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It had only been a handful of months, but felt so much longer. Her hands gripped the steering wheel as his scent engulfed her. He smelled like ocean, earth and a bit of desert from his recent deployment. The heat in the car was almost palpable as she felt his eyes drift over her body. She took a long time getting ready to pick him up. The blue shirt, tight pants and high heels that he could see…the lace and fishnet that he couldn’t. She pressed the gas pedal down a little farther, she needed to get him home.

They couldn’t help but touch as they made their way from the car, up the stairs and into the apartment. He brushing her hair back from her face, she caressing his face and shoulders. She laced her fingers with as while she unlocked the door. He stood behind her and pressed his body against her back. Need and electricity swept through her body as she felt how hard he was.

She finally got the door open, they went inside, then she closed the door and slid the bolt home before turning around. The look in his eyes made her need that much sharper as liquid heat slid through her veins. Nothing needed to be said, she reached for him and he pressed her back against the door. He leaned down and kissed her, softly at first then hard and hungry. A moan escaped her as she untucked his shirt and slid her hands across his skin.

She broke the kiss and gasped for air. Then slid her body down his and pulled his belt off. Trying not to rush too fast, she undid his pants and slid her hand along his hard cock. She then pushed his pants completely out of the way before wrapping her lips around the head of his dick. The salty tang of his precum hit her tongue and made her groan with pleasure. Moving her head further down his length she dropped her knees down so she could take all of him in. The head nudged the back of her throat and she tilted her head, feeling his length fill her throat. She moaned again, sending vibrations through him. She dug her nails into his thighs, rocking his body some to keep up with her movements. Bobbing her head and swirling her tongue along his cock she sucked him off until he let out a hoarse moan and she felt the head swelling. She slid back until just the head was in her mouth and sucked lightly while he buried his hand in her hair and filled her mouth with his hot, tangy cum.

She stood up from her crouch on shaking legs, the taste of him lingering in her mouth. Her daze was broken by the sound of her zipper and the feel of his hands on her skin. Stepping out of the high heels, her height normally shrank, but he held her around her waist as he shoved her pants down over her hips. casino siteleri She yanked on the zipper of his uniform top, trying to tear it from his body. Alternating holding her one arm at a time, they finally got it off. Not wanting him to let her go, she reached down and pulled his knife out of his pocket. Opening it with a practiced flick of her wrist, she cut his t-shirt from his body. Closing the knife she tossed it in the vicinity of the kitchen counter. Things had gone from a slower pace to an almost frantic urgency.

Once her pants had finally slid off her legs, she shoved his pants down where they caught on his combat boots. He went to back up from the door and she wrapped her legs around his hips, where he finally felt how wet she was, felt how hot she had gotten waiting for him. “Please, just take me now, I need you inside me.” That plea sent his control over the edge. He positioned the head of his dick at the wet opening of her pussy, then slid all the way in, causing them both to cry out at the sensations they had been missing. He filled her pussy up completely, stretching her to her limits. Her pussy tightened around his cock.

He started sliding in and out of her slowly and she whimpered. “No, fuck me hard. I need to feel you slamming into me.” That was all the urging he needed as he slammed his hard cock into her. Her body arched and she screamed his name as she came, squirting musky cum down their legs. His cock got harder inside her as the walls of her pussy squeezed him. Once her body relaxed a bit he gripped her hips, pressing her against the door, and began slamming his dick into her dripping pussy. She cried out again, held onto his biceps, and bit down on his shoulder. She tried to move her hips, to meet him thrust for thrust, but he held tightly to her hips. Soon, they could both feel an orgasm coming over them. He slammed himself into her once more, pulling down on her hips to seat himself all the way in her. She screamed again as she felt his cock throbbing inside her, filling her with his cum.

The room finally came back into focus. Sweat coated their bodies. “Water, then I want you in our bed.” He chuckled at her command, slowly pulling himself from her body. He smiled at the little gasp that always slipped between her lips when they separated. She steadied herself for a moment then, using the walls to balance, she made her way to the bedroom. “You going to be able to make it to the bed?” “If I don’t, then you can fuck me on the floor. I’ve burned for you for too long to wait anymore.” With that said, she made it to the bed and collapsed onto it.

