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Pt. 1

As I lay in bed, I wonder what it would be like to have you sucking on my hard cock. I can hear you moving in your bed in the next room. I close my eyes and try to listen, hoping to hear you masturbating as you fantasize about me. I hear what sounds like you playing with your pussy. I even imaging that you are moaning my name.

I slip into a trans-like state as I slide my clothes off and grip my member with my hand. I slowly begin stroking my cock as my minds drifts off to images of your soft pierced tongue gliding up and down my shaft. I lose all control as my fantasy begins to feel so real. My moans escaping from my lips announce to you in the other room that I am pleasuring myself. I am so enthralled in my actions that I do not hear you get up out of bed and stand in the doorway watching me.

You stand there in the doorway masturbating as you look at me. Your moans become louder as you feel the wetness drain from your tight pussy. You have to do something about the feelings that are building inside you.

My moans become louder as I pick up the pace. My hands are frantically trying to pleasure my cock. One hand is gripping my balls as the other strokes my cock with the precision of a machine. I am so into masturbating that I don’t hear you come into the room.

You kneel down beside me on the bed and softly moan my name. I am so entranced that I imagine you in my fantasy. I begin to moan your name as the pleasure increases. I don’t even realize that by this point your mouth is so close to my cock that you can almost taste my pre-cum. You slip your hand over mine and place your mouth over the head of my cock. Your tongue feels like silk gliding along the bahis firmaları entire length of my cock. I slip my hands off my cock and let you proceed. Still in my own mind this is all fantasy. I do not even realize that this is really happening.

Your mouth slides up and down my shaft as your hands stroke in perfect rhythm. I slowly open my eyes and see your beautiful face taking my manhood to new heights of pleasure. I cannot tell where fantasy ends and reality begins. I assume that I must have fallen asleep and this is just an absolutely incredible wet dream. I move my hips in rhythm with your mouth and hands. The pleasure is building with every thrust. My moans have become much louder and my hands are now grabbing your long hair and pulling it.

I feel the warmth of your tongue and the coolness of your tongue ring as it traces circles all over my shaft. My cock swells with every second. Just as I am about to cum you pull your mouth off my cock and blow against it softly. The cool air against my manhood feels so incredible. You then take my cock in your hand and stroke it as you suck lightly against my balls. Before I know it I’m ready to shoot my hot load.

Just as my cock stiffens and is ready to shower your face with my cum, you take me back into your mouth and start sucking wildly as my cock explodes in your waiting mouth. I feel you sucking and sucking harder with each shot of cum. I feel you swallowing each load as it spurts inside you. Your hands are now stroking my shaft draining it. As you slowly take my cock out of your mouth you see that cum is still dripping from the tip. I look down and see the most erotic sight I have ever seen. I see your tongue (with kaçak iddaa tongue ring and all) licking every last drop from my cock. Your hands are milking the shaft as your tongue laps up every drop. You continue licking and sucking my shaft until it doesn’t have a drop of cum left in it. I watch as you get up from the floor beside the bed and walk back into your room.

I wake up the next morning with a stiff hard cock and no clothes on. I still have no idea if what happened last night was real or fantasy.

Pt. 2

I get up from the bed and walk out into the hallway on my way to the bathroom. I hear the you in the other room moving in bed. I try and listen closely, but cannot tell if you are sleeping or not.

I sneak a peak around the corner and see you moving your hips up and down and you have what appears to be a vibrating toy in your hand. I watch closely as your hips move in rhythm as you moan out my name. Your eyes are closed and you don’t see me standing in the doorway. My cock is now raging with excitement.

I slowly walk over to the bed beside you. Pre-cum already dripping from the tip of my cock from the excitement unfolding before me. I reach over and assist your hand in moving the shiny silver bullet around your swollen clit. I lean down and lap up your glistening juices with my tongue.

Your soft moans become loud screams of pleasure as you open your eyes and see me pleasuring you. I can feel your hands move towards my shaft. I feel you wrap your hands around it and begin to stroke it.

I slip the silver bullet inside you and hold it against your G-spot as my tongue continues to service your clit. Before I know it your hips and grinding against kaçak bahis my face as your screams get louder and louder. I can feel the tight walls of your pussy clench down on my fingers and the silver bullet as you get ready to explode.

I turn off the toy and pull back away from your wonderful pussy. I hear your sexy voice begging for more. “Please don’t stop, don’t tease me. I want it so bad.” I give your body a second or two to recover and relax a bit. Then I turn the silver bullet back on and proceed to give you the most erotic oral sex you have ever had.

My tongue traces circles around your clit as I take it into my mouth and suck on it. I suck harder and harder as I feel you squeeze around my fingers. Your screams are now deafening roars of pure pleasure. I continue licking and sucking as I press the silver bullet harder against your G-spot. I turn the toy on all the way and feel your pleasure building.

My cock is building too from watching you. Your hands are still wrapped firmly around my shaft stroking it wildly as the waves of orgasm start to roll through your body.

Your hips are bucking wildly as the most intense orgasm of your life is raging through your body. My mouth is fully locked onto your clit sucking as hard as I can while the silver bullet vibrates you to pure ecstasy. Your cries of pleasure are the most erotic I have ever heard. The orgasm seems to last forever as your hips continue to buck against my tongue.

Your hands find the back of my head and press it harder against your sweet pussy. Your juices are flowing into my mouth like a faucet. The sweet goodness of your essence drives me wild. I continue licking and sucking on you until the screams subside and your body is limp from exhaustion.

I turn off the toy, pull it out. I lay it down next to you and walk out of the room, watching you. “I hope that was as good for you as last night was for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32