Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 10

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Here it is folks finally – Chapter 10 after more than 3 years! A thousand apologies to all of you – I am truly sorry for the long, long delay. Many of you had written to encourage me to continue writing – thank you for your encouragement; a few even had asked if I was suffering from writer’s block or something like that.

Actually I was (and still am) completely overloaded with my day-to-day work. I hardly find time for anything else let alone writing. I do enjoy writing and will continue to write whenever I can, but time is really the only obstacle.

I do hope that you find this story still exciting despite the very long break.


A truly wonderful sight greeted Mom and me as we stepped into my parents’ bedroom. Dad’s naked body was stretched out on the king-sized bed, facing upwards, but his face was hidden from view by Leela’s body. She was sitting crouched over him, on his upper chest, visibly naked from her waist down, her back to us and her knees anchored on the mattress, either side of Dad’s body. And somewhere trapped in between her fluid thighs was Dad’s head.

“Mmmm…aaaaaahhhhhh…yesssss…mmmmm…beautiful…love your tongue on my pussy…aaahhhh…Appaaaaaaa…yesss…lick me…pleassssse…yesssss…mmmm” Leela groaned in pleasure.

Dad appeared to be fully engrossed in eating Leela’s virgin twat while she humped his face in a slow but steady, seductive rhythm, her hands holding on to the headboard for support. She was clearly enjoying the oral stimulation served by Dad’s tongue. Her eyes were partly closed and her hair was flailing as she rode him like an expert cowgirl, her sweat-drenched pyjama top clinging to her back.

The loving couple hardly noticed us as we stood there. Not wanting to disturb them, Mom and me watched in admiration as Leela’s beautifully firm and rounded bums bucked and gyrated erotically on Dad’s face. Mom rested her head against my upper arm, emotionally overcome by what we were witnessing. Our family was surely never going to be the same again.

“So beautiful to watch them” whispered Mom to me, her head resting against my shoulder, her arms clasping my right arm tightly.

Wet licking sounds resonated around the room as Dad’s seasoned tongue greedily savoured his little girl’s virgin yoni. His legs were splayed on the bed and his magnificent phallus, thick and enticing, lay spent on his right thigh. His shrivelled nuts hung obscenely from his hairy loins, having been temporarily emptied of his life-giving seed by both Mom and Leela over the past few hours.

“It’s a truly beautiful way to love a woman” I whispered my reply, having already savoured the joys of eating pussy with Aayahmah.

I just stood there, looking attentively at my father and sister in their act of love, hypnotised by the beautifully erotic scene before me. My sexual awakening over the past few days had made me completely addicted to pussy and I was totally obsessed with cunnilingus, after the initiation by Aayahmah. Her pussy was a sheer pleasure to lick and love and I could not wait to devour Leela’s and especially my Mom’s.

As if reading my thoughts, Mom kissed my shoulder and whispered teasingly “You really like doing that, don’t you? Sundari told me all about your prowess with your tongue and fingers.”

“Looks like she told you everything! To orally love a woman’s most sacred treasure – I think it surely must be the finest expression of love that a man could provide a woman. I really loved pleasuring Aayamah that way and I cannot wait to love your treasure” I replied unashamedly.

“Mmmm…I was very jealous when Sundari told me. I would love you to do that to me, Chellam. But not today, I am dirty, filled with your Dad’s seed” Mom responded with a slight tinge of regret in her voice.

“I know Ma but one day soon I want to. So eager to love your flower and taste your nectar and to make you explode over my face” I said to Mom confidently, my eyes glued on my father and sister.

Although at that very moment I felt envious of my Dad, it was just so beautiful to watch them in their incestuous loving. The room was lit by only one table lamp but I could clearly see Dad’s wanton tongue sliding in between the delicate petals of my Chinnakka’s virgin flower, eagerly lapping the honey that was dripping from her unexplored oasis. My own tongue inadvertently simulated Dad’s tongue and I licked my lips excitedly.

Mom who was also watching the erotic, loving action in front of us, turned to face me, hugging me and offering her mouth to be kissed. I did and her lips sought my tongue urgently which I obliged, teasing her lips and oral cavity with the tip. After some seconds, I withdrew my tongue gently and licked her lips sensually, simulating what Dad’s tongue was doing to Leela’s pussy lips. My cock which had refused to soften even after the exquisite mouth-service provided by Mom earlier, was throbbing under the loose sarong tied around my waist.

“Mmmm…slurrrrrrpppppp…mmmmmm…love…your…pussy da…mmmm” blabbered Dad in between licks.