He pulled his canlı casino boots off, followed by his pants. Chugging his water he made his way to the bedroom, and groaned when he saw her waiting for him. She was laying on her back, legs spread slightly, giving him a perfect view of her dripping pussy. His dick hardened again as he watched her run her finger through their cum, then raised her finger to her mouth and suck it off. She moaned as she tasted their cum mixed together. Then she opened her eyes and smiled, beckoning him to their bed.

He didn’t even feel the floor beneath his feet as he made his way to the bed, their bed. He handed her the water bottle and watched as she twisted open the top and chugged it. She felt so dehydrated, like she had lost half her fluids…on second thought, maybe she had. A few drops escaped the corner of her mouth and ran down her neck, settling in the hollow above her collar bones. Leaning over, he licked the water from her neck. He could feel her moan when he did. She had to put the bottle down before she dropped it.

Breath hissed in through her teeth as his mouth moved lower and his lips closed around her nipple. Sucking hard, he reached into their drawer and pulled out her chain. He slid the loop around her nipple and cinched it down before moving to the other one. She expected it to receive the same treatment, then cried out as he bit down lightly. The other loop closed around her nipple seconds before she felt his lips moved over her belly. It was like she was trying to breathe molasses, thick and hot.

He grinned at the noises she was making, the moans and whimpers, but he couldn’t wait to make her scream again. He loved hearing his name wrenched from her throat when she came. Smiling, he nipped her hip and slid lower. He ran his fingers over her smooth mound, barely grazed her clit, and slid along her lips. She was already soaking wet, waiting for him. He spread her lips a little and ran his tongue along her slit, licking up her juices.

She moaned as she felt him stroke her pussy, then felt her body tense as his tongue made hot lines along her slit. She wanted him to lick her hard, to dig his fingers into her hips and make her quiver. She didn’t have to wait long. His arm clamped across her hips, his fingers digging in, keeping her from shifting her hips any. His tongue drove into her like he was trying to fuck her with his tongue. She felt her insides winding up, sweat coated her skin, she couldn’t breathe. Then he shifted and flicked her clit with his tongue before sucking hard once. She screamed as she came, her back bowing up from the hip where kaçak casino he kept her still.

His face was covered from her cum. When her shaking subsided, he slid up her body and waited for her to open her eyes. As soon as she did, and locked gazes with him, he slammed his hips forward, sliding his entire length in her at once. She pulled her legs back like she was going to wrap them around his hips. Then she smiled, clamped her lips to his hips and shoved, rolling him onto his back. He tried to hold her hips still, but every time he drove his hips up she dropped her body. Sliding all the way down his cock, she twisted around to reverse cowgirl and leaned back to brace her hands on his chest.

He surprised her by pulling her arms up behind her back and sliding two leather cuffs on her forearms. These were connected together with a D-ring, which he held onto while slamming up into her body. While she was distracted by their fucking and the wet slapping sound their bodies made when she sank down on his dick, he reached into the drawer again and pulled out her favorite toy. He slid it under his pillow, waiting for his chance to use it. He held her still by her arms and by reaching around and rubbing her clit. She came quickly, coating them in her cum again. He rolled her over onto her knees, still holding her arms, and kept sliding in and out of her. Running his fingers through her cum, he rubbed it on her anus and waited to feel the muscle relax.

She sighed when he slid a finger in her ass while her was fucking her pussy. They stayed that way for a few minutes, and she whimpered when he removed his finger. His back slid along hers as she felt him reaching for something then raising back up. She gasped as she felt the cold, slick glass touch her ass. He slowly started working it into her ass and she moaned, loving the feeling of both her holes being filled. He finally got her toy all the way in and then stayed still for a moment, letting her adjust. She started rocking back against him, pushing his dick and the toy deeper into her.

He could feel the toy through the thin skin separating her pussy and ass. He tried to slow at first, but she kept rocking her body back faster. Their legs were damp from the juices dripping out of her pussy every time he slammed his cock into her and moved the toy in her ass. She reached into the drawer and pulled out her plug, handing it to him. He stilled for a moment, slipping the toy out of her ass and replacing it with the plug. “Fuck me. Hard.” He uncuffed her arms. She reached her hands out and gripped the headboard. He grabbed her hips and slammed into her as hard as he could, soon sending them both over the edge. They collapsed onto the bed and rolled on their sides with his cock still buried in her pussy, filling her with his cum.

Right before his eyes closed he heard her whisper, “Welcome Home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32