her climax is building, Steve starts to fuck her faster holding her hips to help support himself. Every time he drives into Wanda, her mouths bumps against Karen’s snatch. This is blowing Karen away big time and she tells Wanda that she wants more… knowing exactly what she meant Wanda reached around behind her and grabbed the small champagne bottle off of the table.

Pouring the last little bit into Karen’s mouth Wanda drips the rest over her body as she takes the bottle and replaces the pool cue with it. OooHHH god screams Karen as she is stretched wide with the bottle. As her body gets used to it she starts to meet each thrust with a little more force till she is getting a hell of a fucking with that bottle…

Wanda leans around the bottle and start to flick her clit with my tongue until she screams out an orgasm that just rocked her world to the core. Spasm after spasm her body shakes and jerks as she calms a little more. Wanda is cleaning up Karen’s mess and Steve is kissing Karen now whilst still fucking Wanda… Wanda loses control and squirts her cum all over Steve’s shaft.

Karen mesmerized at seeing a woman ejaculate comes over to suck Wanda’s juices off of Steve’s shaft. Lapping up every single drop of it she tells Steve to place Wanda on the table, so she can lick his cum out of her. As they have left no mess to tell of what has taken place, Wanda tells them to have a drink before they leave. They all move over to the bar and have a drink then Wanda lets them out the door.’

Next morning when she gets in to start work the boss was waiting for her. He tells her about the security cameras that had been installed, just before Wanda had started working there. He tells Wanda that he is only telling her this so that if she is going to play when the pub shuts then to be aware that the walls have eyes and ears.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32