Releasing Girne Escort herself from our hug, Mom turned to look at the taboo couple on the bed and then took a step towards them just as Dad’s hands slid over Leela’s back to cup her voluptuous firm butt. Guided by Dad’s caressing hands, Leela moved her bottom further forwards and smothered her wet pussy all over Dad’s face as he desired, her fingers anchored tightly to the headboard. As she twisted and turned her bottom over our father’s loving face, his awesome cock showed signs of life, stirring excitedly in response. Almost telepathically my erect dick twitched in harmony with my Dad’s.

Mom reached out with her left hand and stroked Leela’s head lovingly, gently swiping her palm over Leela’s sweaty forehead and hair, a motherly gesture. Leela turned her head and her beautiful pleasure-filled eyes gazed innocently into Mom’s divine face, expressing her inner feelings to Mom and knowing that the special love she was experiencing with her father was blessed by her mother. Mom moved closer and hugged Leela’s head to her bosom and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you darling. You feeling good?” asked Mom softly, her voice overcome with maternal instinct.

“Yesss, Ma…mmmmm…beautiful. Appa’s tongue is driving me crazy…aaaaahhhh” Leela moaned her reply, as her body rocked in little shivers.

“I know how you feel darling. Your father’s tongue is quite something” said Mom and planted another kiss on Leela’s head.

Patting Leela’s head in encouragement, Mom knelt down on the floor, inches away from where her husband’s face was pleasuring her daughter’s pussy. Leela unselfishly moved her pussy away from Dad’s face just as Mom reached out with her right hand to stroke his head. His smiling wet face glistened with Leela’s juices as Mom gently swiped her hand over his forehead.

“Does she taste as good as me?” Mom teased Dad, her fingers gently pinching his right cheek.

Leela turned to look at me, her love-laden eyes inviting me to move closer towards her. I nodded my head in agreement to Mom’s question, having already had a little taste of Leela’s heavenly nectar earlier that evening. Her right hand reached out to me as I moved closer to the bed and she leaned her torso against my tall frame. The unmistakable flowery-fruity aroma radiating out from her pussy tickled my nostrils, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Mmmmm…yessss. Just as delicious as you, Rani” Dad answered, inviting her to kiss him.

Mom and Dad shared a deep kiss, their tongues duelling in love for some seconds before Mom sensually licked Dad’s face, tasting her daughter’s pussy juice on her husband’s face. It was such a turn-on to watch my parents and my teenage prick buzzed in excitement, as Mom’s beautiful tongue trailed down his face to his throat.

“Mmmm…” Mom purred in delight, as she continued to lick the area around Dad’s throat for some seconds.

Then planting a kiss on Dad’s lips she teasingly asked him “You want to lick your daughter some more, I guess?”

Dad’s reply was an enthusiastic nod and a cheeky smile before he pointed his tongue out invitingly. And what Mom did next was unexpectedly erotic. She turned her face towards Leela whose naked dripping pussy was poised over Dad and planted a kiss on her daughter’s virgin temple. I watched in stunned excitement as Mom then licked Leela’s slit slowly a few times, tasting her honey from its source.

“I love you Ma…mmmmmm” moaned Leela in appreciation, her right hand releasing me and stroking the back of Mom’s head.

Leela had a neatly trimmed patch of fine hair covering her sacred mound and her virgin petals were opened like a flower that had just bloomed, obviously excited by the stimulation provided by Dad’s tongue and mouth.

“You have a beautiful yoni, sweetheart and a wonderful, virgin aroma and taste…mmmm” complimented Mom before moving away and guiding Leela to sit on Dad’s face again.

“Feed your father your honey, darling. He can never get enough of it” Mom encouraged Leela.

Dad did not have to be asked twice and eagerly engaged his face to Leela’s womanhood, greedily lapping her young beaver, his fingers clawing into her bum cheeks. She started to buck against his mouth in equal vigour, seemingly encouraged by the voyeuristic presence of her mother and brother there.

“Mmmm…yessss…Paaa…love me…eat my pussy…aaaaahhhh” squealed Leela in delight at Dad’s boyish desire, holding on to the headboard and riding Dad’s face with schoolgirl enthusiasm.

Mom smiled at me in complete contentment, loving tears of joy welling in her eyes, acknowledging and happily accepting the new direction that our lives had all taken. I stroked her divine face with my right hand, sharing her thoughts. Never in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined that this would be happening in our family.

Some seconds later, Mom got up on her knees beside the bed and unbuttoned the front of Leela’s pyjama top, wanting her to be free Kıbrıs Escort of that sweat-soaked cloth more than anything else. Leela did not object and propped up her torso to help Mom remove the top. Mom used the cloth to wipe the sweat off Leela’s back and threw it onto the floor, next to Leela’s discarded panties, her pyjama bottom and my shorts.

