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I had spent the last few evenings in a perpetual state of arousal after spying on Victoria masturbating first in the bath and then again in her bedroom, I still had a slight feeling of guilt, I knew I shouldn’t have watched, but I just couldn’t help myself.

I wanted to thank Vic for the pleasure she had given me, I had spent the last few days trying to think of a way. It was while I was imagining her watching the porn film of a woman masturbating that I finally came up with my idea.

I dressed as sexily as I could, my underwear was a very skimpy set comprising of a lacy black thong, a matching bra, my nipples straining at the shear material, along with stockings and suspenders. I wore a wrap around black dress, to complete my outfit I was wearing crimson lipstick and matching nail varnish.

I set my video camera up so it had a full view of my bed. I was still very nervous and apprehensive when I started the music.

I entered the room, and swaying in time to the music, I run my hands over the material of my dress, touching my breasts, feeling my nipples hardening. My hands now running down over my stomach and down between my thighs. I bend over slightly, my hands continue down onto my stocking clad legs, I now raise my hands, pushing my dress up as my hands continue upwards, over my stocking tops and onto the bare skin of my thighs. My fingers tracing along my inner thighs, up to my lace panties, I run a finger along each side of my panties, up to the waistband and then I bring my hands together and move them down over my mound, feeling the heat from pussy.

I look in the mirror at the foot of my bed, just above where I’ve positioned the camera, I notice that all that will be able to be seen is my raised dress, as I gently run my fingers over my mound, the material of my dress does move up slightly giving glimpses of my stocking tops and the pale skin of my upper thighs. The sight, even though I am watching myself, is highly arousing, I would be desperate to see more if I were watching.

I remove my hands from under my dress and slowly undid the belt holding my dress together, the material falling away as I turned away from the camera, I wanted to tease Vic, to leave her begging for me to show her more.

As the music continued I became a bit more confident, in my mind I was imagining Vic watching me, I imagined her touching herself as she watched me running my hands over every inch of my body.

I knelt on the bed, my dress gaping wide open, I slowly let the dress fall off my arms on to the bed.

I turn, still kneeling, so I’m facing the camera, my legs are spread apart. Looking in the mirror I watch as I run my hands up my stockings, over my thighs, I briefly run my hands over my covered mound, then move them up over my flat stomach and then up to my breasts. I can feel my heart beating as I slowly run my fingers over my sensitive nipples, hidden by my lacy bra.

I now push the fingers of my right hand into the top of my bra, feeling the soft skin of my left breast, my fingers snaking down to my hard nipple. In the mirror casino şirketleri I can see my fingers through the sheer material of my bra, my finger tips clearly defined by my crimson nail varnish.

My left hand now drops down my body and I gently place it over my mound, the heel of my pussy, I extend my fingers, placing them above my slit, I slide my hand down, exerting a bit of force onto my pussy, my fingers trace between my thighs, right down between ,my legs. As I continue to rub my nipple I throw my head back.

I continue rubbing between my spread thighs for a few moments, and then bring my hand back up to my breasts, reaching behind me, I deftly release the clip on my bra, I lean forward slightly and let the bra straps fall down my arms, my breasts released as the lacy cups fall away from my heaving breasts.

My hands start to massage my flesh, fingers roving over my hot soft flesh, my nipples stiffening under the attention of my insistent fingers. I then start to pinch and squeeze my hard, sensitive nipples, pulling on them between thumb and forefinger.

I gently lift one breast and leaning forward manage to suck my nipple in to my mouth, I run my tongue around my nipple, feeling it harden further, I continue to suck and kiss it, and then gently bite it, before finally kissing it again before releasing it. Looking in the mirror I can see my nipple has a sexy crimson lipstick mark around it.

I then do the same with my other breast, kissing and sucking on my straining nipple, this time I run a hand back down between my thighs, over the lace material of my panties and rub myself slowly.

After releasing my other breast I slide both hands down to my thighs and rub up and down bare thighs between my spread legs.

Looking in the mirror, I watch myself, my hands rubbing my thighs, my breasts heaving, lipstick smeared nipples stiff. I imagine it’s Vic, her hands massaging her thighs, her pussy becoming wet.

I raise my hands slightly, and start to rub my pussy through the material of my panties, this time with a bit more urgency, pushing the material into my slit.

I watch in the mirror as I slowly slide a hand into the waistband of my panties, my fingers running through my sparse pubic hair, down over my mound feeling my hot sex, my other hand reaching behind me, running over my buttocks. I can see my scarlet fingertips sliding down my slit, my lips spreading slightly under my attention. I curl one finger slightly, feeling it at the entrance of my hot hole, applying a small amount of pressure, I slip one finger into my wanting sex.

I bring my hand out of my panties, and bring it up to my mouth; I slowly lick my finger, tasting for the first time, my musky odour.

With both hands I slide my fingers into the waistband and slowly edge my panties over my thighs, exposing my pussy to the camera, my lips slightly swollen and starting to spread. I slide the panties along my legs and discard them.