“Wow! You have an absolutely perfect body sweetheart, simply beautiful” cooed Mom to her daughter, stroking her head, proud of her offspring.

I moved behind Mom, to look directly from the front. She was right indeed – Leela’s body seemed a heavenly piece of creation. Her breasts were not as large as Mom’s and nowhere near Aayahmah’s size but they were perfectly formed; the size of softballs, round and firm, not even a little sag, despite her intense sports regime. They were two perfectly-shaped globes symmetrically positioned, high on her fair-skinned torso. Her areoles were light brown, again perfectly circular and exactly at the centre of her breasts. And to crown it all were her brown nipples, about a centimetre in diameter and length, each sprouting from the absolute centre of her areoles.

“She looks just like you Ma” I blurted out innocently, my erect prick throbbing in agreement, as the naked images of Mom which I had witnessed the past few days, flashed across my mind.

Mom laughed and then said “Yeah right, maybe about 30 years ago.”

Leela beamed with pride while Mom and I admired her exquisite torso, matched by a slender waist and flaring hips. Her tummy was flat, just a little sexy flesh emphasising her inviting bellybutton, and then sloping down over her mound to her treasures which were mostly hidden by Dad’s marauding face. Her eyes were barely open as she rode Dad’s face.

Her nipples were clearly erect, jutting out proudly from her glorious boobs and both Mom and I could not resist the temptation to reach out and feel the hardened tips. Mom held her left nipple between her thumb and index finger and gently pulled it. I touched her right nipple with the tip of my index finger and teased it. Leela opened her eyes and smiled, her lips parted, seemingly welcoming the attention her body was getting from her family.

“Mmmmm…suck my nipples please” invited Leela, her voice hauntingly soft, while she continued to move and hump Dad’s face.

Mom looked up at me while her fingers continued to pull on Leela’s left nipple, her eyes exchanging thoughts with mine. I removed my hand from Leela’s breast and guided Mom’s head to Leela’s right breast. Mom’s parted lips engulfed Leela’s erect nipple without any hesitation, sucking gently on her daughter’s hard bud while her right hand caressed Leela’s left breast.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh…Maaaaaa” squealed Leela as Mom sucked on her beautifully full mound of flesh.

I admired Leela’s sublime face as my parents feasted on my sister, Mom sucking her breast while Dad was eating her pussy. Leela’s face exuded a stunning seductive feminine beauty that would have challenged even the divine temptress, Mohini. She really did look like a carbon-copy of Mom; the rich maturity of Mom’s features being the only difference between them. I kissed Leela’s sensual lips before kneeling down beside the bed.

I watched my family in their love-play. Dad’s fingers were digging into Leela’s bums, prompting and guiding her to ride his face in complete abandon while Mom’s mouth had moved on wantonly to Leela’s left breast. My eyes were then drawn almost instinctively to Dad’s incomparable meat which had stirred back to life. The wet sucking and licking sounds seemed like music accompanying the resurrection of his manhood and his magnificent lingam uncoiled in an erotic dance.

Almost automatically my right hand sought his meat and my fingers encircled his rapidly enlarging prick and pulled back the foreskin, willing him to get even harder. I gazed longingly as my father’s tongue teased and tormented my sister’s cunt while my hand stroked his majestic cock. Dad responded to my manipulations, lifting his bums of the mattress to hump my hand.

“Aaahhhhh…yessss…lick me…lick me…going to explode soon. Pa…please… aaaaahhhhhhh” Leela encouraged our father.

Dad’s fabulous prick was by now fully erect, throbbing as my fingers caressed it. I just could not resist the mouth-watering temptation and moved forward to devour his mighty manhood into my mouth. I sucked his beautiful crown for some seconds and rolled my tongue greedily over the bloated knob.

“Mmmmm…slurrrrp…aaaahhhhh…slurrrrp” moaned Dad, gently thrusting his lingam into my oral cavity, while his mouth continued to service his daughter’s pussy.

I released my vice-like grip of his shaft, sliding my hand down to caress his rejuvenated balls, willing them to re-fill with his seed. I was once again overcome with desire for this magnificent cock which had created me and I wanted to suck it, to worship it, to please it beyond imagination. Slowly, I swallowed the rock-hard length inch by inch into my Kıbrıs Escort mouth till it was touching the entrance of my throat.

It was awesome to feel Dad’s thick meat sliding into my mouth and almost down my throat and my own blood-filled member throbbed in excitement. My lips were tightly wrapped around the base of his pillar, my nose buried in his curly damp undergrowth. Then maintaining the firm grip of his flesh with my lips, I slowly moved my head up his length, till only his cockhead remained in my mouth. Removing my mouth completely off his prick, I licked around the crown, the tip of my tongue teasing the edges and grooves and finally teasing his dick-hole. Dad’s cock twitched menacingly when I did that.

I felt a hand stroking my head and shoulders as I worshipped Dad’s shaft and realised it was Mom. She had moved away from Leela’s breast and was watching me blow Dad. Seconds later her other hand sought my erect cock, gripping the pulsating shaft over the sarong material. Then pulling at the waistline, she released the sarong and uncovered the object of her desire. Her loving fingers encircled my bloated teenage prick and stroked it slowly as she watched me loving Dad.

“Mmmmm…so hard Chellam…throbbing…mmmm” she hissed, her fingers squeezing the length of my shaft.

Mom leaned forward and kissed my left ear, her tongue teasing my ear-lobe as her fingers gripped my steel-hard prick tightly. Her breathing was heavy and I sensed that she was turned on as well with the family loving. I gently withdrew Dad’s monster dick from my mouth, holding the magnificent meat in my hand, and exchanged a deep, loving kiss with Mom. Her tongue frantically penetrated my mouth inviting me to feast on her and her magical eyes sparkled with uncontrollable desire for me while she continued to stroke my throbbing cock.

Suddenly, as if a thought had struck her mind, she broke up our kiss abruptly, stood up and hurriedly headed towards the bathroom, picking up her towel on the way from the cloth rack. I assumed that it was only a call of nature and re-focused on Dad’s lingam, eagerly stroking the immensely thick meat and lowering my mouth over his shining red knob again.

As my mouth engulfed my father’s sublime manhood, I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and guessed that Mom was probably having a quick wash and shower. Call it wishful imagination but in my horny, teenage mind, I visualised Mom soaping and washing her pussy clean for me and my erect young cock throbbed in incestuous expectation.

Just then the movements on the bed went up a gear and Dad started to slowly thrust his colossal meat up into my oral orifice excitedly.

“Appaaaaa…yes…lick my clit…there…yessssss…suck it” squealed Leela, prompting a power throb in Dad’s cock as I deep-throated his intense hardness again.

“Mmmmm…slurrrrrpppppp…aaaahhhhhh” moaned Dad, enjoying the dual action of orally giving and receiving.

I was totally focussed on pleasuring Dad and started to mouth-fuck his massive organ enthusiastically, bobbing my head up and down, relishing the blood-engorged shaft sliding up my mouth. The sensations that I was feeling, as I licked, sucked and deep-throated Dad’s cock, was quite unbelievable.

All sorts of mixed-up thoughts were running through my mind as I pleasured Dad with my mouth. I had never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would even touch another guy’s prick, let alone take it in my mouth and here I was, sucking wantonly on a monster-sized live sample albeit my father’s and enjoying it immensely. I had been drooling unashamedly over his magnificent phallus from the first time I saw it a few days ago. And I was sure I would be sucking Dad’s cock many more times in the future.

“Mmmmmmm…aaaahhhh” moaned Dad, as he penetrated my mouth with increased frenzy, his sound muffled by Leela’s virgin beaver.

As I continued to blow Dad eagerly, out of the corner of my eye I saw the bathroom door open and Mom step out with a big towel wrapped around her tightly. She had tied her hair into a bun and was drying her feet with another towel. She then quickly pulled on a clean, sleeveless, flared nightdress over her body, covering her down to just below her shins, and elegantly removed the towel from under her dress, without exposing herself. Slowly she approached the bed, her face radiant. She kneeled down next to me and her clean freshness further intoxicated my already lust-filled senses.

On the bed, Leela upped her tempo, her exquisite body on the verge of a powerful orgasm while Dad meanwhile started to thrust harder into my mouth, lifting his bums off the mattress. This only served to stimulate me further and I increased the suction power on his mammoth cock.

“Apppaaaaaa…mmmm…please…lick me, lick me, lick me…yesssss” screamed Leela again in intense pleasure, the bed shaking as she approached her climax.

Mom reached out to touch both her children in loving encouragement, her right hand stroked Leela’s back while her left hand patted my head, sliding her palm over my hair. As I continued to suck heartily on my father’s massive love-stick, my mind was really overwhelmed by the different emotions running through my head at the time – a powerful feeling of love and bond to my family and an irresistible desire to love and be loved by all of them.

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