I turn on the bed, so I am sitting my legs spread, exposing my slit to the camera. My fingers now head back to my mound, casino firmaları one hand rubbing up and down my slit, making my lips swell even more. I slowly insert one finger of my other hand into my hole, pushing it deep inside. The hand rubbing my mound now moves to my slit, a finger scratches at the top of my slit, a finger rubbing over my clit, slowly a finger circles it, as I push a finger deeper and deeper inside me, the finger circling my clit speeds up.

I spread my legs wider, I’m watching myself in the mirror finger fucking my tight hole, my clit is on fire. I remove the finger from my hole, and again bring it up to my mouth to taste myself.

I bring my fingers to my stockings, rub my legs, my hot thighs, then I start to undo the clips holding my stockings up, I remove one slowly rolling it down my thigh and finally pulling it off my foot, I do the same with the other one, as I do so I stare into the camera, and lick my lips seductively, tasting my lipstick and the feint taste of my pussy.

Rather than discard this stocking run it and between my thighs, the foot in hand and the top in my other, pulling it tight the material bunches up and digs in to my slit, I slowly start to work it back and forth between my thighs, the material dragging along my slit, stimulating my clit.

I then start to place the foot of the stocking over my pussy and started to push the material into my hole, inch by inch I pushed the material into my tight hole, I can feel my pussy walls stretching as I push more and more inside, with only a bit of material now protruding from my hole I start to gently rub my clit. The sensations coursing through my pussy are almost unbearable, and then slowly, whilst I still rub my clit I start to pull the stocking from my pussy, the material rasping the sensitive skin at the entrance to my hole, I watch myself in the mirror, I can see that the stocking is wet with my juice. I pull more and more of the material out until finally I pull the last of it out. Grabbing the material I bring it up to my nose, taking in the sweet smell of my pussy.

I then push some of the material into my mouth, I taste my wetness, and I run the stocking through my mouth, tasting myself, the stocking slick with my juice.

Finally I discard it, and undo the suspender belt from around my waste, I look at myself in the mirror, sprawled on my bed, naked, my legs spread, my pussy lips swollen and spread, glistening with my juice. My breasts heaving slightly, my nipples hard and erect, lipstick marks still around them.

I return one hand to my pussy; I rub my fingers around my lips, spreading my juice over my mound. My other hand starts to rub my breasts, massaging my sensitive flesh, alternating between breasts and then I start to concentrate on my nipples, pulling them gently, squeezing them, and twisting them between my fingers.

With more purpose my fingers start working on my pussy, pulling my pussy lips, rubbing along my slit, pinching my clit, I could feel my juice start to flow.

I now have two hands working between my thighs, I push güvenilir casino three fingers into my hot sex, the walls of my pussy contracting around them, I can feel every knuckle as I push them deeper and deeper into my tight hole. My fingers of my other hand furiously rubbing my clit, every now and again they stop to pinch and pull on my sensitive clit. I watch in the mirror, imaging Vic watching.

I move up the bed, my legs hanging over the end, my thighs still spread. I look at the mirror; I can clearly see my pussy, my lips red and swollen, and my clit erect. With one hand I pull myself open even more. I start to finger myself, again with three fingers, stretching the walls of my pussy. I’m desperate now, I want to cum.

Reaching under the bed I pull out two sex toys, the same sex toys I had watched Victoria use on herself. I brought the black dildo up to my mouth, my crimson lips kiss the end, and I slowly take it in my mouth, sucking it all the way in, all the time staring into the camera. I’m sure I can still taste Vic’s pussy on it.

I remove the dildo from my mouth and bring it down towards my hot sex; I place the tip at the entrance to my pussy. Looking into the camera I slowly push the black dildo into my wet hole. I could feel the toy pushing deep inside me, my pussy contacting around the shaft. Once inserted deep inside, I slowly pulled it out, until the tip was once again resting against my hole. I started to pump the dildo in and out of my dripping hole. Every time I withdrew it I could feel my juice running from my hole.

I then took the vibrator, turned that on and with the dildo buried deep in my dripping cunt, I started to run the buzzing vibrator over my clit. Almost immediately I could feel my pussy start to spasm, I continued running the tip of the vibrator around my clit.

My climax was explosive, I started bucking my hips, the dildo deep inside, the vibrator held directly on my clit, I threw my head back and cried out in pleasure. I started to pump the dildo in and out slightly, and then slowly pulled it out, as the head cleared my hot wet entrance I came again, with even more force. My juice squirting out of my pussy, I dropped the dripping dildo, and concentrated on my clit with the vibrator.

Eventually after a further orgasm I couldn’t take it anymore, I turned the vibrator off and put aside, I blew a kiss to the camera and collapsed back onto the bed gasping, my legs still spread wide, my juice still running from my red swollen pussy.

After a few minutes I managed to regain control of myself, I slowly sat up and, for a final time, licked my cum soaked fingers; I reached forward and turned the camera off.

After cleaning myself up and showering I cleaned the toys I had “borrower” and returned them to Victoria’s bed side table. I downloaded the recording to my computer and sat and watched it back. Watching again so soon after performing had me squirming in my chair again, I couldn’t believe how sexy I looked. As I watched I couldn’t help but finger myself again, not to orgasm, there would be plenty of time for that later, when I could watch it again.

I copied the film onto a DVD and put into a blank case. I left the DVD on Vic’s bed. I hoped she would be watching it as soon as she returned. I knew I would be watching it again very soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32